Has Gwyneth’s Goop gotten too established to be relevant?

Cat got your tongue, Ms. Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop was once the clarion call for women.  She led the charge when the government got even within a touch of the American woman’s body.  Here is an actual sample of her early work, courtesy of the Way Back Machine of Archive.org (specifically, May 21st of 2011).

With COVID-19, the shuttering of theatrical distribution, and the downfall of Hollywood, she hasn’t even let out a whimper over the end of Roe versus Wade.  Has Gwyneth’s Goop gotten too big to be relevant, to matter, and too established to take a dangerous stand?

I don’t know, Goop-star, but you haven’t written a word in opposition of a ersatz government running ramshackle over your body, deciding what you can do with it.  Ms. Paltrow, there was a time when chauvinist pigs feared you, and needed you to clamp your mouth shut, have they at last succeeded in shutting down your maverick viewpoints?

One day, I may find myself sunning in Saint-Tropez, attended by all manner of beautiful women.  I will have forgotten honoring, and supporting, human rights, apparently as you have, Gwynnie.  Until that day, cheers!  6/27/22...

Postscript: Ms. Paltrow may have been really hurt financially by COVID-19, all of Hollywood has to be suffering.  No one pays the full price for movie entertainment anymore.  Theaters are closing.  Everyone watches Netflix.  All of these wonderful actresses are hawking strange lines of makeup as recompense.

It is a very sad state of affairs.  I should go lighter on Gwyneth.  Shockingly, she may be near ruined.  Who knows, I could be completely wrong, but Goop was a kind of boutique, high-end retail space, and this economy is not designed for luxury goods purveyors.

Her Tara may be burning, the Atlanta of her long reign atop the Hollywood heap, may be in embers.  Her star may still shine, but there was a time when she ruled the Hollywood roost.  May she never go hungry again, by being denied window-seating at Nick and Toni’s...

Anyhow, this is my plan of action to revitalize moribund Tinsel Town.  We need a Tom Cruise-type super-hero to draw them back into theaters.  Hey, what about me?  Bring the Big Four out of semi-retirement.  Gwynnie can play my leading lady, with Ashley Judd, Heather Graham, and Charlize Theron (I call her “The Face” on Instagram), rounding out a supporting cast, and all vying for my affections.  Catfights a plenty, why not?

The mystery is why these girls would have any interest in me.  Perhaps I have a super-power.  By Act III, we know why they are so fond of me.  My super-power is: I out-sweet the pack.  There we go.  It’ll sweep opening weekend.  That’s the blockbuster ticket.  There’s the tentpole movie that America has been waiting to see.  We’ll call it: Watch An Other Movie.  6/29/22...

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Christ isn’t the problem, Christianity is...

I admit I am at a loss here.  The Supreme Court did something so reviling to me, overturning Roe v. Wade, that I just cannot contain my contempt for the religion supporting their crusade, Christianity.  If anyone reads this, and apparently I do get fifty visitors a day, they must think: Geez, does he ever hate Jesus the Christ.  Truth be told, Christ isn’t the problem, Christianity is.

I have several long-standing concerns with the Vatican (as if they care about me): disregard for reproductive rights; homophobia, gays born into the church cannot marry there; nuns cannot become priests; and they refrain from reporting entrenched, priest pedophilia to civil authorities (because of fears that Catholics-at-large would be victimized — honest!)

But regardless, the Supreme Court made me blow my top.  WOW!!!  Are they serious?!  The ruling is so pro-Christian, and anti-semitic.  Abortion is an established article of faith for Jews.  Unbelievable!

And not only is this evil of Christianity, it is an abject failure of the U.S. Constitution.  Six, non-elected, lifetime appointment, Clowns in Black, threw away effective, beneficial, legislation for garbage, because of a loophole.

Samuel Alito, Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas, are completely clueless, and should all die in Hell.  To satisfy their pagan god of fetus worship, they successfully bargained with Satan for logarithmically more: teenage mothers, unwanted children and families, as well as overpopulation.

Neil Gorsuch is supposedly a garden variety conservative — pro-business, a stickler for balanced budgets (although I heard recently on NPR, he is pro-Indian rights) — but the rest of SCOTUS are these Christian ideologues who really go far beyond their function as Court rights enforcers.  The only rights that they enforce is whatever is deserved of fetal tissue.

(I’m not even a Jew, I’m from what used to be known as a mixed marriage, not Black and White, Jew and Catholic.  I was raised without a religion, thankfully!)  6/29/22...

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Who owns Santa Claus?  I do.  Sorry, Christians...

I run into people shopping who think that I am that Other Letter guy, the son of “The Leveler.”  The first thing they want to know is: “What do you intend to do about Christmas?  We like Christmas.  We like Santa Claus.”  Then, the kids start in.

I do wield that kind of power by disseminating Luke 24:39-41.  Bible fanatics have dropped dead over just those three verses: WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE LINES DOING IN MY BIBLE?!!!  Post-Crucifixion, Jesus the Christ is saying: “I am flesh and blood as you are,” and begging, “Have ye here any meat?”  Christ didn’t die on the Cross, he is clearly not a spirit released from the catacombs.  It is in black and white.  Read ’em and weep, Christian creeper-weepers, reproductive rights heisters...

Hey, Catholic hypocrites, Christ NEVER died for your sins, because he was never on the cross.  Oh, high-and-mighty, holier-than-thous, it is time to say bye-bye to all your holier-than-thou, high-and-mightiness.  If I decide Santa and Jesus the Christ are done, well, then they’re just finito.

Titian’s Simon the Cyrenian

Without chapter and verse, the Supreme Court went whole-hog in favor of making America a Christian nation.  The U.S. Supreme Court just handed down goyim values big time.  Well, we celebrate the Fourth by blowing up crap, ergo, let’s celebrate mandatory American Christianity by shutting down Christmas...

This makes me very popular with the Catholics™ who are desperate to retain the: Christmas™ trees; and the major meal — Wonder Bread™, ham, mayo, and Coca-Cola™.  Jews have more variety with their average, seder appetizer than Catholics do with their entire homage to new-Bethlehem cuisine.

But I digress, Catholics need Black Friday, they need the Santa Clause providing toys to children who behave, and they will kill me if I do not let them have it.  So, I need to decide if Catholics will in fact still celebrate Christmas, will they still get their fill of the Santa Clause, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and on and on.

I am even thinking of rezoning Santa’s North Pole Workshop as residential only, and returning the land to native peoples.  If the Catholics act up again, I will have to do that to quell rebellion against their fate as disenfranchised worshippers...

[Christians, especially Catholics, have a rough road.  After their endless priest pedophilia; insignificant nun, and reproductive-rights denying, misogyny; and marriage-denying homophobia; their fall from grace will be well-deserved.  In many circles, they are only seen as a scourge on humanity.

Now, with Luke 24, they cannot continue to lay Biblical claim to their core tenets.  The Vatican cannot run a religion based on Christ dying for your sins (whatever that means) when he didn’t even die...]

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SCOTUS Majority: “We do hate women, but we’re cool, too...”

Supreme Court lackey, Clarence Thomas said gay rights needs “to be reconsidered,” taking down a woman’s right to choose is not enough.

Thomas is the first openly White, African American, skin-bleacher, to disgrace the court.  Thurgood Marshall paved the way for this gay (as in faggot, not as in same-sex) oddball, lifetime appointment, doing garbage to the American people.

Thomas took down Anita Hill’s bid for decency in his path to a lifer role at the Court.  Clarence admits to bleaching his skin, he is desperately trying to become a Whitey, and reports are that the Clorox is winning handily.

Another goofball appointment, Amy Barrett, will now step down.  Her role in ending Roe is over, she will go back to hating women and Jews in her hometown of South Bend, Indiana.  Barrett teaches Jewish take down law there at Notre Dame.  The Vatican applauds her role in destroying a woman’s sovereignty over her own body.

Up next, end lifetime appointment of these Clowns in Black.  Give them four-year appointments, tops.  They are worthless, government employees with no sense of decency, ethics, or understanding of the American plurality.  They are given carte-blanche to be without accountability for their judicial over-reach.  Good riddance!  6/27/22...

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Defund the U.S. Supreme Court before they do more damage!

I have more than the average interest in this subject: My mom, now deceased, tried to get an abortion pre-Roe in Puerto Rico, circa, I’d say, 1970.  Somehow she heard of a facility — and it was filthy!  Mom had a miscarriage, family kept at two, not three with one, ten years younger than me and Sis.

Alito and Trump, what is your problem exactly?  How did you get so much power, and how do we get power away from both of you?  You obviously hate women, and hold them in contempt.  Because of the twisted nature of American governance, both of you were able to shanghai the Court in favor of sick, male dominance.  Who needs the United States of America, anyhow?

Trump, by stacking the Supreme Court with crazed ideologues, you sacked the Court.  You have waffled on abortion to win some far Right cuckoo, whack-oh support.  Then, on January Sixth, you proved that you can get away with treason.  WHY AREN’T YOU TESTIFYING, TRUMP?!  YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THIS CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!  The U.S. just means crooked governance.  America, your loser ship has sailed.

My disgust is treason?!  Who cares?  I give up on the: Indian genocide; African diaspora; Hispanic subjugation; misogynistic; homophobic; racist; anti-Semitism; all this brutality defining the American experience.  WASPs win, again!

Then I will hear: The FBI are watching you very closely.  The FBI went after MLK, have your bribeable G-men hang out outside ($1,000, we talk).  Who cares?  Who gives a damn about America?  I’ve had it!

Go?  I can’t.  I’m just too old to leave — and my retirement funds are paid-up Stateside...

Does misogynist Alito think he’s saving women from themselves?

Spongebob Alito, mental diminutive, your claim that the Constitution confers freedoms upon us, that it gives us a subset of liberties to work from, lacks all merit.  We exist as a free species of life; and pre-Constitution, we still had rights.  1776, and the Constitutional Convention, did not make us human.  Women do not need the U.S. Constitution to allow them full title and deed to their body.

Abortion existed during the Holy Roman Empire.  El Supremo Alito, you have what against women exactly? — and against Creation, for that matter.  S. Alito, you are not a Supreme Court Justice, you are simply an injustice against humanity.  Alito, you’re just a Clown in Black, a moron in black robes, of death...

Alito would respond that this is libel.  If he knew the law — and he obviously only knows the laws as it fits his religious agenda — he’d know that opinion, satire, and parody, are protected speech.  I cannot legally misstate fact, I cannot make up lies about any distaste he may have for women, although he must think little of women to legislate away their feminine, bodily autonomy.  I possess First Amendment rights to freedom of expression, and freedom of the press, that even a full-blown Clown in Black cannot subsume, or circumscribe...

My challenge as a blogger, is to show my complete contempt for the SCROTUM majority, and keep it under an NC-17, or under an X-rating.  The difficulty becomes: How does one portray those ending reproductive rights for women, as they bid to make points with Baby Jesus the Christ, but without me using any threats of violence, or of vandelism.

Well, I have done it.  Rest easy, SCOTUS losers, I will not attack you, I won’t.  I’m just one, foot soldier looking out for humankind.  I am not dancing around the law, your Team Baby Jesus already does that so well.  6/25/22...

Lady Winterwhistler, whistling through the Winter-time, says: “Pass tests?  Then you will join us upstairs...”  Sammy-boy Alito, and Clarence “The Anita Hill-Oreo” Thomas, you’re not passing tests.  If the Lady were to indicate your fate, she’d say: “You’re looking up at us, you’re not deserving your position.”  Do you get it?!

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Roe v. Wade Overturned!  (Mostly...)

Roe v. Wade was overturned!  America is officially a sloppily-adjudicated, thoughtless, and clueless, minor, Christian nation.  This is such a bad political hack-job.  Jesus wins?  Then we’re sorry, Christian-faithful, but Jesus must be a sick, old joke (see the Book of Luke, Chapter 24, Verses 39 to 41 — post-Crucifixion, beggar Jesus asks: “Have ye here any meat?”)

To satisfy some obscure religious cult objective, per select Clowns in Black, the U.S. will be churning out unwanted infants, starting unwanted families.  The Supreme Court is now the home of the judicial boner of all time — literally.  They snuck this decision as the last one of their pro-Christian work, in the Court’s Christian day.  Go away Christ, Christians, Christian Clowns in Black, since 1965, you are just very sick losers in need of a cause célèbre.  Go back to feeding the poor...

In honoraria to the most unpopular Supreme Court ever, and their edifice honoring abrogation of justice, I proffer thusly: The United States Supreme Court building should now be called: “The Squat,” because all that happens is old, White guys get life time employ, take squatters’ rights in the building, and steal human rights.  Rock on, The Squat, you are just one big, ugly joke.  (Old, White guys include Clarence Thomas, author of “I Want Guns in New York Malls”; and Amy “The Witch” Barrett crooning her hit — literally: “I Hate Women!”)

Hey, manly, sloppy Amy Barrett the Zit, anti-choice takedown nominee, your life’s mission has been fulfilled.  You sent back women’s rights, fifty years in this formerly liberated country.  Congrats!  Now, you can go back to your anti-women’s liberation cave.  Your job as a Clown in Black has now been completed.  Sharpen your fangs, and resign, your work is done here.  Proudly hand out coat-hangers for the rest of your days.

Scary Amy Barrett the Gross has been waiting for this moment her entire life.  This is when she can finally scream to the Heavens, thighs spread wide: “I AM AGAINST WOMEN’S RIGHTS!  I AM A NOTRE DAME LAW CLERK LOOKING FOR JESUS FAVOR!!!  I HAVE WON!  I WIN, JESUS, I WIN!!!  LOVE ME, JESUS THE CHRIST, LOVE ME, NOW!!!”

Brett Cavanaugh can at last take down women on an epic national scale.  To wit, he offered: “Teen moms, walk this way.  I got you by the short hairs.  Unplanned parenthood, Christ taking charge now!!!”


In celebration, the four Clowns in Black of the Apocalypse will be gleefully, tears in their eyes, handing out metal, coat-hangers in the lobby of the Supreme Court: “Here, girls, practice with these, you contraceptive losers!!!!!!!!!!!”

The saving grace, if there can possibly be one: Some States will still have abortions, so it sounds like a Red v. Blue State, Wade overturn.

Stateside abortion tourism campaign: “New York does one thing better than the rest of the U.S. dump, and that is treat its women with respect.  Welcome to the real, America, Georgia and Oklahoma.  We will take care of you, baby Jesus the Christ be damned.  Damned, because it is too preoccupied saving fetuses...”

The rest of the world stands back in dismay, yet ready to make a profit: Tourism Canada, for example, could not ask for better promo to medical, abortion travel.  6/24/22...

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