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Was the last Presidential Election fairly contested?

Until ethically-challenged, FBI trickster, James Comey spread perfectly-timed server rumors that cost Hillary Clinton the election, this P*ssy-gate Youtube gave the election to Hillary; and even so, Trump lost by 2.9 million votes, but who’s counting?...

Trump is being investigated for his culpability in four transgressions of the law.  There is, of course, the inquiry regarding Russian dissemination of agitprop on Facebook, as well as a compensatory, sweetheart penthouse deal for Putin in Moscow.  Then there’s bribing sex workers to aid his Presidential bid.

Now, we have the investigation of his Trump Foundation, a non-profit, which among other things, paid ten thousand dollars for Trump’s self-portrait to appear in one of his golf course’s clubhouses.  Most recently, Trump’s inauguration committee received money from foreign entities in efforts to ingratiate themselves with the American government through Trump.

I cannot wait for that snake, the Teflon Don, to finally slither out of the White House and go back from whence he came.  How could Trump drain the swamp, when he is the swamp?  Using his own language: Who’s disgraceful now, Donnie-boy.  Lock him up!  12/14/18.

Sex, drugs, and Youtube play lists — The Prologue to the Prologue to Alium Ordo Seclorum
We know why you’re here, you’re here for sex — Pantheon of Hollywood Women; drugs — can’t help you there; and rock ’n’ roll — Other Letter’s World-renowned, Youtube play lists (includes many other genres as well).  Be sure to check the condensed version of Other Letter,  (Alium Ordo Seclorum translates to An Other World Order.)
When is the next storm system due?
Weather Underground PWS KNYDIXHI6

Because if you’re not prepared, you could wake up and find your house floating down the river...

  1. Weather Info local to Long Island, specifically my weather station, and adjustable for other locales.  Here are others that I have little or no involvement with (I’m on the Board of Directors but I don’t go to all the meetings):
  2. Lightning map showing where lightning struck.
  3. Clear skies predictor courtesy the Canadian Meteorological Center.  (The United States does not do this.)
  4. Know to the neighborhood where a storm is with local radar.

  5. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), again, I sit on the Board if I’m in the Capitol that week.

  6. A map of the forecasted snow bands from NOAA.

  7. Snow cover for the United States and parts of Canada.

  8. These items are an abbreviated listing originally appearing on Other Letter’s science page, one that also includes newsworthy astronomical articles.

Repeal the Second Amendment, or enjoy the next slaughter; the choice is yours, America

The only way to deal with the American gun problem, one no other nation faces, is by dealing with the root cause, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Tug of wars with the NRA are a waste of time and energy, because any ground gained is ultimately lost with the tide of public opinion.  The NRA operates within the law, or more accurately, within this twisted American Constitution, one that originally legalized slavery.

The reason we have a Second Amendment is rather simple, the Founding Flounders were one-third slave owners.  They owned people.  To keep these expensive Africans down on the plantation, they had guns to quell any possible slave revolts.

A repeal requires a two-thirds approval, and a three-quarters ratification.  In the Founders conceit that their Constitution was perfect, the repeal process is needlessly complex and difficult.

Then follow the Repeal with gun buybacks and confiscations, just like Australia did, so America can be as safe as the rest of the civilized world.

Everything the Vatican prays you won’t find out about their Lord and Master Baby Jesus (Time’s up, Christians)

Welcome to an Other Biblical backdoor — where you’ll find the real truth about Baby Jesus the Christ.  Two thousand years after the New Testament’s publication, The Other Letter is the only one with the critical discernment and distance from the Orthodoxy to uncover these shocking and disturbing truths about the Christian’s Lord and Master, Baby Jesus...

Read here what the Vatican wishes you didn’t: The Crucifixion Eclipse is the fully astronomically, and Biblically-supported, discovery of the millennium.  Discover how Jesus the Christ’s Crucifixion was planned, and even rehearsed, up to eighteen years ahead of its simultaneous solar eclipse.

Literal Biblical references prove Christ ruined lives — even then his cult brainwashed their subjects in exchange for “everlasting life.”  Need more proof?  Jesus the Christ was begging for food following his Crucifixion, and he ran a very profitable freak showChrist denominated his parishioners in sparrows — not as kings or queens, as gods, or even as gold, but as sparrows.  The Roman Empire needed meek subjects, and Jesus delivered them.

To put it less politely, the homophobic, misogynistic, White, exclusively male, virgins in the Vatican have no Biblical or divine basis to act as a moral authority regarding abortion, gay rights, etc.  So as these revelations will demonstrate, two thousand years of devotion for a coward likely an accomplice to a murder — of Simon the Cyrenian, the one who carried Jesus the Christ’s crucifix — has been tragically and irreversibly misplaced by tens of billions of people.

Then where should humanity place its faith?  Why not put it here, in an Other Spirituality?

Don’t feel obligated to read The Other Letter

Remember, reading this web site is not an obligation, you don’t have to read one word on these pages.  Keep in mind though, this is the best web site on the internet, but admittedly, I’m a bit biased.

That said, there are those allergic to the truth, especially about religion.  If you think it takes moral character to deny women reproductive rights, deny them leadership positions in your hate group, and to discriminate against gays and lesbians, then the Pope is your best friend.  If you feel it is heroic of Pope Francis to shelter pedophiles, and block efforts by law enforcement to have these same priest-pedophiles arrested, then you are just a loser.

These crimes against humanity — mostly against women, but also against children who are victims of sexual abuse, and against gays and lesbians as well — does not make Pope Jorge a saint like his followers would like to believe (Jorge is his non-Anglicized, and sanitized name).  It only makes him the figurehead of a system of oppression, or much closer to the truth, Jorge is the leader of a hate group.

This site does not need humorless trolls as readers.  If you somehow require dry as paste, reading matter, why not read The Christian Science Monitor?  Get out, and good riddance!  You are disturbed, and you require psychotherapy!  5/20/19.

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