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“Get The Blogger!!!”
The entirely true retelling of corporate America’s and the townsfolk’s
witch hunt, their lynch mob, and their attempts
to murder The Other Letter, Inc., blogger.

I was placed on the WBAB 102.3 Terrorist Watch List by their deejay pack of hateful losers.  Even if you get off the Terrorist Watch List, the rest of Long Island still listens to lame, WBAB clown radio, so with the persistence of memory, Long Island still thinks, entirely erroneously, that I’m a terrorist...  Long Island is the home of the WBAB-fueled, witch hunt and lynch mob.  There are other radio stations that put me on their Terrorist Watch List as well, including Q104.3, The Queer, WCBS-FM 101.1, and Lite-FM 106.7...  I’m sure you’ve heard these questions for bloggers all the time, ones broadcasted over the airwaves like 102.3 WBAB did, or does (“WBAB, where the pompous, disturbed, head banging faggot lives”), or relayed from across the street, and elsewhere, just as I have: “What do you think of the cops?”  “Do you like America?”  “Do you have a gun?”  “Isn’t it obscene?”  “What do you do for a living?”  “Why are you moving to Canada?”  “Do you live alone?”  My answer: “You ask lots of personal questions, but I hate to break it to you, I’m straight...”  To WBAB deejays, who must spend their entire lives coked-up and homicidal, this is patriotism?!  Who’s the terrorist again?  Who started the assault, and who is only acting in self-defense?...  If you were unfortunate enough to live on Long Island, then you might have heard of 102.3 WBAB.  They program their music for teenage boys with low IQs.  WBAB is owned and operated by a shady Sicilian family syndicate, who regularly skirt FCC regulations.  The FCC will soon be yanking their license, and we’ll finally get their filth off of the publicly-owned airwaves...  “The mafia will get you...”  This one is my favorite.  On the Cosa Nostra’s service listing brochure, and above “• Loan sharking, including breaking knee caps,” they now list “• Killing anyone who is not passionately in love with America” as a bona fide service.  I guess these days, who can distinguish the mafia from the good guys?...  Would anyone hire a hit man, and spend the rest of their life in jail, so they can get the blogger?  Long Islanders are jackasses, but are they that much of a jackass?

This is a tram cam of Hong Kong.  See if you can see the omnipresent face masks preventing them from succumbing to the invisible microbe.  You can’t, because in Hong Kong, they don’t wear them.  Surprise, America!

Attribution: RailWay; started streaming on April 21st, 2021, so it’s Coronavirus current.
China controls Hong Kong, this province doesn’t look like it’s under a dictatorship.
(Lower-right, outline of a square for full-screen viewing.  This is where you get your Chinese food.)

Working on this website isn’t fun (or safe) anymore.  Until further notice, I’m closing down shop.  The complete version is mothballed.  I’m trying to dilute this for now, so nasty haters won’t find any writing roasting their religion, that they can twist around and try to hang me with, and then send out their newest, smear campaign to millions of listeners.

Did you know that if you hear a radio broadcaster slander a private individual, their 50,000 megawatt broadcasting tower can be shut down forever.  Just fill out this complaint form to turn in criminals...  It will be good to see justice served while I’m up in Canada...

American Chimp Chases his Tail

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware explanation doesn’t make much sense.  The pipeline is a closed system, it only exists for the proprietary use of Colonial Pipelines.  Why was it designed to be an open system, with open, Internet access?  What’s more, it is a mechanical system, not an informational one.  Again, why was it created to have Internet access?

Then there is the ransom of the ransomware, there wasn’t any ransom paid.  The corporation claims disruption, but they paid nothing to get their systems back on line.  The Biden Administration is claiming that Russian hackers named DarkSide pulled this off, but pulled off what?  Data was encryped, now it’s unencrypted?  Which data could there be, pipeline throughput?  How much fuel didn’t reach its destination, or a few days late?

DarkSide are the so-called hackers that pulled off hacking into an ultra-secure infrastructure corporation.  The problem is that they cannot code for beans.  As hackers go, they’re just clueless (just as a for instance: they coded the background as white, but every brower ever made defaults to a white background).  If your antivirus is adequate (or not, it won’t matter) visit their website.  Then press ctrl + U, to see their code.  They can’t code, at least code Internet-wide hypertext markup language.

If you would like to see a legitimate hacker, from my days in graduate school, who had never been jailed in the entire twenty years of its existence, check 2600.com.

“The [DarkSide] gang stole almost 100 gigabytes of data hostage, threatening to leak it onto the internet.” — The BBC

What comprises the 100 gigabytes of data?  The pipeline contains fungible oil (easily replaceable), so what data could it possibly be?  There are 200 extremely memory intensive CDs, or near a million spreadsheets in 100 gigabytes of storage.  Who is in the market for a million spreadsheets?  This isn’t even nuclear, it’s oil.  Oil has been around since the nineteenth century.

It would be like a truck caravan of beef heading from Omaha, Nebraska, to Chicago, Illinois.  Who cares about any ultra-encrypted logistical statistics?  No one does, and no one cares about oil transportation statistics, that DarkSide is supposed to have stolen even though it is so closely secured?

Biden is ready to start World War Three with Putin, over what?  Colonial Pipelines must be insured for incomplete deliveries.  This during a time when their entire pipeline is eeking along because of Coronavirus demand.  Is Biden picking a fight with Putin?  Is Russia’s flag whom we will rally around for battle Stateside?  Once I get into Canada, why consider American hijinks, or CIA voodoo, any longer?

[As I finished writing this article, another helicopter hovered over my house (maybe the eighth time in a month).  This is the first time they flew by at night.  I picked up his copter communications on my scanner, and taped it on my iPod: “We have acquired the blogger target in our air-to-ground missile system.  Give me the go ahead Biden, your Highness, I’ll blow up his house, and say I pulled the wrong trigger.  How’s that boss?  Hmm?  How’s that?  Hmm?  How’s that, boss?  Wonk, wonk, wonk!!!  Wonk, wonk, wonk!!!  Wonk, wonk, wonk!!!”]  5/10/21.

Have you noticed the colder weather the last twelve or so months?  Almost every day, Accuweather notes new records for coldest daily temperature.  The reason is simple: Lockdowns cause less greenhouse gas emissions from infrequently-used automobiles, which causes the temperature to lower.

All this tele-commuting could very well be the remedy to global warming, as well as the antidote to smog-related illnesses.

I first noticed this effect in 2010, when I checked temperature records of the oil embargoes of 1973 and 1979.  So if anyone is handing out a science award, I’ll take a Nobel, maybe a Pulitzer, whatever you’ve got.

Or maybe you want me to chair your meteorology, climatology, or even your entire science, department.  Harvard is an easy A, so I’m not interested in running the show there.  5/10/21.

Catherine Middleton has spent most of her tenure as Duchess getting support for social programs.  Keep it Real with Teens was William’s brainchild, but it didn’t quite catch on, despite weeks-long canvassing of London-area row houses.  The Sun has printed many, many embarrassing pictures of Katie slogging through rain and snow to engender support for her husband’s next laurels opportunity.

What I would suggest is that she deal with her nation’s overwhelming gambling problem.  The slick ads on the Radio UK app appeal to gamblers who are complete idiots with their money and their understanding of probabilities.  A typical appeal: “Come back to the table when you’re relaxed and you will make more money than you ever dreamed.”

Then a voice actress who could do porn voiceovers coos: “I only go with guys who are ready to plunk down a fortune at the gaming tables.”  Katie, the house always, always, wins.  This is how they stay in business.  Your country is not quite up to speed on the rip off that is gambling, and the illusion that makes gamblers piss away their life’s savings.

America isn’t enlightened enough to expected losing gambling outcomes either, but this side of the pond has a better idea of your chances of coming out ahead — which are none!  5/09/21...

Katy unintentionally makes everyone jealous of her.  For one, she is an unusually attractive woman, who exudes warmth and confidence, and who looks great as well.  Her stature generates even more jealousy: She is a bona fide Royal in the centuries-old House of Windsor.  Put together who Catherine is, and where she is in life, and this might not bring out the best in people.  4/17/21...

Everything Einstein ever did was the indisputable truth?

While we’re separating truth from illusion here, are Einstein’s astronomical calculations accurate?  Put it this way: A light year in miles, is a 6 with 12 zeros behind it, or 6,000,000,000,000 miles.

The three stars comprising the winter constellation of Orion’s Belt are between 825 light years and 1,359 light years distant.  For argument’s sake, say the constellation is approximately 1,000 light years away.  Multiply this by a single light year, and Orion is 6,000,000,000,000,000 miles from earth.

Our Sun is 0.000158 light years distant from Earth (92,955,807, miles).  The sun is dime-sized at distance, then how can this constellation of Orion be so visible, when it’s said to be so incredibly far away?  The distance from earth to Orion’s Belt is a full 64,546,801 times the distance from the earth to our Sun (6,000,000,000,000,000 divided by 92,955,807).

What’s more, starlight radiates in every direction.  The further away one is from a star, the dimmer, and less dense or less concentrated, are the photons of light emanating from the star.  The Orion’s Belt distance calculation shown here implies that galaxies must be closer than was known previously.

Everyone knows that Einstein is above making mistakes, and that he didn’t have any economic imperative to boost his reputation as the premier genius.  He didn’t care that prestige would make him wealthy.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I’m still wondering about this, because if our calculated distance to Orion is inaccurate, how accurate are Einstein-derived equations about nuclear reactions and splitting atoms in two?  Especially in light of the fact that Einstein wrote his general and special theories of relativity by 1915, before even primitive electrical devices like telephones, and Victrolas (along with 78 rpm records), were in wide use.

Was Hiroshima bombed with conventional TNT, like the fire bombing of Dresden?  Has the world been playing nuclear, liars’ poker without atomic arsenals?

There’s good science and bad, gee-whiz science, which one is this?  Powers can easily change the truth to suit their purposes.  Could other nations be chasing the tail of omnipotent America in the futile hopes that they uncover nuclear secrets?  5/06/21...

Then someone will say, how can I explain nuclear power?  It could just be a utility boondoggle, just as the forever-delayed, Shoreham power plant was on Long Island.  I’ll admit, nuclear, “liars” poker could be a real stretch, but how would anyone ever know?  Especially after the architect of the entire top-level nuclear design seems so far off about radial, speed of light-based, starlight diffusion.  5/07/21...

Nuclear waste transforms from hazardous to benign after thousands of years.  It is stored in silos, and miles underground, at astounding cost.  Solar is less expensive.  America has an Atomic Energy Commission actively promoting uranium and plutonium power generation, yet never a Solar Energy commission.  Where’s the money, the contracts, when the energy supply is not Star Wars caliber?

Atomic has always been touted as safe, and exceptionally powerful in generating electricity.  Then why isn’t it used anywhere?  Because of the one, Three Mile Island disaster, or because the design just cannot generate much current, and the grid is electrified with other techniques?  Ever-popular, atomic energy does generate billions of dollars in investment interest however.  5/08/21.

Another interesting bit concerning Einstein’s theory of relativity, is that he decided that the Universe was bounded.  Despite common sense, he said the Universe did not go on forever.  This allows humanity to only consider the finite.  He may have thought that the infinite is impossible to fathom, so of course it cannot exist.

When the end of the Universe is reached, why isn’t there any next Universe?  A Universe followed by a Universe of Universes is impossible.  The collective gravitation of the Universe supposedly bounded its galaxies into one, bounded Universe, but the solar system hasn’t any effect on Alpha Centauri, the neighboring star system.  5/07/21...

I may be far off base (yet how would I be?), but Einstein’s theory on the cosmos is not as rock solid as it seems, especially since it was written in the Dark Ages of data-gathering equipment, before 1920.

More proof supporting a fictional nuclear arsenal, is that atomic weapons have never been used outside of their supposed use in the Far East in WWII, even when the nine countries that possess them have had more than ample opportunity to employ them to achieve military objectives.

Why weren’t H-bombs used in Viet Nam, for instance?  We were so in sympathy with the Viet Cong g**ks there?  The Vietnamese War would have ended quickly, and our boys would get home alive.  Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were so particular about how the “commies” died?  After the My Lai massacre, civilian casualties were such a big problem?  5/08/21.

Epilogue: The haters of Other Letter really hate this story.  The difficulty is that it can’t be substantiated, actually either side can’t be entirely proven.

Between calculating the Orion star distance from earth, proof that what hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn’t what hit Dresden, and that nuclear power isn’t the boondoggle of boondoggles, the one that is most likely correct would have to be the distance to the Orion’s Belt.

If you trust the government, and don’t believe that Orwell’s 1984 type propaganda machine is possible, then all of this is impossible.  Did Orwell know more than just what was included in his classic novel?  Read on about the hyping of the coronavirus.  5/09/21...

As a service to all the haters here desperate for something new to hate (and the normal readers as well), here is a list of links to Twelve-Step groups: Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous; Al-Anon (for the friends and family of alcoholics); Overeaters Anonymous; Sex Addicts Anonymous; and Emotions Anonymous.

A few of the 12-Step tenets: “When we’re wrong promptly admit it;” “take a fearless moral inventory.”  Here’s a link to the Prayer of Saint Francis, which is commonly referenced in meetings.

This is The Serenity Prayer: “[By powers vested in me by God or Creation,] grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

“Belief in a power [or in powers] greater than yourself.”  This can mean God above you, Creation all around you, or any other definition you choose.  For your complete recovery, eventually you need to believe in some entity besides just yourself.

All the attacks that I get here, “are not [12-Step] program,” they’re ungodly (along with giving me permanent high blood pressure).  Those so freely attacking me today, will one day from Canada pay dearly.  This I will guarantee.

While 12-Step groups are free, there’s also courses for professional development in an entirely different format.  Dale Carnegie teaches seminars from its ever-popular textbook, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

[I do not make a dime from recommending any company, nor do I from its services and products.  The Other Letter is only a platform for my writing.  I’ll probably want to shoot myself later for saying this.]

Most “get” The Other Letter, the rest are chimps...  My enemies, especially my on-air ones, are too thickheaded, they obsess over using their platform to destroy my hard-earned, good name and reputation (before I had to spend so much time defending it), and they thrill in being a jackass...  You aren’t on this earth to live up to my expectations, nor am I to yours...  America doesn’t believe in satirical criticism, but they do believe in blunt force trauma to beat into submission those nonconforming with the red, white, and blue...  America’s exodus away from the States of Confusion, and away from its bankrupting fiscal policy, faux Coronavirus, and police incompetence, bring the economic end times: “Welcome to Jonestown, America.  Don’t forget to do the Kool-Aid, pilgrim...”

Facebook blocked Trump again, but will review his case again in six months.  As if Trump needs more access to one of his major tools for insurrection.  5/05/21.

Trump was impeached twice, the second time for being a traitor, and leading the “stolen election” charge.  Yet the GOP is censuring a voice of sanity, Congresswoman Liz Cheney, for speaking out against “The Donald.”

The Republicans simply will not learn their lesson.  They won’t let go of a malevolent, one-term president.  The reason is clear, half of the GOP embraces neo-fascists.  There is no one to pick the Trump mantle of reactionary deviousness.  He is a bully beyond reproach, no one successfully challenges him, ever.

Trump is back to his old hateful, bullying tricks.  Now he claims that Facebook is a “disgrace,” because he’s blocked from using it, even though he staged a Facebook insurrection.  America will get everything it deserves, for never blocking Machiavellian dangers to the democratic process.  5/06/21.

How the hateful rise to power

This is an interesting, if unsettling, link of why Hitler hated the Jew.  It can be expanded to explain why anyone needs to be vicious, or burn to death anyone else, as the Christians did to Jews in the Middle Ages.

(Please remember that reading this blog is entirely voluntary, no one is requiring you to be here.  On the other hand, as long as I am in America, I am forced to walk around the squawking, hate deejay-cloned, radio refuse.)  5/05/21.

The IRS’ Annual Honesty Exam

This is the time of year when every American struggles with their determination of how much they should pay the Internal Revenue Service.  The Japanese are sent a tax bill, that they verify in ten minutes.

The reason that the American tax code is so byzantine is because it grew and grew unchecked.  Much more importantly, there are millions and millions of dollars to be made for tax preparers who spend their entire lives preparing returns, and who lobby extensively for an arcane tax system to stay that way.

Why the Japanese are so advanced, and we could be too (but we choose not to be), is that our IRS tax authority does have every tax document necessary to check our returns, but would rather have us draft our tax bill, one that can trigger what could be a very stressful audit.  The American revenue service insists on America being a second rate nation, unlike the one in Japan.

If it’s any consolation, the New York State income tax form is significantly more automated than the federal one.  Although New York gives back that ground by making the tax payer retype two entire forms, that used to be sent as is with the return. and that New York State already has (or how would they be able to verify the New Yorker’s tax?)

Is this how an American politician does better in the polls?  By handing out money?

Biden intends to win over the American electorate with an unusually exorbitant $4 trillion investment package.  I’m not sure if he expects the current raid on the treasury to be repaid.

Or will he be long gone by the time the bill comes due?  The debt, the accumulated budget deficits, is getting so huge, it is more than the entire gross national product of the United States (the GDP), and it likely can no longer be repaid.

Does Biden fully understand the economics involved here?  He is not an economist by any means.  From my study of economics in college, money cannot simply be printed to repay debt, it has come from payments of some kind.  Anyhow, perhaps a currency reevaluation of a dollar against a benchmark White Castle french fry is in order.

The White House did summon me for a tête-à-tête with President Biden.  He said that he was disappointed in my dissatisfaction with his spending proposal, but he said I needed to consider how this stimulus could right the pandemic’s extraordinary effect on our economy.

He asked me to reconsider, and gave me a souvenir, pen and pencil set, with a hologram of his grinning face on the carrying case.  The President told me the after market for these pen and pencil sets was very robust, with many on eBay selling for upwards of $50.

I thanked him, but I was not entirely impressed, so he showed me the situation room, down in his White House bunker.  Dozens of Air Force veterans were whispering, and monitoring green and red colored screens.  Biden said he normally doesn’t show the bunker to anyone, but because he had heard of how impressive my readership stats were, he was willing to make an exception to get me to back his spending proposal.

I told him that I’d have to think about getting behind the $4 trillion in spending, but I’ll be sure to use his White House pen and pencil set whenever I get the opportunity.  At which point, I was shuttled from the White House lawn by helicopter, to Reagan International.  Then I was whisked by Air Force One to JFK on Long Island.  5/03/21.

The Whole Gay Question

Gays and lesbians cannot stay in the Christian church because their lifestyle “is not in keeping with Christ’s teachings.” Christ teaches homophobia then.  Judaism doesn’t have any issue with gays and lesbians, but Christians go ballistic over any love atypical, such as same-sex coupling.

As much as Christians love to scream at the top of their lungs: “Jew!  Jew!  Jew!;” they have an equal passion to yell: “Faggot!  Faggot!  Faggot!”

The Christians, especially their leadership, somehow believe gays and lesbians can have orientation conversion.  If you don’t mind crudity: Who cares who puts what in whose hole?  Why does this matter so much to these bigots?  They’re working overtime enforcing a law that cannot be obeyed by homosexuals.

They need to satisfy truth in advertising laws about their cherished homophobia, and have a sign on their churches that reads: “We are repulsed by homos.  Go eff off, you effing losers.  We’re gonna kick the crap outta you.  We’ll show you who’s upstanding, and who has character!  —Christ via the most precious Book of Leviticus [which also warned against the ungodliness ever-present bestiality].”

Olympic athlete and transgender, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner), will be running for Governor on the Republican line.  He should consider evaluating the GOP’s record on gay rights — because they’re against them.

He’s Crazy

At the Kentucky Steak House, a posh eatery where Mitch McConnell, the NRA’s representative from the State of Kentucky discusses backroom deals, Ashley and Naomi Judd also hammer out contracts in smoke-filled rooms.

“Momma, he’s crazy.”

“Well, that’s a good thing.  He’s crazy about you.”

“You know what he said: ‘the sap has risen.’”

“He’s poetic.  That’s nice, he’s talking about the beginning of spring.”

“He meant Easter, the rising sap being—”

“That boy is just plain crazy, Ashley.  He’s sick in the head, a real mofo.”

“Momma, come on, we’ve made plans, together forever, all that good stuff.  We’re engaged to get engaged, to get engaged.  I just need to convert him, and have him join our Church.  Here’s what we do.  Psst...”

Great Britain suffers from a big league inferiority complex.  They watch their ps and qs as the day is long, and the United States always comes out ahead.  Trump, America’s ex-leader, staged an insurrection, essentially treason, against the Capitol building, and Britain still finds itself dead last.

No matter what, even with Ms. Effervescence reigning supreme in Kensington Palace, they never, ever can come in first place.  Even include every single music act since 1964.  The UK just can’t seem to win the whole shebang.  Their Premier League is the premier, national league in all of global sport, yet they still manage to get mired in scandal, and now, rioting.  4/30/21...

143-year-old Manchester United, usually the powerhouse of the powerhouse, British Premier League, was going to be put in a Super League, per their American owners, the Glazer couple.  It would have crippled both the Champions League (the current, European super league), as well as the 29-year-old Premier League.

If Joel and Avram Glazer were in the stands while the rioting occurred, Fox would be sending out two, extremely heartfelt obituaries to “two beautifully super-wealthy titans of industry who owned both Manchester United and the brand-compatible, NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”  5/02/21...

Mr. and Mrs. Glazer should extend their Premier League disintegration, so they can do the same to their National Football League franchise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Instead of a 32-team NFL, make it an eight-team NFL.  This way every match up would be a guaranteed, quality, tightly-contested one, just like he wants in Britain.  5/03/21.

Hey, McConnell, thanks for your “thoughts and prayers,” but you’re not an American either.

Taylor Swift filled out very nicely.  There are photos from seven years ago, when she was struggling with both anorexia, and the West/Kardashian axis of agony.  Look her up in Pinterest, and she is now settled into her roles as: a super model; a pop superstar; and as the sweetest angel, heaven sent.

Ms. Swift is pretty much a musical genius.  When she is about to release a new album, we get the feeling that we’re on the precipice of something yet greater than anything she’s done prior.  What’s more, Taylor defines beauty for the world.  She is irresistible.  Sigh.  5/01/21.

I have a few tips to help Taylor finally get an “uncontested”, number one hit.  “Uncontested,” because most of her hits have been contested by Kanye West among others, as stealing from the rap genre.

We all see his point: tap-tap, rest, tap-tap-tap, rest, tap.  That’s Shake it Off in a nutshell.  Taylor, we all know you stole this from the rap standard, Boogie, Boogie, Boo, but they let it go, because of the specter of your famed team of legal eagles.

First, Tay-Tay, practice your piano scales every day, because you may someday want to be a classical pianist (where the real money is).

Next, study your demographic.  Know everything about teenagers and young adults: Where they get their fast food; their latest fashions; their mode of transportation (some have cars, some don’t); and what they do on a typical date (in a song suggest holding hands of your beau as an alternative to staring into space).

And third, read lots of poetry.  This is where you’ll find ideas.  Think Shakespeare.  Think anything Romeo and Juliet, and you’re down the homestretch, heading for home.

Taylor, you’ll thank me endlessly for this one: Never forget to embrace different sonic textures.  I know what you’re thinking, how can this master class be free?!  Put me on retainer, and you will get every master class I ever taught in musical composition, with a special emphasis on conquering the pop genre.

Just make sure that no one dies at the end of your song — that’ll alienate the under 13s.  Taylor, with just these suggestions, you will get your first, uncontested, number one, that cannot be confused with West and the rap crowd.

Follow my advice and you will have the success you’ve always dreamed of having.  I know, because I’m a global success as both a recording and performing artist — at both ukulele and slide-pedal guitar.  I play both so I can stave off boredom, and bathroom runs, from hour four, of my famous, five-hour concerts.  4/26/21...

Tonight, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on Katie Couric’s Night Chat.  In 1993, I met President Clinton, her husband (God’s honest truth), after writing her about insurance reform.  To make a long story short, I will always be Hillary’s fan (and Bill’s, too).

The two women were discussing working mothers, which got me thinking about income parity, where everyone is valued as contributing human beings, instead of being valued on a steeply graded, aggregate-demand based, curve.

Here is a means of goods distribution that still offers those with a greater workload more material incentive, yet doesn’t cheat those putting in the same hours as the super-wealthy, very often more arduous ones.  The income disparities among the classes creates no end of friction and grief, between the haves and the have-nots.  If you don’t know this, you’ve lived in a mansion your entire life, or you’ve been living in a cave.

The rudiments of a solution: Have a two-tier economy, where the lower classes have guaranteed commodities, and the upper-middle, and upper classes, have their choice of luxury goods.  This most benefits the poor, who have always been the ones that socialist economic regimes are designed to satisfy.  The economics of the well-heeled remain competitively and selfishly capitalistic, every man and woman for him or her self, and “united we fall, divided we stand.”

Currency’s function is to limit production to the holders of green bank script.  This minimizes over-consumption and over-production, as well as directing asset utilization to building items in great demand, but it mostly constricts supply away from those most needing it.   4/29/21.

When I was much younger, in the Seventies, the police were generally seen as being on your side.  These days, they’re feared as being looking for any fault to make citation quota, to give you a criminal record, to beat you up, or to even kill you.

The public trust in policing, and cops patrolling for the good of all, has more than eroded, it does seem to have completely disappeared altogether.  5/01/21...

Who would ever want to be a police officer?  Okay, the pay isn’t bad, but they’re out in miserable weather, and some people hate the lot of them — and given recent events, they are all stereotyped as being incompetent.

The job must have its moments, such as when the officer saves a life, but how often does this occur?  The goal is to protect society by bringing a dangerous individual to justice, but there does seem to be plenty of cops who are incompetent at their chosen profession, apparently willfully so.

That said, there are also types of Americans, that believe in cops whether they are right, or they’re wrong.  During Viet Nam, when anyone (including children) hid in the jungle, and were flushed out with napalm, there was a contingent that believed in America, whether it was right, or it was wrong.

Americans need to be very weary of people with guns, especially when most deny they require close oversight (Proud Boys would fall under that category, as well as their NRA, and Congressional enablers with cheap entreaties, and meaningless reconciliation).  4/29/21...

God has a plan for you?  He’s up in the clouds, with his lightning bolts in his throne, and he’s writing up your plan, among billions of others?  One of the most important things on earth for you, and you hand it off to the ether?

You have talents, imbued by Creation, that you need to develop, on your own.  This is one of life’s great satisfactions, to decide what you do best, and do it better than you thought that you ever could.

God isn’t sitting up in the clouds figuring out your future.  If you believe this, then you are just a fool, who will end up with none of life’s rewards.  If you gravitate towards what is right and true, your plan might figure itself out on its own.

The house always wins — always.  If you like giving away your money, then gamble.  The house will always be in business, because they will always take your money, and that of suckers just like you.

The odds are grossly in favor of the casino (and for the State as well in Lotto), you will never come out ahead.  The payout for winning is always less than what the probabilities would otherwise dictate.  This is with one exception, the card counter in black jack, who get the boot onto the street, and are banned from the casino, once they’re discovered.

(I know this, because I happen to understand probabilities of random events very well.  These events cluster in games of chance — in craps, the most common roll of two dice is a 7.  I have taken probability and calculus courses in college.)

Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Dashboard from April 20th, 2021.

Did Doctor Anthony Fauci, and The New York Times, shanghai the American people?  4,845 is the number of Chinese deaths from Coronavirus, this according to Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Dashboard, not direct from Beijing.  China has the greatest population on earth, and this flu, the COVID-19, started there.

How on earth could they have so few fatalities?  America fell in love with the Coronavirus, or at least in love with embracing its avoidance.  We now live to counteract what to China is nothing at all.  America ran with the endless virus prevention regimen, and China did next to nothing.  They’re leaving us in the dust, and laughing all the way.

Chicken Little (the sky is falling), aka Dr. Anthony Fauci, has more explaining to do at his next, exorbitantly well-paid speaking engagement, and not just the 94% co-morbidity rate (only 6% of fatalities solely had COVID-19, the rest also had obesity, smoking, old age, et al).

We’ll see how long it takes for Hopkins to fudge their numbers for a more America-favorable listing of China’s casualties.  If they don’t fudge them, and they don’t change, how would they explain China being entirely spared the worst.  If this is Hopkins’ erratum, why aren’t they correcting it?

When there aren’t any devastating reports originating from Southeast Asia, and without an iron curtain, and with an open economy, does China really need to be so secretive?  4/14/21...

Here is a tram web cam from Hong Kong, China’s province.  In America, everyone wears face coverings, how many people along this bus line are doing the same?  Very few, in fact, wear face masks in Hong Kong, and they’re not suffering at all even though they don’t follow Fauci protocol.  (Keep in mind, air pollution has always been a reason there for masks.)  I remember Trump had said that hospitals were regularly listing Coronavirus as the cause of death, whether or not this was actually the cause.  4/18/21...

After I posted this item about China, their arch enemy, India, said that the number of Coronavirus caseload shot sky-high.  Crematoria employees cannot find enough time to burn dead bodies.  All pandemonium has broken loose.  The World Health Organization chief claims this virus’ effects are “beyond heartbreaking.”

There are several factors in play here that are being completely ignored by the reporting authorities.  For one, the midday, April temperature in Delhi (a representative, Indian city for climate), is 104° Fahrenheit.  (On May the 7th of 2021, The Weather Channel forecasted 90 degrees for Delhi, while Accuweather forecasted 100 degrees for the same location.  Isn’t the truth just relative these days?)

Many, if not most, are stricken by poverty.  They do not have air conditioning.  A hospital stay is a very inviting alternative to heat prostration, or where your relatives bring you if you’e already suffering.  If you can complain of COVID-19-like symptoms as well, by new international protocol, they will treat you like a Buddha.

As for the death toll, the government hasn’t been counting deaths occurring at one’s home.  Recently, the already sick are dying in the hospital where the hospital is at room temps, not 104°.  There is a shift in the count, one not as a result of fatalities, but rather as a result of sweltering heat.  The deaths are occurring much more often at the hospital, instead of at home.

I brought my findings up at the regional State Department Q & A session, but they would have none of this.  The Biden Administration would much rather plow millions upon millions into COVID-19 assistance, not alleviating abject poverty, or at least saving the Indians from the heat.  4/28/21.

The medical establishment is so intent on entering a new, emerging market, Coronavirus, they didn’t check if it actually existed.  Again, China is unaffected by this latest flu, this diabolical microbe that has never been seen, but many careers are flying high because of COVID-19.  Had anyone heard of Dr. Anthony Fauci before March of 2020?

The coronavirus microbe is actually made of yarn!  Coronavirus is a cat toy!

Microbe made from yarn

When asked by The Times why most do not wear masks out in public, a Hong Kongese had this to say: “We know we face certain and imminent death by not wearing a ‘facial wrap,’ but we possess that ol’ Asian Tiger spirit that demands we have fully-unblocked nasal passageways at all times.  As we Hong Kongese have always said in times of COVID crisis: ‘keep it real, by breathing freely.  Buddha will do the rest.’”  4/24/21.

In the geopolitical sphere, The New York Times function is to rein in the Left, by taking down the Right a notch.  They did a piece harshly critical of Sweden for not embracing face masks wholeheartedly.  Their purpose then became to back Biden at the expense of Trump, but of real importance, at the expense of the truth.  Months later, the Times commented on Sweden’s miraculous Coronavirus comeback.  4/19/21...

See if I can write this about Ashley Judd, without the South rising again, against me.  Ashley is on the red carpet, à la Christina’a World (she is recovering from a devastating leg injury):

“There’s Ashley Judd fresh from her latest hiking expedition.  Ashley, over here.  Ashley, here.  Here, Ashley, here.  Can we get her a wheelchair?  Over here, Ashley.  Here, Ashley, here.  Ashley?  Here.  Can someone help her into a wheelchair?”  4/25/21.

Taylor Swift is always giving away money to any deserving, or not so deserving, struggling individual.  I’ll have to see how to get in touch with her, because I want to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a competitive swimmer.  Taylor, if you’re out there, I’ve been vetted for need by your squad.  I need a hundred-grand ($100,000) to pursue my dreams with an in ground heated pool, with cabana, and cabana girls.  Can you help me, Taylor?!  I really need a swimming pool (or a $100,000)!...

Taylor runs her songs by me before they’re released.  She needs me to polish them up for her, before they’re ready for public consumption.  This is just one example: “Shake it Off,” was originally, “Shakedown Road,” before I examined the lyrical structure, and relevant titling conventions.

“Tay, this one, you really need to emphasize the theme.  Go with shaking if off, because this means having fun at any expense.  With Shakedown Road, you emphasize some ersatz criminal activity.  Plus, you’re plagiarizing the Grateful Dead.  They had a song called Shakedown Street.  True, they only have spin off bands left, but they could mount a successful legal challenge to your Shakedown Road.  The Dead could deal a crippling blow to your empire.  You’re at their command.  Don’t put yourself into that position.”

“Did you hear what I just heard?  [Taylor shakes her head perplexed.]  The Dead are suing Billy Joel for Uptown Girl.  They contend that the harmonies are not any different from that found in Big Bertha and Shake it Sugaree.”

Taylor knows my coaching techniques, and my extensive recording business savvy.  This is why she is even in the Top 40.  Taylor?: “Other, gees, without your patient tutelage, I’m safe from lawsuits, and I can move my music in directions I couldn’t before.

“Hold it right there, dear, no one is safe from lawsuits — no one.  America is the land of litigation.”

“Okay, but still, I doubt I’d make the Billboard Top 40, not even the Top 100, or the Top 1,000, without your penetrating guidance.  God bless you, Other, how can I ever thank you?  Anything you want is yours, anything at all.  I’ll write you a check, here’s a blank check, buy yourself a tropical island in the Bahamas.  They do brisk business there in oceanfront...”

Melissa Constanzer, as we all know by now, is the pride, the joy, and the franchise, of Accuweather weather casting, but did you also know that Melissa was once a skydiving instructor in Arizona?  That’s right, her pilot flew over the Grand Canyon, and she steadied her charges to follow her out the Cessna door, and into the Canyon below.

There was a close call once as a panicky student couldn’t figure out how to pull the chute ring.  Melissa is one, cool customer and she was able to save the day, pulling the falling parachutist onto her back at 400mph.  Luckily, she pulled her cord in more than enough time, and had her patented feather landing like all her other landings.

Just recently, Melissa bought out her employer, Sky Doves, Unlimited.  She is an extremely sought after teacher, especially for the Excelsior Package.  When she brings out an Excelsior parachutist, they parachute directly onto a waiting river raft, which heads towards the Rio Grande for camping.  This is not unlike James Bond in Tomorrow Never Ends where he goes from plane, to chute, to raft, to campsite just outside Dr. Maybe’s fortress (where 007 is played surprisingly well by John Goodman, and his Bond girl, Melissa-clone, is the voluptuous, if top-heavy, and high center-of-gravity, Salma Hayek).

Upshot is, to the relief of friends and family, she switched into weather forecasting.  One of the reasons she left, was there wasn’t any challenge left after several thousand successful jumps into the Grand Canyon...

Here’s another surprise about Melissa: In Vegas, she had a five-year stint teaching croupiers how to run a gambling table.  Because Ms. Constanzer is the quickest of studies, she was called on to explain the probability intricacies of craps, roulette, blackjack, as well as spin-the-wheel, for rank beginners.

If the stakes got astronomically high (as they did every day at her Caesar’s Palace), she explained crowd control, and how to get the gamblers to bet with their head, and not over it.  Then she prepared those “fast with a buck” for the inevitable: The house always wins.  This was before they were cleaned out, packed their bags, and headed back home early to Des Moines (or the equivalent) as third class, often in the cargo bay.

Because gambling is essentially just pissing away your life savings, the gist of The Melissa Method is cheering up customers before they jump out their suite window, as one, or with their family.

Melissa was the preferred dealer for everyone from: blackjack card-counters, Matt Damon, to Ben Affleck; as well as veteran craps players, Blythe Danner, to Woody Allen.  All four would seek Melissa as soon as they checked in, and headed (ran, really) for the tables.

Why Melissa left such a lucrative field was because she saw her share of jumpers, including several landing with a crunch just beside her station, by the pool apron.  These were not her gambling customers however, they were gamblers of other croupiers from another floor of the casino, ones who didn’t believe in The Melissa Method.

Reading about Melissa’s turns leading parachutists, and as a croupier, one just knows that Melissa leads a very active life, and loves to be in the middle of the action.  But did you also know that she was a firewoman as well as a gymnastics champion?

Ms. Constanzer single handedly extinguished the McKinley plume of the now infamous, Great Billings fire.  If you ever travel to the “Star of the Big Sky Country,” and feel that “Billings Pride, City Wide,” be sure to see the fifty-foot-tall, marble statue dedicated to Melissa, who saved that city and the rest of Montana, with her firefighting acumen and perseverance.

As for Melissa’s gymnastics career, what can we say, but she was headed for the Olympics, if not for an uneven landing to a triple-flip, back then front, Murphy.  Limping off of the mat, and knowing she would never achieve her dreams of Olympic gold, everyone in the entire arena stood on their feet as tribute to one of the all-time greats in the floor exercises.  A photo of this made the cover of the Olympic Edition of Time Magazine.

Melissa can do anything a man can do, but can she do them backwards, and in heels?  Of course she can, because Melissa also excels in occupations that are much more feminine.

She was Miss America from super all-American Wisconsin, and not just once, but twice.  Of course, Ms. Constanzer scored perfect tens in the bathing beauty portion, and was the first to ever do so.  In the talent portion she also amazed singing a Fleetwood Mac medley, without any sheet music before her.

Melissa’s tenure as Miss America was stopped, when Trump, fearing bosomy girls taking over his Atlantic City pageant, rewrote the rules to not allow busty young women to win.  Since then, Miss America is no longer buxom like Melissa is.

Her dessert recipes are regularly featured in People Magazine’s How We Eat Today feature.  Yet she remains incredibly fit.

Melissa’s social skills are nonpareil, as she was White House Social Director for the Obama Administration.  Yet her professionalism prevents her from revealing her true political party affiliation.

At just twenty-three-years of age, Melissa landed the Adoration perfume contract from an early retiring Charlize Theron, who returned to filming lucrative, action-horror features.  Though Christopher Dior terminated Melissa’s contract once he saw her ample bosom.  He quickly realized that Melissa alone would topple the house of Parisian fashion with her buxom figure, so he unhesitatingly paid off the rest of Melissa’s contract.  Mon dieu!

The enquiring bachelor may want to know if Melissa is available for socials.  Sorry, but she was snatched up early on, and is happily married to her Roger.  While his identity remains hush-hush, he is obviously a captain of industry, a United States Senator, or an astronaut.

Melissa gets hit on all day, every day.  She’s not just popular, she’s gone viral — looks and charm are an irresistible combination — but she’s also learned how to disperse the riffraff.  While she shies away from kicking pesky, potential suitors in the crotch, they are quickly dispatched with courtesy (if deserved), and unambiguous remarks or gestures.

Melissa tells her suitors that they “nauseate” her, she’s “not interested, at all” or she flashes her engagement ring, which is a dozen-carat Tiffany, Crown Jewel series, ruby-emerald-diamond combo.  This is the same bauble that Melinda Gates turned down as a gift from Bill, because it was too extravagant.

Live, on-air television is normally limited to one hour of reporting, as in the nightly news.  Sports broadcasters go longer, but spend much of their time silent, tapping their pencils, waiting for the play to develop.

Ms. Constanzer has been known to do unheard of six-hour-plus, Accuweather shifts.  Melissa is always the trooper, but still.  The problem becomes not getting giddy, and keeping it serious enough that you don’t start laughing uncontrollably (I know this well from my stint at WKRP).

Melissa is obviously the draw here, but the top tier talent should be nurtured, not thrown to the wolves.  Marvin, as co-host, seems like the nicest, and most respectful, of the guys, but he punctuates his sentences with “ah!” probably because English may be his second, Spanish-accented language, not his first...

I’m getting upset watching Melissa go into her seventh-hour on-air at Accuweather.  She must realize this won’t be an entirely flawless performance on television, and she’ll remember any mistakes, even though she’s a real pro...  STRIKE!!!

[Accuweather had a graphic of what looked exactly like a flashlight pointing from the South Shore of Long Island to Huntington.  When I think flashlights pointing at my town, I think of burglars, or the police.  How did the former Accuweather graphic cartoonist mean this?

Okay, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there are mapped, 50-mile long air masses, ones resembling a flashlight, and ones encircled by a second, 60-mile long air mass of different barometric pressure.  That’s it, it looked like an off-shore flashlight, but it obviously wasn’t.  Then was it a self-contained, offshore, phallic symbol?  Was the cartoonist making a pathetically awkward pass at Melissa?  It wasn’t a worm, or a slug.  I could vouch for that.

When Melissa is looking beautiful, and always the professional (is she ever not?), a few of her co-anchors make veiled, suggestive, leering, on-air comments.  These ones are from Texas, not London or Paris.  The writing of others can be far off the mark, although I’ve never noticed Melissa’s writing to be questionable in any sense.  Ms. Constanzer does seem to have the problem of holding off the announcer-wolves, and not sound angry on-air...]

“I’m Sheriff Calhoun, and the Governor of Georgia has called on me to explain our methods of policing:”

“In Calhoun County, we use time-tested methods for Negro control.  This means: Scare Negroes, kill Negroes, scare Negroes, kill Negroes, scare Negroes, kill Negroes, on and on for all time.  Scaring and killing the Negro has proven to reduce Negro crime.

“We have a variety of ways of killing the Negro.  We have strangulation like you saw recently with George Floyd in Minneapolis.  We have choke holds like with Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.  We mistake our Glocks for tasers like Kim Potter did to great effect (again of Minneapolis), and on and on.  Or we just fire away at unarmed, fleeing, Negroes, who aren’t threatening anyone.  At the end of the day, if a Negro is dead, we have done our job.  Our quarry just don’t get it, they need to be White, or get White, to escape certain death.

“You need to understand this, to the bona fide officer of the peace, Negroes are only around for us to kill them, nothing else.  We beat their race into submission, and they cower in fear every time they see us.  More than anything else on God’s great earth, we want Negroes to fear us, although we’re not racists, Whites need to fear us as well.  How else will we keep the peace?

“Let’s be clear, I am a God-fearing Christian, and I know for certain that Negroes were put on this earth to not only do White’s bidding, but also so we can hunt and kill them.  It’s only the natural order, it’s the nature of the beast.  The beast being the lesser classes who must be tamed by the superior Whites.

“Let us all be grateful, that Northern police departments are following our lead in Negro persecution.  Because we all know that Negroes are a worthless race, we can kill them off if we so choose, but we do need to save some for manual labor.  As with George Floyd, officers of the peace work tirelessly on Negro life termination assignments.  The police are your Gods, if you’ve never noticed it before.  We decide who lives, and who dies.  This is the thrill of law enforcement, the hunt for vulnerable Negroes to kill.

“Just as in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 — where the firemen set book fires, they never put out any fires — modern police work means never saving lives, but killing Negroes instead.

“All you girls out there, I know you see a three-hundred-pound stud in a blue, spandex uniform, and you get all weak in the knees.  I am a highly-paid agent of destruction.  I’ll tell you right now, when I come back from a Negro kill, I can use a hot meal.  So you and me, bitch, feed me, then get me off!”

[Editor’s tote: People wonder why I’m hated so much, that I’m forced to move to Canada.  Besides a well-orchestrated, airwaves-for-hate campaign, initiated by the killers at WBAB, WCBS, Q104.3, et al, I am hated because I always tell the truth (but unlike George Washington, I was never a slave owner), about subjects almost no one else has the guts to broach.

I write at considerable risk, I know of a few who wish I was dead, they’ve said so, and they intend on accomplishing their objective.  White America only lives to hear how great they are, when all around them, Rome is burning.

The cops right or wrong camp, seems to forget that police officers are only public servants, just like politicians are, such as Joe Biden and Donald Trump (I know, Trump never was able to function for the public good, think insurrection).

If cops are continually deified, some, some not all, will continually shirk their responsibilities as working for the better good, and instead, do more harm than good — as is regularly seen in the States.  In Britain, the police don’t even carry guns.  Only in America, are cops given to gun mischief (what else can you call this incompetence?)

Notice how I resisted using the phrase “blue monkeys with guns,” that would have gotten a few of you really incensed — those few of you left here from the self-serious GOP camp (or are really insane and moderate Democrats).  Besides being true a-holes, you’re moments away from being either suicidal or homicidal.  I’m comfortably ensconced in the truth, you aren’t...]  4/27/21.

The Republican leadership holds sway over the American electorate, because their plank is safe for Whites, and hurtful to anyone else.  Their effectiveness derives from espousing positions that appeal to the uniquely American sense of capitalistic greed and White self-entitlement.  Americans find it tough to argue against making any less money at their expense.

The GOP policies of immigration, tax, and environmental policy, all honor the selfish individual instead of the public good.  The Democratic party then functions as balance of power backdrop which legitimizes every Republican initiative as being the voice of the people, just because they command authority over the ill-gotten majority.  Ill-gotten because they were only bought by the promise of having their pockets lined.

Just as a for instance, after four, bloody massacres using military-grade, non-hunting, 30-round magazine, assault rifles, the Biden White House put through an executive order making it illegal for grandmas, over age 75, to possess more than five AK-47s, anyone else can still have sixty AK-47s.  4/25/21.

Ultimately, all these killer cop cases hinge on keeping the peace with someone known to be disruptive.  Instead of neutralizing the situation, they have blood on their hands.

George Floyd, for instance, had a substance abuse problem.  Instead of putting him in a holding cell, then treating him for drug dependence, Chauvin suffocated him to death.  Now we know, that’s not police work, that is not only police brutality, that is murder.  4/22/21...

Because of “Turn the other cheek,” Christians don’t say: Don’t get mad, get even.  They say: Get mad, don’t get even...

Luke, Chapters 23 and 24, are required reading for any who wants to see far beyond the Vatican’s view of the Crucifixion.  Especially damning of all Christianity is Luke 24:39-41, where Christ is alive after he’s supposedly crucified.

Women listen more to the lyrics of a song, than the music.  Aren’t men the opposite?  We need a consensus, so let’s ask everyone on earth.

Hollywood does so much commerce in carnage, and in blood mongering.  Does on-screen kills add immediacy or genuineness, just like the studio execs feel drug use does?  Violence gets the audience riled up, it wakes them up during slow passages in most any movie.  Tarantino is at least near a billionaire, in large measure, because of his use of splattered blood in his films.

Another script “enhancement,” is drug usage.  The King of Staten Island, an otherwise excellent film, had a frequent and strange drug use subplot.  This didn’t seem to belong there, except to oddly make drug dependency seem cool, and the twenty-something protagonist appear more advanced in life.

Here is international radio that subscribes to a much better value system.  It can be found on the Simple radio app.  I like searching for “Canada classical,” but there’s hundreds of other stations.  A favorite of mine is Ici Musique Montréal.

Another excellent app for iPhones, iPods (and, I guess, Samsung’s Galaxy), is called Radio UK.  The buy-in is more reasonable for the Radio UK, but either one works well enough with ponying up any money.

When the moon revolves around the earth, should it be expected to revolve forever?  Or should the orbit degrade, and the moon head into earth, causing a cataclysmic explosion?  An object in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by another force.  The force here being the earth’s gravitational attraction.  The conclusion: The moon will eventually hit the Earth, ending all life.

Yet is there anything humanity can do to intervene?  With nuclear weaponry, the moon can be detonated, but showering lunar boulders everywhere.  Or the moon can be redirected, with explosives.  The earth’s revolution around the sun is balanced by the moon.  Without the moon, will the earth get pulled into the Sun’s gravitational force?  Then will the earth’s orbit need to be pulled away from the Sun, causing the equivalent of nuclear winter?

While some points are speculation, the moon’s orbit will degrade at some point.  When this will occur is anyone’s guess, although the mathematical equations for orbital mechanics do exist, no one has ever bothered to compute them for the earth and moon.

There are two, real data points that currently exist to solve this equation, today and in 33AD.  The Crucifixion eclipse occurred between the 6th and 9th hour, in Roman time, on 4/17/33AD; or between 12PM and 3PM, by our time clocks.  Astronomy software today pinpoints the Crucifixion Eclipse to between 3PM and 6PM, three hours later.  The moon crossed the Earth’s path earlier then, and later now, according to our models.  It took less time to get before the sun’s rays then, than the models do today.  The conclusion: The moon was traveling faster in 33AD.

If you think that you’re having a bad day, today, think of how bad it’ll be, say, 10,000 years from now, when all Hell, literally breaks loose.  If humankind doesn’t pull themselves together by then, and coordinate a solution to prevent the end times, our races will all be doomed.

If America wasn’t situated between two oceans, and didn’t have a temperate climate, it would have the economic prospects of Siberia, or a former banana republic such as Bolivia.  Gold, oil, and slaves fueled early growth.  Oil is being phased out, gold is obsolete, but America will always have conscripted slavery, given the duped, five-figure and less crowd.

Very few believe that America is a participatory democracy, because the Right Wing has gotten so ferociously obstinate to progressively advancing the nation.  Mitch McConnell has decided that America needs guns, and everyone else has to pay the price for his buddies’ passion for playing with guns.

“America, stay here for the weather, leave for the hate group intolerance.”

Why such an upbeat assessment of my native land?  This is the tale of the short-timer, like someone who is leaving your office forever.  They could care less about the monthly reports being accurate, timely, and telling.