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Editor’s note: This isn’t worth the trouble.  I’m done.  10/21/22...  But what do you know, Facebook shut me down, so in my bid to address greivances, per the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, The Other Letter is back in business.  12/01/22...

For all you aspiring, perspiring Nazis, we have this.  12/07/22.

Here’s a good one: Illegitimi non carborundum.  It’s a latin equivalent to: “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”  12/02/22.

Peace, truth, justice (and nice women) make me happy. People subscribe to so much BS, appalls.  [Facebook is a Zuckerberg, puppies and kittens, pap, presentation.]

These are posts originally in Facebook that I moved to my own website.  Direct any legal inquiries to Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe.  An aside: Did you know that air conditioning was invented by three Jewish guys: Norm, Hy, and Max.

How’s the weather in Canada? is my new YouTube playlist of exclusively Canadian musicians. This includes Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Shania Twain, and Rush. It also includes lesser known, but really talented, singer-songwriters such as Emilie-Claire Barlow, Alexz Johnson. and Coeur de Pirate.

Here’s every playlist of mine.

[I'm just sharing music I really like, I don't have any financial incentive to do so.]

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I Have a Message, I Need a Medium for it

I cannot get out my message.  First, Google wouldn't give me Other Letter traffic, now Facebook won’t.   They decide who gets to see my work, see what I write.

My Other Letter statistics show referral source.  Sometimes, I would get Bing or Yahoo traffic, but never Google traffic.  Now, I post a Dead playlist, and I don’t get a single, Deadhead thumbs-up from a public, not friends, Facebook post.

You forced my hand.  Ready folks?????  Here we go, let's rock and roll, people, lay it on the line, one more time, no one reads this worth a damn, Google and Facebook say it’s not worth a dime.

Yet, the word goes round, of the reintroduction of The Other Letter.

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Christ made his coin how?  With sermons, or with hookers?

Mary Christ, the Madonna, gave birth to Jesus the Christ at age eighteen.  Who impregnated her?  She had sexual congress with God, via immaculate conception?  Who would ever believe that?  Or how else would any young woman get pregnant at 18?  That’s right, Madonna was a hooker.  No one has ever said that Madonna’s pregnancy had anything to do with Joseph.

Unless you believe in genetically-impossible immaculate conception, Christ’s father is unknown.  This makes Christ a bastard.

Mary was born in 18BC, Jesus was born the first year of AD.  Do the math, she had him at 18, and got pregnant at 17.  The immaculate conception nonsense explained away that Christ had no biological father of record.  Christ was the product of a john and a seventeen-year-old hooker.

Besides, how would Jesus the Christ know Mary Magdalene without a connection to prostitution?  Making Jesus what?  Christ made money preaching or pimping?

Then you hear: “That’s not my god.”  Jesus the Christ is not your god?  Then who is your god?  Now you wish you had a different god?  Christ is certainly the god of inclusion.

Sorry, Christians.  Happy holidays.  I offer this as a service to people who think, not to those who can’t think for themselves.  What should be the Christian punishment for taking Baby Jesus from the masses?  I thought that Christians just turned the other cheekThank you, sir, may I have another?

Just remember that you’re kneeling before an ill-begotten bastard, who became a pimp, and whose mother was a hooker.  Get real, put two and two together.  During the time of the Roman Empire, he made so much money passing the hat at all those sermons, or he orchestrated sex for coin.  “Mary Magdalene, here!”

Here’s another post that Facebook will not let anyone see, so I posted it on, my blog.

Zuckerberg says, “Let her rip, we do not care about all time great ‘content’!  We’re not a social media company!  We only honor creators of puppies and kittens fare, fodder for the precious American moron demographic!”

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Life Lessons from Pa

I had a nice grocery shopping experience this afternoon.  In the store, there were two types of African Americans.  One is very alienated, and from what I can see, are considering stealing a can of tomatoes to push a civil rights, shoplifting-discrimination lawsuit.  The other somehow found a niche in White America.  I’m just there to buy food, I don’t go for the incumbent drama.

Most White Americans have a word for the former group, one which my Dad, early in my life, said to never say, ever.  He told me this in no uncertain terms.  I remember my mom saying this later in life: "What Whites put Blacks through was unconscionable."

Anyhow, I may have entered the Price Club.  I got a near 50% discount.  I’m still checking the receipt, it looks half price.  The store card accounted for a little, but not 50%.  Why did I catch a break on price?  Maybe, because to me, food stores are hallowed ground, and I don’t dare disturb anyone’s peace there.  I may be a force of peace.  I dunno, but I did very well this afternoon with price.

Another lesson my Dad left for us: Always leave behind a tip at a restaurant.  If the service was not up to snuff, is it the waiter’s or waitress’s fault, or is it the manager’s fault?  The manager decides if he has enough staff working the tables and the kitchen.  The manager can also make working there difficult.  These waitresses survive on tips, and if you refuse to pay them, then they’re working for free.

I was grocery shopping at the S&S, and as I was leaving, this Black man moving the carts asked me my name (he may have been 35 years old).  I told him, then he said: "Happy Thanksgiving, Ray." I asked him his name, he told me, and I wished him a happy thanksgiving.

As I walked away, he said that I was the only one who asked him HIS name.  I was moved a bit by this.

This is a Dad lesson: There’s reciprocity in dealing with people.  If someone shows you courtesy, you do the same for them.  He would say, they work these menial jobs, for hours and hours, and months, and years.  I don’t know how good I have it.  Right again, pa, I don’t, but I’m beginning to see.

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God Bless the Dead

[Zuckerberg et al, how about a thumbs up for my work.  Is this distributable?  Deadheads, how about a thumbs up?]

Here’s the highlights of a long, strange trip, via the Grateful Dead.  I saw them three times, circa 1980.  In my high school, there were two guys I knew who saw them over 80, and over 120 times, and were featured in the newspaper.

Their music is more for aficionados of harmony, melody.  This isn’t Guns Roses.  The Dead was a seven-piece band, most are four.  The only complaint I had, was that the jams might run too long as filler.  With 1973, 1977 shows (among other prime spans) you were generally spared.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, it’s New Years Eve, 1977, and from Winterland in San Fran, home field advantage, let’s hear it for the Grateful Dead.  God Bless the Dead.  (Sorry about all the ads.)

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Simon the Cyrenian Carries Christ’s Crucifix

Simon carries Christ's cross.

This is a painting entitled “Simon the Cyrene” by Renaissance master painter, Titian. Why is Simon the Cyrene carrying the cross of Jesus the Christ?  Simon was “compelled” to carry it by onlookers.  On Friday, April 17, 33AD, there was the Good Friday, full solar eclipse of the crucifixion.  Who was carrying the crucifix when the sun was blotted away?  Then who was executed?  Christ was spared.  According to Luke 24:39-41, Christ survived his own crucifixion, Simon wasn’t so fortunate.

[Post buried by Facebook algorithm, not puppies and kittens content.  Zuckerberg et al, how about a thumbs up for my work.  Why wasn’t this distributed?]

This is the Book of Luke, chapter 24.  Chapter 23 is the crucifixion.  Check out verses 39 to 41.  Post-crucifixion, Jesus the Christ outs himself as being of the flesh, and not of the spirit.  He says: “I am of flesh and blood as you are.” Then he says: “Have ye here any meat?” Ghosts don’t need food.

The upshot is that Christ did not die on the cross.  In Luke 24:39-41, he said he’s alive.  Jesus never died for Christian sins (whatever that means), because he never died on the cross.

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[How can I tell if this is being distributed?  Am I allowed to say our economy is failing, and this is rippling globally?]

What’s on my mind, Facebook?  Can I say?  Long Island was once the heart of the defense industry, but not today.  After the Cold War ended, this region has struggled with establishing an industrial base.

My mother and father both worked in defense, or essentially, high tech paid for by the federal government.

These days, technical work is no more on Long Island.  The only one left is Canon, I believe, but they do much work in Asia (read the user manual).

Then what’s left?  Nothing.  As far as I see, a sixty year resident, Long Island is Jersey.  Government officials are so enthusiastic about cannabis distributorships to add to the tax base.  Pornography is a problem here, as it is everyone in America.

America does not how to do the engineering work that Asia knows well how to do.  America’s proficiency is in legal services, and medical services.  We don't build anything anymore.  We don't know how.

We don't know how to do anything besides deal with COVID, and Trump was at least right about that -- COVID was a hoax.  The specter of COVID-19 is becoming a very powerful tool for China.

COVID is a shot in the arm for the medical establishment.  Statistically, it was only the plague of the elderly, who would’ve died anyhow.

[Check "Death by Age Group," did you know that COVID-19 is a cat toy?]

This is with tripod, but later in the day, so resolution is a bit lacking.  Many think, wow, is this boring.  But those missed out on the red-headed woodpecker in the final minute.  Are red-headed woodpeckers at a deficit?  They cannot really stand up straight.  :)
If I piqued your interest with the God Bless the Dead playlist, visit, and search for the Grateful Dead.  This retrieves almost unlimited, free Dead concerts.  The Dead didn’t have a business model mostly, anyone could tape their shows.  The studio work was what they charged for, concerts were recordable, tradeable, and sellable.  Hey, Taylor, where’s Ticketmaster in this model?

Don’t mean to be a bummer, but Christine McVie died in the hospital at age 79.  I liked her more than Stevie Nicks.  To me, Christine had the better voice.  Stevie’s is a bit hoarse.  Nicks is set to tour with Joel next year.  It seemed that Christine was underrated compared to Nicks, because the latter had the witchcraft, super model thing going on.

I’m no expert, but I listen to how the singer lands the last note of a phrase.  It underscores the emotion of the lyric.  Ms. McVie wrote and sang lead in several, really good songs: Don’t Stop; Make Loving Fun; and Everywhere.

The holiday season can be really pleasant.  The food is better, the company is in greater number, the workload is lighter, and you might get a new shirt.  To the non-Christian, Jesus the Christ doesn’t get the credit, the holidays are just a nice time of year.
I feel somewhat uncomfortable writing this, but Billy Joel has made several racist music videos.  Looking at these videos, I don’t know how anyone could see any different.  True, criticizing Billy Joel is terrorism, genocide really, as far as many dour Americans are concerned.  Americans have been up to their necks in it lately, and Joel is church (Swift is as well).  Yet, if the spirit of America is exemplified in racist productions, then showing he’s wrong is terrorism, or at best, unpatriotic, to the pinheaded, and no one else.
Here’s the good old days, well, mostly.  My Other Letter incorporation; Screenwriter software (Final Draft proved better); an atlas; Ashley Judd before all her troubles (Harvey Weinstein, her broken leg, and her mom’s passing).  Then there’s the Taxi ensemble: Marilu Henner; Judd Hirsch; Carol Kane; Andy Kaufman; Louise Lasser; Rhea Perlman; Tony Danza; Christopher Lloyd; and Danny DeVito.
I finally saw someone on Instagram post "#Repeal2A," which I had been posting for years.  I replied, "Repeal 2A, it’s the only way." To wit, someone from Texas replied, "Stack up, or shut up." Okay, my turn, "Why do you like guns?" I looked him up, and it was some young adult Texan, apparently with a very unhealthy fascination for killing machines. I deleted my entire post.  There’s nothing that I, or any one else, can do to weaken the American gun lobby.  By the way, "stack up" means build an arsenal?  I could go off on this entire situation, but I’ve learned my place as an intimidated American. I’m not alone.  No U.S. president has ever identified the N.R.A. by name.  They will always be "that uncooperative gun lobby." RAT-TAT-TAT!  Welcome to America...
Did anyone see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions last night?  It kept my interest for most of it, but why is Carly Simon, and Lionel Richie considered rock and roll?  Aren’t they more adult contemporary?  Richie often sings ballads.  Carly Simon couldn’t make it to the ceremony, because of a terrible family emergency.  I wonder if the real reason that she didn’t show, is because, well, this is not her genre. Has the RnR Hall of Fame run out of rock acts to induct?  Does rock even exist anymore?  Who are the new rock acts?  Who has there been after say 1990, and Heart?  IMHO.
This is the scene from my backyard this afternoon.  The larger one is a nuthatch (for their egg size), and the smaller is a chickadee.  The chickadees are very loud for their small size.  We ran out of food for a few days, so thankfully, the Grackles disappeared, and haven’t returned.  They are voracious eaters, and eat more than their share of feed.  Blue Jays stop by often, as do a few Cardinals.  Red-headed Woodpeckers stop by on a regular basis. View this full screen by clicking the opposing arrows icon. [This is from a compact, Nikon Coolpix, which IMHO has better optics than an iPhone.  I’ve used a tripod from my kitchen, but this is better, handheld, close-up.]
Here’s a nutritious, tasty dinner. Scramble eggs in olive oil with cherry tomatoes, cheddar, or surimi.  It’s easier than flipping omelettes or baking frittatas. You can also include grapes, onions, zucchini, and peppers, although the latter would require sautéing first.
Beggars Banquet digitized, and sandwiched between Sticky Fingers, and Let it Bleed on a smartphone playlist. American Beauty likewise digitized with Mars Hotel and Skeletons from the closet. Yes playlist: Yes Album; Fragile; Close to the Edge; and Going for the One.  Classical rock, not classic rock with this list. The Seventies supreme worthies.
Good news!  I digitized my Yes collection: The Yes Album; Fragile; Close to the Edge; and Going for the One.  Up next the Yessongs double album.  Line in from phonograph to laptop where its captured by audacity.  Then exported to mp3 and saved on the local cloud, my synology server. Stones is mostly complete.  I have a George Benson that I should digitize, instead of mostly hard rock.  I’ll keep you all posted. Wtf? I’d post snippets of my handiwork, but there seems to be copyright issues with that.  Or at least when in support of my blog.  I don’t see any issue when just a part of a Facebook feed.  You know, I’ll see if they want it pulled.
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