Unique United States President Perspectives

Readers happen upon this website, and think: “I have seen it all before, how can another amateur hour blog keep my interest?”

For starters, how about the Other Letter’s coverage of Presidential profiles?

Donald Trump’s eldest brother, Fred, Junior, died of alcoholism at the age of forty-two.  Another break from Presidential norm (as we might already be aware), before Donald became President of the United States, he didn’t have any prior experience as an elected official.

While Democrats have real issue with his almost overt racism (Charlottesville, and his Africa, “sh*thole nation” remark), keep in mind, Mar-a-Lago wait staff is at the core of his experience with African Americans.  (I’m joking, right?  I don’t know, am I?  Ivanka knows best, and she hasn’t answered our calls.)

What I do find somewhat surprising is critics should at least praise Trump on his business acumen.  He exists for money, well, doesn’t he?  Trump is the only President I can recall who actively heckled, and knew how to heckle, the Fed Chief.  His knowledge of diplomacy was lacking, as was his tact, but can he really be faulted for lack of economics knowledge?  Trump does have a Wharton degree.

Trump was once a Democrat, no kidding.  I don’t know if you’d call that waffling, or opportunism, or what exactly, but thrice-married Trump (with Ivana, Marla Maples, and poor Melania) holds muster with the Religious Right?

As for January Sixth, his exhortation to his followers, that “we love you,” has to be seen in context of electing a President who had no experience for that level of leadership.  Stranger still, he has to defend his taxes, but not what really amounts to treason.  With Trump, America got someone just like you and I, except one worth billions of dollars.  He really has zero credentials for the job.

Donald Trump avoided serving in Vietnam because of bone spurs in his feet.  Okay, now let’s show how all these super-patriots avoided Nam service: Joseph Biden skipped out of Vietnam because of asthma, and he was also a lifeguard.  McConnell had eye issues that apparently he doesn’t have now.  Mitt Romney sought and was granted four student deferments, and one ministerial one as a Mormon missionary.

Bill Clinton received educational deferments as a Fulbright scholar.  During Vietnam, George Bush played it safe (most every Democrat and Republican did of that age — except John Kerry who saw battle), and flew for the Texas Air National Guard.  G.W. Bush never saw combat, or piloted helicopters with machine gun bays, fifty feet above Southeast Asia.

The major politician who I like the most from this era is Jimmy Carter.  The Governor of Georgia, a nuclear engineer, and a peanut farmer, he always had a rock-solid ethical record.

Forget Monica for a second, Clinton backed DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.  How did he ever back a gay marriage ban?  Gay tolerance is a core plank of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee.

Bush pushed through the Iraqi War on false pretenses — WMDs, weapons of mass destruction, were never proven to exist in Iraq, and still do not exist there.

Obama had a kill list which he used to decide who should live and who shouldn’t in Afghanistan.  Collateral damage was considered a minor issue.

Why bother with any of this?  Why ruffle anyone’s feathers over old news?  Maybe as someone with Canadian blood (Acadian, French Canadian, Nova Scotian, Dad’s first generation American, but I’m staying put Stateside apparently), just stand on guard for thee, either side of the border.  Don’t let the old guard get away with stuff they shouldn’t.  [I will try to complete the list of references.]  6/21/22...

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