Leafy Pines Village town sign, incorporated 1984

Or where to spend some time away, maybe drop a few bills —
and it’s not such a bad place to raise your family either.
LPV is a breeding ground for all manner of fascinating insects.
It is schlock, but we have learned to call it home.

Goldeagle $50 piece

E Pecunia Unum
Or from money, one.  One aspiration,
one destiny, one ruler, one country under lucre.
The final tarnish of all held dear in a democracy.



Economics and Lucre



Who or what I like, and who or what I don’t...

Several times the right hand side included positive notes like the left, as there was little negative to say, and I needed the space.

I still stand by my creed: “Making sense of the world, without making a dime.”  I’m not making any money listing anyone here, or anywhere else on The Other Letter.  Here is where I take on the most personal and legal risk (that, and in the depiction of Christians as apes).

The reason I post these recommendations is because I regularly use these products, and I would hope, that somehow with these little plugs, that the manufacturers don’t go out of business.


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Who or what I like... And who or what I don’t...

Astronomy and Meteorology
Gayla Bat Kite, $4.77 online, $3.97 500' twine, great price Don’t spend life in front of a 3"x5" screen, need windy days!
ScientificsOnline.com; StratoLauncher IV Deluxe Water rocket, propel 350 feet skyward; for the kid in us all
Stellarium.org, free, sophisticated, planetarium software Data not always documented, but help defines key features
Sky Safari Pro, for ~$20, the only way to find the Heavens 1 better: serial-port-to-Apple converter, iPod-run telescopes
Star View (free or $1.99 astronomy app, templates sky) If you don’t mind Sky Safari’s price, go with the latter
Ambient Weather’s WS-1002-WiFi weather station Davis has higher end, more accurate(?), but more $
$85 Celestron Homecast Deluxe (weather/astronomy) There are goofy, weak products passing as observers
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Educate Yourself
Dale Carnegie Training, when “ready,” take their courseHow to Win Friends and Influence People
L. Ron created a monster, great if you’re a super star Else L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology is anti-shrink, pro-UFO
GrammarBook.com email list, unravels writing mysteries Free of charge, alternative to repeating 12th Grade English
The Columbia Encyclopedia (is this still around?) Wikipedia (user-written, it cannot be the same quality)
Farmingdale U. (practical & no weed-out mentality) Stony Brook Comp Sci (OL falsely accused of cheating)
The library (where the best things in life are free) The mall (where it’s all going to cost you)
Suffolk County Community College’s Fitness Center Retro Fitness (no a/c in summer, chunky trainers)
NPR and Pacifica (non-profit radio, in NY, 93.9 & 99.5) Clear Channel aka I Hurt Radio (Right-owned monopolist)
PBS (specifically WNYC-25) Fox (home of the Fox News Sluts, dressed to pick up Bezos)
NatGeo, the National Geographic social media feeds & Smithsonian on cable, Aerial America, one great program
Globetrekker (relaxing, themed, global travel show) A show that is always worth taping
CBS News Sunday Morning, DVR this weekly The best show on television?  Network promo is last of ads
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Video just about killed the Radio Star
Cheesy, WBAB, 102.3, Led Zeppelin payola, not real music WBAB exclusively pushes loudest not The Who & The Dead
WCBS-FM, 101.1, where I (and Billy Joel) listen mostOn-line version is ruined with too many, dumb commercials
98.1, Central Suffolk, LI, home of long-standing radio talent I ♥ Radio has preference, payola contract with Led Zeppelin
93.3 The Breeze, Medford, Long Island, smart mixWould add traffic, but cannot port streaming URL, weak
Tecsun AN-200, Tunable Medium Wave Loop AntennaSignificant improvement of AM radio, without wires!
Radio Shack AM/FM AntennaCraft; reception much stronger Or try not power-amplified; away from stereo; AM polarity
NYC 95.5 isn’t WPLJ anymore, was on-air since 1948 Converted to Christian radio, what a waste
Real FM 96.9 another weapon against I Heart RadioCentral Suffolk, New York; get static-free, App Store app
101.5, The Breeze, 70s classic tracks, moved to 93.3You’ll find 80s, but rarely 70s, in NY
101.5FM/1460AM WVOX, Manhattan’s bedroomSongs you never hear anymore, when music had class, $
The Peak 107.1, White Plains, NY, your new favorite station If you cannot get the station locally, get The Peak 107.1 app
95.9, The Fox; 99.1 WPLR; I-95.1; or WCBS 101.1 Q1043, 1067 Lite-FM, removed from radio presets
103.1 Max-FM, live concert on Saturday night Rights not cheap, yet web site won’t list the time or length
K 98.3, for a soothing, Zeppelin-free, pleasant experience Zeppelin-payola radio, like I Heart Radio has, will one day fall
LI NY’s: 102.3 WBAB; WBLI 106.1; WALK 97.5; WXBA 88.1 WXBA is from Brentwood High School, largest in New York
I have a new found appreciation for Long Island’s Max 103.1You don’t need a billion dollar budget to program great radio
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Info and Entertainment
Melissa the Weathercaster is a bust. Loves the army, hubby, fan club shut down.  Had potential, we like Janice Huff now.
Fox Sports 2, quality, Bundesliga soccer from Germany 75 years later, do we forgive German depravity? Impossible?
beIN Sports, mostly soccer 24/7, Spanish, French LeaguesNo Brit Premier League; motorcycles, pro wrestling, too bad
The promise of Sirius being free of FCC interference The reality of Charlize Theron defending her dignity on Stern
Allmusic.com is like Wikipedia but with staff and user reviewsLinks to audio clips, free account allows you to post
Toni [Senecal] On! NY is so under appreciated, WLNY10/55 Kardashia would sell their newborns for fame; Kenya=Sammy
Very well-curated Music Choice from your cable TV provider As a mobile app, or on your TV
Hail Caesar! (best movie of 2016)A Hollywood completely dedicated to the tastes of children
The Grand Budapest Hotel (best movie of 2014) American Sniper (jingoism, bloodlust, squirmer, unwatchable)
Turner Classic Movies for the greats without commercials Slapped-together, talentless actors, in movies with adverts
Holiday classical from the greats like Bach, WSHU 91.3“Artists” fulfilling contracts with Let’s all Love Baby Jesus
Underdogs (the Red Sox, the Mets, the Habs, the Cosmos)Favorites (Yankees, best time money can buy)
Mad TV & SCTV & Lampoon (defunct because of $$$ of...) SNL (Lorne Michaels gave Trump a foothold, he hosted 2x)
Entertainment Tonight (warm) Access Hollywood (not so warm, I’ve seen icy here)
TVGuide.com, you can go it alone, but let them do leg workSpend your time wisely, first set Zip and favorite channels
Searching for the Sound, Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead Life, by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones
Beatles (class acts & geniuses top to bottom) Rolling Stones (ended Verve; Carly’s You’re so Vain? It’s MJ)
The Judds, Danner/Paltrows, Therons (not self-indulgent) The Kardashians/Jenners/West (would kill for limelight)
Soccer (The World Cup, imagine if every summer) The NHL and the UFC (dehumanizing thugs)
The Grateful Dead, the Who & Joni Mitchell Rap noise (not music, no knowledge of music theory & pitch)
Taylor Swift, “Lady Gaga,” have the chops Rap noise (explores if you’re down with the hood yet)
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Full details (or at least an overview) on how-to cut the cable are here.

Here’s the skinny on creating your own private cloud — Internet cloud that is.  Then digitize your vinyl albums with these instructions.

If living the life of an international playboy seems to be in the far, far, distant future, why not take up a hobby, like tinkering with electronic gear?  You’ll have several steps ahead of the wealthy, who are notoriously non-technical.  The following are devices that perform a very useful, if exotic, function.  If you get into this stuff, check out RadioShack.com (not a paid endorsement, but they really have one-of-a-kind devices for hobbyists and others).

Electronics and Software (Calling all Gear Heads)
Radio Shack WeatherRadio, AM, FM, Weather Band ($29)Power supplies: USB-rechargeable; crank; alkaline; solar
Radio Shack Non-contact Infrared Thermometer ($39) For forehead, and liquids or surfaces (with 99 memory slots)
WickedCushions.com, headphone cushions that fit right Replacement cushions are their only business
Pacer app for iPod/iPhone, pedometer, miles, calories, time Footstep circuitry, GPS when no trees, broadband unneeded
Mediasonic Digital Converter & RCA antenna (cut the cable)Former is a Home Depot item & latter is via RCA website
Radio Shack AM/FM Stereo Headset RadioQuality sound/design, for walks, mowing lawn
EZ Cast Pro dongle (screen mirror your iPhone onto TV) Change wi-fi signal to dongle, app better than iOS mirroring
Harman/Kardon BTA10 Bluetooth Adapter; excellent range Won’t drop signal; mobile device to stereo wireless hookup
Radio Shack mobile device to stereo AUX patch cablePlay Other Letter et al Youtubes over home stereo, 1 cable
Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Turntable, digitize vinyl LPs, $109Not stackable, no 78s, won’t repeat-play, but button play
Denon DRA-395, c.2006, modernize stereo, via Amazon Well-designed brand, unknown though, prices reasonable
Opera Flow, communicate from mobile to desktop device Still trying to figure out if this is useful, but it’s lots of fun
Synology DS218j, networked storage, no sneaker net Diskless, buy a Western Digital c. 2TB hard disk; (iOS, too)
Backup in privacy and safety, no ‘cloud’ routing (Synology) Solid-state drives for your network storage, no moving parts
Invent open source, non-commercial forums, kill Facebook Infinite, decentralized, quasi-private, social media nodes
Tecsun PL-880 shortwave radio, $160 entré to great hobby Sangean ANT60, wire clipped to telescope-elevate & straight
Radio Shack AM/FM/Shortwave, a great emergency radio Plenty of features, clock, alarm, can’t go wrong at $34
Tagcrowd.com gives word count of pasted text and URLsPaste in AZLyrics.com for most popular words of hit songs
FTP Client Pro updates your website from an iPod @ $4.99Copies, exports, moves, too. But may not be an Android app.
Filezilla, open source (meaning free) FTP clientNo Dreamweaver?  How to upload files into your web server
RS drones for topless beach surveillance & “legal” photosBuy the ones big enough to deliver furniture sets
Foot switches for Christmas trees, track lights & fansOr keep bending over to find the electrical socket
Crucial memory upgrades, advisor scans systemKingston similar, not as easy to use, both give new life
Notepad++, freeware with many add-ons, multi-tabbingOneNote, syncs to the Cloud, be afraid, be very afraid
5-0 Radio (free, police/EMT/air traffic scanner for mobile) “A punk or a Wilson?” accountable as good or bad officers
Bluetooth Cassette Adapter (iPod/iPhone to car tape deck) Non-Bluetooth Cassette & FM-Transmitter almost as nice RS
KVM switch (1 keyboard, video & mouse run 2 PCs)Sneaker networks
Apple iPod Touch (wifi is free, no contract) Windows (monthly recalls; Apple uses offshore tax havens)
Coders: Joomla web templating system (think stars PR) Facebook unvetted, unpoliced, can be a SM hate site
Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks (Student V.) Microsoft’s web editor, Front Page (still made?)
Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (big, big sound) Without getting it free from credit card points, steep $200
TuneIn Radio (streaming app with background playing) Youtube Red ($10 a month for near the same)
CyperPower Uninterruptible Power Supply (CP825LCD) Power outage & all updates lost without backup power
Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headset (MDR-AS800/600BT) 5th wireless Sony headphone, haven’t gone wrong yet
Yahoo Search (no hassles, unlike monster Google) Google (your site listed once you have an IT department)
The Opera Web Browser, web page clip to search engine Google’s Chrome (Google is 1984’s Ministry of Truth)
1&1 Web Hosting (Other Letter hosted here for years) Go Daddy (difficult to navigate)
G Data AV (CR#1, German so NSA no concern) Norton Anti-virus, MacAfee (NSA backdoors?)
$249 Uniden Surveillance System (Home Depot) Setup patience helps; check snowblowing progress, raccoons
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The Retail Experience
Deer Stags Slipperooz, indoor-outdoor footwearQuality, vegan, not supporting mass killings for slippers
Dockers Ultimate Shorts from Macy’s, six pocketsSears has Dockers shorts, too, but no Ultimates
CADMEDBB.com Canadian, no presciption meds, I likeTake great care, credit card# stolen looking for a good one
Sunrise Lab at NYU regularly has inconsistent blood resultsNYU sends letter to bolster legal position, returned to sender
NYU Langone endless run-arounds, 30 miles to the 1 MRI? Pointless tests just waste time & money, cut off my meds
Home Depot doesn’t have a free-shipping minimum To the competition, set free shipping below Amazon’s $25
Seiko makes quality watches that look great (Bulova, too) $10,000 Rolexes can be indistinguishable from $40 Timexes
PSE&G makes notorious ex-LI utility, LILCO, look good 5 hours to restore power for a 10 minute storm, no HQ line
Long for Optimum again after Verizon switchProgram guide disappears, channels paid for not available
Online dating, take your pick which one, at their mercy They’re only geared to match doctors with models
Bulova analog/digital wall clock, $37, date, indoor tempKinda large, 14" diameter; will not plan your day for you
Black+Decker BDH2000PL Lithium Pivot Vacuum for $75 Instantly adds $25k-$50k to the selling price of your house
Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Vacuum (plus Raid Ant Bait) Not only vacuums, sucks up insects for the toilet
Canadian Intellectual Property Office, no issuesLibrary of Congress’ Copyright Office, worthless
Except for owner’s politics, should have stayed with Optimum Verizon synonymous with “won’t work,” no program info, DVR
Finding a date the old-fashioned way, in person Online; dummy, employee-written accounts; ringers blocked
OttLite closeable desk lamp (we have 4 of them, 1 battery)Now, does this get me my first endorsement package deal?
Sports retailers that don’t sell guns (Sports Authority) Dick’s Sporting Goods sells gun and ammo to anyone > 20yo
Mavis Discount Tire has Costco’s selection without griefCommack Costco Tire manager, an openly hostile troll
Eddie Bauer’s men’s shirts & jackets are quality items My LL Bean shirts have holes, lifetime guarantee withdrawn
Drywall anchors for picture frames, no pilot holes drilledDinky, wall hook/tacks for picture frames
WD-40, if it squeaks, use this, other uses, too Liquid Wrench is effective, too, but for fused joints
Local hardware stores, owner knows how it all worksMegalithic ones like Home Depot, know where it’s located
Adidas or Patrick cleats, Rockport shoes, Timberlands Nike has sweatshops & New Balance likes Trump - damn
Birkenstock sandals (German yet no Nazi pedigree) Every other sandal pales, German Amazon buy saves $
EMS (Lake Placid store open pre-1980 Winter Games) REI (Well-financed camping conglomerate)
Squire Jewelers (professional, won’t get ripped off) Kay Jewelers ($240 watch battery? They broke stem)
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Animals and the Ecology
Wild Birds Unlimited, on 27A, Oakdale, LI, chain, baths, feed Deserves to stay in business, coexist with, and bolster, flocks
Breck’s planting bulbs (every kind, usually Fall planted) GMOs (Dr. Frankenfruit gene flow to create ersatz beings)
Ringer Lawn Restore, all-natural, no iridescent green lawn Scotts Enduro-Lawn, grass color not occurring in nature
Birders’ Blend bird seed (bolsters flocks for spring) Silent spring? (we stole their habitat, it’s possible)
Cats (sanitary, but will kill baby rabbits) Dogs (except for the service variety)
Outside insects like ants can be removed with a hose gun Raid, what other options are there? Bulldoze your house?
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Chowing Down
Breville Juice Fountain, for berries, apples, pears, carrots Six parts need washing, but no matter. Follow all instructions.
Breville juicer makes raw fruit much more delicious Try pear-apple, and grape-melon.  Worth brief time to learn.
Carrot-Ginger-Miso dressing (Trader Joe’s and others)Fancy Japanese restaurant experience on the cheap
Best: Organic; Next best: Natural;Neither: Pet food if not a finicky pet
Best: Free-range; Next best: Cage-free;Worst: Animals as meat machines, they have feelings
Trader Joe’s Organic Apricots, 100 calories per 6 apricotsDelicious, and without omnipresent, dried fruit, sulfur dioxide
Stop n Shop Noosa yogurt, yum, yum They may have retired the extremely annoying security robot
Trader Joe’s takes home the gold in many categoriesBut not Lifeway’s kefir at Stop n Shop; pourable yogurt
Stop n Shop had a remote-controlled robot roaming aroundWas designed to harass you, and maybe root out shoplifters
Black & Decker Citrus Juicer, 8-orange bag=2 tall glassesEven Tropicana is not OJ (Macys buy; Bezos has enough $)
Organic, 8-orange bag of orangesNot from Whole Foods, Amazon’s Bezos has enough $
Molson Golden, if you’re getting loaded, the only way to goMiller Lite is proof that God doesn’t want you to drink
Long Island Bertucci’s is no more; time to move to Boston I already miss server extraordinaire, Emily
Tiparillos, one might smoke a few a day, habit can wait Marlboros, enjoy biting cold smoking with monkey all day?
Boston Market & Panera’s saves time, healthy McDonalds causes obesity, wring out deep-fry greasy fries
Uncle Sam Cereal, tasty, flavorful, no sugar added Lucky Charms, found in the Giza Pyramids, still crunchy
Société des Caves de Roquefort (not expensive) Velveeta (has this been verified as being food?)
Weetabix cereal (tasty, not breakfast candy though) Lucky Charms (phosphorescent breakfast gruel)
Brita Water Filtration Pitcher (tastes great) Flint, Michigan water (not even clear, imagine taste?)
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Getting from Point A to Point B
Nite Rider Lumina 750; USB-recharged, with strobe, taillightPricey @ $100; people die on bikes, improve your odds
Honda, U.S. cars have improved, BMW, Lexus on wish list Mercedes was Hitler’s car, it motorized the Nazi movement
Huntington Honda (don’t know if price haggling there) Smithtown Toyota (engine light after left off car? Ripoffs)
J & T Auto Repair, not ripped off A & R Alignment, Commack, $200 battery, extortionists
Geico ($450.90/6 month, same policy as the right hard sells) Allstate ($783/6 months, $170 increase in 1 year, no tickets)
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The Political/Spiritual/Communal Sphere
GOP with a future: Romney; Christie; Bush; Trump losers>>Staunch pro-Trump: Cruz; Hawley; McConnell; Graham
The French cultural and cuisine aesthetic (Cordon Bleu) American cultural and cuisine aesthetic (reality TV/Coke)
Forget the ether above and align with an Other SpiritualityReligious are misled, be they Christian, Judaic, or Islamic
Sleazy Republicans will be out by 2020Trump & McConnell only care about themselves
Conquering Hitler Israelis invading Gaza; & Zionists occupying lands not theirs
The Carter, Clinton & Obama families The Trump & Bush families (Bushes improve over Trumps)
World War II (one could feel good about its outcome) The wars America started in Iraq, Afghanistan & Viet Nam
The Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence The NRA (a domestic terrorist organization)
Police who believe in “Protect and Serve” Police who are incompetent (much fewer are racist)
America’s wealth & weather, Canada’s tolerance Canada’s wealth & weather, America’s intolerance
Well-noted Canadian politeness Well-noted American rudeness
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Instagram is just another Apparatus of the State

Grayed-out oval Instagram used to intimidate me.

Grayed-out profile circle
that Instagram used
to intimidate me.

Thousands of content moderators are working overtime hunting for anyone not effusively in love with the celebrity “leaders.”  Uncomfortable truths are extremely distasteful to the moderators — and the celebrities themselves.  Social media is only a public relations engine, a publicity ploy.  Everyone knows this.  You’ve been duped, if you think othewise.

Before I left Instagram indefinitely, my carefully chosen profile photos were replaced by a gray circle.  I did some research, and I read that it might have something to do with two-factor authentication, which I’m sure every Instagram user has had to set up, so I did as well.  This didn’t fix it though, all my posts were prefaced with a gray circle unlike everyone else with their multi-colored creations.  Because there isn’t any customer service, there’s no one to ask why you’re being harassed.

So with this, I was done with the three, major, online harassment centers: Instagram, Fecesbook, and Twitter.  I have more time to do constructive stuff, and no longer work at futile social media, providing content to people that were really starting to annoy me, ones who rarely, if ever, reciprocated the warmth that they received from me.

Instagram has done everything they could to get me to leave their web site, now they’re doing everything they can to get me back.  This includes an email enticement where it looks as though Heather Graham gave me a “like,” and wouldn’t I want to see what that’s all about.  As it turns out, it was a hoax courtesy Instagram, Heather is apparently just too busy right now to lavish me with any praise.

Here’s further proof that Instagram is really reprehensible: I had made critical comments of the NRA.  Then a pop-up appeared asking for my phone number or my password.  Fortunately, I had my password.  I asked the warm and friendly NRA people if they were they treated the same way.  Turns out that they were given carte blanche, and because I am against guns, I was given the bum’s rush.  10/10/18.

Which raises the question: If Instagram can snoop on you on their platform, what can the NSA do on the Windows platform?  In the interest of preventing another 9/11, are they allowed to do anything they damn please?  Don’t they need a court-ordered warrant before they start harassing anyone?

The reason I mention this is because I was plugging away on my PC as I am now, when out of the blue I heard an explosively loud and terrifying noise coming out of my speakers.  It said: “There are no words!”  The speakers are electrostatically grounded, this wasn’t a broadcast transmission.

Post-9/11, the U.S. government has been given carte blanche to do as they’d like to thwart malefactors.  Yet, Trump won’t touch Saudi Arabia, they have full visas into this country, even though 15 of the 19, 9/11 hijackers, were Saudi citizens.  Why does Trump love the biggest terrorism incubator?  Is Trump a terrorist?  10/18/18.

By the way, when your Instagram comment is at the top of Heather Graham’s or Charlize Theron’s feed, it’s only on the top of your feed, it’s buried on everyone else’s, and never read.  If you don’t believe me, set up secondary accounts and see what the World is seeing (you’re allowed up to five).

Hey, Instacrap, this image is from 1908, if I put it on your photo posting app, you would make me remove it.  You would “inform” me as creepily as you could, by deleting my profile photo, and make me wonder what the f*ck is going on.

Just like you already made me remove a photo of my family’s homestead in Nova Scotia c. 1950.  Both predate you, and they will postdate you as well.  In five years, your business model of harassers given carte blanche, and then encouraged as a no-cost, Gestapo policing force, will end, you can have my guarantee.

Fecesbook is going down the crapper, which means Instagram, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is going right down with it.  I Heart Radio is Chapter 11, you think Instagram, the no customer service, photo poster, isn’t next on the chopping block?   Morale is at an all-time low.  They provide much more than ample meeting space for bullies, and that’s all they do.  They have driven the young to suicide, but they do not care.  Bullies are the new normal on Fecesbook and Instacrap.

If you use social media, you have been suckered into joining the public relations campaigns of every conglomerate in America.  There is no such thing as equality in social media, you are either one of the extremely few leaders, or you follow obediently.  If you do not follow the party line, you will get your ass kicked.

If you do not follow obediently, Instagram will make your life very difficult, until you have no choice but exiting this addictive antidote to boredom.  The way Instagram et al is set up gives your follows plenty of ways to espouse their vacuous, mindless “ideas.”  They get incredibly full of themselves as they pontificate on any BS that enters their pea noggin.

Instacrap, Twitcher, and Fecesbook are for those desperate to belong — to anything, good or bad — and suspend moral judgment, or else get bullied by trolls who are given free rein.

Asocial media was designed to revive flagging careers in Hollywood, nothing more.  Followers, attempted as a term of cuteness, when they are much closer to being only sycophants, are expected to toe the line of these idiotic actors and actresses who only know of hitting their marks, and trying to avoid forgetting their lines, as well as pretending they have a little sex appeal left.  After a while, it gets seriously pathetic.

If you cannot give up Instagram, and you still need your celebrity fix, then there are several sites worthy of at least one visit: Popsugar; EOnline, although this skews towards being a Kardashia front organization; and JustJared, which reprints almost every paparazzi photo.  For entertainment industry news, there’s: Variety; The Hollywood Reporter; and Entertainment Weekly.  Then for all that’s high end glitz and glamour, you might check out Vanity Fair.  I believe there are mobile apps for all of these except JustJared (this is a comprehensive, quality site though)...  Visiting each of these web sites is time better spent than arguing politics with low-IQ Republicans on asocial media....
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Google is Big Brother...

Google won’t reward the truth with traffic, they only reward the establishment with permanence...

Ingenuity of content amounts to nothing to search engine kingpin, Google (who is also in the business of depriving China democracy).  If The Other Letter concerned itself exclusively with how to thoroughly wash your bathroom, yet was mobile device-friendly, it would be known to everyone on Earth.  Unfortunately, The Other Letter, is much more sophisticated, so Google, being a machine, cannot draw any conclusions about my content.  The more advanced the design, the more onerous it is for the developer to meet Google’s entirely unreasonable and arbitrary standards.  1/26/19.

Sergey Brin, the multi-billionaire behind web site retrieval as database model (and that’s about all Google is), had two children with Anne Wojcicki in wedlock, then divorced her six years into the marriage, following an affair.  Given this behavior, and that of P*ssy-grabbers like Trump who loved yelling “You’re fired!,” it does certainly seem that the more malevolent and unfeeling one is, the further one can rise the ranks of Corporate America.  11/19/17.

It used to bother me that Google did not list me on their search engine.  While it might be nice to have 1984’s Ministry of Truth on my side, I don’t really care at his point, because they won’t be around much longer.  They are being investigated internationally, for among other things: tax avoidance, antitrust violations, and giving Russia a way to help decide our elections.

Their product is much worse than search engines that list great sites like Other Letter, which Google cannot see, because it is blind to just use of its monopoly power.  They make a browser, Chrome, that is inferior in every way to Opera, which is the choice of the computer pro.

Mark Zuckerberg of Fecesbook at least appears in person to defend — what is to many, if not most — his unpoliced troll heaven, but do Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Goggle’s Internet-as-database slackers, even exist?  Has anyone ever even seen them?  11/03/17.

Google is just a nasty machine...One that needs to be taken down.  Here’s why: Google gives the most desirable page rank to web sites featuring puppies and kittens, or the nauseatingly innocuous, banal equivalent.  They whole-heartedly honor and endorse all pro-Western, pro-corporate expression, so promoting the very hurtful, anti-Muslim variety of hate speech on its Youtube subsidiary was hardly a stretch.

If it will make them any richer, they will support and embrace oppression, just like they did in facilitating the censorship of China, and suppressing Democracy there.  It also licenses its technology off-shore to pay less in taxes.  As the fifth largest lobbyist in the World, they have the federal government, and its bought Congressmen, serving at their beck and call.

They claim their credo is “First, do no evil,” the much more accurate motto is, “First, only do evil.”  George Orwell wrote of the Ministry of Truth in his seminal, cautionary work 1984.  The Ministry of Truth would decide truth for the unprivileged; bending it any which way the powerful felt it should be bent to maintain their position.  In a post-1984 world, Google is now effectively the Ministry of Truth.  They decide what, and what will not, be seen by readers of the Internet.

Through the Google forum, I tried resolving my issues resulting from their denying me page rank worthy of the flagship piece, the Crucifixion eclipse.  Page rank, you may know, is necessary to get advertisers, or visitors.  However, the Google troll-functionary only lived in a frigidly effete, corporate culture, so the first thing I was told was that Other Letter was “a hate web site.”  I flagged their responses as inappropriate.  The next day I attempted to save what transpired, but like any practiced criminal organization, they deleted the evidence.  I spoke to some other Google functionary that week, but they only sided with Googola.

If Google goons, Google trolls, or the prohibitive cost of suing a Fortune 100, were not a concern, I would sue Google in a heartbeat (because I would love to permanently lower their stock price, I do not need money gotten in the commission of crimes).  So instead I have this recourse, the evidence against Google.  The first row outside the table demonstrates the percent of traffic Google gives the rest of the World, followed by the daily percentage of traffic it gives Other Letter.  I am the only web site in the World that gets more traffic from Bing, than from Google, and by a five-to-one margin.

Because Google is only a machine, it has no soul, and will only crash with none.
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Doodle4Google reminds every Kid that They work for Google  5/06/14.  Doodle4Google is a drawing program designed to get kids hooked, at a young age, on the destructive Google search engine, and censorship tool (see article prior).  Doodle4Google allows one child in your kid’s school to be promoted to superstar status, so the rest can feel like chumps.  The entire school-full of newly minted losers gets visited by Google functionaries with t-shirts of the winner’s doodling design.  Just as McDonalds indoctrinates children into eating crap their entire lives with Happy Meals, Google indoctrinates them into relying on a web page that has been used in the past, and will be used in the future, as a tool for censorship.

Knowing Google, every school in the country will have its kids seeing green in an effort to win the $30,000 in scholarship cash, with an additional $50,000 in booty going to the school of the winner.  When all is said and done, pupils will only consciously remember three things, Google gives out great t-shirts of another student’s art, Google was the search engine they were using since their corporation’s contest came to town, and I have a classmate who is now much better than myself.

I can see Google’s teaching method, have the entire school feeling burned and inadequate, and then spend the rest of their lives trying to catch up again.  What they should do instead though, is just give $80,000 anonymously to the poorest schools in the country, not give money ostentatiously to the ones with the best art program, thereby shaming the rest of the country in the process.  Google would never do this because, like everything else Google does, Doodle4Google is just an exercise in self-promotion; and if you thought Common Core was invasive, check out what Google has in store for the nation’s school day.

(I’m probably de-indexed by now at Google, but it is only because of how I word the truth.  If I’m still on it, it is because they want a stronger, non-prejudicial legal position.)
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Google is proved to be Racist and Misogynist  5/29/14.  Those bromancing Googlers would much rather be sharing office space with other White males than anyone else.  Their Mountain View, California offices contain 70% males, and only 3% Hispanics, and just 2% African-Americans.  This is in an already prejudice-ridden Silicon Valley, tech sector, where 7% is the norm for both minority races, and yet 16% and 12% respectively, represent the percentages for the nation as a whole.

While not having any idea how they could change company policy, Google felt releasing the numbers would make everyone feel good about their organization, because they would seem to be doing something about discrimination.  Strangely enough, no U.S. Government contracts with Google were suspended, as racism is apparently seen as just good ol’ boy business sense.

Now “to Google” can have a new meaning besides just looking something up on a search engine, it can mean to hire someone based on race or gender.  For instance, “Jack gets the corner office, because he was Googled.”
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...and Fecesbook is no better

To remove sanctions, Russia wanted to interfere with the American electoral process, and have Trump take over the United States.  They only had to look as far as Facebook.  Trump won the Presidency in part because of Russian fake news on Facebook.  That boy can cry wolf all he’d like about poor press, but the Donald just loved all the fake news he got from Facebook.

Facebook User Manual

Welcome to Facebook!!!  Welcome to a brand new way to live your life!!!  How about we get started.  Say you use our look-up feature to find a celebrity of your interest.  You’re thinking: “What do I say to this VIP, this very important person?  I can’t waste their time.”  The Facebook widget is glad that you asked (in an effort to maximize user experience, Facebook stays in the shadows, only popping up when we see that you have traveled out of bounds.)  But let’s continue, shall we?

Here is the response template you will need to follow to get the most friendly responses from our society of Facebook super-celebrities (because of availability, we will use Diamond Circle, super-user, Ashley Judd as the one you’re replying to):

“Hi, Ashley, I’ve read recently that you spend a lot of time with the African chimp population.  I would love to join you in the Congo, aren’t you heading for the Congo this trip?  Do you have any lodging recommendations?  We are a family of eight.  We’d pay your way, if you wanted to stay with us.  [State your profession to prove social stature.]  I’m twenty years in textile management.  [Now, butter her up.]  We have all your movies on VHS tape.”

If you are extremely lucky, and your starlet is not in a foul mood, she might reply.  Then, please keep this in mind, there is always the chance that your starlet would like to meet you for dinner and drinks.  So keep posting, and make it every day as regulars have hook up with starlets.

Back to Ashley, she (“your starlet”) might even like your comment.  Likes are 24 karat gold in the world of social media.  You can tell all your friends that Ashley Judd liked your request about visiting the chimps with her in the Congo.  And if she decides not to block you for being too inquisitive, she may even mention a hotel near the action, where the chimps congregate, and the piña coladas flow freely.

Now, political posts are a little different.  Ashley is far to the Left in the political spectrum, and there are plenty of Trump people who stand in opposition to Ashley.  Let’s say that you have adopted Ashley’s ideology.  After all, she is a Facebook leader.  Her viewpoints are more than likely much more substantial than your own.  So when she posts about her Methodist Church, and how they know that homosexuals are not in keeping with Baby Jesus’ teachings, of course you must agree.

At all times, follow the leader.  This is how to stay out of trouble in Facebook Land.  This is how you avoid being blocked, and how you prevent getting heaping helpings of super-starlet rejection.

Say Ashley speaks out in favor of abortion, and the Trump faction offers their well-considered thoughts.  Whatever you do, do not say harsh things to the industrious, on-the-ball, Trump people.  Sharp, pointed criticism is their domain.  Yours is being a pacifist, as you follow Ashley’s commandment: “Turn the other cheek.”

Facebook will give you a for instance: a well-to-do Trump person from a Red State says that Ashley will suffer forever the wrath of Baby Jesus for saying fetuses, which are young people really, can be murdered for twisted purposes.  As a pro-Choice Lefty your response must be:

“I think that you are wrong, but I’m not entirely sure, as this is only my opinion on the matter — and I’ve been wrong before.  You’re probably right though.  Sorry that I even inconvenienced you by raising the issue.”

This is how discourse is advanced in Facebook Land, you avoid confrontation of any kind.  Keep in mind that this is an open forum, and anyone can humiliate you, and ruin your day, for anything you say, if they have learned to do so within our open-hostility guidelines.

Avoid confrontation, because the Trump faction may say something along the lines of: “I have your personal information, I know where you live.”  And this might very well be true, which brings us to our next Facebook Commandment: Be careful what you share here.  There really isn’t any one checking what goes on in Facebook Land, no social media platform can afford the resources, or the drain on profits, for doing so.  It’s every Facebook user looking out for themselves.  You’re not a child, you need to self-police your feed, and the celebrities of those you subscribe to in Facebook Land.

Well, that was a brief intro to the wonderful world of Facebook, and Instagram.  We — meaning Mark Zuckerberg — own both.  Don’t worry, everything is perfect here.  Roll with the punches, so what if you take a few knocks to the old noggin (even from laurels-crowned, super-user, Ashley Judd).  If you feel you’re being harassed or abused, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.  They have your back covered.  They’ll send a squad car right over to your house, including officers with guns drawn, to investigate your Facebook bullying complaint.  Enjoy Facebook Youth Amusements!!!
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Bill Gates’ Selflessness is Surprisingly very Selfish

Here we have a monopoly that recalls its product every month, assuming the recall function even works.  Mine doesn’t, and I have a perfectly legal copy of Windows 8.1 that had to be rolled back from Windows 10 because — oh, never mind...

More from the Microsoft blotter: Bill Gates’ company is ruled by the mirage of short-term profits.  They rush to market untested products, then they pretend “Monthly Updates,” aren’t monthly product recalls...  Don't let your kid grow up to be a Microsoft hockey puck, your earnings depend on defending a product that people have grown to hate...  Bill Gates, here's more of your satisfied customers...

Bill Gates’ eponymous Foundation performs two functions: it gives Microsoft a better reputation than it deserves on the basis of its product line; and it makes Bill, and his wife Melinda, look like Gods, charging themselves with fixing all the World’s problems, that in agreement with Right Wing consensus, they have been charged to fix.  The Gates Foundation will not fight for reproductive rights, abolishing the death penalty, or ending the proliferation of guns.  In disturbingly large measure, this is a multi-billion dollar investment in milquetoast, Microsoft self-promotion.

The Foundation pushes for Common Core standards, without explicitly pushing the mandate that this also involves heavy, long-term, computer equipment outlays by school districts to support the Microsoft data processing requirements.  One would have to imagine that after recent and extensive Microsoft layoffs, the more pressing problem in his Richmond, Washington HQ is lack of superior, Apple-scale innovation, and not tuberculosis, a disease he personally wants credit for eradicating.

The Foundation Trust end of the operation is heavily invested in sugar water Coca Cola, slaughterhouse McDonalds, and small-town killers, WalMart.  The Gates do not believe in socially responsible investing, they only concern themselves with the exclusive goal of maximizing their return on investment.  They create problems with their Trust that they supposedly try to correct with their Foundation.

The Foundation’s main mission is to “eradicate poverty,” apparently by throwing money at a problem.  They also pour money into funding high-profile illnesses such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria which require very specialized care, thus creating a brain drain away from the clinical needs of the average poor person.

Matriarch Melinda Gates has said that she cannot fund abortions.  She will not admit to this political cave-in with which she so quietly subscribes.  If her Foundation provides abortions, good luck selling Microsoft Office to the South and Midwest.  The Gates will not spend a dime on pregnancy termination services.

This is all just Microsoft greed and cowardice for which they are well-noted.  Just look at how they terminated Netscape Navigator, Lotus 1-2-3, and WordPerfect with their predatory monopoly power, bundling their entire product line in one box.

The global computing monopoly is the product of an avatar of avarice, and one who lacks the breadth of a degreed college education.  Gates wiped out an Internet browser competitor, Netscape, by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, a rather clear but exceptionally well-defended violation to antitrust law on monopolies.  He went on to destroy Wordperfect, the word processor, and Lotus 1-2-3, the spreadsheet, by bundling these functions within Microsoft Office at a monopolistic and predatory price that his competitors couldn’t hope to compete against.

By the end of their Junior year, every computer programming undergraduate has written a facsimile to Gates first operating system (considering how primitive personal computers were then, Gates likely gets credit for writing a process stack and a disk copy routine).  Decades later, the World still has his operating system.  It still requires product recalls every month (every second Tuesday) so “updates” can be applied to fix it.

Major elements from the graphical user interface in Windows 1.0 were licensed from Apple.  In Windows 2.0, Gates et al turned around and expropriated the Apple GUI for good, Microsoft saying in a court of law that its development had nothing to with Apple.  When Apple sued to get back the rights to their GUI, they lost.  Judges will cite the survival of the most aggressive, and economically well-positioned, provision of the commerce penal code.

They would never say that exactly, but just reading the Wikipedia summary you can see the odds were stacked against Apple from the start, likely because of the court’s desire to back the horse with the most aggressive pedigree.  A judge cannot interfere with commerce, they are only referees.  They will never step in the way of the glory of Personal Computing.  Everyone today should be using Apple Operating Systems, Microsoft Operating System, because Windows is widely known to be inferior.

The Unix operating system is well known as being the standard bearer for computer security.  It is used on mainframes.  Linux and Apple OS are offsprings of Unix.  Windows is its own bastard child.  Considering how faulty its design is, it is not fault tolerant, and as stated earlier, it needs patches every month, then why do people buy Microsoft’s substandard products?  It’s because they are a monopolist which has driven away the competition.  There is nowhere else to buy except Apple, and with Apple quality, comes Apple priciness.  If Microsoft is the best America has to offer, I belong in France.
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Windows 10 is a downgrade not an upgrade.  5/10/16.  Getting a never requested Windows 10 upgrade at 11pm on a Monday?  It’s just another reason to despise Microsoft.  Once again, I am just slightly under whelmed by Bill Gates’ and his Microsoft Corporation, just slightly.

What I see here in Win10 is a grossly elaborate pursuit of the collection of marketing data, task bar icons that are too small, and an uglier user interface, if that is even possible.  My Windows 10 may be a no-wait roll back to Win 8...  This will be a roll back, my web editor just crashed, under conditions it wouldn’t have in Win 8.  So far at least, 10 is less stable than 8, 10 is only a feature-positioning and encapsulation-sizing reshuffle.

I will say this though, the wallpaper has improved!  Congrats to Microsoft.  They must have gotten a Flickr, stock photography account.  Unless my user experience improves remarkably, the Windows 10 upgrade, is a Windows downgrade.  I am this much closer to chucking the Gates user experience for the mostly unfamiliar Apple one, or what could be the most compelling, setting up a free Unix-based, Ubuntu disk partition.

Microslop is in the mature stage of their product cycle, their founder is absent, and they are making nothing new (Cortana, for instance, is a feeble, strangely legally-uncontested, rip-off of Apple’s Siri).  There won’t be a Windows 20, unless they start skipping five releases at a time.  Given the monthly recalls, release skips would just be more evidence of Microsoft’s quality level as they rush to cash in on what is left of their ill-gotten monopoly power...

Okay, three days later, it hasn’t crashed like it did the one time on Day One, and it might be a bit faster, although you will get real processing speed improvements by putting more RAM in your PC (Crucial is a well known brand of RAM supplier, so is Kingston).  You get multiple desktops, which you had ages ago in a Linux distro like Ubuntu.  There is also a reorganization of the position of operating system features like apps, that will take awhile to get acclimated to, and hopefully the purpose for shifting all this around will become apparent.

...Windows 10 never lasted on my Dell XPS.  I upgraded my monitor, Windows crashed, and almost for good.  After digging out a recovery disk for Windows 8, I was back in business.  I am generally okay with this, except since my PC crash two years ago, I haven’t gotten a single update.  I guess they aren’t even needed...
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Bill Gates says, “I riddle you this.”  2/11/15.  Since I ran the Microsoft monthly, Windows Update, recall patch this morning on my standard issue, Dell-Vista machine, my fonts are all messed up, the font pack was compromised.  They look really ugly, the edges are no longer smooth, they’re essentially broken.  Below are two, unretouched, high-resolution screen shots.  The first one is of Other Letter via a browser, and the second, code from a non-Microsoft program called Adobe Dreamweaver, that I used to produce this page, and the rest of OL.  As you can see, Dreamweaver’s editing screen is essentially unusable now.

My Apple iPod displays perfectly though.  Even more interesting is the fact that people I know are not having this issue, only I am.  There’s a lesson or two to be learned in there somewhere.  First, stay as far away as possible from Microsoft-branded goods; and second, investigate why people are so enthusiastic about Apple.  Goodbye, Bill!  Your corporation’s monthly recall did in a perfectly-good machine.

Microsoft Exhibit B

Microsoft Exhibit A

Well, what follows is how I spent much of today to get a fully functional machine to partially function again.  With System Restore I rolled back the updates to before this month’s second Tuesday recall.  No trouble with fonts, although when it was time to reinstall the recall patches, these messed up my machine right back to the way it was before.

I did notice that one patch would not install, the Malicious Software Tool.  So next time I rolled back the patches, and reinstalled everything except the Malicious Software Tool, which for all intents and purposes was malicious software.  Yet that still did not fix Windows.  My only recourse was to turn off Windows Update altogether.  Windows Update is supposed to prevent problems, but as you can see here, it and Microsoft only causes them.  So when I don’t rely on Microsoft to fix their own garbage, I have a partially functional PC, otherwise it belongs in a landfill.

My next likely step, is to bring my machine to people who fix them for a living.  That will cost $200 plus.  By the way, if these screen shots look familiar to you, and you would like to start a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, drop me a line.  I have completely lost my patience with these experts at highway robbery.
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Saving Detroit with their Classics

What if Detroit were to build this year’s models off of blueprints from their Golden Age of the 1950s through the 1970s.  Chevy should rebuild their Bel Airs, Biscaynes, and Nomads  Ford would rebuild their Galaxie 500s, Crown Victorias, and vintage Mustangs  And Chrysler-Plymouth could rebuild their Barracudas and Road Runners.  The guts of the car would all be current electronics and drive train, the body though would be original lines and dimensions.  Detroit could even include the original colors, or go for newer ones.  The Big Three auto-makers should float this by one of their focus groups, any one who has seen these classics would vote “yes” on remakes.  Detroit is always fighting for its life, why not give it a fighting chance?


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The Federalist Manse on the River

veranda by the water

The money was, and still is, near the water

Water-based travel has been around long since before Christ.  Boats do not generate as much friction as other modes of transportation, so are capable of carrying heavy loads with little power.  Ships and boats traveling along inland waterways were one of the most common modes of commercial transportation before railway locomotives arrived in the 1840’s.

In 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah, the last spike, the Golden Spike, completed the Transcontinental Railroad .  This first transcontinental railroad linked an existing eastern railroad network with one newly constructed in the west.

This coast-to-coast railway was created despite the greed of its developers and the trammeling of its rightful owners, the First Settlers.  This rail line, tragically but true, led to the decline of the Plains Native American.

Native People rightfully had issue with the U.S. government about the encroachment of the ‘Iron Horse’ on their land and how it violated sovereignty treaties.  Indians would raid rail road camps in a futile attempt to scare them off.  Bison, their primary food supply, were slaughtered by marksmen hired by the railway to starve the disinherited Native American to death.  With salt for the wound, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad companies were given huge land grants, land grants to the tune of ten square miles besides each mile of track.

Railway transportation, although rarely offered point to point, would service land-locked regions, often regions built around a station along the rail line.  With the wide availability of trucks in the 1930’s, rail-bound and road-bound deliveries made for mixed-mode transportation.  An advantage of rail service to this day is that it is largely impervious to weather conditions.

Private transportation was limited to rides on horseback for a great portion of mankind’s existence.  Many early inhabitants, especially the enslaved, could not expect to ever leave the town where they were born.  With the mass production of Henry Ford’s Model T, America, and then the world, would be able to travel in any direction.

The creation in the 1950’s of the U.S. Interstate Highway system was not without its mistakes in judgment.  Any town nearby an exit on the new ribbon of superhighway would be at a great economic advantage to those that were not afforded ready access.  Funds that could have been used in developing forward-thinking, pollution-reducing public transportation, were instead used in making America a haven for the motorist.


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The Corporation of the United States

Ticketmaster, the ticket reseller, and Front Line, the artist management impresario, were recently acquired by Live Nation, the concert promoter.  Once the deal is finalized — and unless Europe steps in, you can bet it will be finalized — the music ticket, management, venue, and endorsement businesses will be almost fully consolidated.  Artists, their concerts, and the venues where they appear, will all be handled, and bundled, by one conglomerate.

You may be asking why should any of this matter?  Live Nation is saying the same thing to the Federal Trade Commission.  The reason this matters is because the price you pay will be a lot more when you are buying from a monopoly than when you are buying from the competitive marketplace.  There is no incentive for a monopoly to lower price, you cannot bring your business anywhere else.

reverse symbol

The reason I mention that Europe would intercede in an American merger is they actually did in 2001.  General Electric was looking to buy out Honeywell and had full permission to do so from the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Injustice.  The European Union had to step in to block a clear market monopoly in aerospace, effectively enforcing America’s own laws against restraint of trade and monopoly power.

The trend in mergers and acquisitions is always towards fewer players in a given market.  To be sure, there are occasional divestiture sell offs, but the money is in growing through M & A.  Capital will much more likely go towards buying one’s competitors, in horizontal integration, or buying the market’s suppliers, with vertical integration.

Wall Street demands, and then rewards, this kind of non-organic revenue growth, external growth outside a business’ current core of operations.  These often unrealistic expectations of continuous profit growth are beyond a company’s internal cash-generating capabilities.  For an American company to remain competitive in the eyes of the financial community, it must cannibalize its competitors.

fast forward symbol

Fast forward, extrapolate this consolidation trend further, and Live Nation becomes Entertainment Corporation.  Toyota becomes Auto Corporation.  News Corporation becomes, well it already is News Corporation.  Dell becomes Computer Corporation, General Electric ultimately becomes Corporation Corporation.

And with the unfolding of former Treasury Secretary Paulson’s unprecedented, bailout investment package, the United States is now going private.  The United States Government will soon be calling all the markets’ shots.  We will then be known as the Corporation of the United States, with China Corporation the one hungrier fish in the pond.

That is One, Shiny, Ripe Apple  6/27/10.  Charlie Rose had a very interesting show last night.  One of his guests was the Wall Street Journal Technology Editor (name withheld pending legal clearance).  The visitor just got back from an Apple Computer Conference and was there to talk about the latest in mobile technology.  I was wondering why the journalist had taken such a shine towards Apple’s product line.

The most likely answer: Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, had named the Wall Street Journal one of three newspapers of consequence and of record (the other two being the New York Times and the Washington Post).  The Journal’s hope must be that Apple will ultimately afford the Journal the status of featured content provider for their computer products.  Because of the Internet, newspaper sales have fallen.  What better way to get earnings back on track then to include the Wall Street Journal’s content on the biggest emerging portals in the world, the IPad, the IPhone, and the IMac.

The editor went on to explain that the IPhone had a feel of quality and value, and of smoothness and heft.  Hear that CEO, surgeon, and litigator?  Unlike the panned and unconnected Canadian Blackberry, the IPhone had no sharp edges, no burrs to snag into your suit.  Be at the cutting edge of your operation, the envy of the Ivy League, buy Apple is the message.  Forget the competition — the Android and the Blackberry — Apple today, Apple tomorrow, Apple forever.
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Money, Let it Burn

Unlike gold or silver, government issued money is intrinsically worthless.  It’s not backed by any precious metal.  Without the U.S. government’s stamp of approval it would only be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Click for 100 more

thousand dollar bill obverse

Click for 100 more

thousand dollar bill reverse

Initially the United States adopted the gold standard, and the treasury printed yellow backs indicating they could be fully redeemed for gold.  Greenbacks are a more modern currency, they’re not backed by anything other than the faith you have in your government.

If the United States government could no longer vouch for the dollars’ legality as a financial instrument, the world economy would collapse, and probably collapse overnight.  All U.S. paper currency has this printed on its front: “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”  Essentially you can buy goods with it because the fiscal reputation of the U.S. government (or any other currency-issuing principality) legitimizes its bearer’s purchases.

The switch away from currency towards electronic banking doesn’t change matters.  The majority of your net worth is ultimately a numeral formed from magnetic charges on a hard disk.  You pay for things with plastic cards, a replacement for engraved paper.  Someday we may pay for our groceries with our fingerprints.  Makes me a little nostalgic.


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Just a Favor, from One Chairman to Another

Since the middle of the second millennia, the Krupp family’s dynasty has been manufacturing military equipment in Germany.  During World War II, Alfried Krupp took charge of his father Gustav’s empire, then subjected slave labor to all manner of abuse in his factories.  Alfried was later tried at Nuremberg as a war criminal, and convicted for crimes against humanity.

During the Third Reich, Krupp insisted slave labor be used for his machine gun manufacture, even when the German army wanted this precision work done by German workers.  An eye witness recounted the scene at headquarters: “Krupp considered it a duty to make 520 Jewish girls, some of them little more than children, work under the most brutal conditions in the heart of the concern, in Essen.”  All told he used 100,000 persons in his forced labor program.  Furthermore, he had the “closest understanding” and working cooperation with the Auschwitz Extermination Camp, a cooperation that he guaranteed for the future.

Alfried Krupp’s son, Arndt, renounced his billion dollars plus inheritance because he knew it was blood money.  In walking away from a fortune in his name, Arndt showed the scruples his ruthless father lacked.  Stronger evidence of the schism (or chasm) between father and son was that his father not only manufactured tanks and ordnance for the Nazis, the elder Alfried made very substantial donations to the Nazi Party as well.  Arndt was next in line yet he wanted no part of the company business.  The abdicating heir was also known as being very openly gay, I would have to imagine there are not too many gay neo-Nazis out there (on second thought, in another sense of the word, maybe they all are).

Alfried’s Nazi legacy lives on, his eponymous foundation has a 25% stock stake in the current incarnation of Krupp, Thyssen Krupp.  This makes it the controlling shareholder, giving it the final say in all matters Krupp.  Looking at the company web site, it is of high end design and it includes a very sympathetic portrait of its Nazi Chairman.  After the Liberation, Alfried’s embrace of Nazism did not cool his operation’s smokestacks.  To boot, Thyssen Krupp is currently in the top 15 in sales revenue for German corporations, up there with the likes of Mercedes, and BMW.

shadowy figures shaking hands (MS clipart)

— “Thanks for everything, John.”
— “I’m just sorry it took so long.”

What makes this all the more interesting is that three years into Krupp’s twelve year sentence he was pardoned by John McCloy, U.S. Assistant Defense Secretary.  Mr. McCloy has a slightly less than honorable record as a public servant.  As Secretary he wouldn’t endorse bombing train tracks heading into Auschwitz.  As High Commissioner for Germany he pardoned, and returned all forfeited assets, of Alfried Krupp and others like him.  He was on the Warren Commission and backed the lone gunman theory.  He was an advisor for every President from Kennedy through Reagan.  And he was the Chairman of both the clandestine Trilateral Commission and the secretive World Bank.

John McCloy and Alfried Krupp are not alone, there are many more like them.  Smoking Cubans in oak-paneled rooms, while their chauffeured stretch Mercedes Maybach idles silently outside.  Summering in Maine, Malibu, or the Mediterranean and evaluating measures to oppress the undesirables, the ones ‘not like us.’  Anything they want, for them, is just a hand shake.  Even if they are a war criminal.


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That Mercedes has some Pedigree

Reading this web site, one might conclude it is designed to get Americans depressed.  Regardless, we now have something to get Germans, and owners of German cars, depressed.

Mercedes hubcap in motion like swastika

Did the Mercedes hubcap
spawn the swastika?

Back in 1931, Mercedes placed advertisements for its cars in Nazi newspapers.  In return for the ad space, the Hitler faithful got new autos.  Mercedes was also the leading armaments maker in Nazi Germany.  They made aircraft engines, tanks, trucks, and cars — they were an integral, indispensable part of the Nazi war machine.  At the time, Daimler-Benz claimed they “helped to motorize the movement”.  The company was a favorite of Der Führer.  Hitler owned shares of their stock, and he was a close personal friend of Jakob Werlin, a Daimler-Benz director.

Daimler-Benz exploited tens of thousands of worker slaves.  In the final weeks of the war, one female slave-labor group was removed from a Daimler-Benz factory back to the camps, apparently to be gassed.  The camp’s gas chamber failed to function so they survived the camps until the liberation.

In 2001, German industry, including Daimler-Benz, agreed to settle all claims and pay $4.3 billion in restitution to laborers then alive, $7,000 each for slave laborers, and $2,200 each for forced laborers.  How can that be enough?  Can any financial atonement ever be enough?  Then when is it time to forgive?  If the crime is the sadistic murder of millions of people, then forgiveness may never be possible, or deserved.

There are, of course, other companies complicit in evil deeds.  Considering the devastating health complications tobacco causes, every manager at the Big Five tobacco manufacturers must have a non-functioning moral compass, and capable of living comfortably without remorse.  With their 1998 multi-state settlement, Phillip Morris, Lorillard, Brown & Williamson, R.J. Reynolds, and Liggett Group, will contribute $246 billion over 25 years to prevent people from using their product.  That’s about $5,000 for every American adolescent or young adult.  This sounds like the type of money Daimler-Benz should have paid, although Benz never directly killed anyone, tobacco does that every day.

P.S., after I wrote this, I read that Volkswagen may have made a swastika hubcap, making it a part of German folklore.  Although a Mercedes swastika hubcap is a possible mold, a VW swastika hubcap is not.  Yet any elusive, never-photographed VW swastika hubcap has been thought to exist prior to World War Two.  For evidence, take a swastika, overlay it with a ‘V’ and a ‘W’, and you just get a VW hubcap with a completely hidden swastika.  Overlay a swastika on a Mercedes Benz emblem and you get a dead on swastika hubcap.

So where did the idea for a VW swastika hubcap come from?  Who did Hitler turn to for Nazi firepower?  Which manufacturer had the closest association with der Führer, and would need to redirect negative publicity about its ties with him, to its closest competitor?


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End the IRS’ Good Citizenship Exam

Have you ever stopped to consider that whatever your financial institutions and employer report to you at tax time, they report the same to the government?  With today’s technology, the government can easily compute your taxes, and just mail you a receipt.  If doubts arise, the government would simply require you to compute them, just as you compute them today.  This is nonsensical having people spend their weekends working on how much they owe their public goods provider.  The government already knows what you owe, this is Uncle Sam’s annual good citizenshp examination.

reel to reel

What will cause the meltdown
of the U.S.?  A hacked I.R.S. mainframe
calling for audits of everyone
under eight-figures — in the Blue States.

This system will work like a charm because the filer would no longer be reporting anything.  The government sends you a report, this is what the bank tapes apprised your government, you tell us different.  Only those resubmitting their taxes would be called out for under-reporting their income or over-reporting their deductions.

Today, when a taxpayer makes a mistake, he is fined for his failure to understand tax code.  With voluntary resubmission, there would be few reasons to go to a professional, such as clarifing the code.  Sure, there are lobbyists from accounting firms, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, et al, that will work against any change in preparation procedure.  Bear in mind, as the buggy whip maker goes, so goes the tax preparer.

There is also a little bit of poetic justice in all this.  The one’s with the easiest returns, and having the humblest of means, will be the ones no longer dreading the nearing of April 15th.  The ones hiring a Big Six accounting team to account for their taxes, and then their economic lives — well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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The Business of Show Business


Gaming America for Fun and Profit

Let me be the first to congratulate A-Rod (aspiring slugger Alex Rodriguez) and J-Lo (aspiring model Jennifer Lopez) on their impending marriage.  A-Rod and J-Lo are the First Couple of Cheating-to-Win.

A-Rod is a serial monogamist (at 43 years of age, the marriage to J-Lo will be his fourth).  He’s also a Major League Baseball-banned, steroid user, yet his greatest character fault is that, illegally jacked up, he tried to stop Boston Red Sox pennant runs.

J-Lo made it into the world of celebrity because she wore a dress on the red carpet whose neckline plunged to her navel.  Incongrously, she also went to the Christian-themed, Met Ball, with an unusually over-sized and gaudy crucifix.

J-Lo was gaudy even for this ugly and tasteless display of Islamophobia, and anti-semitism, one courtesy of Anna Wintour, who apparently is a Vatican operative on American terra firma, and who otherwise should have known better, but couldn’t care less about decorum or respectability.  Wintour’s ethics were well-established as the villain in her biopic, The Devil wore Prada.

Yet they are not the only ones over-reaching.  America is full with celebrities with very limited talents, if any at all.  They pulled fancily-choreographed PR stunts to be household names instead of having the fame be deserved.  Amy Schumer, Queen of the Potty-mouth, first entered the limelight when she was on the red carpet with Kim Kardashian, and Amy fell at her feet.  Did Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett “get on the map” by similar means?

The claim to fame of Kim K herself is a sex tape.  She claimed she was high on ecstasy, and that made her do the tape.  Plus, if she didn’t do the tape, no one would ever know who she was, and her sister wouldn’t be a billionaire for selling a single product of lip liner in her single brand.

See, kids, you, too, can con Forbes Magazine into thinking that you’re something that you’re not.  For Forbes part, they took the financial figures solely from Kylie’s mother, Kris.  Wait, my Dad just said I had more money than Amazon’s Bezos, then I should be on the cover of Forbes Wealthiest next year.  American “success” is only about manipulating the mass media to your advantage.

In 2009, Kim K’s current “boyfriend,” Kenya, and Taylor Swift were at the Video Music Awards.  Kanye wanted Béyoncé to win a VMA that was awarded to Taylor Swift, so instead of exclaiming his displeasure that his favorite didn’t win, he decided he wanted to give Ms. Swift a full-blown heart attack, and traumatize her for life by charging the stage as Taylor rightfully accept her trophy.  This is how Kenya became famous.

Later, in a rap “song” of his, he said: “I made that bitch [Taylor] famous [when he pulled off his claim-to-fame obscene stage charge].”  Then, the terrorists that this entire family is, well, they got Taylor to listen to his “song.”  The angel that Taylor is, she said she liked it.  This response was recorded and put on Kim K’s Facebook feed along with the part where Kenya claimed feminine perfection was a bitch who only deserved fame once he assaulted her on-stage.  This would imply many things.  One of which is the true, women-hating, sexual orientation of Kenya.  The dynamic duo never apologized, they, to quote Kim K, “Moved on,” to other victims.

Trump somehow snaked his way into the White House, when he was a flunky in college.  He got his fixer, Michael Cohen, to tell Trump alma maters that they would be sued for releasing his obviously, very weak grade reports.  He doesn’t even read, he watches Fox and Friends all day.  Besides his grades, Trump is also hiding his tax returns.  And don’t forget that he hid his two extramarital affairs with porn stars.  One day, Trump himself will need to go into hiding, for betraying the American people.

He doesn’t deserve the incredible privilege associated with the resuscitation, via the Presidency, of Trump, Inc.  With Donald leading the way, we’ve entered the era of the over-reaching getting undeserved spoils.  Isn’t this the new American way — where fame isn’t from hard work, but only from gaming the system, and otherwise manipulating the public?  12/26/20.
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Victoria’s Secret Shanghai Show Review

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Shanghai edition, was on TV tonight.  I have several compliments and criticisms of what has essentially become a world-class modeling expo.

Of course most of the models looked great.  Although there were unattractively-clad, Black models, one in an apparent bed sheet, or similar less attractive costumes, while the rest had elaborate wing props.  You can sense what Victoria’s Secret management thinks of each super-model by how elaborately and beautifully they dress them.  I have to say that they must not think much of Blacks, with Asians a close second to last.

What was also strange was that they all looked pretty much the same — they all had the same skinny body type, with not an extra ounce of body fat; similar, feathered hair styles popularized by Farrah Fawcett; and even their facial features seemed to fit a mold.

You have to give them credit, they are out there strutting on the catwalk in essentially their underwear (when you think about it, that’s also about the comfort level of a woman wearing a bikini).  They are somehow not overwhelmed (or maybe they are and are hiding it), and I am not sure why, but they do seem happy doing this (or else have learned to project like they were happy).  The repetitiveness of the wings theme might seem like overkill, but they are Victoria’s Secret Angels, so wings come with the territory.

My favorite angel is Karlie Kloss, she’s a New York University computer science major, the others don’t exactly strike me as Rhodes Scholars.  She seemed to have limited exposure this year (no pun intended).  Martha Hunt and Doutzen Kroes are another two of the most gorgeous of the gorgeous.  Girls, don’t get jealous, they’ve both had dozens of plastic surgery operations.

In what must be an attempt to gain inroads into the Asian market (with mostly Western models), transporting tonight’s show to Shanghai did seem as though it was nearly breaking their budget.  Just look at three years ago when they booked Taylor Swift for their London extravaganza.  To be brutally honest, Harry Styles, this year’s host, does not have quite the same caliber act as Taylor does — sad to say.  11/28/17.

Girls and women who feel they cannot compete with VS Angels, just remember, their livelihood depends on them looking as pretty as possible.  If they don’t continue to measure up in the sex appeal department, they are stocking shelves at Walmart.  11/30/17.
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Hollywood is only a Multiplex Babysitter

Most of what Hollywood produces is trash, and there are rarely any movies worth watching on cable.  This is because Hollywood invests most of its capital in movies for male adolescents, or boys even younger.    Our national entertainment industry, really the World’s entertainment industry, courts children almost exclusively, especially male children.  And children love super-hero movies.

Most of Hollywood investment is spent in getting a captive, young adult audience to spend their allowance at the Multiplex on what amounts to outrageously-expensive cartoons.  Of the top twenty grossing films of 2020, and for most any year, usually fifteen are produced for, well, fifteen year olds (the top twenty budgets for any year of the last ten years, will skew mostly towards action-hero movies).

These are all treatments of comic books, cartoons, or grade school fantasy.  If not for teenagers, their target demographic is for those in their early twenties.  The action hero audience has a limited concentration ability, and draws anyone with a nascent, homicidal streak.

Most acting glitterati are hoping directors tap them to work in kids’ movies.  Kids’ fare is where Hollywood spends most of its budgets, so these high-tech, low-intellect, cartoon violence, spectacles, are where ticket sales puts their violence into the black financially.

The movie making capital of the world has become multiplex babysitters.  Parents like to get their kids out of the house (and out of their hair), establishing their social cohort, and unwittingly, introducing them to a steady diet of American fantasy-violence culture.  Via product tie-ins, Hollywood links super heroes with fast-food and figurines.

In Hollywood, a huge percentage of cultural capital is spent investing on brain-washing children, instead of enlightening adults.  The movie industry couldn’t care less about making anything socially redeeming.  They only exist to make the mean green...
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Did these Sixties’ legends actually die young?

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Jim Croce said to be at 25 years, looks like 50

Jim Croce at Age 25
Died at 30

Did stars die as young as publicized by their record labels?  Celebrities’ year of death is well known; are we as certain about the year of their birth?  Jim Morrison sang the baritone in Light my Fire (recorded in ’67) at 23 years of age, dying four years later.  Janis Joplin belted out Piece of my Heart (recorded in ’68) at 25 years, dying two years thereafter.

Jim Croce was 25 years of age when this photo was taken.  His Time in a Bottle was recorded in ’72.  Given he wrote the piece at 29, he was writing unusually profound sentiments for his age.  Mr. Croce died a year later.

You could say they sound and look so much older because of hard living, and what’s in evidence here is only premature aging.  On the other hand, record sales take off after news of a celebrity’s passing.  Conceivably, by moving up their birth dates, studios would be making artists: sound like prodigies, more worthy of sympathy, and closer in age to their fan base at the time.
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Country music is about men going for other men?

“If you want to make ratings in Country radio, take females out,” according to radio exec Keith Hill.  “If you play more than 15 percent female on [country] radio, your rating will go down.” That’s the comments he made to Country Aircheck, claiming women don't belong in country music.  Drawing from a weak if not incomprehensible dinner appetizer analogy, he later said that, “The tomatoes of our salad are the females.”

My impression of country music was that it was so conservative it was homophobic, but apparently the opposite is true — the format is about men who are into grooving about other men.  According to Hill, Country and Western listeners must be just plain old gay, with Keith likely being the gayest of them all.  At least he had the courage to come out of the closet.

Someone ought to break the news about Country being a male-only format to Loretta Lynn, Wynonna and Naomi Judd, Miranda Lambert, Gwyneth Paltrow (honorary mention here because of her performance in Country Strong), Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, Reba McIntyre, Roseanne Cash, Anne Murray, Linda Ronstadt, et al.  I’d bet they would be so surprised to hear this, or maybe they wouldn’t be so surprised at all.
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Do nude selfies belong on the Internet?

The recent nude photos scandal — or sex crimes, as Jennifer Lawrence feels they should be known — was caused by the rather despicable, criminal activity of a few hackers.  Additionally, Apple is at fault for offering a supposedly secure, storage service that hardly provides any security.

There is another, neglected component of this fracas however, and that is that one does not post very personal mementos such as these photos in an iCloud account where there is the possibility anyone with an Internet connection can uncover them.  The nature of digital media is such that left unchecked, it offers the lecher the potential to copy the material in question an infinite number of times.  In the modern age, most realize that leaving anything digital away from one’s person might be stolen, be they credit card and social security numbers, or in this instance, explicit photos.

Reputable actresses tend to avoid cinematic nude scenes unless they are done with exceptional taste, and when they are what is required to complete the narrative.  Yet Hollywood and the moving picture has always had a great deal to do with sexiness, and a production’s players often find themselves selling it — this, and especially suggestive posing, cannot be such alien territory, even when the audience was never intended.  If these actresses were caught buck naked in a threesome, or even a foursome, this would be an entirely different story, and they would have much, much more with which to truly be upset.

Of course, the revealing of what was only meant as secret is an egregious invasion of privacy, but it is one surprisingly unforeseen by these very intelligent actresses, and easily prevented by sending email attachments (which generally auto-deletes from the e-mail server after it is downloaded locally).  If you really would like to know how people are reacting to your photos, Ms. Lawrence, there is small consolation.  You must know they are coveting and admiring your form, yet never laughing at it.
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