God save the Princess!


Is this the end of the British monarchy?

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, King Charles has an impossible act to follow, although King Chuck is devoted to humanist issues like tenants’ rights.  Many pundits do claim that Queen Liz was the best monarch ever.  Even ex-President Trump, who has very little nice to say about anyone, didn’t have issues with QEII.

Yet, Buckingham Palace was not above scandal, specifically her son, Andrew, and his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein.  Andrew’s sexual issues were completely denied by the monarchy.  How much the Queen was behind the smoke screen, we shall never know.  I would say that she is even off the hook here.  The monarchy cannot ever fess up to royalty fraternizing with underage girls.  I doubt she was happy about any of this: How it was handled, and her son’s supposed innocence.

Other than this, her record is spotless (even Andrew’s problems were probably handled by staff).  Queen Elizabeth II tirelessly advocated for Britain, and for humanity at large.  By every indication, she was a genuinely ethical woman of incredible moral resolve.  America could have used someone of her caliber.

The Queen steered her British ship of state through all weather (there is a titanic, eponymous, ocean liner, the QEII).  An American President is on the line for four years, she was appointed (or unfortunately, anointed) from 1952 to 2022, seventy years.  That is the beginning and end of the Cold War, offering consolation for 9/11, and COVID-19, all manner of world problems that she addressed.

I hope I do not have a reputation as a liar, but here’s another hard to believe truth about my family.  My father received his undergraduate training as an electrical engineer in Canada, from Nova Scotia Technical College (it was less expensive up there).

In 1951, Princess Elizabeth — Princess, mind you — was on a national tour and was in a procession through Halifax.  My father heard of the Princess coming to town, so he was in the crowd.  Dad wanted a good view, so he climbed atop a lamp post.  He waved at her.  She waved back, at him.  Well, maybe at him.  That’s the story from Lake Woebewot.  9/08/22.

Duchess Katie will be working the barricaded throngs of thrillseekers at her grandma-in-law’s funeral procession.  Kate will be gladhanding. and handing out fish and chips, as per the usual for her appearances.  This is all in the effort for the monarchy to build up support for King Chas.  If you happen to be in London — or better, live in Londontown — it’s time to take those Youtube, Entertainment Tonight selfies with royalty.  There’s big money to be made.

Catch the Duchess off-guard.  Baffle Kate so she says something that will not only guarantee you top-dollar, but also preserve your place in history.  Ask her to explain the Balfour Agreement.  If she weeps openly, or says something really stupid, that is serious coin in your pocket.  Ka-ching, ka-ching!  Another public service announcement from your friend at The Other Letter...

At first, I was only joking about Princess Catherine marketing the new King.  Yet, watching Kate work the crowds has every indication of a near-desperate, promotional blitzkrieg (in WWII, there was the Nazi Blitz on London, never mind).

The Prince and Princess are not nearly as tight of a couple as Harry and Meghan.  The latter couple stays near one another, Kate and William stray far apart during processions.  I could be wrong about the Prince and Princess, but I sincerely doubt it.

Kate has a long, unenviable haul ahead of her.  For her efforts, she gets the title, ‘Queen Consort’ — whoppee do dah!  The new rallying cry is “God save the King”?  It should be “God save the Princess!”

[I have a regret writing up the Queen’s obit this way, and this is that I was not entirely praising of her.  My mission at this blog though, is to find angles to stories that no other mass media outlet finds.  Considering that I only get forty visitors daily, it doesn’t matter a hill’s worth of beans what I write, but I try to keep my ethical compass pointing to true North, to the absolute, untarnished truth.  Given that the Duchess often called her grandma-in-law “high tea, witchy-woman,” my oh-so-mild criticism will go entirely unnoticed.]

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