Joni, one song: “They paved paradise, and put up a [re-do]...”


Migration Path Blocked with New Housing

Raccoon video from same backyard added for good measure.

This video was filmed in my backyard.  I live forty minutes away from Manhattan in strictly-suburbia one-acre zoning.  Realistically, this stag should not appear in my backyard.

The video is date-stamped December 15th of 2020.  If I believed in Christmas, this would be our Christmas miracle.  Instead, it is just a miracle.

As I noted earlier, “family” members are bulldozing an adjacent acre for new housing.  This deer must come from less congested territory further North, closer to the Long Island Sound, perhaps Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park Hospital, and thereabouts.  The new house blocks the stag and doe’s path to my backyard (the doe ran off that day, without being filmed).

Oh, well, the two deer have been digitized forever.  Eh, that’s progress, right?  8/04/22.

[If you believe this is an elaborate hoax, that I went into the woods upstate on my hunting rounds — oh, go away, this is the truth.  I appreciate wildlife, especially when it comes a callin’ right outside my kitchen window.  Any naysayers cannot tell the truth if it was dangling right before their nose.  8/05/22.]

Okay, let me describe the average American who comes into money.  This kind of Yankee really, really sticks in my craw, until I am ready to scream bloody murder.  I am old school, I am what is left of an old school neighborhood.  One of the old neighborhood, sole survivors died about a year ago, and his wooded property was sold in an estate sale (we are all one-acre zoned, in ’62 this did not mean millionaire, now, it does).

The new owner clear-cut the entire lot.  They evicted a cottontail rabbit, for crissakes!  I saw one running up the road.  I have no idea what exactly is wrong with these new miscreant neighbors, but why not keep a single tree standing?  That was old growth, that was beautiful.

It looks like garbage now.  To quote Joni Mitchell: “They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.”  Well, here, it is not a parking lot, the blowhards are putting up a soulless re-do on a treeless acre.  For the neighbors, it was paradise.

This is such a big deal?  Yes, it really is.  This property is surrounded by eight homes, and the obviously anti-environment, GOP pillagers ruined the visual aesthetics of the whole neighborhood.  Imagine a hub of secluding greenery, with the spokes being these eight houses, and the hub being the prior owner’s stand of trees.

Well, the hub is now gone.  An acre’s worth of trees became sawdust carted off by a semi dump-truck.  These neighbors no longer have seclusion, or privacy.  I have heard, first hand, that several are seriously considering moving, packing their bags, and skadaddling, or shuffling off to Buffalo.

Why was this necessary of the new owner?  They could at least leave a few trees, but no, this loser, propertied American, says “man trumps Mother Nature, go screw yourselves, neighbors” — and Mother Earth, for that matter.

Who do they intend on impressing, when they have already alienated their entire, new neighborhood for life?  Whoever moves into their new home, has an uphill battle dealing with neighbors on all sides who really hate these fresh-off-the-new-corner-office interlopers.

Here’s the just desserts part: They have already made real enemies with their destruction of verdancy, and a full acre of what we like about wooded suburbia.  The new developer made a calculated blunder, an assault on quality of life really, that can never be corrected.

The original developers, way back in 1962, had architects designing multiple models, and sold entire streets of their fleshed-out work.  These new, one-and-dones, these re-dos, often look like they did not retain the services of qualified architects.  Although a few look like they belong on unusually well-heeled, ritzy, five-acre zoning, not our rarefied (though less rarefied at original purchase) one-acre.

The new “master builders” promise it will look great, everything will be great once more.  They will be re-planting the eighty-foot trees (we get ’em pretty close to eighty feet around here).  Everyone will be happy.  No, they do not-see, they can not-see.  They is Nazi, environment Nazi.

What a mess, thank you, what — loser Robert Moses disciples, bogarting, copping, a suburban home-beautiful vibe?  We got Levittown nirvana, seventy years too late, with a real estate developer who is far out of his league.  We live here because we like nature, not because we have some, freakish need to destroy it.

To add injury to insult, the builder does seem to have “family” connections, of the locked-and-loaded variety (and they may not be alone here, re firearms — plus, a guy up the block has a pitbull that could eat people given the command to do so).  Our tiny hamlet is turning into the OK Corral.  Get my point?!  7/18/22.

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Suburbia is a creeping, crawling, what?...

Headstone reading: Sir, in memory of Adaline, daughter...

Huntington headstone reading: “Sir, in memory of Adaline, daughter...”  This is a Carll Cemetery in-the-woods tombstone that addresses God as “Sir.”  Even if this is a suicide or pox death, to identify the intimate so formally, it’s just beyond the pale.  Differing historical, rallying points: Americans reach out for an authoritarian god, Canadians reach for a collective good — O’ Canada.

Creatives tend to be different from the rank and file.  People tend to identify me as creative, or much more condescendingly, or patronisingly, as Canadian.  Essentially, they are saying that I am different, kinda disenfranchised from WASPy country club perfection, kinda like winter too much.  This kinda back-handed compliment, doesn’t mean however, that I will end up as a Canadian citizen.

I am French Canadian on my Dad’s side, so I will run the gauntlet in its defense.  Americans live for compromise.  They compromise on health care, reproductive rights, and guns.  In fact, Americans generally do not get what they want, but they are always willing to compromise, so Right-wing Nazis can live harmoniously in their midst.  Americans reach out for an authoritarian god, Canadians reach for each other.

Americans have addressed God, even in death, as “Sir...”  Americans spend much of their time begging for money.  Maybe this is too harsh — then let me rephrase: as a lot, Americans are brown-nosers, cringing on improving their economic standing.  They shmooze to gain favor, and they are absolutely desperate for more green bank script.

They are ferocious, poorly-informed gamblers, always hoping for a big score in spite of the “house” always winning.  Americans, mostly Republicans, regularly fantasize about what it feels like to have Donald Trump-size bank accounts.  (Although his real estate empire is suffering, in line with his reputation as a world leader.)

If anyone remembers that Doobie Brothers song, China Grove, then they see what typifies the American.  They are so incredibly proud of America, of stars and stripes, the red-and-blue fabric swinging in the breeze.  Some are much more proud of the dirty America, Confederate stars and bars, or bandages and bullet holes, truth be told of American twenty-five-year invasions.

Going back to my original premise: America fixates on seeking favor, even from god, using extreme measures (like posthumous tombstone inscriptions, or acre bulldozing), whereas the Canadian sings O’ Canada, and lives in harmony among the like-minded.

The new unneighborly expects to get great approval for the latest nature-free monstrosity.  This recent vintage arriviste is just a thoughtless hater of nature, in a land full of them.  This bulldozed acre just looks so wrong.

Happening next door to me is happening globally.  Trees provide oxygen, habitat, privacy, they are life, and in our midst we have someone who is against life.  It is awfully disconcerting, but what can be done?

Jesus the Christ claimed turning the other cheek can redress grievances.  Do we look the other way as these construction mobsters, nature killers, neighborhood ruiners have their way?

In my limited blogger’s capacity, I can bear witness.  Besides nonviolent protest, there is simple bearing witness.  This is all that concentration camp survivors could do.  Obviously, no one is being murdered here, but a way of life is being exterminated here by the beast, aka the worst of man.

This points to broader, Stateside issues regarding sensitivity to others’ concerns.  How does anyone proudly claim American citizenship when it is: So openly misogynistic with women’s reproductive rights; openly hostile with “gun play;” and as seen next door, so much dead-set against the beauty of arboreal, natural life?

O’ Canada more accurately means: Oh, Canadians, we got it all going on.  We work together.  We have a common purpose.  Full speed ahead.  America is led by the clueless, just look at the life-time, low-life, Clown in Black appointments.  Anyone ideologically near the current SCOTUS majority — Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas — define what is so, so wrong with this country.

These justices routinely rule against women, protected rights groups, and the environment.  Just this week, the Times wrote that the SCOTUS is neutering the Environmental Protection Agency by dissembling the Administrative State regulating corporations.  7/18/22.

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