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Am I qualified to give advice about electronic equipment and stereos?  My Dad was an MIT-educated electrical engineer, and I’ve been tinkering with this stuff since, well, do you remember: analog stereo equipment (remote control cannot work, fidelity really true), Radio Shacks on Long Island, Visi-Calc, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, Wordperfect, or Netscape Navigator?  No?  Okay then, I’m not qualified.

I am not sponsored (I only wish) by recently-struggling Radio Shack, but if you’re into this stuff as I have been, eventually you will consider a RS giving plan as part of your last will and testament.

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«Notations», “Quotations” & ⊗Revelations⊗

The home page shouldn’t get cluttered, so it’s time to move ⊗Revelations⊗ off of Main Street, off of Broadway, and onto its own page.  8/23/22.

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God save the Princess!


Is this the end of the British monarchy?

With the passing of Elizabeth Windsor, what will become of the cast of characters populating Buckingham and Kensington Palaces?  The most compelling story is of Catherine Middleton, who may be in a rather trying marriage.  Is it ‘God save the King’ now, or should it be ‘God save the Princess’?

The Princess stepped away from her duties shilling the House of Windsor, to visit me at a secret location on Long Island.  I’m so full of it?  Generally speaking, I’m honest, but okay, no, she did not visit me.  She said after “all this crazy funeral business is said and done, I’ll see how an average American like you lives.”  She calls me, affectionately, if slightly condescendingly, her “average American friend.”  9/16/22...

I completely fail to appreciate why there is such reverence for the monarchy, and even for Queen Elizabeth.  King Charles was an adulterer, and her other son, Andrew, liked to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein, and underage girls.

QEII was (and is) held in great esteem in many circles, but her parenting skills apparently weren’t much, and her British empire was not necessarily a benevolent one.  Because she was spokeswoman for Britain, and never trumpeted their causes, Nigerians, and the Irish, are not fans of her.

Elizabeth Windsor’s funeral is an unbelievable extravagance, does anyone deserve this level of, really, near deification.  This is practically a cult of personality.  Elizabeth was a good person, yes, but does she deserve having billions profoundly saddened by her passing?

I could honestly say that my father was a better person than Elizabeth, and his passing went unnoticed by the press, the body politic, well, by the world, except just his family and friends.  This seems a matter of proportion, with global respect given the Queen hardly reciprocal with all she gave, besides what she gave her cherished, Corgi pure breds.  9/18/22.

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“Call Me Caroline,” Music Critic Extraordinaire

This is a sample of the Aussie, Youtube channel, Call me Caroline.  Caroline is a very talented musician who talks you through the albums of major artists such the Beatles, offering in-depth criticism.  She really knows her stuff, and she’s a real sweetheart.  Caroline is wholesome and joyful.

Caroline is the first to admit she has never attended music school, but oddly enough, she has attended acting school (an aside: Billy Joel didn’t attend music school either).  Cazza, her musician, stage name, does have chops, and she is so much fun to watch.  6/18/22...

Caroline finally reviewed Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark.  It is definitely worth viewing the Youtube, both because the album is probably Joni’s best, and because Caroline knows her stuff, her review is documented with quotations, stories, and easy-to-follow music theory.  9/12/22...

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Take a stroll down Main Street, Other Letter’s Main Street...

...meaning North or South of the border?  In some parts, this audio clip is fighting words on a U.S. website, but Grandpa was born in Chatham, New Brunswick, and Grandma was Tracadie, Nova Scotia.  In other words, this land, these people, kinda represent home to me: Casual, yet still important, but never in your face (okay, Habs penalty-killing, as a matter of Canadian on-ice pride, an in-your-face exception)...

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Jesus the Christ’s Crucifixion occurred on April 17th, 33AD


Simon carried Christ’s cross!  Full solar eclipse Crucifixion?!

Video credit via Adobe Flash:
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Luke 24:39-41 Bible photo

This is from the Book of Luke, Chapter 24, after the Crucifixion of Chapter 23.  Verses 39 to 41 are the cause of peptic ulcers among clergy.  Christ is not a spirit.  He eats, he has mass.  Physical mass, that is.  (Why was celebrating his life in church named mass?)  Simon is awaiting in Heaven in verse 34.  Remember Simon the Cyrenian?  He carried Christ’s cross, and in the midst of a complete solar eclipse, was likely the fall guy for crowd-admired Jesus.  This is not taken out of context, this directly follows the chronology of the gospel of Luke.  The Bible does not skip around chronologically, like Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Christ’s birth was decided to be on December 25th.  There weren’t calendars back then, so his birthdate had to be a guess.  His crucifixion though, occured precisely on April 17th, 33AD.  This is a Friday, Good Friday, the day he supposedly was executed.  In Luke, Chapter 23, there is a full solar eclipse on this date in Jerusalem, one occurring every eighteen years in a cycle called the Saros; and one verifiable by astronomy software (such as free, shareware, Stellarium).  The exact quote from verses 44 and 45 is:

[44] And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.
[45] And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst.

And there’s more, faithful pilgrims.  9/07/22...

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Script Tidbits!!!

All hail screenwriter, Other Letter!  Note today’s latest postings, Script Tidbits!  B.F., world famous scribe, BTS (behind the scenes), as he gets his wife, Gwynivere, to sign on as lead in the teleplay: If this is Monday, this must be Munich.

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Dad would be proud, the torch has been passed...


Tracadie, Nova Scotia ↣ Roxbury, Mass ↣ Dix Hills, Long Isle

I wanted to take in as much of my Dad’s memoir as quickly as possible, his days on this Earth have passed today (geez, was I in shock?)  The problem being: Much of it early on, before he met my Mom, reads like Angela’s Ashes.  That’s the Frank McCourt autobiography, all about his New York Times bestseller hardships.  My father had enough bad experiences that he would do his best to not become another “child of the slum.”  Once you get beyond the real bitterness of the Great Depression portion of his life story, reading it becomes much more palatable.  8/09/22.

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The Other Letter Archive Page

Like any great journalistic monopoly, The Other Letter has its hits and its misses.  Hey, The Times originally called out Taylor Swift as “that soft-core whiny, egocentric and difficult, tart.”  While I won’t yet categorize mine as misses, they may be losing topicality.  So I moved them to this archive page.

My critics, primed for battle, need to study these archives though: no pain, no gain, American truth-denier.  Learn what it took to become a “great” Anerican, such as Trump.

Americans whisper: “Should we be taking this guy seriously?  I don’t know.  I fail to appreciate his tone.  Something about his demeanor.  He has issues with America, then I have issues with him.  That is it!!  He.  Has.  Issues.  We don’t!!  That’s the ticket.  Christ, baby Jesus, is still our ever-lovin’ savior, Other Letter’s just dirt...”

Oh, m*th*rf*ck*ng yes, take what is offered here seriously.  Ye shall learn to enjoy, because ye shall see, ye will learn the truth about your idols, false ones, to be sure.  7/21/22.

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Entering my garage, I heard this question nearby, but above me: “Do you want all the powers?”  I didn’t hesitate, I replied: “Yes, I would please.”  Maybe I was just tired.  This was approximately ten years ago, but I still wonder what that was all about.  Geez, now I am claiming divinity — oh effing no!!!  I want trouble?  I got it now!!!

When under a strain a second time, I had a second metaphysical encounter.  Suddenly, I was aware of a Lady Winter-Whistler, with the fortitude to whistle through the wintertime.  Who may she be?  Didn’t she say: “Pass tests, go upstairs, fail them, go down, way down.”  She executes Judgement Day?  More claim of contact with the other worldly.  I dunno, I just get kinda tired, and I have a fertile imagination.

Regardless, honor thy mother and father by doing what they would commend, or respect.  Do good works, do good deeds, at least partly to show your folks that they raised a good person (if, in fact, they did).  Visit the elderly.  Make it easier for others.  Be gentle with yourself, make sure to enjoy life.  8/09/22...