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Nice to begin on a snide note, isn’t it?  I get the impression that parents despise a website that doesn’t have any porn, drug references, or profanity, so I am more than a little ooncerned that the American body politic has gone mad.

Again, and so there’s no ambiguity: Use parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controlsUse parental controls.

This webzine is designed for adults with an open mind, it is not meant for the close-minded, the drug-addled, or teenagers.  Anyone else, enjoy a nineteen-year effort without any cost to you.

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The Goods (for free)

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My Picks for the Most Enjoyable Albums of All Time

Admittedly, I know nothing about rap music, or Africa American music, other than Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, et al, really had it going on: Stage persona, charisma, melody-writing ability, and everything else.

I know very little about music of the Twenty-First Century.  Then you’ll say: Do you know anything about music?  Well, let’s see:

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Why have the Save America Rally?

Trump's, January 6th, Save America Rally post on Instagram

All these Donald Trump investigations do seem to amount to very little — but one.  His January Sixth, 2021, summoning of the troops, his most devout followers, to the “Save America Rally.”  The sexual dalliances fall short of the Weinstein mark of pay to play.

Yet to try to cancel a national election by mob force, that was extremely irresponsible, and dangerous.  Trump invited his followers on Instagram to steal the presidential election.  Trump knew the voting tally, and thus the outcome, was accurate.  He could not be so stupid, or ignorant, as to think otherwise.

Trump’s high crime of insurrection could be prosecuted with these questions: First, why did he call a rally together; and second, two and a half months after the election, how could he not understand that he lost the election by seven million votes?

Would Trump try to muscle his way into the White House, demand a second ascendency to Chief Executive, because he mobilized his people to make him President, with fists, and battering rams, even.  From these intents and purposes, this was exactly what he was trying to do.

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The Shocking yet True, Crucifixion Eclipse

Video credit via Adobe Flash:
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Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 - Classical Whimsical by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

This means that Jesus the Christ did not die on the cross, that he survived his own crucifixion.  In the Book of Luke 24:39-41, post-Crucifixion, Christ states: “A spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.”  Then he begs: “Have ye here any meat?”  A spirit doesn’t need food.

In other words, Christ did not die for your sins (whatever that means), because he didn’t die.  Two-thousand years of venerance has been sadly misplaced.

Readers see this and think, geez, I have a thing against Baby Jesus.  I don’t hate Jesus, he is an important philosopher, but he was not supernatural, he was not of the spirit world after the Crucifixion.  This is a list of his most well-known adages.  2/18/23.

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Dieting Hacks

Your wedding is next month, and you need to lose thirty pounds.  The following can help, except there is no way you’re losing thirty pounds in a month.  Movie stars cannot even do this, Gwynnie Paltrow cannot even do this.  No one can lose thirty pounds in one month.  We can salvage your wedding day though.  5/16/23.

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The Pantheon is here again.  Lordy-lordy, howdy-do, mofo yes...

I am considering campaigning to make Kate Upton’s birthday a national holiday.  I love women, so I wrote The Pantheon of Hollywood Women, not yet with current entries.  As a retiree, I spend enough time writing sweet nothings to these women on Instagram.  Why?  Why the hell not.  Regulars, they know.  I’m a regular, above average inelligence, who has writing chops.  Do the math. 

(Sarah Jessica Parker did write that she “looked forward to my posts.”

“We don’t believe you.”  “That’s too bad.”)  5/12/23...

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Which presidents and presidential candidates served in Nam?

Very few U.S. presidents, or presidential hopefuls, of draft age during the Vietnamese War, actually went overseas and served there.  The following is a list of presidents (or presidential candidates), and the reason why they served or did not serve.

PresidentPartyDid they serve in Vietnam?  If not, why not?
Joseph BidenDemocraticNo, excused because of asthma.  He was a lifeguard.
Donald TrumpRepublicanNo, excused because of bone spurs in his heel.
John McCainRepublicanYes, spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton with an untreated broken leg.  In the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump had the audacity to complain that he liked war heroes that didn’t get caught.  Talk about service to your country, above and beyond the call.
John KerryDemocraticYes, he captained a swift boat.
George W. BushRepublicanNo, he joined the Texas Air National Guard.
Bill ClintonDemocraticNo, educational deferments.
Mitch McConnellRepublicanNo, eye issue, optic neuritis.
Mitt RomneyRepublicanNo, Mormon missionary work exemption.

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Taylor Swift is not who you think she is...

COBS, Canadian Other Broadcasting System, recently had their top reporter interview Taylor Swift.  Ms. Swift would only accept interviews by phone due to security concerns.  Here is a transcript of that phone conversation.



“Is this Taylor Swift?”

“It sure is.  Who are you?”

“I’m from COBS.”

“Cobs, meaning what?”

“Canadian Other Broadcasting System.  An Other Broadcasting System, that’s the running joke.”

“That’s not funny.  Okay, canuck, here’s the deal.  My Canadian numbers suck.  Avril Lavigne has me beat across every target demographic.  You will say how much Canada means to me, yada, yada.  Point out the Christmas music videos I made — I’m in the snow, okay?  Canadian, eh?”

“Well, okay, but can we talk about more general topics.  I mean outside of your passion for Canada.”

“Hmm, like what?”

“Who taught you how to play the guitar?”

“I just picked it up.  I got a guitar for Christmas one year.  I taught myself, okay?”

“How old were you?”

“I was six, okay.”

“Six years old?”

“Yeah, I’m a prodigy.  Next question.”

“What is your favorite song?”

Sinatra’s My Way.”

“Er, no, I mean of your songs.”

“Do you know Jake Scrubbmore — of the club?”

“Eh, no?  Who?”

“Jake Scrubbmore, double ‘b,’ scrubb more.  The Scrubb family of brushes.”

“No, I don’t.”

“He’s very important in the trade.”

“Trade of what?”

“Ha, ha.  Funny.”


“The music trade.”

“The music industry.”

“Hey, my management did not send you here to belittle me.  On to Canada.”

“Okay, well, okay.  Do you follow the NHL?”

“The what?  Ask me a few questions about Canada, I’ll field them.”

“What do you think of Trudeau?”

“Pierre, he is a very fine president.  I try to stay current with our neighbor to the North.”

“Well, Trudeau, he’s Justin Trudeau, Pierre’s son, and he’s a prime minister, we don’t have presidents.”

“You’re pushing it, kid.  Did I ever offer you my anecdote about shopping and shunning at the mall when I was a pre-teen?  Yeah.  Yeah.”  [Not praising enough of Taylor Swift, apparently.]

“We’re back from commercial?  Okay, Ms. Swift—”

“Taylor to you.”

“Okay, Taylor, thank you.  Your Eros Tour—”

“Eras, you rodent.”

“In your Eras Tour, your sex appeal really shines.  What I don’t understand, is that your target demographic has always been twenty-something women.”

“Well, once I hit twenty, yes.”

“When you lean over onstage, and show your décollètage, you look like you’re showing it to straight, young women.”

“What’s your question, Cobs?”

“Okay, hmm.  Your fans, mostly female, love your songs about guys who just don’t get it.  Yet, in your Eros Tour, you look like a stripper often enough.”

“I hate Canadians.  Where’s my publicist, we is done.  Done!”

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What the fighting’s all about, the First Amendment...

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is a luxury provided to every United States citizen by the Founding Fathers (this right has the comfort of a luxury).  This guarantees freedom of the press:  Iran and China do not have this luxury.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Satire, and parody are protected speech, lying about someone is not protected speech.  Yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater (the standard example of a free speech exception) is obviously illegal.

As for Other Letter detractors: Hey, these are just words.  (I just checked, I get 35 readers a day, so no one gives a hoot what I write.)

There’s much to commend America: The national parks; incredible variety and availability of food; Hollywood cinema; and professional sports; to name just a few highlights.  Yet, the shining star in the land of the free, is 1A, the First Amendment, which provides for freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

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Misread, Misprinted, or Houston...

This is evidence that the war in the Ukraine is not nearly as much a product of Putin aggression than previously thought.  According to the January 21st, 2022, New York Times, the Ukraine committed a war atrocity.  Either that, or The Times needs to explain why soldiers neck deep in ice water are having an “Epiphany tradition,” on the Eastern Ukrainian border (the Ukraine is West of Russia).  3/17/22.

How soon America forgets Russia’s role in World War II.  France went Vichy early on; Italy and Japan were behind Germany; Britain was blitzed; America got boots on the ground in ’44, saving France, but who saved the world?  Russia did.  Russia was in the middle of the action, start to finish.  Joseph Stalin did in fact side with Adolf Hitler, until Germany invaded Russia in ’41.

America didn’t enter WWII until Pearl Harbor, December 7th of ’41; and didn’t enter Europe until the troop transport of the Invasion of Normandy in ’44.  Charles Lindbergh felt we shouldn’t even fight, especially for the Jews.

Russia had twenty-million more people than the U.S.A. did in 1939, so they had more manpower to devote to the war effort, and they were local to most of the fighting.  The European Theater had much of the action.  3/20/22.

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Defusing Hate Speech

Hate speech is the power base of evil.  Most lives have had to deal with this hate.  This is how to deconstruct it, and effectively deal with these words of destruction and devastation.  This is not ribbing (as in “you’re silly”), this is hate.  (And I’m not even from Boston.)

Unacceptable Hate SpeechAcceptable Translation
LoserUnsuccessful, unproductive person
Faggot, gay boy, fairy, c*cks*ck*rMale same-sex coupler
M*th*rf*ck*rA male very close with their mom (or just meant disparagingly)
TerroristCommitted genocide, or actively contemplating committing it.  Or someone of Middle Eastern descent.
PedophileHas sex with children (as Cardinal McCarrick regularly did); or approaches children for the purpose of having sex with them
Nazi, Aryan, HitlerVicious, especially towards minorities.  Believes in racial purity and superiority.
White trashWithout culture and values
N*gg*rAn African American so lazy and shiftless that they are worthless
White n*gg*rA Caucasian so lazy and shiftless that they are worthless
Dyke, clam-bumper, carpet-muncher, lesboFemale who is a same-sex coupler
Whore, slutA woman who regularly has sex with many different partners
C*nt, twatFemale worthy of only contempt
Dick, schmuck, prickAntagonistic and/or abrasive male
Satan, LuciferEnjoys causing others pain and suffering
Assh*l* Someone who makes sensitive matters worse, often unreasonable
Prude, religious nutSomeone who is overly cautious, and is incapable of having a good time
Pig, porker, fatsoSignificantly above suggested goal weight for height
Murderer, Manson, Squeaky (Fromme)Completely unfeeling and insensitive, capable of murder, or actually has murdered
Pig, fuzz, the manPolice officers who cause much more harm than good, control freaks
Pigheaded, stick in the mud, old fogyIncapable of change
SchlimazelWaiter who spills the soup on the customer
SchlemielThe Customer
The Evil Those who use hate speech as a weapon.  Attempts to make the happy as unhappy as they are.
JokeSomeone who is not to be taken seriously
Flat-chested, flat, flat as a boardBreast size is significantly less than average, unattractive, often due to anorexia.  (Although Katherine Middleton is gorgeous.)
Cow, flapsSignificantly more than average breast size, unattractive, often due to over-eating.  (Although Ashley Graham and Kate Upton are gorgeous.  Why is Kate Upton wrong?  Picture her doing jumping jacks.  She shouldn’t be doing jumping jacks.  She’s wrong.)
PsychoGiven to unfriendly, impulsive, antisocial, aggressive behavior.  Instigates antagonisms, actively, openly hostile.
Clone Copies vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, tastes (especially musical ones) of someone deemed superior
Weirdo, head case Behavior is decidedly inexplicable, irrational, barely functioning
CreepSomeone who preys on the unsuspecting for their sadistic pleasures
Peeping Tom, voyeurGetting pleasure watching the unsuspecting, typically in the nude
PervertGetting sexual pleasure that is non-consensual
Moron, imbecileAn individual with much lower than average intelligence
Monkey, chimp, gorilla, primate, simian (ape-like), robot Beneath a human on the evolutionary tree (robots are not a life form), incapable of thought
Animal, beastAn individual who lacks the manners, civility, and sophisitication associated with being a human being; living, but non-human, animalistic, vicious getting sustenance
SuicideVery depressed, future economic prospects are extremely limited
Moonie (archaic), cult memberSo devoted to a religion, they only function within this religion, little outside interests
Kike, Hebe (Hebrew)A Jewish person, typically thought of as wealthy, likely because of their belief in education
JAP (Jewish American Princess)A young, Jewish woman or girl, who tends to be confident and loquacious.  Might be from a well-to-do family.
OreoBlack on the outside, White on the inside.  A lack of racial identity, and racial pride.
Spic (and span), beanerHispanics who, because of discrimination, are typically poor, and are forced to do manual labor, instead of more meaningful work
WOP (without papers)Italian immigrant who got to America illegally
Chink (in the armor)A Chinese immigrant to America who is not appreciated, despite their work ethic, because they are focused on competitively achieving the American Dream, at the expense of going to bars and night clubs
MonsterInto frightening others as a power trip, icy demeanor, scary
Nerd, bookwormSpends a great deal of time studying to the detriment of any social life
FreakFreakish, so far outside the norm, you stick out like a sore thumb
Bitch, bastardFrom unmarried parentage, so offspring illegitimate and breeding questionable
An illegalYou are denied all human rights because of your atrocious, instigating behavior

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Offhand, Occasionally Mysterious, Remarks

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Techie Tips

When hooking up an antenna to a stereo receiver, choose 300Ω (ohms of resistance), not 75Ω, if amplifying the signal.  You will need the greater impedance because the amplification will drown out the entire FM spectrum.  75Ω can still be used when: away from the city; the signals are weaker; no amplification; and impedance, resistance, needs to be less.  You can play around until you maximize signal strength (antennas do not draw house current).

One night, I had a local radio station be the entire band, until I suppressed the signal with 300Ω.

I just got a great deal from knarith15 on eBay, for a Denon DRW-660, Dual Deck cassette player.  I paid $36, and $30 shipping.  $30 shipping may sound steep, but it was really well-packaged for any weather.

At first, it wasn’t playing any cassettes, and I thought that I bought a lemon.  But as more and more cassettes successfully played, as the cogs started moving again after a probable long respite, I was extremely impressed, especially the high fidelity at full volume (I bought a hi-fi deck, to be played with the analog Vector Research amplifier, hi-fi).

Audio cassettes are at least a forty-year-old technology, and I wasn’t expecting too much from the product.  Yet, I was duly impressed.  Unlike phonographs for vinyl records, tape decks can play media indefinitely, without interruption.

Denon is a Japanese, high-end manufacturer of audio products that has been in business since 1910.

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Long Island Cemetery Tour (aka “The Tour”)

How this headstone was finely engraved, with font fidelity, in 1764, in the Colonial era, is a real mystery.  There weren’t any power tools, and Long Island doesn’t have a steel quarry to make chisels.  Did the headstone maker bring the tools over from the Old World.  And why does the angel look like an alien from outer space?  All the headstones look like that.

Have you ever taken “The Tour”?  For years now, you’ve put off going to the local cemetery.  Not to channel your loved ones with a box of tissues, but rather to investigate life antebellum as evidenced through headstone inscriptions.  Well, now you don’t have to slog the family to the gravesite, kids and beach chairs in tow, for their history lesson.  I have done all the legwork for you, free of charge, for a limited time only.  Visit the dead, they must get mighty lonely, and you don’t want any Halloween-spirit, tumultuous, Dawn of the Dead-style rebellion, do you?  5/03/23.

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About The Other Letter, Inc.

Try to keep in mind that this blog is not the Harvard Law Review.  It is written solely by myself, without input from any other human being.  If you do not appreciate the content here, visit The New York Times (although they charge beyond ten articles a month)...

The latest complaint about this website is that I am not qualified to write it.  Admittedly, I am a four-degreed pea brain (two degrees, the M.B.A., and the M.S. in Computer Science, are advanced), with a wide variety of interests that I regularly research and explore.  There isn’t any truth to the rumor that I have spent my life knocking back brew, smoking dope, and frequenting prostitutes.  I do enjoy thinking about topics outside of everyday concern.

The EULA: I assume no legal responsibility for anything written here.  If you do not like the content here, find another source of content.  (Hey, the biggest players have their end-user license agreements absolving themselves of all resposnsibility for their Corvairs.)  I am a whistleblower, and a muckraker.  On May the 10th of 2023, according to my web host, I had 55 visitors.  I have a very small readership, but writing is a big joy I have in life, so I keep at it.

I, as well as the Founding Fathers, endorse the free exchange of ideas.

© 2004 to 2023, The Other Letter, Inc.  (Incorporated since July 28th, 2010.)

Ps., please send your tax-deductible donations to the Sunrise Association.  They offer summer camp experiences for kids with cancer.

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