The Coronavirus is just another Virus

Not many know this, but only 6%, or just 15,000, of the 250,000 who died from COVID-19 in America, did not have any preexisting conditions.

Americans are 2.5 times more likely to catch the flu than they are Coronavirus.  This year, 16 million people have had COVID-19 in the U.S.  Yet 38 million Americans had the flu, of which 22,000 died from it.  If you count how many people died of Coronavirus — and not include those with preexisting conditions such as heart disease, obesity, old age, and smoking — Coronavirus only killed 15,000, 7,000 fewer than the flu.  12/19/20.

There is money, power, and prestige in disease.  Does anyone think that epidemiologist and Chicken Little, Anthony Fauci, would be a greatly in-demand public speaker, choking the economy, and being a “rock star,” without him pumping up the Coronavirus boogie-man?

Wear your face mask to the gas station, and you will notice a startling fact.  You can smell the gas through the mask, and if you smell that, what exactly is this mask exercise accomplishing?  The Princess of Sweden doesn’t even bother wearing one, the only thing she bothers with is social distancing...

The unsuspecting can get the virus through their eyes, so the mask does nothing preventative there.  The remedy, of course, is to wear swimming goggles, and the face mask, and stay six feet away from any other, 46 chromosome, human being.

While there aren’t any definitive, conclusive studies demonstrating that face masks prevent contracting the virus, there is anecdotal evidence that they will prevent its spread.  This can prevent the spread, if you’re already sick, and especially if the masks are N95 surgical grade.  The best preventive measure is to never leave your home.  Although this is not very feasible for most food-eating humans.

Finally, reports that this Coronavirus has been one, immense, medical establishment, financial boondoggle, has been greatly exaggerated.  Yet today, the healthcare sector outpaces the rest of the sectors of the United States economy.

—Nine of ten New York, Coronavirus fatalities had major, potentially lethal, preexisting conditions.  Only the already sick are catching Coronavirus, if anyone is...

Nine out of ten Coronavirus victims had severe preexisting conditions.  This excludes other factors like obesity, old age, and smoking.  How can epidemiologists possibly be sure that the preexisting condition didn’t cause these deaths?  Even more questionable, is that the preexisting conditions data hardly ever appear in print, and only once in Long Island’s Newsday.

Anthony Fauci, the epidemiologist deciding to shut down the U.S. economy for sanitary reasons, would get my respect if he could answer just two questions.  What is the average and median age of those stricken by Coronavirus?  (Median is the midpoint of an ordered list.)  I would say it is seventy-years-plus.  COVID-19 cases are already dying of old age.  And why do 93% of the Coronavirus cases have, on average, 2.5 existing conditions?

Given that only 7% of the COVID-19 casualties are caused solely by this virus, how do you decide if someone died of the Coronavirus, or of their other two, or three, preexisting conditions?  In America, and the Blue States especially, medicine went for the Coronavirus death certificates, and not for the preexisting conditions causes of death.

What’s more, given this latitude in determining cause of death, who is to say that New York State over-reported, and now decides it looks good to under-report; while Florida, under-reported, now wants to hop on the bandwagon for Coronavirus government funding?

Because, Fauci, if you could only support your regular, doom and gloom pronouncements with practical science, you wouldn’t sound like little more than a side-show carny promoting a virus’ strength, one who was tragically given an immense amount of power.  Without resolution of these key shortfalls of your argument, Fauci, you’re just chicken little, yelling that the sky is falling.  6/23/20.

Isn’t it cute what they can do with maroon, gray, and orange crocheted yarn these days?  This would make an excellent throw pillow.

At some point, it’s necessary to drop any financial interests that I may have in ideas that I do not have the expertise to bring to market.  If anyone would like to prototype, then mass market, the Coronavirus pillow, you have my blessings.

This pillow would liven up, and be a very effective ice-breaker, in any living room.  Why not show you have taste with a Coronavirus throw pillow?  (Pillow courtesy of the White House prop department...)

The Coronavirus equals $$$$.

Zookeeper Cuomo has become the object of his affection, the Coronavirus — only in America.

Zookeeper Cuomo with the head of a Coronavirus.

The stained glass version of the American Flag, so we can have a rosy remembrance of what it was like before the latest fraud.

American Flag with a Photoshop stained glass filter

This gives everyone an idea of how much we hate Trump.  Just to remove him from office, we’re willing to destroy the American economy, by letting our fears run ramshackle.  If you lost your job because of the Coronavirus, blame Washington, and the medical establishment, because they made this virus so overblown.

We should beat Trump fair and square, not ruin the world economic engine so he can’t run on his economic record.  3/23/20...

American flag with biohazard.

According to our politicians, America is a biohazard.  Do we believe them?  This is not Spain in 1918.


The Evidence against the Coronavirus


COVID-19 age in Italy was 80, they’re dying anyhow...

The average age of COVID-19 casualties in Italy was 80 years of age.  Not surprisingly, this is the average age of death in general.  Italy was assigned fatality leader for much of the invisible Coronavirus’ first few months.  That it was only killing people who were near death anyhow, signifies that Coronavirus is the most illegitimately-ballyhooed, medical sickness ever, second to none.

Welcome to the Coronavirus freak show courtesy of Johns Hopkins University, and the Centers for Disease Control.  It is so galling how any of the official analysis of Coronavirus bypasses for science.  It is all job security patter meant to make the Coronavirus sound like it’s a nuclear bomb ready to explode in your nasal passages.  5/03/20.

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That’s It!  I’m Moving to Sweden!

Here is a telling photograph of Princess Sofia of Sweden volunteering at a hospital without even a face mask.  4/25/20.

Sweden’s schools are open, as are Swedish restaurants and theaters, as well as gyms.  Are America’s leaders and followers just anal-retentive wussies?  What are we doing wrong Stateside?  4/15/20.

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The Coronavirus Numbers just don’t Add Up

Why were Sweden, the Red States in America, and China (of all places) so minimally impacted by the Coronavirus?...

When you heard the call: “Bring out your dead!” — you did so.  Everyone has heard the ambulance sirens howl into the night.  You know at least a dozen of your friends and family who have succumbed to the grippe, this cataclysmic flu.  You have rushed several people you know, and a few complete strangers, to the ER with near flu-like symptoms.

Okay, admit it, Fear-Monger-in-Chief Cuomo, you tried and tried, but this Coronavirus has been a dud.  You over-reacted, and people are unemployed long-term because you did.  Deaths solely attributable to Coronavirus have been grossly over-reported.  Nine of ten had severe, pre-existing conditions.  This doesn’t even consider the obese, smokers, and the elderly.  Are even 1% of “Coronavirus deaths” solely attributable to Coronavirus?  4/27/20.

Approximately 6.7% (10,834 divided by ~160,000) of the deaths in New York State are listed to have a cause of COVID-19 (the illness associated with Coronavirus).  Wouldn’t you think that percentage would be 80%, or 50%, or even 30%?

A miniscule 6.7% has New Yorkers running in fear, 99% are afraid of their own shadow.  Nine out of ten Coronavirus diagnoses already had a severe preexisting condition like cancer or heart disease.

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Only the already sick are dying from COVID-19

Newsday, the Long Island, New York newspaper, had a two-page, front page article about New York State deaths from Coronavirus.  Oddly enough, the most telling paragraph was the last one:

“The state Health Department released data Tuesday showing that among those with underlying conditions who died from coronavirus up until April 5, the largest group were those with diabetes, 1,755.  Others were: 872 with high blood pressure; 590 with coronary problems, 528 with renal issues; 421 with dementia; 421 with COPD; 401 with cancer and 337 with congestive heart failure.”

Of the 5,489 deaths in New York State until April 5th, 4,924, or 89.7% (4,924 divided by 5,489 times 100), had other causes of death besides COVID-19.  This means that nine out of ten Coronavirus cases had other, major, preexisting conditions that alone could easily account for their death.

Do the elderly, tobacco smokers, and the obese comprise the remaining 10% of the causes of death?  These groups are the most high-risk, and might go untreated, until they catch the flu, and it kills them.  This leaves perhaps one-percent who died solely of Coronavirus.

Hospitals cannot say someone is dead who isn’t, but they can fudge the numbers by bundling Coronavirus as a cause of death when there were other, obvious, long-term causes that would have been a much bigger contributor to mortality.

The grimmer a picture that authority figures (like politicians) make Coronavirus look, the more money the hospitals, doctors, the State and National treasuries get; while money is being siphoned away from taxpayers, and they lose their jobs.  4/08/20...

Here’s more from the Coronavirus enthusiasts over at Newsday, Long Island’s parochial attempt at journalism.

Their “journalists” claim that Coronavirus is being under-reported.  They are attempting to move deaths not already attributed to Coronavirus, into the virus category.  They claim that any spike in deaths should have been listed as Coronavirus on death certificates.  They further assert that there wasn’t testing most of this year, even though there was in early February.

Newsday based their “study” on one year’s worth of data, in 2019.  For a complete study, they should have included at least the last five years of deaths.  They are certain that 2019 was the peak for morbidity in the last decade?

The thing about these Coronavirus enthusiasts is that they will do anything to jack up their death numbers, including pulling deaths into the Coronavirus column, from those never given the Coronavirus diagnosis.  Meanwhile, nine out of ten of those officially listed as Coronavirus deaths had pre-existing conditions.

Newsday is moving deaths off the non-Coronavirus death tolls, when instead, they should subtract nine out of ten back from the Coronavirus tolls, because they were actually deaths from pre-existing conditions.

Anyone could just laugh this of as Newsday being Long Island’s equivalent of the New York Post.  The problem with Newsday’s sensationalism, is that people have lost their ability to support themselves.  They are out of work, and there will be many more as long as the Coronavirus sirens are blaring in elected officials brains courtesy of rags like Newsday.  4/29/20.

The vast majority of Coronavirus cases already had very severe illnesses, as stated prior, nine of ten did.  The problem with pushing this public health agenda of ominous toxicity is that there will be winners: Doctors, and their hospitals, along with medical equipment suppliers, who are all making out like bandits.

Trump said that the Chinese make excellent scapegoats for the virus, just like the World Health Organization do when he withdrew U.S. funding.  On Long Island, the Hispanic population is supposedly — and disproportionately for their numbers — running to doctors about their sniffles, to ones most cannot even afford.

More Hispanics are supposedly being brought to the curb in body bags than anyone else, because the numbers-makers are suggesting that they do not wash themselves, and they choose to live in overcrowded hovels.  Not being speakers of English, they are disenfranchised, and cannot offer any dissent.  These handicappers, these numbers-runners, are from both the CDC, and up in Albany, in the New York State Capitol.  4/09/20...

When the fatalities are counted in this virus, cleanliness-exercise, crusade, the vast majority of deaths will be those with preexisting conditions, and not Coronavirus.  Suicides will also predominate as legions will no longer be able to support themselves.  The medical establishment, however, will be bopping around with new Beamers.  4/10/20...

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A death toll of 777 is not a random number

The number runners up in Albany, New York put together today’s death toll, and they’re getting tired.  The number they came up with is “777,” which is not a random number.  Cuomo’s Health and Human Services team really needs to try harder next time.

Here’s one, “658.”  It’s got descending quantity going for it, and it just sounds reasonable.  It says we’re not out of the woods yet, but dang, are we ever social distancing, and as upright citizens, performing all kinds of other microbe-blocking inanity.

658 is an excellent number, Albany.  Show us that you’re the thieves with our tax dollar, as we’ve learned to expect the last few weeks — or at least the ones who can see through your bull.  If New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Trump had any conscience, and any strength of character, at all, they’d call off their virus hoax immediately.  4/10/20...

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The Best Treatment, the Worst Fatalities?

Here’s a question for ambitious epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci: America has the most deaths associated with his virus (and in New York State, nine of ten had preexisting conditions), then how does he explain why the nation with the greatest prevention and treatment capabilities, has the greatest fatality rate?  Do you have any answer at all, Fauci the Catholic?  4/11/20.

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Those poster-patients, the Hanks, are dying — dying laughing...

Avoid the panic and hysteria part and parcel of a worldwide health scare.  Just ask Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, who tested positive for COVID-19, yet is now in perfect health.

The hysteria has captured the global imagination, now you need to know the real, unfiltered truth, free of any agenda of: the medical establishment; mass media sensationalism; the healthcare industry; or politicians struggling to capitalize on a docile, power base.

At 5,443 casualties (as of 4/03/20), Coronavirus is not within the top ten causes of death in America, not even close.  At the number ten position is intentional self-harm (or suicide) with 47,173.  Coronavirus is nothing compared to number-one, heart disease with 647,457 deaths.

No one is bringing out their dead, bodies aren’t being dumped curbside.  Funeral home parking lots aren’t full, and funeral motorcades aren’t a common sight.  Then how would we ever know our so-called “leaders” are telling the truth, where is the thousand dropping like flies every day?...

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Coronavirus ranks less than 10th in top causes of death...

  • Newsday, and probably most media outlets, don’t list the number of Coronavirus with lethal, pre-existing conditions when they report casualties.  Newsday did only once in March, but I guess the feeling over at their Melville HQ, is that they are die-hard Coronavirus enthusiasts.  As such, they must always play up the effects of this grippe, in spite of any evidence to the contrary.

    At Newsday, it is unhealthy, even un-American, to suggest that the Coronavirus isn’t the deadliest scourge to hit planet earth since, well...  Newsday staffers will be wearing face masks for the rest of their lives.

    Yet, it’s barely in the top ten of American casualties, but Newsday doesn’t care.  Sensationalism is presented under the guise of public service, but meanwhile because of their media-driven panic, millions are out of work.  This is the Great Depression for these millions, but Coronavirus enthusiasts rule the day.  Newsday has now proudly become a tabloid, The New York Post of Long Island.  4/30/20.

  • At 5,443 casualties (as of 4/03/20), Coronavirus is not within the top ten causes of death in America, not even close.  At the number ten position is intentional self-harm (or suicide) with 47,173.  Coronavirus is nothing compared to number-one, heart disease with 647,457 deaths.  (Expect the mortality stats to shoot up, to keep with Americans’ belief that Coronavirus is Satan incarnate, and not just the flu.)

    While doctors might say that this horrid scourge on all of mankind is being kept under control with social distancing, face masks, and well-deployed hazmat suits; they don’t think that parallel precautions are being used against heart disease and suicide?  Proportionally speaking, adjusted (or not) for precautions, Coronavirus is a bust, but one that is on track to take down the economy, because no one in power has the guts to resist its medical establishment supporting narrative.

    Our national leaders have mortgaged away our futures for this exorbitantly-expensive, National Civil Defense Exercise.  Now, we’re holed us up inside our houses like prison inmates, for a disease that’s nowhere near the top ten in severity.  This speaks volumes about their shortsightedness, and telling Americans anything they want to hear to confirm their fears, ones incited by the mass media and Washington.  4/03/20.

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    Billions more Chinese, but the U.S. has all the cases?

    China has 4.3 times the population of the United States.  Why is it then that, as of 3/27/20, America has 19,760 more cases of Coronavirus?  The Chinese are extremely over-populated, and they don’t have effective standards of hygiene.

    This shows how suspect the data that the Centers for Disease Control has been reporting: Suffolk County, where I live, has 30 deaths from Coronavirus with a population of 1,481,093; while the entire nation of Greece has 28 with a population of 11,305,118.  The CDC is just inventing numbers to suit their purposes, or because they’re missing data.

    American disease counts are accurate?  Is the unlucky, and impossibly random death count of “1,300” credible?  (This is from the CDC’s American death count for 3/27/20.)  NYU Langone’s Sunrise blood lab has gotten the results wrong on several occasions.  Anyone with a runny nose is paralyzed with fear that they have the Coronavirus.  Hospitals indulge them, and admit them, because as a precautionary measure, they must be seen under observation.

    Hospitals could sure use the business, the mass media keeps saying they lack equipment to cure the sick of this grippe.  Everyone knows that a greater occupancy rate in a hospital means more funding.  If doctors and hospitals as well as the medical establishment in general, want to gouge the public for revenue, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

    How is this not an effort by the Stateside medical establishment, including the United States government, to doctor their viral counts?  This way they can further fill their coffers, and make the medical industry seem far more valuable to the American people than they actually are.

    With all this extra leisure time we have been given from the pan(dem)ic, ask a doctor to write a list of everything he or she knows about medicine in a notebook.  This is all they can contribute to your health care.  This is their value to you as physicians.  I’d be willing to bet $100, even odds, that for their six-to-eight figure incomes, they cannot write more than ten pages.  3/27/20.

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    Coronavirus Side Effects


    Governor Andrew Cuomo demands Coronavirus Respect

    For all of us who find face coverings worse than the disease, think of them as a courtesy.  You’re soothing petrified, Coronavirus enthusiasts — those who fell for this pathology hook, line, and sinker.

    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is pretty much the world’s biggest Coronavirus enthusiast.  If you ever see him in person, he would appreciate that you wore a hazmat suit.  His motto is: You cannot take too much precaution, shutting down the economy is not a problem, if it fully honors this virus, our new pagan God!

    Andy-boy is scared of his own shadow.  Thanks to him, schools in New York State are officially closed for the term.  He shouldn’t have any expectations of getting reelected.

    By the way, on March 25th of this year, the World Health Organization said face masks were completely unnecessary for healthy people.  5/01/20.

    Extremely over-zealous Governor Cuomo ups his ante against New Yorkers.  All New Yorkers must now wear face masks in public, indoor spaces.  Three weeks ago, didn’t the World Health Organization say this is entirely ineffective?  They did.  Yet Batman and Robin, Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Centers for Disease Control, reversed course to put America back in medical hysteria mode, and make America the most neurotic, and the most anal, nation on planet Earth...  4/23/20.

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    New Jersey is Begging for your Money

    I just watched parts of the Give New Jersey your Money telethon.  They were hardest hit by the Coronavirus hysteria?  Where is our incentive check going if we send it to them?  Does anyone know?  It’ll keep food pantries full?  How many people do they expect to put on their payroll?  Here’s my charity: The Coronavirus Hoodwinking Fund.  It’ll give your money to the medical establishment, as if they weren’t bilking you enough already.

    Everywhere you look, this is just not measuring up to be the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s only the Coronavirus panic: Nine of ten are dying because of severe, lethal, preexisting conditions, not Coronavirus.  Coronavirus testing is not available, and easily doctored anyhow with standard, data-correcting overrides so the healthy look ill, and needing of treatment.  This virus is not on the top ten causes of death in America, not even close.

    The pandemic started in China, but it’s mostly spreading in hygienic America?  Sweden didn’t fall for the American Coronavirus trap, their kids are already back in school.  They’re going to movies, and restaurants.

    The Coronavirus cover up bubble will burst soon enough, leaving the cleanup of a financial mess the likes of which America has never seen.  If the Democrats don’t straighten out their act soon enough, their act of destroying the economy so Trump can’t run on it, will give the Congress and the White House to the GOP for at least the next dozen years.

    “Doctor” Andrew Cuomo, champion of the medical and hospital establishment, can continue in his Oscar-winning performance, but it won’t be as Governor of the State of New York.  He’ll join his brother on CNN, except he’ll be doing the vaunted overnight shift.  4/22/20.

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    I wouldn’t cash out now...

    Just a bit of financial advice: Don’t buy high, and sell low.  Follow the time-honored adage, and always buy low and sell high.  This is not the time to exit from funds, at their low point, by selling low.  Don’t cash out, when there isn’t anything to cash out with.

    But don’t listen to me, speak to your broker after he’s back at work, looking to churn accounts for commissions, the markets have completely bottomed out, and your funds are worth bupkes.

    Looking at the markets, it does seem that the Coronavirus have been fully figured into their earnings projections, and with the uncertainty dissipating, the market cannot free fall any further.  After all, Coronavirus isn’t WWIII, despite what Washington continually implies (meaning Fauci).

    Give your mutual funds a chance to rebound first, before you storm Merrill Lynch with a broken, Cabernet bottleneck.  4/07/20.

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    Fraud masquerading as Civic-mindedness

    Why is the daily death toll mounting, when everyone knows how to prevent it by now?  Long Island just reported 52 deaths by the pan(dem)ic this Friday, from a grand total of 580 since the microbe filled our thoughts with Wuhan Province paranoia in January.  That’s ten days worth of death in one day?

    People do not realize how incredibly easy it is to doctor, or fudge, these numbers.  A hospital needs funding, so will they over, or under report their casualties?  Is there any fact-checking, or is this all in a pseudo-patriotic effort to pull off a medical establishment heist?

    Suffolk County has had fewer burials the last few weeks.  The official explanation is that there are fewer gravediggers to dig graves.  Isn’t the real explanation that there are fewer bodies requiring graves?  (Newsday, 4/07//20.)

    Dr. Fauci — Fearmonger-in-Chief, hero of the moron, and the medical establishment — claims that there are over a half million, silent-carriers.  These are people with no symptoms whatsoever that are in dire need of outrageously expensive medical treatment, because they will be dying within a day or two.  Riffing on the Fauci narrative, America has been completely contaminated (but not any other country), and only the medical establishment can save us.

    When this fiasco is finally called off, the silent carriers, the asymptomatic, will still walk among us, like Dawn of the Dead.  Then the phantom Coronavirus can take hold and continually effect America, at least until Fauci’s retirement, where all his valuable insight into a microbe that no one can say for certain, is doing anything to anyone, will have to be passed along to Wally Ballou.  4/07/20.

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    The one blame game where Trump has a point...

    I never agree with Trump, but I do agree with him regarding the Coronavirus dangerous overreaction, at least, in some measure.  He is downplaying this medical hoax, yet I think it should just be completely exposed as the hoax that it is.  The Republican governors will look mighty good for following Trump, the Democrats like fools.  Because Trump gets White House briefings, he’s looking at cards, no one else gets to see.

    The current dynamic in Washington is to discredit the opposing party.  There is no easing of tensions.  Forty years ago, there was a détente between the two parties.  It has been kill, or be killed (metaphorically, re reelection prospects), since Trump got in the White House.  Here though, if Washington doesn’t get off this national pity party, hosted by Coronavirus very soon, this country will be in financial tatters.  Let me phrase that more succinctly, this country will be in ruins.

    Oregon doesn’t need respirators that they’re sending to New York, even though the West Coast was the first to get the virus (one of the first American, Coronavirus case had no contact with the infected, nor traveled overseas).  Coronavirus won’t make the top ten causes of death in America, but think about how much wealthier the medical establishment is getting at our expense.

    99.99% of Americans agree that hospitals need to be bigger with more unused respirators, and doctors do not need six or seven figure incomes, they need eight figure ones.  The next Jeff Bezos will have cornered the market on face masks, and hazmat suits.  0.01% will know the truth, we need to return to exactly the way our life was, before reports left China about food markets selling bats and snakes.

    Because America was hardest hit by the pan(dem)ic, this country will lose its first-place position internationally.  Employees can no longer be paid, when nothing is being sold.  Employees who are unemployed — well, does anyone remember the Great Depression (not the dinky Great Recession)?  Do you remember: “Buddy can you spare a dime?”  Have you heard of bread lines?  4/04/20...

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    The Mayor of Los Angeles wears a tinfoil cap...

    The Mayor of Los Angeles, in an effort to sound both extremely silly and dangerous, will now require everyone to wear face masks in public.  He wants to draw down the supply that hospitals need so he can sound competent.  Every reputable expert has said that face masks are only for the sick, or for hospital workers.  Studies have shown that masks are effective in warding away evil spirits of those afraid of their own shadow.

    In other news, Los Angeles’ Mayor McCheese will require every building to remove their handrails by the end of this month.  This even includes homes.  Germ-infested bathroom usage will also be kept down with pay toilets in every facility.  This is to the tune of Depression-era: “Brother, can you spare a dime.”

    Like the face mask initiative, these will accomplish nothing, except his New Age loony, voting base, will be foaming in the mouth in excitement.  4/02/20...

    In Other News, the Mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio, has okayed not letting patrons enter grocery stores if they don’t wear face masks.  To the City, no face mask is the Star of David pinned in shame on Jews in Nazi Germany.  4/17/20...

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    Coronavirus stops Greenhouse Gases, and Global Warming

    Air temperature has returned to normal or below normal levels for the last ten days (via The New York Time’s Replica Edition, Accuweather page).  This is a sharp departure from an entire year of much above average temps.

    So while the Coronavirus flu is devastating the economy, at least it’s counteracting global warming.  The reason is simple: No one is driving their cars, and these emit carbon dioxide, which is the chief component of greenhouse gas.

    These trapped emissions are the reason for climate change.  Trump has been denying climate change for quite some time.  Most recently, he turned back the clock, and loosened, emissions regulations on new cars.  4/01/20.

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    If these are the end-times, where are the roaming militias?

    More than anything, folks, you need to know how the Coronavirus will kill off the planet in just a few, short weeks.  This will be accomplished either with the virus, or via a crippled economy that will do the same.  Strap on your hazmat suits and brace yourself for the end times.  Hunker down into your underground bunker, pull out the Sterno, and boil up some of your freeze dried provisions.  Dig in!!  Get ready for the scavengers, and keep the AK-47 locked and loaded.  Fire on sight.

    The NRA has obviously been right the entire time, all their prophesies of doom have been dead on.  We’re living in the apocalyptic end of days, there is gunfire on the streets, fighter-jets fly overhead dropping their payload, Bombing of Dresden-style.  The NRA’s hastily assembled militias are rolling down your street as we speak, with orders from General Goofball to shoot and kill.  They have enough firepower to fight the War in Viet Nam many times over.

    Yet on closer inspection, members of the NRA’s self-important faction of loony-tunes are paranoid psychotics, who pray for the day when they can open fire on their street, and prey on the unsuspecting.

    This is all courtesy of the Founding Idiots who expressly provided a federal Constitution, one unheard of, before or since, that allows for gunplay among anyone who currently seems sane.  True, they only needed guns to quell slave rebellions, but it became part of the American spirit, to become homicidal gun-lovers.  3/28/20.

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    The Lighter Side of Global Calamity


    Jack and Jill are loving every minute

    The all-time winners down the block are getting used to the routine, every day is Saturday, and no one has contact outside of their family.  Jack is practicing his ax-throwing skills in the backyard.

    Meanwhile, Jill spends three hours every day mastering her tennis stroke against the family’s Green Monster, tennis wall.  She still takes lessons with Keanu, a thirty-year, Grand Slam veteran, although they don’t play much tennis, and they haven’t been following social distancing rules, at all.

    Jack, Jr., is skateboarding down the hill in front of their estate, and has taken a peculiar interest in reggae music and Rastafarianism.  Meanwhile, Sue is making her all-time best, macramé, needlepoint sampler for her school home economics wall of fame, which she’ll be showing off, once she finally returns to Good Times High School.

    Yes, things couldn’t be any better for the Ambersons.  Welcome to home, sweet, home.  True, Jack lost his job at the video plant, because the work was moved down to Mexico.  Meanwhile Jack’s management forte: multi-party integration, end-user personality matrices, holiday sourcing, glad-handing, circuit harmonics, connect-the-dot tracing, load relief, and real-time penetration, were all outsourced to India.

    As for Jill, she was canned as a top-level administrator with the State, where she was written up not once, not twice, but thrice, for slapping her clients in a fit of Coronavirus pique, and then lying about it to the Feds.

    Once on a business trip to San Fran, she shoved an elderly lady down a steep street on her wheelchair.  Turns out that the old lady was once a city dignitary whose palm Jill was trying to grease.  The entire affair was never revealed to the Compliance Bureau by investigators, because Jill paid them all off, and the poor woman hit her noggin on a mailbox and she couldn’t remember a thing.  The victim did have many abrasions, road rash essentially, from rolling over and over down the street in her wheelchair.

    Yet the family is having so much fun together, no one has really noticed that their life savings have been completely tapped out.  4/03/20...

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    Politician Andrew Cuomo needs Coronavirus Respect

    I caught up with the governor here, a politician named Andrew Cuomo, who is only paid to tell you what you’d like to hear.  For the benefit of everyone quarantined from their job, and effectively fired, I asked him why the statistics are so insignificant to him, yet we are expected to follow laws designed to ruin us economically, and perform distancing exercises that do nothing.  They do nothing, because as said before and after his monologue, there isn’t any threat here compared to much more lethal diseases.  Anyhow, this is what he had to say:

    “I am the respirator governor, I put more respirators in more beds in this State than any other governor.  I tout the Coronavirus, because it is the biggest baddest virus ever unleashed on planet Earth.  This big, bad boy is huge, it is a devastator, folks, but we will go toe-to-toe with this all-time monster.

    “Think Rocky IV where Stallone finally nails Apollo Creed.  Well, folks, we are Rocky, and the Coronavirus is Apollo Creed.  DING!!!  We will win this silent war, this viral battle of wills.

    “I am making you all petrified of even the word, Coronavirus, because this is how you cure viruses, with fear, fear that any false step away from social distancing will, I said, will, end your life — end it like that, SNAP!!!!

    “Our ambition is focused on corralling a microbe, and truth be told, in showing the world in how to combat this invisible Chinese killer.  As I have said over and over, jobs are secondary.  We must contain this phantom, this microbial, Satanic nuclear weapon.

    “It is just incidental that I’m promoting my career on the national stage.  But my focus will always be on viral infections, this is what I am all about.

    “I will be pushing through hospital expenditure legislation, so every town and city in my fine State has infinite capability to stop, I said stop, stop, stop, this invisible killer.  And it is invisible, I fired my Chinese foot servant, Hokido, after he sneezed, because he spewed unseen death in that sneezing second.

    “I don’t look at the data, but I just can feel that this is the super-killer of all time.  I feel it in my blood, my corpuscles.

    “Expenditures, we will outspend every State on the medical establishment.  Hear me, I said expenditures, ex-pen-di-tures, folks.  We will outspend the world on respirators, on doctors, nurses, every street will have a medical response unit, every last one of them.

    “Then, then, folks, ‘folks’ being the argot of the common man, and I am the common man.  Yes, I am one of the people, because I am on the cover of the Rolling Stone.”

    And then Cuomo fainted, I didn’t know quite what to do, but his medical units would descend soon from every part of the State, to fix this broken man...

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    We all know twenty people taken down by the Coronavirus...

    If you’re like me, you wonder if the Coronavirus is actually a hoax.  Yet everyone you know has tested positive for COVID-19.  You have been to eight funerals, just this week (those two-a-day funerals are a bitch).  Ambulances regularly rush up and down major roads in your town.  Every Monday, everyone knows to bring out their Dead, and you know as well.

    Like everyone else in your neighborhood, you’re playing mortuary bingo.  You excitedly scan your newspaper’s obituaries for matches with the twenty-five enemies on your bingo card.  Your card is almost filled with Coronavirus dead, so you’re living large, a $1,000 prize awaits the “winner.”

    Outside of Coronavirus fun, you’ve been preparing yourself.  You find your hazmat suit a bit bulky, and your face mask uncomfortable, but you know this virus is Baby Jesus’ way of punishing you for past sins.  Jesus the Christ wants us to suffer, then so be it.  Christians rejoice: “Bring on the pain, Baby Jesus, I’m ready for all you can dish out.”

    You sneak out more than your maximum at the grocery, because these are the end-times, and you will be the last one standing in your town.  You’re out to guarantee your survival against this mighty microbe.

    Your family keeps their favorite, automatic, assault-rifle beside them at the dinner table.  Most days you scan outside for ones to pick off with your practiced sharp-shooting skills.  You’re Second-Amendment-proud, and it is time to show it, spraying your street with practice rounds, and praying to actually be able to empty cartridges into people’s skulls on some fabricated pretext.

    You’re delighted that you’ve frightened the gun control crowd, your mortal enemy, to death.  Cowardly Hollywood will never have the guts to say: “Repeal the Second Amendment, and abolish guns forever.”  You’re grateful that Hollywood gets it, that guns are more American than apple pie.

    It’s another day hunkered down with the end of days, and you’re running around the house.  You loosen up in your “cave,” and you shed the hazmat suit, for a double face mask.  Trump said to wear one after all, even though he won’t.

    This Coronavirus brings you that much closer to your Baby Jesus.  As Dolly Parton said: “God loves us,” but with mass layoffs and a medical panic, he just has a very sick way of showing it.  4/05/20.

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    Fauci opens death toll bidding with 240,000...

    A White House, COVID-19 panel including newly-minted, Coronavirus-rockstar, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, is recommending a death count of 100,000 to 240,000.  This is 2 to 4 times the casualties of the War in Viet Nam.  The latest effort by our American hoax-masters, one soliciting hospital equipment, is that we will have 68,000 American deaths in thirty days.  Meanwhile the Viet Nam War had 8,000 fewer casualties in seven years.

    Politicians are, in fact, calling the the containment of the Coronavirus flu a war, one that will devastate America.  In response, why not have a Coronavirus War Memorial?

    To keep these soothsayers of doom honest, let’s have a Coronavirus Wall listing: Name of these highest risk, obese, elderly smokers; age of passing; and town where they kicked the bucket.  If we don’t keep them honest, the medical and mortuary establishment will clean out the Treasury, which is about to happen anyhow.

    As the bodies are left out on the street, The Other Letter will be raising the highest-risk, obese, elderly smoker, Coronavirus Wall.  I’ll be scanning the obituaries.  Then let’s have some names, folks:

    Name of your DeceasedAge of DeceasedTown where they DiedOn a Respirator Y/N?

    We need respirator input, because we know that these were so vital to the survival of your loved one.  If they were denied the human right to a respirator, we’ll be launching an investigation on behalf of your deceased.  You can count on The Other Letter, champion against injustice.

    With these immense fatalities part and parcel a biohazard pan(dem)ic, we need to bury our dead somewhere, and a method of bringing out our dead.  As for where to bury the highest-risk, obese, elderly smokers, we need open fields that can be dug out with a backhoe.  With all of these fatalities, headstones will only be available for the well-to-do.  Our dead can be brought to the road via hand truck, and picked up according to regular pickup days.

    Rita Wilson, the wife of actor Tom Hanks, having tested positive for COVID-19, is inadvertently the heroine at the front lines of idiocy.  I have located the Youtube where we hear Ms. Wilson gasp for breath, and beg New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for a ventilator.  Here is the text of Rita’s gasping pleas to Cuomo:

    I beg of you, Andy, I can’t breathe, I need a ventilator for my own use.  I am in Montefiore General Hospital, room number 13-08.  Please, Andy, I can’t breathe.  Please...  Andy...  Must breathe...  Must have oxygen!  Help!  Help!...  Tom, do you know Cuomo?...  Can you call him, please?  I have a scratchy throat...

    Cuomo is looking for his legacy to be a huge supply of these ventilators which have a $25,000 to $50,000 tab.  Trump, and the government apparatchiks who work for him, know that Americans will believe anything you tell them.  Hesoever runeth the printing press, runeth the world.  4/01/20...

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    Influenza does more Damage than Coronavirus does

    Don’t believe me?  Then just read this from Johns Hopkins Medical School, and the Centers for Disease Control.  Near the bottom of the page are the relevant and shocking statistics.  The facts speak for themselves.

    This is the one hoax that Trump is too afraid to call a hoax (the rest weren’t hoaxes, and he said that they were).  How about we call off this Coronavirus hoax?  So we can get on with our lives?  It’s time to opt out of catastrophe mode.  Okay, we’ll pay off all the medical providers with new equipment for the end-times; and finance Bezos’ new space station.

    Jeff Bezos has been hoping and praying for a massive end-times event for the longest time.  Sales are going through the roof for Bezos as well as for his Amazon, the lazy-bones, home delivery service.

    His prayers for a viral outbreak, replete with hundreds of millions of shut ins, have at last been answered.  Bezos has new-found belief in Baby Jesus high-above in the ether.  3/18/20.

    Does anyone know where to get a quality hazmat suit?  I prefer the design with the embedded oxygen tank.  Amazon’s Bezos has enough of my money, are there any other sources for hazardous materials outfits?  I have been looking everywhere...  3/18/20.

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    Trump sees Coronavirus as Political Opportunity


    Coronavirus took the heat off of Trump & his Ukrainian extortion...

    Trump has been doing better in the polls of late.  He excels in situations where he cannot really be blamed for anything (yet).  His press conferences have recently been breezy affairs, as if he was chatting with well-heeled, privileged guests at Mar-a-Lago (these would be the Fox reporters).  It is absolute sacrilege to criticize how the afflicted are being handled by Trump.

    45 benefits from having the best hand in Washington.  The White House gets the most complete data of the economic and epidemiological terrain in this pan(dem)ic.  Does any Senator have a staff the size of Trump’s?

    As we’ve seen, America has a notoriously short attention span.  By November 3rd, most Americans will be unable to remember that Trump was the third President who was ever impeached.  Hopefully, Trump’s past will catch up to him, or otherwise, we’re stuck with the condescending, King of Right-Wing Aggression, along with another Ukrainegate or two.

    The trouble with Trump has always been that the truth doesn’t matter, he’ll just keep plugging his lying version of reality until eyes-glazed Americans accept his hypnotic fictions as the truth.

    Besides this, if you don’t toe Trump’s line in the sand, he is often colder than ice.  At press conferences, he is caustic, abrasive, and frightening.  Trump is a vicious competitor, he will stop at nothing to keep his stranglehold over Americans.  He uses intimidation to manipulate the press.  His brother, Fred Jr., died of alcoholism at the unbelievably early age of 43, and this so hardened Donald that he will eat raw meat thrown his way, if it will somehow satisfy his insatiable desire for power and influence.

    Trump doesn’t even feel that the law applies to him.  The newly crowned king of sleazy politicians, the Donald believes that, as President, there are no limits to his powers.  His attorney, Alan Dershowitz, said during Trump’s impeachment trial that if a President thinks his reelection is in the public interest, he has unlimited powers to accomplish this.  3/30/20.

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    Trump taking advantage of franking during the Coronavirus hoax

    Check your mailboxes, folks.  Trump took the opportunity of a country in grief to again promote his political agenda.  For an inexplicable reason, a note about Coronavirus precautions that we could now recite in our sleep, was sent by Trump and the White House, and not the Surgeon General, or the government-at-large.  When you have a crass, corrupt President, what did you expect?  This is a very odd time for Trump to start using the franking privilege of Congress.

    The average American in Podunk, Indiana, is thinking: “Geez, Trump is our god-honest savior, and I have a postcard souvenir proving he’s done something for Americans like us!  Mabel, look!  Mabel, look!  Donald Trump saved our lives!  And our very own, since Pence none the richer, saved us, too!”

    Meanwhile in the strategy room in the underground, White House bunker, Trump proclaims to Kelly Anne Conway, et al: “Operation Trump as Savior, Medicine Gravy Train is now complete.”  Conway jumps up on her chair and looking leeringly at Trump, says: “You’re the greatest, Donald.  Everyone loves you, honest.  Can I go topless now, Donny?”

    Trump speaks: “Kelly, can’t you see I’m trying to run a business here?  Get Andrew Cuomo on the line.”

    “You’re talking to the Governor of the State of New York.”

    “Andy, hey, the Donald here.  Kelly Anne and I were chatting down in the bunker.  Coronavirus will be my crowning legislative achievement.  We pulled it off.”

    Cuomo agrees: “Did we ever?  Bellevue now has a new doctors’ lounge with juice dispenser, and cybernetic units.  I have no idea what the units do, but it’s something that will obviously save tens of thousands of lives every year, and now every Democrat and half the Republicans on the Lower East Side will vote for me.  Every hospital in the State of New York will be looking like it was just built.  Hail the King of medical spending — Andy!”

    “We still got to keep pumping this up, Andy!  Just keep saying that everyone in New York is dying.  Send out wagons with loudspeakers screaming out: ‘Bring out your dead!’  I’m telling you, we got this one in the black bag, and do we ever!  Kelly Anne will be pushing her Let’s Thank a Doctor! funding campaign through Congress!  This is gonna be big, so big!  And America’s losers were saying that I wasn’t taking this serious enough.”  3/31/20.

    In more self-aggrandizement, the Coronavirus checks will have Trump’s signature on them.  This is the first time an IRS check has had the name of a sitting President on it.  Trump’s next dirty trick is to get his face on a Benjamin, a $100 bill.  If he somehow bullies that through, we hope it is done posthumously.  4/17/20.

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    Christian savior, and Emperor Trump do nothing

    By having the Coronavirus emergency officially end near Easter Sunday, April 12th, Trump is making the virus’ passing look like some whacked-out Easter miracle.  He’ll give some, silly little speech about how much Baby Jesus means to every touched American, and then everyone can gouge their face with ham, or Spam, or ham by-products.

    How does Jesus the Christ get off the hook here?  He did nothing to prevent the Coronavirus, and just as much to prevent the afflicted from dying.  He is a do-nothing savior, that billions kneel before.  3/27/20...

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    Let’s break the bank on invisible germ warfare...

    Just as John F. Kennedy ushered in the final frontier of space exploration, Trump has ushered in a new frontier of medical and hospital funding.  We will become: “One nation founded under unlimited medical spending...”.  The medical debt from this neurotic, panicky, indulgent, welfare boondoggle won’t be repaid for many years to come.

    A two-trillion-dollars relief fund shoots a hole right through any regular functioning of American government.  America fell deep for a panic that will have far worse economic than medical consequences.

    The United States is scared stiff of its own shadow.  Remember to check those obituary pages to see that there’s hardly anyone dying from this.  Even more telling will be when they open the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, which is ground zero for the Coronavirus.  This 1,000-bed facility is ground zero within ground zero.  If there isn’t 500-plus occupied beds there, we have a scandal much bigger than Watergate on our hands.  4/02/20.

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    Trump to oversee $500B slush fund?

    Trump would like sole discretion over a five-hundred-billion-dollar, Coronavirus, slush fund.  Just turn your back one second on Trump, that swine, and his snout is back in the trough.  He said Monday evening that: “I’ll be the oversight” to who gets the money.  This is the equivalent of telling an alcoholic that, “We’re going home, how about you lock up the bar for the night?”

    Trump’s Bitch McConnell is pushing as hard as he can to get his ungoverned, slush fund through the Senate as quick as possible.  This way, no one will know what’s in it.  McConnell claims the benefits are so desperately needed that there is hardly time for the level of review House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requires.

    Trump would like his hotel empire to get through this unscathed, so watch for the Bitch to make special financial provisos for the “hardest hit travel industry.”  Meanwhile, no one is working, and no one is making any income, so why do airlines and hotels get to belly-up to the bar, to the front of the queue?  3/24/20.

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    Why an economy in lock down can be lethal...

    Trump just gave an unusually long press conference (at over two hours, it’s long for him, or really, any President).  Trump has two sides, one is surprisingly congenial, and deliberate.  The other is conniving, who fires anyone demonstrating disloyalty, and who even extorts dirt on personal enemies in exchange for the release of Ukrainian military aid.

    Economists talk about the velocity of money, or how much a dollar bill changes hands every year.  Without a significant velocity of money, the economy grinds to a halt.  If money is not spent and re-spent, a capitalistic, paper currency-based, economy cannot survive...  3/23/20.

    Part of the reason he was so well-mannered tonight, was because America is sitting on a nuclear time bomb.  If this economy continues to tank, we won’t have a recession, we’ll have the second Great Depression.

    No one is engaged in meaningful or significant, productive or purchasing activity.  This has never happened before, except after there was a run on the banks in 1929.

    More modus operandi of self-absorbed Trump, is that everything he does is calculated to complete his mission of getting a second term into the White House.  He’s always garnering votes, he is always exploiting weaknesses in his enemies.  Trump is not before the podium to make any new friends, he is only up there so a majority of Americans vote for him on November 3rd.

    If you follow Trump’s Presidency closely, he has all the warmth, and condemnations, that Nixon was known for, and he even possesses Hitler’s fury.  3/23/20.

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