“Those who won’t pledge allegiance to the flag,
will be replaced by those who will.”
- U.S. Armed Services Recruiting Poster

Patriotism is the product of
deep concordance with one’s country ...

Of Thee I Sing
Other Countries know
better than to try to
bring Peace with Bullets

Americans are not the only people that
will fight and die for their way of life.


Bandages and Bullet Holes

U.S. flag faded, upside down

I must have broken a few rules of flag etiquette,
but in contrast to murder out of patriotic zeal —
as in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan —
here no one had to die as a consequence.


Bandages and Bullet Holes Forever



A Good Day for a Terrorist is When They Blow Themselves Up

The ISIS boys and girls — and you are all just that, insolent children — should do the rest of us a favor and commit suicide, but with no one but your ilk to go down with you, or be around to hose away your blood.  No one feels any warmth or respect for your kind, none at all.  You regularly take Creation’s Bounty and you disgracefully burn it up like rubbish.  Your only purpose in life has become making others as miserable and frightened as you deem fitting.  You are an ever-growing cancer and an ever-deepening, despicable stain on humanity.

As soon as you were radicalized with ISIS, your life ended — you cannot put “terrorist” on any resumé.  Your little experiment in religious utopia now has the foulest stench of global carnage.  Your avowed mission is to take over the World for your jihad revolution, but if you had any sense at all you would know that that day will never arrive, because no one needs your murderous evil.

If you demonstrated any valor at all, you all would end your mayhem by taking part in a mass suicide — like Hitler in his bunker at the end of World War II.  It is the only way to cleanse your evil, because otherwise, the day will come when Western civilization is going to give up fighting against you guerrilla scum, and just nuke your ugly and gross blemish off the face of our earth.

Don’t you ever get tired of fighting and murdering for, well, nothing?  You are beyond any measure of antisocial behavior.  You do infinitely worse, you manufacture murder against innocent, civilian noncombatants.  Why won’t you wussies fight on the battlefield against those combat-equipped such as yourself?

You are not an agent of compromise and reconciliation, only a steamroller of hatred.  You are an agent of the Grim Reaper.  Your targets are random, but your handiwork is always lethal, and so your death too will be random and sudden.  The just will rejoice in your demise, but no one will ever mourn when you are gone.
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The U.S.A. Patriot Act was Unpatriotic

The so-called U.S.A. Patriot Act has expired.  To all those law-and-order Right-wingers who thought National Security Agency domestic surveillance is how you can keep America free, you tell us how many American, Al Queda or ISIS operatives the NSA or the FBI have uncovered with their domestic, bulk wiretapping.  We would especially like to hear about the ones who were not entrapped, and were not going to commit a crime until our federal government provided them with the opportunity to do so.

Let everyone know the names of suspects detained because of this program, where their trials were held, and their verdicts.  Their plots would have to be on the scale of the Boston bombers, so then who are they?

I cannot recall a one.  This is one of the most expensive programs the U.S. Government spends its taxpayer dollars on, and it does nothing.  There is still a massive poverty problem in this country by the way, and it will never go away if we waste billions chasing shadows, and chase them without any court approval and do so outside Constitutional protections of privacy.
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War Propaganda on the Silver Screen

American Sniper is a video exercise currently in very wide distribution, and is on track to be one of the top five biggest money-makers of 2015 ($94 million opening weekend).  It is about a sharp-shooter who murdered people in a war that never should have happened.  There’s a heart-warming story.  Newt Gingrich tried to defend those who kill for a living while the victim is unawares, by explaining all the wonderful work they are doing to ISIS and Boko Haram (we do not have ground troops in either place) and against any and all who might slaughter indiscriminately — which is really both sides in any military conflict.  Yet this is not quite the same as cutting down rank and file Iraqi ground troops, now is it?

Essentially, snipers are hit men for hire, they are mercenaries, soldiers of fortune — as most soldiers are, a truth one day to be told.  They will kill anything that moves, children included, as long as Congress and the President decides they get paid at the end of the day.  You can glorify murder all you would like, like Hitler did in his propaganda films, and get those behind the red, white, and blue foaming at the mouth with vengeance and rage, just as they usually are, until the stars and stripes only looks like the bandages and bullet holes it always has.  In this country, when you wave a flag long enough, and with enough marketing field support, the masses will heed the call to battle, even when it is only vicarious.

  Clint knows any hawkish film with flag-waving in it means that he’s driving a new Rolls, and paying off another summer house after the opening weekend.  Welcome to Leni Riefenstahl country, Dirty Harry.  Just like her, you put your considerable, unconscionable, pandering support behind the war machine.  Your legacy will be your summer house, not your work.
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Unbending Party Ideology and Prisoner of War Exchanges

There are two separate Americas fighting over the same budgetary pie, and haggling over the same legislative agenda, year after sickening year.  Everyone on Capitol Hill seems to think they exist as counterpoint to the other side of the aisle, dead set against the other party, with never any chance of offering satisfactory compromise.  The financial stakes are higher for the much wealthier Republicans, so they hardly have a reason to ever back down.  Yet true patriotic representation needs to satisfy both their own constituents initially, being sure to do well by the Americans at large of the other party as soon thereafter as is practical.

As an instance where the contrarian, opposite tack is taken regardless of the specific matter at hand, there is the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl prisoner of war imbroglio.  He disappeared from Second Platoon, Blackfoot Company in the First Battalion, 501st Regiment — a 24-man unit known to be “raggedy.”  Mr. Bergdahl, ultimately hoping for a more humanitarian than militaristic role, was sorely disappointed in his hitch.  At one point, he was said to have wanted to return fire at insurgents but was told to hold off.  That he was disillusioned by his military service, is no justification that he should die at the hands of his Taliban captors — ones Bowe claims kept him in a cage.

Instead of being murdered, on May 31, 2014, Sgt. Bergdahl was exchanged for five reputed Taliban operatives.  If the tortured then swapped, Taliban detainees in Guantanamo Bay were so decidedly deadly, as the Republican congress has suggested, they should have finally been given a trial, and meted appropriate punishment.  Unlike those in Guantanamo Bay, the never-tortured Nazis had their day in court, the Nuremberg Trials.  The Nazis were given more favorable treatment than the Taliban are.

Along with prisoner treatment, and the quantity of prisoners exchanged, the ratio of prisoners exchanged must be considered as well.  The Taliban got back five prisoners of its over 200 Afghan Guantanamo Bay prisoners-of-war, that is a maximum U.S. surrender rate of 2.5%.  For the swap, the Taliban forfeited 100% of its American POW leverage.  As for the claim that negotiating with hostages opens the door for the Taliban to want to capture more Americans, is there a reason that they would not want to do that already?

This prisoner exchange was not so difficult of a choice to make.  Either let the Taliban execute their own brand of POW justice after already caging Sgt. Bergdahl for five years, or send him home with his life, forgiving him for any error in judgment he may or may not have committed.

Those rapid Republicans can play Monday morning quarterback on this done deal for the next ten years — and given their party’s insistence on the polarity of ideology noted above, they likely will.  It has become part of their constitution, and now it has become part of the American political process, as the Republicans reflexively throw down the gauntlet at any and all opportunity.  The Grand Old Party knows that: to secure campaign funding, to report home that they fought off the incumbents in the White House, and to win re-election; they must always take the opposite stance from whatever the Democrats might take.

For the Republicans, there can never be compromise, or surrender, of any kind — for the Democrats’ part, acquiescing is left to their desire to be noble.  Democratic conciliation or not, the effect of the Bergdahl matter on American domestic security is non-existant.  Furthermore, his captors, the Taliban, had nothing to do with the catatrophe that got us into this never-ending mess, 9/11.
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The Bald Eagle is a Bird of Prey

I honestly feel the national emblem of the United States should be something other than the Bald Eagle.  Does this bird of prey, this predator, best describe our national character?  Perhaps it does, but upon further reflection, there are much better choices that can be made.

Seal of the President of the United States, with a Rottweiler

Seal of the President of the United States,
with an apropos national symbol,
the vicious Rottweiler — in keeping with
the American disposition to exercise Nazi-esque,
violent, military control by invading nations
such as Viet Nam, or Iraq and Afghanistan,
and the Middle East in general.

How about the pig?  Noted for its aggressive, boorish behavior, to many Americans — especially those nudging for their place in the budget-pie-fight workplace troughs — nothing says America better than a fat, overfed hog.  Or better yet, how about a Rottweiler?  Aggression is a hallmark of American foreign policy, and our military invasions like the ones in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Why not make our aggression emblematic and put Rottweilers on the Presidential Seal, or the Great Seal of the United States?  And of course, it is a step down in aggression from the Bald Eagle which always kills its dinner.

Or given the new American predilection for wire-tapping, why not chose an animal known for its superior hearing, the bat?  The bat navigates using sound, or echolocation, hovering unsuspected in the cover of darkness.  America is in some ways just like the bat.  It is navigating its way through the murkiness of broken U.S.-Middle East relations by listening in on the acoustic landscape, or in our case, the telecommunications grid.  Listening, always listening, hoping for that one communiqué that will spell doom for those bullied by Israeli-American military might.  More often then not though, they happen to find themselves sifting through millions of juicy, love letter emails, today legally secured without Judge-granted search warrants, and without probable cause.

Seal of the President of the United States, with five bats

If the National Symbol was the lurking bat,
this would be our Presidential Seal.

Personally, I think the most fitting emblem would be the house cat.  True, they are not vicious like the drones flying to satisfy kill lists, or piggy like the billions in green script greedily made from the arbitraging of price discrepencies.  Is there any red-blooded American who doesn’t love pussy cats?  In addition, women — who tend to be much more on the fence than men regarding rituals of patriotism — would have a non-militant symbol to take in arms.  Cats are kind and gentle, and thus would represent a better place in this land of ours.  So at least for the good kind of American, the warm and loving kind, cats would be the perfect emblem, and so much better than having a predator as the characterization of us as a people (although in many U.S. circles, the current national assessment is not off the mark).

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American Flag with olive gradient.

Welcome to the new America, folks!

New American Flag with a Currency Tinge under Consideration  5/03/14.  The Republican Party is pushing through an amendment to the Congressional annual spending bill that will add a currency, loden-green tinge to every Red, White, and Blue.

Claiming it will remind Americans to dwell more on money, and less on lefty socialist agendas, the Mean Green line item, as it is now known, has support in both Houses, and from both sides of the aisle.  Democratic detractors bought in, and crossed the aisle, once they realized flag-sewing, fabric-dying, and refitting services would create new high-paying, high-tech jobs in the economy; if not in America, then in our favored-status trade partner, China.

The design will have a subtle, olive U.S. currency gradient from top to bottom, signifying the pervasive role money plays throughout our lives.  The new stars and stripes will also subliminally tell the rest of the World what we Americans stand for, unanimously and without reservation, and that is the unfettered consumption of goods.  Passage of the amended Bill is expected by December, and without resistance.  Our new symbol of American might, the Red, White, and Blue, and Olive, is scheduled to hit flagpoles by January.
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Come on, what American does not love a good war?

Rally around the flags, boys.  Somehow, without any Congressional approval or oversight, unverified reports of weapons of mass destruction — just like in Iraq, circa 2003 — once again mean butchery for the American dogs of war and their warmongering mushers.  The Syrian rebels have Al Queda elements, so we are now in the obscene position of arming American terrorists.  Then the U.S. government offers the outrageous claim that our coming Middle Eastern offensive is the result of Syria representing a threat at home to U.S. security.

Chemical warfare is a “red line”?  Then how is anguish from this killing agent any different from slowly bleeding to death from bone-shattering bullet wounds?  Only in America would it be claimed that one method of indiscriminate slaughter, drone attacks, is superior to another.

Russia, a stable super-power, is backing Syria and their assertion they are not using illegal arms.  Iran promises retaliation with a strike on Israel.  Great Britain backs Washington, but they also walked right into the minefields of the War in Iraq.  The Brits paid dearly for believing reports of chemical WMD attacks there, ones that were never proven.

We need a break from the killing fields, we need to stay out of the carnage for once.  If Zionists, the ultimate beneficiary of a vanquished Syria, need to eliminate all Muslims, let them do it themselves.

Postscript:  What is seen here was sent as a comment on this topic to the New York Times, but they would not post it.  I would guess it was because I did not stay close enough to their version of the story.  They also prefer to keep their news subjects at a distance, and avoid visceral immediacy — otherwise it may not be “fit to print.”  I would also imagine, that given their readership, the last sentence was not too well received.

The Times — with the voting near in the House to approve our version of slaughter — just did a front page piece on chemical warfare.  Given their level of ethical resolve, I know they will not do a companion piece on drone warfare like impartial CNN did.
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Speaker Boehner needs more War  9/03/13.  Say, just say, current Speaker Boehner is backing the Syrian War because of his love of the Syrian people, and not because he and his cronies need to fill their campaign coffers with Zionist cash.  Ignore reports that the Republican Party has not effectively courted the Jewish vote, and that by invading another enemy of cornered Israel, his numbers will improve.  Allow him his love of terrorism and terrorists, and the fact that backing anti-Syrian forces is backing Al Queda.

Pretend for a brief moment, this Speaker knows that bleeding to death from a severed leg from a drone attack is far more humane than dying from gas.  Give him a free license to get a nation involved in warfare just because of unilateral reports of gas attacks, ones as of yet unsubstantiated by United Nations weapon inspectors.  Permit him his fantasy that the American military proudly looks forward to dying for their country so their family has one or more empty seats at the dinner table for the next fifty or so years — when, in reality, they are enlisted only so they can afford a college education, or so they can find an employer of last resort.

Give him all this, have it his way, and what have you?  You have thousands of funerals he will never attend or ever even want to get near, ones that he helped bring about by promoting a war no different from the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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John Kerry is looking forward to Waging War  9/07/13.  Kerry, plugging for American involvement in the Syrian Civil War said, it is “Not the time to be silent spectators to slaughter” — sure, now is the time to join the slaughter, and scale it even higher, much, much higher.  Remember it only took nine years and 4,486 American lives to take down Iraq on false pretenses (and false reports of chemical weapons); ten years and 2,270 Yankee corpses to get Afghanistan to sign onto the American way of life.  The Syrian Civil War is two-years long — no one has any idea how long our involvement would be — they need to push this quickly through Congress before the United Nations weapons inspectors weigh in, were they not to fall in ranks along Security Council majority lines.

This just leaves the vanquishing of Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Lebanon, and the current slate will have a clean sweep — Washington thinks little or nothing of the Islamic faith, and its adherents.  John is looking to get some impressive Muslim punishment laurels so the Zionists like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, will continue to dump money on him, his cronies, and his party.  Who knows, maybe for selling war he will win a Nobel Peace Prize.  Don’t these heart-warming, humanitarian efforts deserve one, just like the one his boss was awarded for only twelve days in Presidential office?  Were our allies not Al Queda, as they are here, and American drones no longer indiscriminately slaughtered Pakistani civilians, then perhaps these betrayers of the public trust might be taken a little more seriously.
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9/11/01’s 22-year Plan  11/25/13.  In America’s continuing hawkish, now twelve-year response to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the State Department is pushing for a ten-year commitment from Afghanistan to put 10,000 to 16,000 U.S. troops in harms way (after already sending 6,778 American soldiers to their death since 9/11).

One point in the pact the State Department is insisting on, is that any atrocities we cause — like the one last year where 16 Afghani men, women, and children, were murdered by a four-tours-of-duty U.S. soldier — will be tried in U.S. courts.  To much Afghani outrage, Robert Bales was given life without parole in the States.  The citizens of Afghanistan are divided on whether they feel they should be able to try war criminals in their own nascent, although likely more just, Afghan courts (Bales was convicted of war crimes, doesn’t that make him a war criminal?)

In the name of counter-terrorism, which, in at least Robert Bales case, can easily be seen as terrorism, we are furthering attacks on an organization that had nothing to do with 9/11, and that is the Taliban.  The American war economy — munitions, financiers, intelligence, technology, government installees — cannot stand still, it needs to kill, kill again, kill faster, and via drones, kill more discreetly.  By the way, all these suicide attacks you continue to read about in the Middle East, are not because Muslims will stop at nothing to keep America involved in their affairs.
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The Travesty of the War on Terror

The American Government responds to murderous lawlessness with murderous lawlessness of another kind.  The Feds would tell you terrorists are non-national, enemy combatants against which we will one day prepare and ratify a formal declaration of war that no one will find laughable.  Washington careerists would say that immoral revenge-seekers, tragically misunderstanding American-style Democracy, comprise their own virtual nation-state, so anyone can be accused of its citizenship, and be killed by drones or any other means available.

Today’s president regularly reviews and orders the death of those placed on a Kill List, yet without any previous trial proving guilt — and has ordered just as many of these hits in his first eight months of office as his predecessor did in his eight years (during these spans, they each sent 39 sorties).  American citizens can and are treated in the same unjust manner (so far, American citizens overseas have only been included on the list).  The war on terror will be fought with its suspects murdered one by one, so those on their power trip give the impression they are men of action, doing what their unquestioned power seemingly allows them to do.

(Click through for Predator’s details)

MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft

General Atomic’s $4,030,000 a pop, MQ-1 Predator, unmanned aircraft, was introduced in
July 1995, and has been in production ever since.  Its primary user is the United States Air Force.

Saddam Hussein was tried before he was executed, even though he was thought, however erroneously, to be a terrorist.  Because he faced his accusers, he was led off to the gallows without later regrets on whether justice was appropriately served.  If terrorists faced this type of justice, and not indiscriminate village bombing, the likelihood of our watching tragic marathons would be far less (so called surgical strikes have stricken down near 41 children, and was the rationale for the Times Square Bomber’s attempt at revenge).

Why did we ever immerse ourselves in this ever-deepening morass?  Believe it or not, it all started with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.  Because of them, a Jewish homeland was created.  After losing six million of their own, the Jews surely deserved one.  What they did not deserve was where it was placed — near an obsessively coveted holy wall, and amongst millions and millions of Muslims.  To protect their precarious position they acquired a massive cache of arms which they have used against this indigenous Islamic, Palestinian population.  The Zionists then proceeded to surround these Palestinians with their own unscalable wall, essentially to keep Mohammed’s people locked in like caged animals.

The most tragic part of this entire military debacle, is that unless campaign finance law is changed, our terrorism situation will never change either.  Various Zionists, Israelis, and American Jews remember the promise of Israel and will pay anything to keep it protected from Muslims.  American politicians know where their next State Department Dinner is coming from, and will also do anything to keep Israel protected, including any drone attacks, or the execution of a Kill List of those the State desires to be executed.  The America Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, annually holds Washington conferences and banquets where 7,000 attend, including more than half of the United States Congress.

The Nuremberg Trials against the Nazis demonstrated more cautious jurisprudence against evil than drone hits do — actually, much greater if you were a major disciple of Hitler.  There have never been censure for the fairness of these trials.  There were 209 defendants in the Trial of the Major War Criminals, the Doctors’ Trial, and the Judges’ Trial.  25 received the death sentence, and 23 were given a sentence of life imprisonment.  For their crimes against humanity, the Nazis’ punishment was pathetically, and unbelievably, lax.  Nonetheless, because court justice was served with deliberation, there are very few Nazis around anymore, while the number of terrorists continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Under current regime, every untried, drone execution is indisputable agitation-propaganda that the terrorist’s cause is just.  It must now be Al Queda’s, the Taliban’s, and any other terrorist cell’s primary recruiting tool.  Apparently one does not even need to have committed any acts of violence to be placed on the list, acts against this government are the factor in deciding another’s mortality.  Being complicit in obstruction of Uncle Sam’s military agenda is what is sorely not appreciated, and is what the Right says needs to be silenced.  Do my articles, or those of anyone else, damning of the “Land of the Free” place us on any nebulous Kill List?
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We need War like We need a Hole in the Head  5/30/16.  Today is another Memorial Day — yes, somehow American soldiers still regularly die in combat — so it is time to reflect.  Not too long ago, this country got off on another foreign invasion jag, and now finds itself coming down from it (Iraq and Afghanistan, and before that Viet Nam).  With “Bad news” Trump headed down the pike, we will be gearing up for yet more war in conveniently overseas “theaters.”

But after the Iraqi War, and the four thousand-plus American soldiers lost there, don’t we all feel that much safer about: terrorism; Iraqi weapons of mass destruction; Iraqi democracy; or well, anything?  To paraphrase many others: “If we no longer went to war, we would no longer need to memorialize fallen soldiers.’
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A gift assortment of Belgian chocolates would mean the World to them right now.  3/22/16.  With the news from Brussels today about their train situation, we at Other Letter would like to remind you that this Brussels incident is not only our problem, but also the World’s problem.  Yet in the spirit of global togetherness, and fixing stuff, the Other Letter squad will be banding together to provide water and other food items to our Belgian neighbors.  Any food item will do — we hear they are very big on Brussels sprouts and Belgian chocolates — but ultimately, your trustworthy friends at OL will decide what the survivors need.

The is your credit card number.  (We’re still trying to figure out Paypal, so don’t give us that, but Mastercard is nice, Visa too.  We’ll even take your Discover card.  And up the credit limit, so you can give, give, give...)  Please, don’t waffle on this, the Belgians need your help, now!  Give all you can today, don't let a Belgian go to bed hungry tonight!  The Belgians have brought us so much — waffles, sprouts, chocolates, blocks, to name, well, to name just a few.  Isn’t it time we gave them something in return?
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The American War in Iraq gave rise to the Islamic State  11/08/14.  By 2003, Bush, scion of an oil dynasty, had yet to do much about 9/11, until he and his team devised this master stroke.  Invade Iraq on what later proved to be the false pretenses that they had weapons of mass destruction.  When that did not pan out, they could claim they were fighting terrorism even though Hussein had no relationship with Osama bin Laden.  When that gambit was exposed, they could say they were fighting despotism — although there are plenty of other nations worthy of such assistance, but unfortunately for them, they lacked the oil of Iraq.

Yet you’ve read of this earlier here.  What you may not know is that the 4,353 lives spent to improve Bush’s reputation and give us a foothold into Iraq’s oil reserves is now the reason for the rise of the Islamic State.  A power vacuum was created when Hussein, a Muslim Sunni, was deposed.  The vacuum was filled by Shia Muslims.  The Islamic State arose and strengthened when these ISIS disenfranchised Sunnis tried to regain a footing in regional affairs.

That War we started in Iraq just keeps paying “dividends,” and not just in American oil company profits.  We need to turn Bush’s question back to him, are we safer today because we removed Saddam Hussein?  Because of his bloody, destabilizing oil grab we may be richer, but we are by no means any safer.  One need only check the news to prove the point.

This cannot be sugar-coated, Bush’s decisions were that egregious, and malevolent.  If one was to suggest this article oversimplifies the situation, it includes all the players, their actions, their stated rationalizations, their motivations, and common sense — how could this be oversimplified?  To include anything else amounts to obfuscation, which helped to get us into all this trouble in the first place.
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Israel and National Socialists conduct joint, Children of War Study  8/04/14.  A team of Israeli investigators pairing with German, National Socialists verifying their work, conducted research on the effect war has on children.  To be sure the study was realistic, the Zionists put Gazan children in UN schools, and left Israel kinder in their native homes in a suburb outside of Tel Aviv.  They fired Hamas missiles and U.S.-financed weaponry in an attempt to see who would fare better in war conditions, Gazan moppets, or prime, Israeli stock.  Investigators were nonplussed, yet still wildly encouraged, by the results.  The Gazans did not hold up so well, hundreds — at last count, 329 — of these pre-adult weaklings died.  The Jewish kinder did exceptionally well, surpassing every expectation, with not a single Israeli casualty.

Batteries of tests were run to prove the research team’s thesis that Israeli kinder possess Aryan-like supremacy over their Palestinian counterparts.  Just an aside, the Israeli researchers originally balked at the National Socialists’ suggestion of calling Israeli kinder “Aryan,” although the term’s connotation of Zionist long-sought purity and WASP-y joyous smugness made them far more receptive to the phrase’s intoxicating primacy than they originally thought they would be.  So once the test results came back, the Israeli cohort hopped right aboard that good ol’ National Socialist Train heading straight for Final Solution Junction.  At last Israelis could prove their mettle, that their country club, arriviste superiority was now proven scientifically and irrefutably.

First, these entirely objective exams were run on both sets of children both before and after the daily missile bombardments.  As most suspected, Israeli children scored far higher on the delay of gratification section — although Gazan children were able to survive without food and water longer.  Children of Israel had longer attention spans, in large measure because they were found to not shake uncontrollably when an unexpected noise was heard, such as a large object dropping to the floor.  These wimpy, whimpering, Gazan children regularly leapt from their seat with the slightest provocation.

In conjunction with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, American Congressman — proud of this research team’s contribution to science, and with no hesitation in opening up their Treasury’s checkbook — signed off on $225 million for more bombs to continue this delightful human experimentation.  Wealthy American Jews, who absolutely loved where this was all heading, gave their Congressmen tremendous sums so this invaluable work can continue indefinitely, and far into the distant future.
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Israel uses Holocaust Guilt to further their Imperialist Agenda  7/23/14.  American Government has taken a wide variety of actions angering Arabs in the Middle East.  Because United States political campaigns are not publicly financed, politicians can and will be bought in this country.  As a consequence, Middle Eastern policy in Capitol Hill is dictated by wealthy, insular Jews — such as those comprising the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC — ones with strong ties to here-for-the-figs, Homeland settlements in Israel.  It should come as no surprise that, in Washington, this lobby drowns out the voices of the Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and Lebanese.

America spends three billion dollars a year on Israeli militarism, so we can foot the tab on the slaughter of over twenty-one-hundred Palestinians like they did in just three weeks in July of 2014 (less than seventy Israeli soldiers, and three Israeli civilians, died in retaliation).

Since 2007, there has been an Israeli Government-enforced blockade into and out of the Gaza Strip.  It is pure guesswork what, at any given time, Israel will allow into Gaza.  At last check, and just to make sure the Gazans suffer, Zionists would not allow items such as coffee, tea, electric appliances, and fruit — in one sense though, Gazans realize that they will find fruit on the other side of the border.  Appallingly, the tunnels that the Israelis are blowing up are largely used to circumvent this blockade, and provide the basic necessities of life.  While they may or may not be used to slow down an unfeeling and oppressive, totalitarian regime such as Israel, the tunnels are also used for transporting reconstruction materials, food, and people.

Concerning claims by an embarrassed White House et al — but not the United Nations — that Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields, those in Gaza are being buried alive by rubble in their own houses from Israeli, U.S.-subsidized, artillery barrages.  How are human shields effective against artillery cannon?  Obviously, human shields would do nothing.  This fabrication is known as bastardizing, or vilifying, the enemy.

CNN claims Hamas’ use of human shields is why Palestinians are being slaughtered in record numbers.  To detached CNN pundits and even the White House, the 2,100-plus Palestinians murdered by Israel there in densely-populated Gaza was somehow Hamas’ doing.  No one has heard anything about Hamas herding Palestinians into tunnels, Israel’s stated target — just White House staff and CNN.  These supply tunnels have been burrowed beneath Israeli-built walls of an open-air prison to bring in food and reconstruction supplies, and provide some relief to a seven-year-long Israeli blockade.

Regarding the most recent slaughter, the United Nations has not issued any kind of objection regarding the presence anywhere of a single Hamas’ human shield.  Although it looks as though the U.N. needs the go ahead from the White House before they can offer their two cents on Israel.  Given that the United States is one of only five nations comprising the United Nations’-governing Security Council, the U.N.’s cowardice is easy to understand, although impossible to condone.  By the way, the United Nations recently had two schools that they had dual-purposed into shelters attacked by the Israelis, murdering twenty Gazan refugees (actually, now six UN schools have been bombarded by the Israelis, even though the Israeli army was notified many times in advance of their existence by the UN).  Are these Israeli Zionists anything more than just nasty sons of bitches?  How else can this level of depravity be characterized?  Israelis claim they are the ‘chosen people.’  Were they chosen by God to murder defenseless women, children, and infants in schools?

Zionists, they won’t start wars, but unfortunately, they sure know how to finish them.  It is all part of their never-ending, Holocaust retribution, military and civilian ‘occupation,’ one internationally unrecognized, and deliberately belligerent.  The Israelis milk the Palestinians and their land for all they are worth — even restricting the freedom of movement of the Palestinians — and deservedly receive international condemnation because of it.  Yet America, and today, Obama foremost, simply refuses to object to anything Israel ever does.  Before it is too late, those in high places need to understand: one can be very naturally, compassionately, and wisely, pro-Judaism, yet just as bravely anti-Zionist.

Political pundits will claim the murder and the mayhem is only done to “weaken Hamas.”  Well, if you look at who is doing all the killing, shouldn’t we be weakening totalitarian Israel?  By fomenting this lopsided bloodbath, the Israeli and American Governments are not weakening Hamas, they are only weakening the standing of Israel and the United States in the Muslim World and beyond.  But this is the way they do it in Israel, and in the States too — just murder anyone who blocks their agenda, just kill ’em — the Arabs are disenfranchised, they’re not human, they won’t murder for their God the way that the Judeo-Christians will, as America and Israel do, without any hesitation, any remorse, or any tears.

Unfortunately for the rest of the World, America and Israel are the cruelest of bullies.  They have the over-funded, and barbarically-lethal, killing forces, they have the power to have millions of paid assassins do their bidding, and American wealth spawns hundreds of millions of ‘patriotic’ and pathetic cheerleaders, incapable of critical thought concerning power’s inherent evil and the corruption of governance.  Because of their reputations as never-compromising aggressors, bad ass Israel as well as bad ass America needs all the protection it can get.  Hamas, on the other hand, is a sad, poor, rallying cry for help in hopes of getting relief from unfeeling, U.S.-backed, arsenal-laden Israel.  Our bought Congressmen delivering the pitch in Capitol Hill for Israeli war funding will plead, “We murder for just cause.”  Just as “Greed is good” in the movie, Wall Street, concerning the powerful in the U.S. and in Israel, “Murder is good” as well.

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The Environmental Oncology Society

Within three months of each other, both my parents were diagnosed with cancer.  Until then, my father had always been in good health.  My mother took exemplary care of her nutrition and of her body.  Those daily values of fruits and vegetables, she would exceed them.  She took walks several times a week.  Anyway, my Mom died a few years ago at age 76.  This is all true, the workings of the so-called Environmental Oncology Society that follows may or may not be.  You may draw your own conclusions.

Is there anything stopping the power elite from putting an end to those it loathes, or those it cannot handle?  A doctor, part of a larger operation — not necessarily a much larger operation — could introduce a carcinogen at a restaurant that my Mother and Father would frequent.  What is called to mind is Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who was killed with radiation in 2006.

This is similar, although it would obviously be much lower profile.  My entire family is political, I write a blog, my father, when in better health, would write letters to the regional newspaper.  My father actually got unsigned hate mail for his trouble.  How would you destabilize or debilitate, then silence, or mark for deletion, a family that could dissemble your rhetoric and help to block many of your self-serving ideals and objectives?  You give them cancer.  As your slow-acting efforts are undetectable, you are not caught.  They die, you live happily ever after.  This is not so far-fetched, handsomely pay to taint two meals, and the heretics to your moneyed faith are history.

An organization similar to the EOS could operate computers remotely using an undisclosed backdoor in Windows.  Operating system backdoors are not said to exist, but what is more important, your privacy or the over-reaching security of a nation?  Unprompted, I just lost a YouTube play list without a save option, one containing fifty videos amassed over several years.  Have you ever lost very valuable information on a computer, or has your computer ever done anything unexplainable?  How can you be sure it is not being tampered with remotely?  Most Internet Service Providers have software on your computer so they can operate it remotely when you have system trouble.  Who is to say others cannot do the same with this trojan software or their own?

Homeland Security is so vital to everyday life in this country, perhaps they are watching me type this, or watching you reading what I wrote.  Again, is this so far-fetched?  They must have hundreds of agents in installations monitoring what they consider un-American activities.  The FBI’s Carnivore did something similar here and NSA’s Upstream collection functions overseas in that capacity now.  We live in an age where the unthinkable regarding privacy invasion, and where even execution without witnesses is possible.  All for disagreeing with the powers that be.
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Hussein and Bin Laden had no Relationship


Why are U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq?  What is our reward for fighting there?  Doesn’t the American public deserve a reason for why fathers, cousins, husbands, and wives are lying atop dusty road sides, legs severed, bleeding to death, and screaming for their mother (as they did in Viet Nam)?

As many still recall, the United States was originally in Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction.  When we found there were none, we stayed there undeterred.  4,353 American casualties later, does anyone know why we are still in Iraq?  Perhaps we went there to fight a never-ending battle against dictatorial leadership.  If that is so, why don’t we attack North Korea?  North Korea is believed to have weapons of mass destruction as well, and they have a dictator just like Iraq.  Then are we in Iraq to fight terrorism?  On “60 Minutes,” the former head of the CIA, George Tenet, stated that Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have never had any relationship.

As for Afghanistan, the Bush-Obama death toll there now stands at 1,521.  Lately, the number of flag-draped coffins coming home from Afghanistan has been making ground on the number already in the ground from Iraq.  Eventually Afghani policy will be just like Iraq’s.  We will be too entrenched, and banked upon by current regime, to leave.  If we are looking to bring peace with bullets, why not bring it on Darfur in the Sudan?

And eventually, of course, Taliban, not al-Qaeda, suicide-bomber cells will be identified domestically and prosecuted by the U.S., all to justify the American sacrifice in Afghanistan.

One could say, as Secretary of State Clinton did last night, that the Taliban is a subordinate to an al-Qaeda-led syndicate.  To whom would the Taliban be a threat though?  They have never attacked the United States.  Pakistan has diplomatic ties with the Taliban , so they are no threat to Pakistan.  The only nation the Taliban is a threat to is Afghanistan.  To protect this, we should put our soldiers in harms way?

Afghan flagIraqi flag
American flag

The longer we stay, the more we have no choice but to stay.
We have accepted their weighty burden.
(Rollover for identification.)

Which leaves the most comprehensible rationale for these wars — we are killing each other in Afraq for petroleum.  This is what we get for our barbaric human sacrifice, satisfaction at the pump.  In June, Iraq staged an auction to decide the developers of new oil fields; and Afghanistan’s terrain covers area for a new pipeline from Russia to Pakistan.  Fighting terrorism, while not stated recently, has to be what sells these wars in Congress.  Hussein’s Sunnis removed from power in Iraq, and the Taliban fighting to regain control of Afghanistan — those are the real combatants.

Why are we always the world-wide, unwelcome cop?  What do we get for fighting these wars?  What would explain our phenomenally costly involvement in Afraq?  We will never know, we are not the ruling class, we are not privy to the dictates of kings.

One would think electing a progressive, African-American President would end the bloodshed.  That has not happened and it looks like it will not happen.  The new American President picked up where the old American President left off.  Who is whispering in Obama’s ear?  This is so antithetical to the President most Democrats thought they were electing.  He inherited these unpopular wars, yet he will toe the line of Washington foreign policy careerists, and stay the course.

Why are our troops fighting in conceivably never-ending, losing battles with Afghanistan and Iraq?  Just like in Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf, American families deserve an answer.  Like those families before them, if the past is any lesson, they will not get what they deserve.

The Taliban’s Offer to hand over bin Laden  11/06/09.  Just after 9/11, the Taliban offered to turn over Osama bin Laden on three conditions: end the bombing in Afghanistan; bin Laden can be handed over to a third country; and the U.S. must bring forth evidence that bin Laden was behind 9/11.  Bush said this was unacceptable, he deemed the U.S. position requiring complete al-Qaeda extradition non-negotiable.  Another sticking point was that the U.S. may not have had hard evidence that bin Laden was behind 9/11.  Regardless, eight years of terrorist cat and mouse later, one wonders if Mr. Bush now regrets his position.

With the conclusion of the Battle of Tora Bora on December 17th of 2001, the Taliban government in Afghanistan was overthrown by the United States.  Like in Iraq and Afghanistan — but unlike in Darfur, the Congo, and North Korea — America is free to overthrow governments it finds un-American.  This is written somewhere in our Constitution.

Topeka, do you see how you’ll save Manhattan?  11/10/09.  Now I know a likely government line on an Afghan assault.  The Taliban hosts al-Qaeda, kill the Taliban, make Manhattan safer.  Topeka, do you see your mission in this now?  What do they intend to do with the 10,000 Taliban and 3,000 al-Qaeda when this war is over?  Long stays await at Gitmo for the waterboard forced confessional.  This being the last stronghold for al-Qaeda et al, we may be in for a very long and bumpy ride.

Wasn’t al-Queda the target, not the Taliban?  6/02/10.  Will the Afghan War prevent terrorism the way the Iraqi War prevented terrorism?  The Times Square Bomber is a product of hate, can we best contain hate blowing up Afghan villages?  We are developing the same relations with Islamic people that Israel currently enjoys.  Just look at the Middle East, there is no hope now of reconciliation or forgiveness.

The American military is never the one to lower their rifle barrels, to ever back down, to offer the olive branch.  We stay the course regardless of whether our military objective makes any sense.  We still haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and we never will.  Wasn’t the original mission to fight al-Qaeda, not their pals, the Taliban?  I’m guessing we have a few weeks until the bloodshed begins, before our Generals get too restless, or our President, too pensive.
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Let the Families of the Fallen Decide  10/10/10.  Secretary of Defense Robert Gates claimed history will favorably judge the Iraq War.  Will history also condone the bait and switch from the hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to, as that mission failed, the hunt for Hussein loyalists?  As Bin Laden had no ties with Iraq’s Sunni leader, the war was seen as little else than a misguided attempt to make it look like something was being done to fight terrorism.  Will history only recite the establishment and the government line?

Granted, many would abide by an historical judgment.  In fairness, further stipulate that the families of the 4,425 servicemen and women killed are the ones to best decide if the boost in American safety was worth their families’ loss of life.  The grieving are the ones most qualified to judge whether the deaths of their father, son, daughter, or wife were, or were not, in vain.

Were history to balance each cup of spilled blood with how much more America is now free from terrorism, on which side does the scale tip?  Why let officials or experts make this final call?  They are not with standing, they have sacrificed nothing.  Gates stated those leaving the front can profess if what they accomplished was worthwhile.  Yet those who came home in cargo bays inside black bags are the real judges of whether this was worth their while, and they can never tell.  Eternally silenced, their most indelible legacy is of excruciating memories, not of a safer America.
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The World Trade Center had Asbestos

World Trade Center photo on ad touting asbestos

In 1981, asbestos was first considered as being carcinogenic.
To offset concerns, this ad depicts World Trade Center’s exemplary use of it.

The builders of the World Trade Center applied asbestos to the first forty floors of each 110 story tower.  Around the time it was finished, in 1973, asbestos was rightfully found to be too hazardous, so the upper floors did not use this fireproofing material.  The lease holder and developer, Larry Silverstein, or less likely, the owner, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, would be responsible for settling any asbestos litigation.  The Twin Towers held 50,000 people.  Each occupant was exposed to cancerous asbestos.  Mesothelioma can take fifty years to develop so lawsuits would be far off.

Or not filed at all if the potential litigants were dead and buried, or employed somewhere else.  If a class action settlement conservatively paid a $1,000,000 per claimant, Mr. Silverstein or the PANYNJ would have to pony up $50,000,000,000.  So they could demolish the building and face international ridicule, shut the building down for a few years and pull the asbestos from the walls, or hope some people would love to destroy America’s icon of financial might and just need a little extra incentive.

Hey, a lot more diabolical than that has been done for money.  The incredibly cruel institution of slavery was created just to get free labor.  Hitler claimed that those 6,000,000 murdered Jews had walked off with the profits of German production.



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Massacres, Bonesmen, and the Middle East

I, and many more like myself, would have profound moral qualms sending a single soldier to their death.  Yet almost every American president has had no issue marching battalions into harm’s way, flags waving, just to have thousands return in black bags or pine boxes.  Is it because their elite sub-culture prepares the privileged to think in terms of dominion gained, instead of American lives lost.

The Bush clan gave us our 43rd and 41st presidents.  George Walker and George Herbert Walker respectively, attended Yale, as did GW’s grandfather, Prescott, and the grandfather of GW’s grandfather, James Smith.  Yale especially is a very prominent power network for the inheriting, fledgling elite.  The introductions given and norms instilled through secret societies such as the Skull and Bones (with Bonesmen including GW, GHW, Prescott, and even John Kerry), pave the way in establishing the ruling class.

I have no issue with an elite per se, they can parade up and down Main Street shouting “We are your lords and masters,” for all I care.  Once the privileged send our troops off to kill though — as they very often do — leaving their intentions unquestioned, and their ascendance to power unchecked, matter immensely because of the scale of carnage they can unleash.  War’s retaliating murders to prove might makes right is an awfully sad, immoral, and primitive path to follow.

Which brings us to Iran.  Would they bomb Israel with yield from their developing nuclear program — or, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested this week, would Israel preemptively strike Iran?  Is there anything preventing us from being dragged into World War III?  Or are we only hearing the brinkmanship, the political game playing, of the international ruling elite?

Many still recollect the U.S.S.R. with their nuclear arsenal pointed at Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles.  The Cold War ended peaceably as those missiles were never launched; they knew they would face certain nuclear annihilation if they did.  Would Iran and Israel do to each other, what the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. never did to one another in forty years?  I’m not worried.  Then again, I live over six thousand miles away — compared to global warming, and except for possible starvation, how bad can a nuclear winter be?
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Only Judeo-Christians deserve Nuclear Weapons

The thing many backers of American-Middle Eastern policy may not know is that Israel has upwards of 75 nuclear warheads, and could be keeping as many as many as 400 warheads in silos.  If we would hope to at least hold off nuclear war, why stop at disarming Iraq and Iran?  Why not disarm the ones who actually have weapons of mass destruction, and have had them for quite some time, the Israelis?  Zionist status or not, the region’s payload of atomic weaponry could easily repeat the carnage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki many times over.  Why then is Israel allowed to play by different rules than its neighbors?  Only Israel deserves the right to protect itself, to broker the bargaining power implicit in infinitely destructive weapons?

If America demands a Middle East free of nuclear arms, the cooperation of the entire region would have to be required.  One point to remember is that the supposed exemplar of decency and responsibility, the United States, is the only nation that has actually used atomic weapons in war, and used them against a civilian population.

  There are five Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatories sanctioned as Nuclear Weapon States (NWS).  Of these, only China is not Judeo-Christian.  Other than China, the United States, France, Great Britain, and Russia have internationally recognized status as NWS.  To pursue their strategic objectives, these NWS are permitted by the NPT to have stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, they just cannot ship them off to any of the 184 non-NWS countries.

The unrecognized nuclear states, all non-Judeo-Christian, are India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran (the last two are said to be working on nuclear weapon capability).  South Africa was the only Judeo-Christian one of that grouping.  After their democratization in the 1980s though, they destroyed any and all of their atomic explosives.

Israel is given preferential treatment because of the Holocaust.  True, as a people their suffering has been beyond possible measure, or even hopes of solace.  Yet if their desire for an insurmountable defense is not stemmed though, they may be facing a nuclear Holocaust of their very own.

Perhaps after 9/11, Muslims no longer deserve nuclear arms, they need to fast and confess their sins first — they need more painful lessons in Western acclimatization.  At least we should get that policy out in the open.  Actually, if you look a little closely, we may be doing so already.
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Show Us Your Alternative, New York Senator Schumaker  8/20/15.  Senator Schumaker, you are doing a tragic disservice to your non-Jewish voters until you provide an alternative to the Iranian Peace Proposal that you have decided is somehow inadequate.  You made this decision to fall in line with Israeli PM, and conservative Zionist hero, Netanyahu, who is against it.  Why is it okay for Israel to already have nuclear weapons when you say Iran cannot get them? — even though this treaty prevents them from getting them in the first place.

Schumaker will say the non-Jews need to return to the bargaining table, that several months of intense negotiations with Iran, and the six biggest superpowers, were not enough; and that the efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry, and the rest of the State Department as well was not enough to meet Schumaker’s unreachable standards.  Schumaker will not vote in favor of a Muslim, Middle Eastern nation’s prospects for peace, regardless of its terms.

Either the Iranians eat, or they have nuclear power.  They have chosen eating, you have chosen to stuff your campaign war chest with the cash of wealthy, Jewish xenophobes.  About the name Schumaker, Schumer is much more qualified to do work like cobble shoes, than to prejudicially decide American foreign policy in favor of his own self-interests, and those of a small minority of his constituents, who foot his stay at the Capitol.
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Does Howard Stern think Palestinians deserve any rights at all?  10/07/15.  Howard Stern is so pro-Zionist, his positions no longer make any logical, coherent sense.  To him, Zionism is no different from “America, right or wrong,” yet that was the kind of thinking that got us into Vietnam.  Sadly, his Right-wing, pro-Netanyahu radicalism will likely get us in deeper than just a regional war, the battle lines are about to be drawn for World War Three.

In Israel’s most recent purge, 2,100-plus, innocent, Gazans were murdered, and at least three-quarters of these were civilians.  This is opposite just 75, Israeli soldier casualties.  This lop-sided carnage is not an issue for Howard?  Of course there is more.  There was also the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) orders to murder Palestinians, when the dust settled between 762 and 3,500 civilians shot to death, in just two days in the Sabra and Shatila massacre.  He backs Israeli settlements in lands the Israelis expropriate, yet are owned by Palestinians.  This practice has been condemned by the United Nations, and by just about every nation.

If Howard is such an expert on Middle Eastern foreign policy, can he explain why Israel gets to acquire nuclear weapons, but Iran cannot?  With the clout of xenophobic, wealthy, American Jews, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Jews have far greater power in the region than their population would otherwise dictate.  The British Mandate creating Israel granted Zionists unprecedented regional power.  Yet Israelis never belonged where they are hated the most, and where they have created a sham of a civilized society.

And lastly, Howard might claim this is Jehovah’s divine will to reclaim the Holy Land for Judea.  Well, Jehovah damned homosexuals with the Book of Leviticus for thousands of years.  Is an intolerant God, really a God?  Or is he just a fiction for Bible-thumpers to advance their self-promoting agendas with a supposed divine or Biblical backing?  Think about that, Howard.
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Have we seen the last of al-Qaeda?

The factors giving rise to al-Qaeda — United States foreign policy bias towards Israel or Zionism, and away from Palestine, and the rest of the Middle East — were not corrected with bin Laden’s impromptu capital execution.  The flourishing of al-Qaeda was not abated with the civil war we initiated in Iraq, the subsequent oil grab there, and the decade-old war in Afghanistan along a gas pipelineAs the ninth largest oil producer, Libya looks next to be primed for the kill.

If bin Laden was a mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed looks to have played a larger role.  In that light, Osama bin Laden’s function cannot be that difficult to replace.  This has been mentioned here before: wherever anyone hates the United States, or even where Western arrogance is angrily witnessed and denounced, there is the potential for terrorism.

What is more, exactly as many would have relished hearing Hitler testify, and have him hear his victims testify, many more would have liked to hear bin Laden’s mind set, and even, who knows, any defense or justification.  For that very reason, and because hard evidence of his role remains scant, he may have been prevented standing trial.

Is this the end of the war on terror?  Are we scuttling our terrorism-contingent commitment in Afghanistan?  One would have to doubt it.  This country has the finest, most expensive, military machine in the world, and it would be such a shame to just keep it mothballed, its ordnance rusting undetonated.
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No bin Laden body, no photo of body, intimidated SEALs  5/05/11.  Three pieces of the bin Laden capture puzzle have yet to be fitted.

First, when are Navy SEALs intimidated by unarmed targets, or by anything for that matter?  Facing automatic weaponry, the unarmed have a tendency to go quietly.  If he attempted escaping, bin Laden’s leg could easily have been blown out, and they had a helicopter, they could track him anywhere.  (Actually, now the story is that there was a gun rack nearby, so he must have been reaching for the gun rack, still unarmed, when the bullet went through his brain.)

Next, why did the body need to be dropped overboard when it could be kept for identification?  Easy answer, the corpse had to be grossly disfigured so any anti-U.S. group stealing the body could exhibit it riddled with bullets, the target unarmed.

Finally, given the disposal of the body, why are there no photos available to demonstrate that he is dead?  The reason is because it would be inflammatory to those who were supporters of bin Laden, although they are incensed backers regardless of photographic evidence.

The lack of transparency in the executive decisions keeping evidence away from the public will only fuel federal distrust for years to come, just like it did in the Kennedy assassination.
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Why is American oil sent overseas?

The day to day financial operations of oil companies are something of a mystery.  Why does America lease its oil fields to companies patriated anywhere else?  If we want to end our dependence on foreign oil, why let foreign corporations such as British Petroleum drill for oil on U.S. shores?  Shouldn’t America hold on to every last barrel of fossil fuel within its border?

A political affairs show on MSNBC claimed oil companies sell and distribute all their product in world markets, it does not matter who drills it or where it is drilled.  This leaves international exchanges as the one game in town.  With that supply chain, foreign reliance can be justified because where the oil is tapped is never discernible in the marketplace — American oil is sold alongside Arabian oil with undisclosed points of origin for both.  Wouldn’t U.S. fuel corporations want to keep some of their refined petroleum for themselves though?

Hess, as an example, sells their product by closing out a contract for future delivery.  They then return to the petroleum market to buy back the same gas for their retail gas stations?  Americans and American refiners cannot keep their precious natural resources, these must be exported?
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The al-Qaeda Mosque?  Not in my backyard.

New York Muslims are not hoping to create the al-Qaeda Mosque, just a sacred one.   Why then would they want it near Ground Zero, won’t they just be inviting trouble?  Perhaps they want it there to show they are no trouble, and like those of any faith, able to show that they are peaceful, steadfast worshippers of God.  Like any faced with daunting adversity, those following the Quran should not be faulted for their courage and tenacity.

Americans nation-wide are two to one against the mosque; in essence those from the U.S. are two to one against the First Amendment, freedom of religion, and peaceful assembly.  What is sadder still, we need the Chief Executive occupying the Greatest Office in the Land to explain to a Congress of seasoned attorneys what the legal factors and ramifications of this battle actually are.

Envision the World Trade Center as sacred ground, just like all the war zones in Europe.  Next, decide all Islamic Americans are under our dominion, and further, a Mosque cannot be built there, they are no longer protected by our Constitution.  Then put a Church and a Synagogue, the houses of our holiest, in the middle of Ground Zero.  That will offer the downtown traveler a place to pray to his Judeo-Christian God, without having to ever think about the possibility that there exists people of other religions, people like those from India, with 140 million Muslims, or Indonesia, with 123 million.

If our nimbyism prevents a mosque near where two 747s exploded (and Bin Laden, the supposed ringleader, walks away a free man for close to a decade), where will we allow one?  With this as precedent, why not forbid Muslims from praying anywhere in this country?  In fact, why not ship them back to wherever it is they came from?  Or better yet, we can wear armbands, build camps, and take care of the job by ourselves.  That is what we all want, isn’t it?  Doesn’t that make us patriotic Americans?

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