Are cops the good guys?

I’ll get to my lighthearted “podcast” in a moment with my childhood friend who became a NYPD officer, but first let me just say a few words in defense of the police.  I know that I may not sound the type, but there may be a time when you need someone with a gun to protect you, and you should have at least some gratitude that authorized, competent people with guns do exist.

You may say that they are overpaid, or that they have plenty of downtime.  Well, their pay is determined by their union representatives in negotiation with municipalities.  If they have too much downtime, then they are just over-staffed, and would need to tighten the budget belt.

Another common complaint, is that they are blatant racists.  This may or may not be true in the South, or not so much true in the New South.  I did research, and in high-profile national cases, police incompetence was much more in evidence, than racism.  7/25/22.

Mug shots of Chauvin co-workers.

These are two coworkers of Derek Chauvin, the Minnesota police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd.  The one on the left is Tou Thao.  He is Asian-American.  The one on the right is J. Alexander Kueng, who is African-American.  Chauvin worked with both, and in fact, trained the one on the right.  Chauvin may be grossly incompetent, he may be cruel, or he may be a combination of the two, but can you really say that he is a racist?  8/06/22.

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Migration Path Blocked with New Housing

Raccoon video from same backyard, added for good measure.

This video was filmed in my backyard.  I live forty minutes away from Manhattan in strictly-suburbia one-acre zoning.  Realistically, this stag should not appear in the woods behind my house.

The video is date-stamped December 15th of 2020.  If I believed in Christmas, this would be our Christmas miracle.  Instead, it is just a miracle.

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Duchess Katie — Batgirl Really — Sells Newsprint

I seem to get better stats, I get more visitors, when I have lighter material.  You know what this is like?  In Hollywood, talent choose between working for the money, and producing cheap thrills; or for love, love of the project, and its message.  Going with sensationalism pays the bills (I couldn’t buy a stick of gum with the “vast sums” never made here).

In that spirit, in an attempt to get anyone at all to read this, and make just a little coin, I go back to my go-to, goofy human interest stories about Duchess Katie.  What is new with her?

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One headstone begins, “Sir,” — their God is a formal one?!


“ ’Til we meet again on the other side of the river...”

Enough, drop any minor chit-chat.  Time for the main show, and what was the big show over a hundred years prior.  You guessed right, the cemetery, the burial grounds.  Now, here is a nice starter collection of headstones to purview.

Many have this iconic, angel relief at the top of the monument.  The profile looks like an alien from outer space, and these date from not just pre-1900s, from pre-1800s as well!  Unbelievably, this one is in fact circa 1764.  That is 258 years ago, yet the worksmanship of the carving is flawless, the image and lettering in perfect proportions.

Headstone with alien-like figure at top.

Most of these photos are from the Huntington Burial Grounds, up the hill from The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building (c. 1892).

These are the headstones above the village, not Harry Chapin’s grave off of Route 110.  (Leave coins atop his headstone, per Taxi: “Harry, keep the change.”)

Unbelievably, Home Depot in East Northport has ten, antebellum headstones fenced-off in the parking lot.  Another reason to buy lumber!

Please excuse the morbid nature of this post, but the past instructs the future.  Headstones are direct testimony, the final words on the past.

The buried do appreciate visitors to their eternal home.  They said so with their tombstone inscriptions.  All they would like, is to be remembered.  They all lived more difficult lives than we have, and paying respects to any who have passed before, is a very human undertaking (okay, pun intended)...

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Christ isn’t the problem, Christianity is...

I admit I am at a loss here.  The Supreme Court did something so reviling to me, overturning Roe v. Wade, that I just cannot contain my contempt for the religion supporting their crusade, Christianity.  If anyone reads this, and apparently I do get fifty visitors a day, they must think: Geez, does he ever hate Jesus the Christ.  Truth be told, Christ isn’t the problem, Christianity is...

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Half Hollow Hills Personal Weather Station

Weather station display including wind speed, barometer, and indoor as well as outdoor temperatures.

Here is The Other Letter, Half Hollow Hills, Long Island, Ambient Weather PWS (personal weather station).  This is hosted by Wunderground, the Weather Underground, a Weather Channel, and IBM company.  My station has a hook up with the PWS manufacturer’s website as well.

This PWS is not quite farmer grade, but I am not a farmer.  This is an Ambient Weather personal weather station (a PWS; several more data, and graph, screens are not displayed here).  I believe Davis Instruments serves the farming market segment, and its price point.  La Crosse et al serves the lower-priced market segment.

Follow this link for: a primer on meteorology, the science of weather prediction; a profile of Accuweather meteorologist, Melissa Constanzer, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM); and a photo of the PWS’ sensor (you must be looking forward to that).

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McCarthy: “Clear your calendar”!  Garland: It’s party time?

Trump: “They even broke into my safe!

Other Letter: “What of it?!  So be it!  If I was born and bred Canadian — and there are thirty million so ascribed — I’d say that guy has caused you americans so much grief, haven’t you had enough of him?  Then hang him in Times Square.  String him up like a piñata, and whack him like they did Benito Mussolini in the piazza after his reign of error and terror fell.”

Trump was more than subpoened, he got a search warrant into his residence at Mar-a-Lago.  House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, feathers all in disarray, called for Attorney General Merrick Garland’s endless interrogation as to why the latter should seize White House documents brought to the Teflon Don’s Florida estate by The Donald himself.  Trump’s mistake was ever getting into politics.  8/09/22.

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Time for Israelites to Slaughter more Palestinians

In 2014, 2021, and now again, Israel shoots up Palestine, in another of their bloodletting campaigns to hold down the infidels.  Fourty-five Palestinians have been murdered in the last three days by Israelites in their never-ending quest to destroy Muslims.  Fifteen dead, Gaza children are included in the current tally.

The New York Times has a way of soft pedaling murder by their core constituency, that being Jews who believe they have a right to terminate the lives of their pesky neighbors in Gaza.

There is of yet not a single casualty on the Israel side.  The U.S. funds a huge missile defense system (a defensive dome) that keeps the Jewish homeland impervious from harm, yet does immeasurable damage to Palestinians.  Give Senator Chuck Schumer credit for the Inflation Reduction Act, yet take it right back for his unabashed defense of the real evil by the Dead Sea, Israel.

This is all very reminiscent of the George Orwell novel, Animal Farm, where the oppressed becomes the oppressors.  After Adolf Hitler, Zionists in Jerusalem have been given carte blanche to protect themselves, and beyond that, to become the terrorists that they claim Hamas is.  8/08/22.

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Pope Francis must wish he was Jewish...

The pontiff is apologizing to native Canadians for atrocities committed by his church.  While the Pope is obviously not responsible for brutal assimilation of first settlers, his Vatican pushes the end of reproductive services for all women.

Can we be so sure that the Pope’s agenda is the same as the official Vatican, populist agenda?  Which is more his speed?  Promote human kindness, or promote the end of a medical procedure that women often desperately need?

Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio was his name before it was anglicized) must have his doubts about the good his ministry does for humanity.  I would even suggest he would have rather led worshippers of an earlier god, Jehovah, the one Jews followed.

Unfortunately, the Catholic faith gets more than their share of reactionaries, ones opposing social change, in favor of what they believe is unquestionably-true dogma.

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Taylor Swift may soon be teaching pop culture at NYU...

Taylor Swift is thinking of retiring as a singer-songwriter, and becoming an actress, or even a college professor.  She will be starring in Amsterdam among a who’s who of Hollywood super-stars including Robert De Niro, Chris Rock, and Mike Myers.

Did you hear this already?  New York University gave her an honorary degree, and word is out that she wants to teach popular culture at NYU’s Curt School of Management.  Tay-tay, as she is known in the biz, has quite the reputation for making money.  The honorary degree wooed her into the fold, and many expect her to join the faculty at The Curt.  Who better to lecture on pop culture than Taylor Swift, the current Chairman of the Board?

I scoured the Internet, and found this gem: Taylor Swift chatting openly about what it takes to be a Taylor-Mate, and the vetting process involved.  7/30/22.

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Fred Trump, Jr., Succumbed to Alcoholism by Age 42

Readers happen upon this website, and think: “I have seen it all before, how can another amateur hour blog keep my interest?”

Well, then, check out O.L. coverage of Presidential profiles...

Donald Trump’s eldest brother, Fred, Junior, died of alcoholism at the age of forty-two.  Another break from Presidential norm (as we might already be aware), before Donald became President of the United States, he didn’t have any prior experience as an elected official.

Here’s much more little known, and startling, facts about our Commander-in-Chiefs.  6/26/22...

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Has Gwyneth’s Goop gotten too established to be relevant?

Cat got your tongue, Ms. Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop was once the clarion call for women.  She led the charge when the government got even within a touch of the American woman’s body.  Here is an actual sample of her early work, courtesy of the Way Back Machine of (specifically, May 21st of 2011).  6/27/22...

Has Ms. Paltrow gotten so reticent, so unable to speak her mind, because the old Hollywood is dying, and that’s where she made her fortune?  Has Gwynnie hit hard times, as far as a Gwynnie might ever hit hard times?

Who plunks down ten-dollars a seat to help pay for a major tentpole Hollywood production?  After COVID-19, no one foots the bill for Tinsel Town greatness.  There isn’t any new Hollywood, there is Netflix, there is home viewing, there is scant, monthly subscription fees of $9.99.  7/09/22...

Gwynnie celebrates the good life, but this does not mean she is a Republican.  While Democrats tend to not be aggressive in the pursuit of lucre, some do have money.  We call them “miracles.”  (Is this a tad obsequious?  A tad, that is...)

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Anything at stake at the January Sixth hearings?

Does anyone know the point of these January Sixth hearings?  Trump is off-limits for prosecution and testifying, so why is this necessary?  Trump should be culpable, be blameworthy, and should testify, but for some America-is-crazy reason, he is off the hook.

Are there lessons to be learned?  Well, sure, elect someone with a very substantial array of policy agendas, one who has previously held elected office.  For the top spot, Trump seems so poorly vetted.

Maybe his backers thought he could really juice-up the economy.  Following the 2007-2008 predatory-lending Recession, the financial skies remained clear for Trump.

Be that as it may, his behavior on January Sixth — actually treasonous, if you read a little about the details — will be punished by a slap on the wrist.  I am sorry, but I just don’t get it.  He told his Capitol-storming loonies, that “We love you,” and his security detail to take down the metal detectors at the growing protest.

How on Earth does Trump get away with this, well, temper tantrum, I guess.  He was incensed, incensed, at both William Barr, who as Attorney General, said there wasn’t voter fraud; as well as Mike Pence, who rightfully was about to swear in Joseph Biden.  Five people died in this mess, and still, Trump does not testify, and has no possibility of punishment.  Why even bother having hearings?!  7/06/22...

Actually, this does serve one purpose.  All this testimony is seriously damaging his chances for a second, noncontinuous, term.  Witness tampering by a President?  How can he resurrect his image, after the GOP hears his advisors say: “He loves the crazies [of the far Right].”  He is losing mainstream, Republican support for any presidential candidacy.  7/14/22.

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The Vatican taketh, and now, the Vatican must giveth back...


Jesus the Christ survived his own crucfixion...

The Roe v. Wade reversal is not the work of Christ, it is the work of a church far removed from Jesus’ original vision of peace on earth, or of a world concerned about mutual survival.

One of Christ’s primary messages was, “Love one another,” which is cited thirteen times in the New Testament.  Without law enforcement, violence could often be a means to an end, so his admonishment to love must have been very welcome.

Then Christ can be celebrated as a spiritual leader, except that he survived his planned crucifixion, which flies in the face of religious dogma and puffery, and makes him a mortal.  There is uncontrovertible evidence in Luke Chapter 24:39-41, post-Crucifixion:

[39] Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.
[40] And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet.
[41] And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?

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Joni, one song: “They paved paradise, and put up a [re-do]...”


Good luck, new neighbor!  Arriviste, you’re toast...

Headstone reading: Sir, in memory of Adaline, daughter...

Huntington headstone reading: “Sir, in memory of Adaline, daughter...”  This is a Carll Cemetery in-the-woods tombstone that addresses God as “Sir.”  Even if this is a suicide or pox death, to identify the intimate so formally, it’s just beyond the pale.  Differing historical, rallying points: Americans reach out for an authoritarian god, Canadians reach for a collective good — O’ Canada.

[I need to preface this letter.  It started as a sharp critique of America, buttressed by personal evidence of suburban sprawl, and it ended up as a a near blistering critique of a new neighbor who has made enemies for life.

He, she, them, or it, has zero sensitivities for both the natural environment, and their new neighbors.  These arrivistes should go back to where they came from — Trump Tower.

Hey, concrete-worshippers, expect a lifetime of being skewered by irate neighbors on every side.  You blew it.  If you actually thought this through, and you didn’t, how did this get by town zoning?  You uglified a neighborhood permanently.

A conciliatory, top-level, political, man-o’-the-people, celebrity barbecue (with or without porn stars) won’t help matters, even the GOP here, has given up on Trump...]

Creatives tend to be different from the rank and file.  People tend to identify me as creative, or much more condescendingly, or patronisingly, as Canadian.  Essentially, they are saying that I am different, kinda disenfranchised from WASPy country club perfection, kinda like winter too much.  This back-handed compliment, doesn’t mean however, that I will end up as a Canadian citizen.

I will raise the gauntlet.  Americans live for compromise.  They compromise on health care, reproductive rights, and guns.  In fact, Americans generally do not get what they want, but they are always willing to compromise, so Right-wing Nazis can live harmoniously in their midst.

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Jersey has the Sopranos; Post-defense, We got Baritones

This is my salute to Nick the Donut, my local guy does good piece.  Nicky lived down the block (not his real name, not even close, and he’s married, if that matters to anyone).  When I was growing up, he was the neighbor to A-M (queen of all my dreams).

Nick became an NYPD officer.  By 2002, I knew that he was a lieutenant, he could have made captain by now.  Anyhow, most people have at least a few dealings with police, as have I.  I have an abiding respect for them as a result, as I am sure you do as well...

Point being, and at the risk of serious conceit: I am not afraid of anyone, even those with guns.  I will rephrase this.  I am afraid of guns when they are in the wrong hands.  These officers, it do not matter, they have to deal with those who have guns, and they’re in the wrong hands.  NRA, you really suck.

I will even offer this.  You get shot with a bullet, and you go into shock.  You die, or you come to, dosed with morphine.  My father had a nose job.  His nose was broken in the ring while boxing in the Army.  Years later, he finally had it fixed.  The doctors had to re-break his nose.  They gave him morphine, and by his account, the drug’s effect was pretty damn nice.  Ergo, get plugged, then die, or feel pretty damn nice.

Long Island was once a center for military defense work.  Both my parents made a living designing (Dad), or documenting (Mom), radar systems, or navigation systems.  Then came the end of the Cold War, and the work vanished.  My parents were fortunate enough to retire in time.  In the defense industry’s stead, Wall Street took up employment slack, but in my humble opinion, there is a contingent of hyper-aggressive wonkers wonkering out there who subscribe to “family” values.  Get my drift?  7/20/22...

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The American medicine show is a dangerous clown act.

There is so much wrong with the delivery of medical services in America, but I will touch on just a few things.  First off, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia, consider health care to be a human right, not the financial proposition that America has made it.  Money is not the prime motivator behind health care with other developed nations, patient cost and outcome drive their sane health administration.  There is very little out-of-pocket expense with these exemplars.

America has a part public, mostly private labyrinth of networks, co-pays, confusion, and wealth extraction.  American medicine is all about money, and about cash flow.  Joining the American medical “team”, that is, the American Medical Association (the AMA), is the golden ticket to financial success.  7/09/22.

I was chatting with my editor at the water cooler.  This piece came up, and he said: “You know, liven it up, it’s too dark — and prop up America for once.  Lighten up on America.  We founded McDonalds, we gave the world the Big Mac.  Our market is the U.S., honor U.S. commercialism.  Okay, better, offer Americans helpful advice.  How-tos draw excellent demographics.”

Well, I have a travel tip how-to.  Remember when Kate Middleton came to Canada, and she drove her kids around in that rented Ford Explorer?  The reason they let her drive, was because Canada is like Britain, they drive on the left.  So all you Americans out there, come visit Canada.  Get on the Trans-Canada in a rented, right-side steering wheel minivan, and drive on the left.  Interesting, eh?

Let me note: You never buy a Canadian car, new or used.  Now, you know why.  The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

(My boss is gonna scream when he sees this, but it may jack up readership, so who knows?  Maybe this is a keeper.  I really strike a chord.  Is this more work for the RCMPs [Royal Canadian Mounted Police]?  Probably not, IT has been telling me I have fifty visitors a day.)  7/12/22.

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What makes America great?  Costco, and Home Depot...

I am not the one to go to for feel-good stories about American patriotism.  That said, I am — and if I was entirely honest with myself — I will always be, an American.  My Aunt in Nova Scotia has regaled me with tales of Canada, such as Tim Hortons being so busy (and their goods so delicious?) that a franchise of theirs is a license to print money.  Yet, I don’t think I will ever take off, and head North.

The seal-for-fur trade, and NHL fights between below .500 teams past the playoff cutoffs, put a damper on my zest for the land of the maple leaf.  The latter, meaning they are only fighting to satiate blood-thirsty attendance, nothing is at stake, except ticket sales.

Yet still, I am so fed up with so much about America, why I stick it out here is becoming a real mystery to me.  A Supreme Court Justice gets unelected, life terms, for jurisprudence which is steeped in making half-baked, Christian dogma a reality.  The new majority, donning their capes and tights, think they will save women by legislating the cloning of teenage moms, as well as unwanted children part and parcel unwanted families.  7/04/22...

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SCOTUS Majority: “Okay, we do hate women and gays...”

Supreme Court lackey, Clarence Thomas said gay rights needs “to be reconsidered,” taking down a woman’s right to choose is not enough.

Thomas is the first openly White, African American, skin-bleacher, to disgrace the court.  Thurgood Marshall unfortunately paved the way for this gay (as in queer, not as in same-sex) oddball, lifetime appointment, doing garbage to the American people.

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Who owns Christmas, Santa Claus, reindeer?  I do.

When I’m shopping, I run into people who think that I am that Other Letter guy.  The first thing they want to know is: “What do you intend to do about Christmas?  We like Christmas.  We like Santa Claus.”  Then, the kids start in.  6/28/22...

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The Battle Evermore over Souls, Other Letter’s, Ashley’s

I understand that David here, can use openly use opinion, satire, and parody, to take down Goliath.  The now dissembled U.S. Constitution provides 1A, the First Amendment, to allow freedom of the press, and the more encompassing, freedom of expression.  If I am wrong, that I no longer have these rights, let me know, because that’s cause to end this itty-bitty experiment in democracy known as the U.S.

“Mr. Other, I beg of you, retain legal counsel, you are doomed.”

[Who knew Ashley Judd looms large in this narrative?  No one?  Oh, okay, I’ll telegraph my pitches here forward, so to speak — What?!...]

[Here is the Youtubes with links in this piece moved into a playlist.]

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Defund the U.S. Supreme Court before they do more damage!

I have more than the average interest in this subject: My mom, now deceased, tried to get an abortion pre-Roe in Puerto Rico, circa, I’d say, 1970.  Somehow she heard of a facility — and it was filthy!  Mom had a miscarriage, family kept at two, not three with one, ten years younger.

Alito and Trump, what is your problem exactly?  How did you get so much power, and how do we get power away from both of you?  You obviously hate women, and hold them in contempt.  Because of the twisted nature of American governance, you were able to shanghai the Court in favor of sick, male dominance.  Who needs the United States of America, anyhow?

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Upstate Safety School Denied?  “But I’m so Wholesome...”

[Parents, please employ parental controls.  I have no idea how teens would react to this.  I mean well, but it’s like horseshoes, where just close enough, is good enough — and this isn’t horseshoes.]

I read the most discouraging story in my local newspaper.  Upon learning they did not get admitted into an upstate college, and upon realizing they could not even make it as a soccer goalie (there are Pélé goalies, mind you), they pulled rank on Creation, and checked out.

Now, now, an upstate, college rejection notice implies something far beyond lack of academic rigor.  It implies you may be a bit of a lightweight.  Here’s my point: say the college was SUNY Plattsburgh, and who are your roomies?...

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“Call Me Caroline,” Beatles Critic Extraordinaire

This is a sample of the Aussie, Youtube channel, Call me Caroline.  Caroline is a very talented musician who talks you through every Beatles album, offering in-depth criticism.  She really knows her stuff — and she’s a true delight.  Caroline is so energetic, and full of life.

Caroline is the first to admit she has never attended music school, but oddly enough, she has attended acting school (an aside: Billy Joel didn’t attend music school either).  Cazza, her musician, stage name, does have chops, and she is so much fun to watch.  6/18/22...

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Backstory to a “Most Insightful Blog”

The compliment is from the publisher of the New York Times, Phil Ochs.  He wants OL to headline his Carl Bernstein, Watergate issue: Best, New, Journalistic Gems on the Horizon.  We’ll see.  (Is it easy to tell when I am full of it?)

I’ll tell you what my present celebrity is like.  Who remembers Peewee’s Big Adventure?  Remember when Peewee Herman was looking everywhere for his bike?  This is like that, I am looking everywhere for approval or condemnation of my life’s work.  Not so different from Peewee’s predicament, yes?  The parallels are obvious.  Is my prized possession worth anything?

If you don’t get The Other Letter, or don’t like it, read something else.  You have my permission.  Bullies, go after SCOTUS instead, do something useful.  Dad’s 92 and 129 (“the leveler”), I have no patience for Christian anti-choice loonies, no one does.

You don’t want an abortion, then don’t get one, but do not force other women to come full term with their pregnancies.  Fetuses are not people — get it?!  We don’t need another Christian crusade for teenage motherhood, and unwanted families...

The next order of the business for the Right is to shut down The Other Letter.  Well, the horse is out of the barn, agreed?  Luke 24 is out there (“damn that Biblical backdoor”), diluting the potency of Baby Jesus’ ardor.  Kneeling before a beggar who never died on any cross will lose favor.

At some point, Christianity will dissolve itself out of disinterest, apathy, and a church founded on a fallacy, on stupidity.  The 2022 U.S. Supreme Court majority will be known as the biggest crew of jackasses ever assembled as jurisprudence.

Amy Barrett will play out her hand, hawking signed paper-backed coat-hangers on shopping TV.  Clarence Thomas will lead cruise ship narratives in what it means exactly to be a White person in Black skin, desperate to join Whitey for Uncle Sam play time.  Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito will share the teaching of Assuming Legal Advantage over Hasidim, the colloquia, at ethics-neutral Harvard Law School...

© 2004 to 2022, The Other Letter, Inc.  This is a very small appetizer as I try to assemble a Best Of Other Letter, of all steak, skip the sizzle.

I can be contacted via email at this address:  I have never gotten any email, not a single one.  If you send anything, do not send hate mail.  For one, I know full well how to reciprocate sentiment via letter writing, do not be so sure you want return fire from me.

I am not soliciting recommendations, or testimonials.  The Other Letter is a very hard sell, it simply does not sell at all.  It is so uncommercial, I doubt I can ever make a dime from it.  Luke 24:39-41, and Jesus the Christ, post-Crucifixion, stating, “Have ye here any meat?” makes advertisers and subscribers lack all interest.

If I sold out to Wall Street — and just today someone called my landline about Other Letter — I would lose editorial control.  Front page and center, would be Baby Jesus-inspired crib-sets for new parents.

No, never, let them beat a path to my door mat, I will never sell what is the work of Creation.  I will entertain six-figure offers however, I can probably find hooker entertainment for six figures.  Call ahead.  Wall Street found my number this morning, you can as well...

I hone my writing and coding skills working on it though, and the blog helps to create buzz for myself, maybe puts my authorship in play somehow (even if the buzz is negative in certain circles).

[This blog is incorporated, I file a Chapter S corporation tax return every year.  The Other Letter’s commercial prospects are weak (see the video following).  In other words, I file returns without income or expenses, mostly I am keeping my options open.

My detractors will never believe that I have taken these steps.  I could post the self-identifying, Certificate of Incorporation, but instead, just check the domain,, on  My privately-registered domain resolves to 2004, plenty of time to adjust my economic strategy for the site (most websites are privately-registered for obvious reasons — who needs active haters?)]

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