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I apologize for the appearance of this web page.  The stealth gerbils have been notified, and will be working around the clock to have this fixed.  Thank you for your understanding.  I am still accepting options on my scripts.  The email address is fine, it’s just the presentation on this web page is now screwy.  I may have been hacked.  I blame the NSA, or some Vatican fringe group, Pope-led...  Those stealth gerbils, man, oh, man, they fixed it in three days.  I’m back in business after a year with a storefront that couldn’t sell a damn to no one.


A Word from our Sponsor

Because of plagiarism concerns, these are the marketing log lines, not the more revealing, synopsis ones.  Each of these movie scripts have been copyrighted with the Library of Congress, and registered with the Writers’ Guild of America.  If you work in cinema and have an interest in producing any of six scripts written by the same professional writer who writes Other Letter, at your earliest convenience.  In parentheses after each script, is the dream cast.  This is who each part was written for at the outset.

  1. Boy Meets Girl, Boy Meets Much Better Girl (working title, real one is a giveaway)  Entirely unexpectedly, Steve finds romance, but there is a major catch.  (Kirsten Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow, and an actor who can play gritty — no Tom Cruise, religious pretty boys need apply.)
  2. My Life among the Stars Ashley Southern, Gwendolyn Parker, Miriam Tomlinson, and Colette Giroux, are the hottest names in show business, or they were again, once an enterprising blogger and fan club president named Holden Miller wins Ash over, and charts a new course for their careers.  (Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heather Graham, and Charlize Theron)
  3. Rebel Rhythm and Blues  Is this interracial couple only a pair of star-crossed lovers?  Or with the help of the spirit of music past, will they be spending forever together?  (Ashley Judd, and Denzel Washington)
  4. SoCal Supper Club  Southern Californians may be known for their excess, but at one supper club in SoCal, they found real happiness they never even knew existed.  (Justin Theroux and Michelle Pfeiffer)
  5. Their End of Days  Their end of days, may just as well be ours.  (Amanda Seyfried and Bryan Cranston)
  6. Genevieve Marseille  Genevieve Marseilles once had Hollywood in hand, until the roles disappeared, and she got homesick for Provençale.  (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chazz Palminteri)
  7. Weighty Matters (a treatment, not a full-fledged script)  Following an electrical storm, it all got very, very heavy for Maggie.  (Maggie Gyllenhaal, of course)

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Terms of Service

By viewing this web site, you agree that you believe in the First Amendment Right of freedom of the press, and the associated right to criticize or parody those with mass media access or control, which is a communication privilege many nations lack.

By continued reading, you surrender your right to sue Other Letter.  Think of this as a private, secret society, if you don’t like it here, you are not welcome here.  If you are offended by the truth, and truth at times strongly worded, you need to visit, not Other Letter.

Breitbart is a media outlet created by Trump, former Chief Counsel, Stephen Bannon.  He has pieces about President Lyndon Baines Johnson getting drunk and dropping nuclear weaponry on America that failed to explode.  That gives you an inkling on how far to Hell this country has gone, specifically Right Wing discourse, and Trump Cabinet selection.

We won’t be offended if you go the Breitbart route, we know there are extremely stupid people like you in this country — and unfortunately, like you, they have figured out how to vote.  11/15/16.

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Creating an Other Letter RSS Feed

Our RSS feed can be added to Outlook.  In Outlook, go to Tools, then Account Settings..., then click the RSS Feeds tab.  Click New... then copy and paste this URL:, and click Add (depending on browser, you can just click this).  The Other Letter will appear within the RSS Feeds folder in the left pane.  Clicking a RSS item will produce the title and description of an article as well as a browser link to the full story on  As soon as I hire my editing staff, the RSS feed will be current, but probably not before.

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Copyright and the Rules of the Road

This is the golden rule of web sites: If I give you traffic, no way can you complain.  If I link to your site, you do back flips.  If I take photos from your site, expropriate them to be put on my site, I’m asking for it.

The exception being celebrity social media.  If they post them, it’s all systems go, I can use them on my site.  I’m helping to further promote the celebrity, how could they complain?  They have acceded their authority to me, to anyone.  They are saying this is promotable material, and I become the instrument of their promotion.  I am helping to further their interests.

Movie stills are allowable under the fair use doctrine, their dissemination promotes the movie.  Red carpet photographs aren’t fair use.  The paparazzi has rights they haven’t assigned to you.

Legal disclaimer: This is not meant to substitute for legal counsel, but just meant to give you an understanding of the parameters involved.

Creative Commons License Material on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License.  The Other Letter is also copyrighted, and protected by American and international intellectual property laws.

Other Letter © 2004-2018, All Rights Reserved

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Celebrity Stills Policy

Google will rarely list me on their Russia-backed search engine.  If they were to conclude that the images on my site violate copyright law as justification for blocking me (although they could be blocking me because I sound Canadian), I offer the following verbatim, per Wikipedia (note the italicized passage).

As stated by film production expert Eve Light Honathaner in The Complete Film Production Handbook, (Focal Press, 2001 p. 211.): “Publicity photos (star headshots) have traditionally not been copyrighted. Since they are disseminated to the public, they are generally considered public domain, and therefore clearance by the studio that produced them is not necessary.”

Nancy Wolff, includes a similar explanation: “There is a vast body of photographs, including but not limited to publicity stills, that have no notice as to who may have created them.” (The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook By Nancy E. Wolff, Allworth Communications, 2007, p. 55.)

Film industry author Gerald Mast, in Film Study and the Copyright Law (1989) p. 87, writes: “According to the old copyright act, such production stills were not automatically copyrighted as part of the film and required separate copyrights as photographic stills. The new copyright act similarly excludes the production still from automatic copyright but gives the film's copyright owner a five-year period in which to copyright the stills. Most studios have never bothered to copyright these stills because they were happy to see them pass into the public domain, to be used by as many people in as many publications as possible.

Kristin Thompson, committee chairperson of the for Cinema and Media Studies writes in the conclusion of a 1993 conference with cinema scholars and editors, that they “expressed the opinion that it is not necessary for authors to request permission to reproduce frame enlargements. . . [and] some trade presses that publish educational and scholarly film books also take the position that permission is not necessary for reproducing frame enlargements and publicity photographs.”

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Contact Info

Drop me a line:

or now, Other Letter letters:
The Other Letter
P.O. Box 20146
Huntington Station, N.Y. 11746

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Other Letter’s Privacy Policy

Like any webmaster, I am regularly inundated with data from both my web site host, and the logs they generate.  I also can glean referral data the search engines like Google sends here.  Any webmaster can parse and see what the raw data contains just as I do.  They can choose to ignore this data, or they can just hook up with Google Analytics (a web statistics package from Google) and get it to resolve the data.

The information contained in this data — and that I or any competent webmaster can read, includes search engine query terms (“Ridgemont High School Reunion”), links to search engine query results, and IP address.  This last bit of data allows Google, or any webmaster, to resolve a visitor’s IP to geographic location down to zip code.  In other words, web site owners may know your location.  With a court order, interested parties involved in lawsuits may know your identity — without a court order, Uncle Sam may.

I can only resolve to zip code, and I really don't care to know this anyhow, but it is included in the data.  I am mostly interested in State, Country, and query term entered in the search engine that got you here.

Google has stated that they x-out the last 3 digits of your IP address after nine months ( becomes  After I figured out a minor hack to do this, any IP address older than nine months can be untraceable from my site logs.  Because I have both zero outside interest, and zero inside inclination to do this, I haven’t been able to keep up running this utility.  I doubt most websites bother scrubbing their logs like this anyhow.

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Is Other Letter a profit or a not-for-profit entity?

Other Letter is currently a not-for-profit — it has never made a dime.  This reflects my desire for a non-commercial oasis.  Considering the cost of living in America though, and the level of effort required to keep this going, I still harbor hopes I can make, or at least supplement, an income from this.  For this reason, in part, Other Letter is incorporated — which explains the “” and not the “”.

What would be acceptable revenue generated by Other Letter?  I never want content on here that appears as sincere and non-commercial writing, when in fact, it is corporate froth.  If I placed ads on here, or had an agency place them, I would need to provide input in what was advertised.  Black hat, evil industrialists or financiers out to make a fast buck, teamed with Other Letter, would quickly fail as business partners.
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The History of the Other Letter

This is how the story has always been told: The name of Other Letter was chosen because a family, or friends, were seated around a computer monitor looking at this web site.  They would be nudging, clamoring, or desperately shoving, each other out of the way to read and point out their favorite letter, saying “No, not that letter, the other letter.”  Those are the dreams as they were dreamt, because without dreaming dreams, how will the dreams you never dreamed ever come true?

This is not quite the name origin story of the Grateful Dead, but then again I cannot play guitar like Jerry Garcia could either.

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The Other Letter is a Type “S” Corporation.  As implied on Other Letter’s banner, I have yet to make a dime.  Why incorporate?  Because to exercise one’s First Amendment right to freedom of expression one needs the financial protections of incorporation.  The best way for a proprietor to survive any libel lawsuit, however frivolous, is through incorporation.  The bad guys can only come after my company assets, not me.  Essentially, they would be mounting a legal assault against an aging Dell desktop PC.

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Illustration Credits and Attribution

Several, Photoshop-enhanced images are posted without a byline.  I would like to do so, but Google, and other search engines, lists them without one, nor do I know the photogs attribution policy, if any.  If anyone wants credit, or wants them pulled off, especially the photographer, please let me know.

If you would like to sue me for posting your photo of Trump, please keep in mind that I have yet to make a dime off of this web site.  Also keep in mind that you are only entitled to a one photo slice of a manuscript pie making no money.  Even if Other Letter made me richer than Trump, the Fair Use Doctrine explicitly protects me from a legal standpoint.

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Disclaimer: I am no lawyer, I understand nothing about law.  Quote me on that.  I AM IGNORANT ABOUT ALL LEGAL MATTERS.  I cannot afford a lawyer.  I am the indigent.  If you go after me, then you may as well go after Biafran street urchins, okay?