Disclaimer: Those under the age of 18 can’t be here.  This site will introduce you to the unnerving world of adults, and you really don’t want that.  Progressives, and Democrats, will “get” this, Republicans are absolutely humorless and clueless.  They should be on Trump’s reelection site, plowing money into his next Beer Hall Putsch, coup d’étât.

The entirely true retelling of corporate America’s and the townsfolk’s
witch hunt, their lynch mob, and their attempts
to murder The Other Letter, Inc., blogger.

As a service to all the haters squatting here (and the normal readers as well), here is a list of links to Twelve-Step groups: Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous; Al-Anon (for the friends and family of alcoholics); Overeaters Anonymous; Sex Addicts Anonymous; and Emotions Anonymous.

A few of the 12-Step tenets: “When we’re wrong promptly admit it;” “take a fearless moral inventory.”  Here’s a link to the Prayer of Saint Francis, which is commonly referenced in meetings.

This is The Serenity Prayer: “[By powers vested in me by God or Creation,] grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

“Belief in a power [or in powers] greater than yourself.”  This can mean God above you, Creation all around you, or any other definition you choose.  For your complete recovery, eventually you need to believe in some entity besides just yourself.

All the attacks that I get here, “are not [12-Step] program,” they’re ungodly (along with giving me permanent high blood pressure).  Those so freely attacking me today, will one day from Canada pay dearly.  This I will guarantee...

4,845 is the number of Chinese deaths from Coronavirus, this according to Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Dashboard, not direct from Beijing.  China has the greatest population on earth, and this flu, the COVID-19, started there.

How on earth could they have so few fatalities?  America fell in love with the Coronavirus, or at least in love with embracing its avoidance.  We now live to counteract what to China is nothing at all.  America ran with the endless virus prevention regimen, and China did next to nothing.  They’re leaving us in the dust, and laughing all the way.

Chicken Little (the sky is falling), aka Dr. Anthony Fauci, has more explaining to do at his next, exorbitantly well-paid speaking engagement, and not just the 94% co-morbidity rate (only 6% of fatalities solely had COVID-19, the rest also had obesity, smoking, old age, et al).

We’ll see how long it takes for Hopkins to fudge their numbers for a more America-favorable listing of China’s casualties.  If they don’t fudge them, and they don’t change, how would they explain China being entirely spared the worst.  When there aren’t any devastating reports originating from Southeast Asia, and without an iron curtain, and with an open economy, does China really need to be so secretive?  4/14/21...

Someone has clearly wronged you, and you believe in the Old Testament’s “an eye for an eye,” not the masochistic, ridiculous, and Roman-Empire placating of Christ’s, “turn the other cheek,” so you get even (in the link, Christ implores his followers to offer your coat, when your cloak was already taken — there’s helpful advice, if you’re about to be murdered).

Do you have any obligation to admit wrongdoing?  Of course not, without any direct apology, they started a fight, and you finished it.

That said, there are other ways of dealing with those who trespass against you.  You can forget they ever existed, never do business with them again if they profited from your discomfort, and tell everyone that they should be avoided like the Coronavirus, because they are evil...

More evidence of a interminably failed United States gun policy, a Knoxville student went to school with a gun and was shot dead.  This follows the Coronavirus lull, and the Colorado, and Georgia shootings.

Let’s listen to Mitch McConnell in the Senate floor: “Americans don’t deserve an assault weapons ban, they only deserve more carnage, and I will see that they get it.

“More than anything else, guns express the American passion for death.  Everyone needs a gun, for protection, physical arousal, killing sh*t, and not just hunters blowing out Bambi’s brains.  I mean everyone needs to be locked and loaded.  I get such joy watching massacres, because I know that my gun policy is working, culling the herd of any and all defectives.”

[Moved, GOP Senators in tears, and shouting, “more blood!!,” give him a standing ovation.]  4/13/21.

I get cornered all the time at the store, by rabid Republicans demanding that I stop assaulting their complete lack of values.  Up and down my block, they’re out there, always demanding justice for White people.  They are livid in their demands that Whites, and White males especially, are given more than their fair shake in business, socially, and anywhere else.

I can see it in their eyes, and hear it in their voices, they need everyone to join their neo-Nazi, Christian revolution, and if I don’t support their cause of wrong, they, as devout Christians, will murder me.

On the radio and television, I hear them cry: “Love baby Jesus, love him, he means the world to us, but not to you, so tragically.  Love, America, damn you!  Love the poverty, the environmental dump, the permanent racial, and gender, injustices.  Your only hope of survival is loving America, or leaving it in a casket.  We are rallying around the flag, getting millions to track you down so we may watch you die.  This is how we get off, and how we get our jollies.  This is the one and true America, on a witch hunt, on a lynch mob.”

Working on this website isn’t fun (or safe) anymore.  I quit.  An early retirement for me might be nice, while a tragic acquittal in the George Floyd murder case looms ahead (“thoughts and prayers” for Minneapolis, and everywhere else Stateside)...

The American feels that a swift kick in the head, is both good fun and instructive...  The only ones offended by The Other Letter, are the faggots...  America, love it, or leave it; or America, take it, or leave it?...  The American loser: “Are you a terrorist?”  The Other Letter: “No, but you’re sure one...”  Wouldn’t it be really great if the haters criticized you when you were wrong, instead of when you’re right?...  Who is the real terrorist?  Trump led an insurrection, he is an insurrectionist.  He is the one who said the election was stolen.  Trump was the one who said to come to the Capitol.  Trump is the domestic terrorist.  He knew exactly what he was doing, now he just plays golf more often, readying himself for 2024, and his second term.  Internationally, he is known as Adolf Hitler...  “—Wait one second, officer.  You’re saying he can bad mouth the Republican Party, and expect to not be murdered?  Speaking your mind is terrorism!!!  Which country do I live in — Russia?!!!”  “—You want me to kill him then?”  “—Well, yeah, do your sworn duty...”  There are two kinds of people: ice and nice.  Ice rule America, sad to say...  Never forget that there are still at least a few, good people left in America.  You may just need to find them first...

Women listen more to the lyrics of a song, than the music.  Aren’t men the opposite?  We need a consensus, so let’s ask everyone on earth.

Hollywood does so much commerce in carnage, and in blood mongering.  Does on-screen kills add immediacy or genuineness, just like the studio execs feel drug use does?  Violence gets the audience riled up, it wakes them up during slow passages in most any movie.  Tarantino is at least near a billionaire, in large measure, because of his use of splattered blood in his films.

Another script “enhancement,” is drug usage.  The King of Staten Island, an otherwise excellent film, had a frequent and strange drug use subplot.  This didn’t seem to belong there, except to oddly make drug dependency seem cool, and the twenty-something protagonist appear advanced in life.

Here is international radio that subscribes to a much better value system.  It can be found on the Simple radio app.  I like searching for “Canada classical,” but there’s hundreds of other stations.

American radio is only in service of the State.  They must obey the Federal Communications Censor (the FCC).  The music is whatever they’re required to play given their payola arrangements.  I ♥ Radio, for instance, plays every eardrum-splitting, anthem-to-death, and grating ode to poor taste, that Led Zeppelin ever made.  And they’ll play it over and over, like a jack hammer, until they beat you into submission.

The reason they must have a payola contract with the Led Zeppelin label, is because they feature the world’s loudest, most pathetic band, every week.  Known within the music community as the “Sonic mistake,” and a band for pre-teens, they never appeared at Woodstock, because they were never invited.

The weekly, disgusting, Led Zeppelin feature creature, is to the exclusion of real music like The Who, or The Grateful Dead.  How else is this blatant favoritism explained?  They had one half-way decent album, Zeppelin II, and their claim to fame, Stairway to Heaven, was plagiarized from a band that sued them, called Taurus (at the trial, only the sheet music could be shown the jurors, they couldn’t hear the album cuts).

The American radio announcers are typically reading lame copy, it even rhymes at WCBS (great for the six year old and under crowd).  Spontaneity is never allowed.  Specialization isn’t either, because that would shrink their lowest common denominator, their listener base.  Easy listening will sneak in AC/DC’s Highway to Hell into their playlists, to prevent their deejays from entering narcoleptic comas.

The Minneapolis Police Department (aka the Clowns in Blue), is well on their way to proving that they own sole title to being: “America’s Deadliest Keystone Cops.”  The latest: A Minneapolis cop, Kim Potter, shot and killed a Black, twenty-year-old Duante Wright, in the Twin Cities today.  She reached for her gun, instead of her taser.  They must look so much alike.  That’s the department’s story so far, at least.

Why is a woman cop so much less culpable in a shooting than a male cop?  They aren’t as aggressive?  The cop is a 26-year veteran, suddenly she doesn’t know the taser from the gun?  These are life-or-death decisions, and a few of these cops, male or female, are completely botching, or sabotaging, arrests with lethal consequences.

Was she trying to defray Chauvin’s guilt?  As in, hey, I just murdered a kid in cold blood, don’t make such a big deal out of George Floyd’s suffocation.  You can’t prosecute me, I’m a woman.  So you can’t prosecute Chauvin, if you can’t me.  This alone will get Chauvin off, wait and see.

If this ballsy female cop wanted a date with Chauvin, she only need ask, not murder a 20-year-old to spring Derik from a murder rap, and get bragging rights in the precinct after its her turn to get out of jail free.

Kim Potter, the female cop who supposedly mistook her gun for a taser, resigned for being a pseudo-repentant murderer.  A twenty-six-year veteran, most likely due to retire anyhow, Potter murders a kid, after a fifty-six second traffic stop.  This is why she is now a made member of the killer-elite (if she wasn’t already).  “LICENSE AND REGISTRATION!!!  BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM!!!”  No negotiations, just Potter taking point blank target practice.

She meets her fellow cops in the locker room: “Who’s the man now?!  Who’s got the balls now?!  Eh?!  I do — me!  I got the balls!...  It was an accident.  Yeah, sure!  That’s why I resigned!  It was clearly an accident!  Get over here, Derik, love of my life!  Who sprung you from a life in prison, hmm?  You are one hunk of virile destruction, cop superman!  Death is just a part of Minneapolis police work, I just proved it!

“We all make mistakes, he, he, he!  In fifty-six seconds, I approached, engaged in brief discussions, then ended the life of my quarry!  Is this the way a 26-year veteran makes an arrest of a 20-year-old, unarmed, and not under the influence?!  Accident, okay, it wasn’t, but he was BLACK?!  Would I have my fun with a White girl?!  Yes and no!  He, he, he!  Let’s just keep this all to ourselves!  He, he!  He, he, he!  He, he, he, he!!!”

[This is First Amendment, protected speech, because it is parody, as hard-edged as its subject matter.  Kim Potter is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but not with the press.

The press doesn’t have to deliberate over useless fine points until the truth is completely obscured.  Some in the press, already know the facts, and can see who is guilty, as well as who is innocent.  The rest is smokescreen.

By the way, those expert witnesses are paid, $117,635 on average annually.  They would sell their own mother into bondage to say what the defense wants them to say.  In the supposed pursuit of justice, we’re not getting unbiased testimony from the witness stand...]

From the Chauvin Defense summation: “No one ever wants to see a White police officer convicted of any crime.  George Floyd was not human, he deserved to die — plus, he was a negro, a negro, mind you.  Chauvin is White!  Pure!  Aryan!  He deserves to go out on his beat again and again, and take care of business with negroes, as only he knows how.

“Somehow George Floyd was without manacles, not shackled, in our fair city.  Where was his master?  Well, of course, Chauvin was his master, and only he had the insight to enforce widely-recognized Antebellum law.  Negroes are the property of the good, White Christians in Minneapolis.  Being murdered is a small price to pay for counterfeiting a twenty-dollar-bill.

“Derik Chauvin understands so well, that America is just a club for White Christians.  And he would have used a club against George Floyd, but he settled on crushing his larynx with his knee.  There’s justice, American style.  Sure, Chauvin knew he was bending the rules just a little bit, murder for suspected counterfeiting (at the trial, no mention of watermark check by the defense-coached bodega clerk), so who cannot forgive Chauvin if he refused to testify on his own behalf.”

Republicans feel good about the murder of George Floyd, they enjoyed watching the suffocation.  It warmed the cockles of their heart.  Whites win again, another negro, and millions of other negroes learn their place as being subjugated to the man.  Making the negro underclass fear Whites, and our lethal security detail (Minneapolis Clowns in Blue aren’t police officers), is really important in keeping White Christians on top.

Chauvin murdered someone over a $20 bill.  It is negro hunting time up north.  What would Mary Tyler Moore, of Twin Cities’ TV fame, think?  She would have packed her bags, and filmed her show in L.A., in much sunnier, happier, and tolerant, climes.  4/12/21.

Kim Potter was just charged with second degree manslaughter.  She will get off, like Chauvin will, with this defense: Panicked and distracted in the line of duty.  This makes guilty as hell cops, innocent of all charges.

The medical examiner claimed that George Floyd died of drug addiction, heart disease, too much McDonalds, but not so much from a knee on his neck.  He said that the cause is “undetermined.”  Are lifelong ailments suddenly responsible for causing death under new and extreme circumstances?  The medical examiner has the same employer as Chauvin does, so how can he be expected to ever be impartial?

If these defense lackeys can convince the jury that the larynx-crushing knee didn’t kill George Floyd, then it was acceptable to even employ the knee?  Prosecution witnesses said this was not by the book in any way.

The jury’s attention has been obscured by the obvious video evidence where Mr. Floyd says: “I can’t breathe, twenty times...”  George never said: “My heart condition is acting up...”  4/14/21.

When the moon revolves around the earth, should it be expected to revolve forever?  Or should the orbit degrade, and the moon head into earth, causing a cataclysmic explosion?  An object in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by another force.  The force here being the earth’s gravitational attraction.  The conclusion: The moon will eventually hit the Earth, ending all life.

Yet is there anything humanity can do to intervene?  With nuclear weaponry, the moon can be detonated, but showering lunar boulders everywhere.  Or the moon can be redirected, with explosives.  The earth’s revolution around the sun is balanced by the moon.  Without the moon, will the earth get pulled into the Sun’s gravitational force?  Then will the earth’s orbit need to be pulled away from the Sun, causing the equivalent of nuclear winter?

While some points are speculation, the moon’s orbit will degrade at some point.  When this will occur is anyone’s guess, although the mathematical equations for orbital mechanics do exist, no one has ever bothered to compute them for the earth and moon.

There are two, real data points that exist to solve this equation, today and in 33AD.  The Crucifixion eclipse occurred between the 6th and 9th hour, in Roman time, on 4/17/33AD; or between 12PM and 3PM, by our time clocks.  Astronomy software today pinpoints the Crucifixion Eclipse to between 3PM and 6PM, three hours later.  The moon crossed the Earth’s path earlier then, and later now, according to our models.  It took less time to get before the sun’s rays then, than the models do today.  The conclusion: The moon was traveling faster in 33AD.

If you think that you’re having a bad day, today, think of how bad it’ll be, say, 10,000 years from now, when all Hell, literally breaks loose.  If humankind doesn’t pull themselves together by then, and coordinate a solution to prevent the end times, our races will all be doomed.

Melissa Constanzer, as we all know by now, is the pride, and the franchise, of Accuweather weather casting, but did you also know that Melissa was once a skydiving instructor in Arizona?  That’s right, her pilot flew over the Grand Canyon, and she steadied her charges to follow her out the Cessna door, and into the Canyon below.

There was a close call once as a panicky student couldn’t figure out how to pull the chute ring.  Melissa is one, cool customer and she was able to save the day, pulling the falling parachutist onto her back at 400mph.  Luckily, she pulled her cord in more than enough time, and had her patented feather landing like all her other landings.

Upshot is, to the relief of friends and family, she transitioned into weather forecasting.  One of the reasons she left, was there wasn’t any challenge left after several thousand successful jumps...

[Accuweather had a graphic of what looked exactly like a flashlight pointing from the South Shore of Long Island to Huntington.  When I think flashlights pointing at my town, I think of burglars, or the police.  How did the former Accuweather graphic cartoonist mean this?

Okay, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there are mapped, 50-mile long air masses, ones resembling a flashlight, and ones encircled by a second, 60-mile long air mass of different barometric pressure.  That’s it, it looked like an off-shore flashlight, but it obviously wasn’t.  Then was it a self-contained, offshore, phallic symbol?  Was the cartoonist making a pathetically awkward pass at Melissa?  It wasn’t a worm, or a slug.  I could vouch for that.]

Taylor Swift is always giving away money to any deserving, or not so deserving, struggling individual.  I’ll have to see how to get in touch with her, because I want to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a competitive swimmer.  Taylor, if you’re out there, I’ve been vetted for need by your squad.  I need a hundred-grand ($100,000) to pursue my dreams with an in ground heated pool, with cabana, and cabana girls.  Can you help me, Taylor?!  I really need a swimming pool (or a $100,000)!...

I’ve been negotiating a walk at the park with the men and women of law enforcement (the Second Precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department) whose years-long inaction on drug crime, after at least a dozen emails, is a complete disgrace.

The police can blow anyone’s head off with a variety of weaponry, but they are very, very shy.  They are introverts in the truest sense of the word, seeking solace at their desks, and writing up reports.  At a starting six-figure income, we can only expect them to stalk people in their patrol cars, hoping to reach ticket quota, as they tried but failed to do to me today.  We must never expect them to deal with drug crime.  This is not something they get involved in fighting.  SCPD is the definition of apathy.  Show them where crime is occurring, and they figure out a way to avoid going to the scene.

Drug crime is encouraged at the park, and elsewhere.  How many get kickbacks from organized crime, to not do anything about the shenanigans like slipping Roofies at mafia-run, and franchised, bars?

I avoid the contact highs at the park like the plague, because they are very confusing, and disorienting.  The smoke spewing from the cars smells acrid, and is likely crack cocaine according to a doctor I know, as it is not sweet-smelling weed.

If the SCPD would like, I could volunteer, and show them how to do their job: “Officers, this guy has been here over an hour.  I’d stay away from his window, this is very, very potent smoke.  Now, he probably isn’t dead, but dopers get as angry as hell when you enter what they believe is their territory, which is now their park here.  Without a police presence, drug dealing flourishes, the entire parking lot is openly hostile to hikers.  You and the Town should put up a sign that the park is: ‘For dopers only, others proceed at their own risk.’

“All eight cars in this parking lot are dopers — there used to be just two — but without a police presence it only got much worse here.  Thanks to you, this place is just a drug den, but don’t worry, you make six-figures, you can murder, and you’ll still keep your job.

“But this is not your concern.  Blown stop signs are.  Thank god for your nauseatingly over-generous, union contract, and the Police Benevolent Association promoting how wonderful a job you do.  Well, you don’t do much of a job here, at all, for years, despite over a dozen, polite complaints.

“I have nothing against cops, just lazy Long Island cops (and murderous, Minneapolis ones). ”

The park is not an option for walking, so I tried walking at the high school.  A pair of coaches on the high school hiking route completely freaked out, I have no idea why.

I was stunned at how vicious these coaches were, and how outrageously overprotected, the gym coaches were to their girlfriend/students.  I was called, loud and clear, a “gay boy” in front of the coaches’ girlfriend/students.

So as a form of self-defense, I renamed my alma mater online from the Half Hollow Hills Thunderbirds, to the HHH Weenies.  (Remember, I live in a hamlet that is entirely humorless, and to prove they actually were weenies, they went ballistic for calling the pupils what they were, when being this protected.)    As expected, the HHH troopers took it all in stride, although a few are now hitchhiking for the Canadian border, or are on strike from athletic competition.

All three groups of provincials, the dopers, the cops, and the coaches, wouldn’t let me take walks on either dirt path or cement.  I have sciatica, a back condition, so is my only recourse to sue for access?  The Half Hollow Hills School District, the township of Huntington, and the Suffolk County Police Department, Second Precinct, are all useless as far as being able to take a simple walk.

If America wasn’t situated between two oceans, and a temperate climate, it would have the economic prospects of Siberia, or a former banana republic such as Bolivia.  Gold, oil, and slaves fueled early growth.  Oil is being phased out, gold is obsolete, but America will always have conscripted slavery, given the five-figure and less crowd.

Very few believe that America is a participatory democracy, because the Right Wing has gotten so ferociously obstinate to progressively advancing the nation.  Mitch McConnell has decided that America needs guns, and everyone else has to pay the price for his buddies’ passion for playing with guns.

“America, stay here for the weather, leave for the hate group intolerance.”

Why such an upbeat assessment of my native land?  This is the tale of the short-timer, like someone who is leaving your office forever.  They could care less about the monthly reports being accurate, timely, and telling.

As a royal reportage bona fide, The Other Letter found the resolve to cobble together this complete obit:

Prince Phillip has died at the age of 99.  I can’t say that I knew the man very well personally, but he was considered everywhere to be the perfect gentleman.  He faced a very unfortunate measure of derision as being support for a woman in a man’s world.  The woman being Queen Elizabeth, The Second, who, at 94, is still in charge of the British Empire.  Principle framer of the Mountbatten Accord, among many others, Prince Phillip, again, dead at 99.

My NFL weight was 310 pounds of solid muscle (or was this half of that?), I can bench press 385 pounds, and can juggle up to three bathing beauties at once, without even breaking a sweat.  Before the sciatica, I was actively scouted, then signed, by the: NFL (New York Giants, middle linebacker); MLB (Boston Red Sox Nation, starting pitcher); NBA (New York Knicks, the very rare, under-six-foot, power forward, or point guard, depending on game progress, and team need), MLS (New York Cosmos, striker), and the NHL (Montreal Canadiens, “the Habs,” enforcer).  I cage fight as a hobby...

The New York Times had this to say: “Other devastates at every sport, he is a modern Jim Thorpe.”  I was in a Mister Universe contest with The Rock, Vin Diesel, and John Cena, and they all walked off the stage, crying, and completely humiliated.  Each knew then that their careers were over.  The onstage musicians controlled the crowd with Pinball Wizard from The Who: “We just handled our pumping iron crown to him [as the twenty-piece, Jethro Tull cover band, pointed to me with their electric guitars and flutes].”