“Anything, techie, just fix it...”

Words of Gwyneth Paltrow as her vintage, quadrophonic, Quadrophenia, Oscars Party, fails miserably (is she that into The Who, or the Oscars, for that matter?)  She frantically calls, well, who?  Well, maybe you, yes?  You did fix her “home entertainment space” before.  Anyhow, here are hacks that might come in useful one day.  (Girls, if so inclined, exchange Paltrow for Brad Pitt.)

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Hi-Tech, or Bye, Tech?

I am not a Luddite.  I appreciate progress, but there does seem to be a point of diminishing returns with technology.  The following is a stark case of how onerous passwords are, and user authentication is.  This might all be fixed with the method I describe here.

Passwords, and authenticating the identity of users of a computer system, is the current, final frontier of technology, especially in the U.S.  I tried to get my deceased father’s tax information via ID.Me.  This should be simple enough.  After photographing, then posting, my driver’s license, and doing a video scan of my face (yes, to the IRS), it still failed to work, because the landline to my house is billed to my Dad, not me.  Then, I need Dad info, not even info for me, and I cannot find my Dad’s driver license, plus he hadn’t drove in five years!

Here is a surprisingly elegant way to solve the authentication, password, proof-of-identity debacle: Every electronic device has a MAC address, a hard-coded, burned-in, indelible, serial number.  (The MAC address is 12-hexadecimal digits long.  Hexadecimal is binary, base 16, not our usual base 10.)  Register that to the owner during the first hour of operation, and you will be certain that any password entry (or ID authentication) from that device, is from its rightful owner.  Keep a registry, just like the domain name, Internet address, server registry, and update with ownership change, or theft (usually never), or when scrapping the device.

Passwords are nothing but a nightmare.  It is even worse when you change your phone carrier in a multi-factor authentication schema (your phone service becomes ensnared with your password curation).  MAC addresses are an easy way out of the absolute worst part of modern computing, getting onto some other entity’s website.

This would have to be fully feasible to patent, and I cannot vouch for that at this point.  I post this to publicize a possibly patentable idea that is beyond my financial and logistical capabilities to promote otherwise.  8/23/22.

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“Let’s see the world, honey!”  —“Via web cams, sweetums?”

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Worth More than 24 Karat Gold — Your Internet Protocol Info

Wherein, all who spent inordinate sums of time studying computers, get to show off, and ultimately, maybe look a little silly, or look like gods.  Regarding outside appearances of coders, Column A or Column B, let Kate Upton decide.  Eh, take that back.  Let Karlie Kloss handle this one.

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