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Raphael's cherubs, one wing missing in original

— You ask him, I’m not asking him.
— Umm, God, my friend is much the angel, you took his wing, can you give him back his wing?
— God?  A cherub with one wing cannot fly, just as a one-winged angel cannot.  God?  God?!
— I’m telling you, it’s always “Wait until your name’s called, wait your turn.”
(Only one of the two has two wings to fly.  It is a painter’s concession
to aesthetics, otherwise the two overlap.)



Bring Back that Old Time Religion



Jesus the Christ was a Mistake...

...It’s true, he was, especially regarding economic justice, or providing for the poor, and here’s only part of the reason why.

This summarizes Jesus the Christ and his Bible on the subject of poverty: Have pity on the lowly, but don’t share the land and the fertile bounty that this earth creates with your cohabitants, even though they were imbued with the same birthrights to these resources as you were.  Never do soothsayers such as Jesus the Christ say: “We are one people, and need to treat each other as such.”  There is nothing in scripture about the wealthy giving any of their land to needy, starving peasants.

Global wealth-sharing solutions, or co-operative economics, aren’t worth mentioning in the Bible?  This is only under the rubric of Kwanzaa?  The church can never alienate the rich from its ranks.  So well-heeled landowners who paid for all those fabulous cathedrals will never spend any Sunday in Church hearing about sharing the wealth, or an economic reorganization founded on principles of fairness, co-ops, or equitable distribution of goods.  Their only interest is absolution of their sins, and making sure their path to Heaven is unobstructed.

As much as the churchy adherents hate to admit it, the Bible is a status quo production.  It represents much ado about devotionals for soulless White people, or entree into an exclusive club such as the Masons that will help them obtain more material success.  Jesus the Christ’s church is a front for a tax exempt hate group which espouses homophobia and misogyny.

Just listen to Jesus the Christ as he pontificates on saving the poor yet having no success two thousand years later.  The poor will enter the kingdom of heaven but the rich will have an easier time getting through the eye of a needle.  Here’s more disempowerment of the poor: Turn the other cheek.  The message is to enjoy poverty because heaven awaits for those toeing the Roman line, the line of the master.  With Jesus the Christ’s promotion of Heaven, he checkmates any opposing his whole hearted acceptance of oppression.  Jesus the Christ’s showy, fake crucifixion stalled economic justice for two thousand years.  Without Jesus, there would be worldwide economic justice and equality by now.

In the Book of Luke, Chapter 7, Verse 22, we read about Jesus the carny going full throttle with his freak show: “Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached [italics added].”  The blind, lame, lepers, deaf, and dead are restored to health, but the poor only get preaching, there are no allowable cures for their kind.

What L. Ron Hubbard was to Scientology, Jesus the Christ was to Christianity in his day.  In other words, both were just frauds that continue to live on, and never die.

Jesus championed cold comfort for the poverty stricken.  He legitimized poverty as a lifestyle choice.  Slaves were rewarded in the after life so slavery was less of an abomination.  The poor went to heaven after all their suffering, didn’t they?  Jesus the Christ said so, and he’s God.  He caused an eclipse to happen after all.

Jesus the Christ was just another cave-dwelling ancient, gratefully pontificating for the State.  Jesus the Christ was just establishment Jesus.  Jesus didn’t want things changed wholesale.  He was not a revolutionary.  He was the epitome of milquetoast.  The messiah will be here any day to rescue the poor excepting the fact that he had two thousand years to get the job done.  He is useless except to people who hear voices from the year 33AD, when Jesus the Christ took his final bow.

Some will say: “What about ‘Honor what is Caesar’s,’ didn’t that prove how hardcore he was?”    Yes, honor Caesar, Jesus says, do not ruffle the feathers of those in power.  Render onto Caesar what is Caesars.  Could there ever be a messiah so lame?  Here was a carny who etched his answers to riddles in the sand cementing his value to Roman leadership as a freak show, bread and circuses attraction.

Humanity has been under the spell of the ancients, especially Jesus the Christ, and their “heavenly-sent” eclipse for millennium.  It is time at last to break the spell of this apparatchik of the State who survived his own Crucifixion, and went on to an illustrious career as a beggar.
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Comparing the Major Religions to an Other Spirituality

You may be wondering why anyone would bother taking on the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, and his father, God, when their story is believed by over a billion people, hook, line, and sinker.  You might say: “True, The Other Letter has discovered that Christianity is based on a false premise, and that Jesus survived his own Crucifixion, but doesn’t the Church and the Synagogue do great works?”

Well, you must know that both the Vatican and the Jewish Orthodoxy are homophobic, and that they cite for their position the Old Testament’s Book of Leviticus, written by uninformed ancients in caves.  The Church is also misogynistic, and will not allow women into leadership positions.  Judaism and Islam are both eye-for-an-eye religions, “sanctioned” violent revenge can be justified (for evidence, just read about the Zionists slaughter of over 2,100, innocent, civilian Gazans in 2014 ).

Ultimately then, the three major religions are hate groups, ones that offer their adherents superiority over anyone besides their own kind.  Their so called teachings are not based on universal love and they are without divine guidance, because their Gospel is only the ramblings of half-starved cavemen.  Their sleazy religious leaders are just fakes.  These Houses of Warship absolve sin, so they cater to sinners (or simpletons), making them adored by organized crime.  Centralized religions, like the Vatican, make tons of money pushing crocks of unnatural advice, essentially they peddle garbage via fear of an imaginary, everywhere Jesus.

Even the nuns, those at the bottom of the Jesus the Christ heap, have a long history of being domineering and vicious.  Does anyone remember getting rapped on the knuckles with a ruler by the Mother Inferior?  This is almost understandable.  Nuns have married Jesus, and he’s never home.  He’s always out frolicking with the unmarried priests, and more than anyone else, they all love their young choir boys.

This is why The Other Letter offers an alternative, because the major religions are not all that spiritual.  They only leave you cold and guilty with their prohibitions on most of the stuff people find fun; while enjoying what the warm-hearted find reprehensible.


Apes reciting mass.

These apes are standing and singing for their Lord, at the church of the Ape King, Jesus the Christ.  This is the church as seen in the year 3017AD, when looking back a thousand years.  The Other Letter’s Crucifixion eclipse exposition proved to be the turning point of their: preposterous, inorganic, intolerant, homophobic, misogynistic, hypocritical, reproductive rights blocking, hurtful, scary, proselytizing, humorless, asexual, party-pooping, self-righteous, self-important, holier-than-thou, and one-size-fits-all church, one made for goody-two-shoes, yet-vicious-for-Jesus-the-Christ, clones.

There are those among us who say that that makes this a hate site, but looking at the Vatican’s rap sheet, am I supposed to like this organization?  It is not worthy of our ridicule and condemnation?  Why would anyone devote themselves to this God-awful mess?  Although apes would, and do...


Spiritual Topic Religions of the World (mostly Christianity and Catholicism, but not exclusively) An Other Spirituality
The Big Questions
Who wrote the Bible? Most passages were written by god himself on papyrus and tablets during his occasional earthly visits.  The rest were whispered into the ears of prophets who were carefully selected by god, and they hurriedly wrote them down with quills. The Bible was written by very bored, ignorant, and ancient hicks likely dosed up on psilocybin mushrooms from their abodes in caves or mud huts (hallucinations explain the serpent in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve into eating the apple that “caused” Man’s downfall, and the mark of the beast, 666).  The writers were bestowed Svengali privileges which was their goal in the first place when they invented their prophecies.  In their arrogance, the Biblical verses of these so-called visionaries made them sound as though they were chosen by god, even though their divinity was only self-anointed.
Why are we here?  What is the point of endlessly pursuing material wealth, and getting ahead of the Joneses?To serve God up in the Heavens, who is a wonderful over-achiever; and to Westernize the rest of the World, because the savages need to be civilized. We are here: To make the most of the hand we were dealt in life; to keep the circle of life continually turning; and if we can, to provide for the next generation.  We inherited stewardship of this Earth.  To this end we need to elect leaders who can improve on the health and happiness, peace and prosperity, of those who were here before us.  Anyone, from any station in life though, can help to improve life on Earth just by being kind and lending a hand to those in need.
For five-hundred and the game: Name the greatest example of the beauty of Creation. Christians would say the greatest ever is their idol, Lord Jesus the Christ (he has disappeared two thousand years without a trace); Jews would say Jehovah is the most refined example; and Muslims would say Allah is their go-to guy beyond measure. That Homo Sapiens can think complex thoughts, have memories, perceive the visual world in three dimensions, and experience emotion such as love and compassion, makes the real God ourselves.  Evolution credence is misplaced when given to theories of Creation by ungoverned, random, molecular collisions as Charles Darwin and geneticists suggest.  The profoundly non-mechanical miracles of brain function, memory, language capability, and problem-solving, is far too complex to be a product of simple, unreasoned, molecular and chemical reactions.  Here at an Other Spirituality, we straddle the God did it all people who have no logical basis for their positions, and the Evolutionists who claim the majesty of Creation was only an intergalactic luck of the draw.
What is next for this planet? The Messiah returns during the next fire and brimstone epoch, saving us from extinction; and handing out hardbound copies of the Newest Testament for a nominal fee. Unless World-wide, age-old, and never-ending issues are resolved concerning privilege (economic and power-based), the unequal distribution of wealth, and goods distribution, Creation may not last as long as we would hope and pray that it would.
Where are we ultimately going? If we stay close to our God, to the pearly gates of Heaven. If we regularly try to be a good person, and not a hurtful one, even overcoming most of the major obstacles set before us in life, much anecdotal evidence suggests that there is another realm.  This spirit world is not seeable by mortals today — with the exception of a few signs from God one might see over a lifetime.  The spark forming our consciousness will never be observed, why is it always seen as worldly and of this Earth?  Otherwise, molecules that form are body as we live and breath today are immutable and can easily be assimilated and reincarnated into future life.  Do we know with any certainty that how mortal life lives on terra firma today, is the only way life can ever exist?
Evolution, or where have we been?God created the Universe in seven days.  He was originally given a month by his boss, God’s God, but the deadline was shortened as another galaxy was ready for the full treatment. Eternities of time created the incredibly intricate life systems such as vision and digestion seen everywhere today.  (Time has no beginning.  If you get to the beginning of time, there is still an eternity of time before that, and so on.)  There does seem to be however, an unaccountable ebbing or pulling of life’s DNA blueprint besides trial and error from molecular collisions.  Simple happenstance, and sloughing off the lineage of the non-reproducing can hardly explain the overwhelming complexity of humanity today.  Can all of Creation simply be a product of random, self-organizing yet ungoverned, chemical compounds, and subatomic particle affinity?  Given species advancement from interstellar dust, isn’t the theory of evolution too unsophisticated to account for extremely sophisticated life forms?
What is Heaven?This is where the good to live a blissful afterlife in the next World.  To ancient peoples, this is where food was plentiful.  Even today, a cornucopia of foodstuffs is still a good definition of what to expect in Heaven. For our days living on this Earth, it is as though there are seasons.  At times, we are blessed and Heaven-bound; and other times, we are cursed and Hell-bound, or held in limbo in a Dante-like Purgatorio.  The fates are all on our side, or else they seem to abandon us.  If one lives a just life, the more enjoyable, metaphorical summer is a reward blessed later in life.  Living as the Gods are thought to live might become a consequence of: living right; being good to one’s fellow man; falling or being in love; doing good works (even if it goes unrecognized); being tolerant until all patience is lost; although other reasons might be myriad.
What is Hell? The bad go down to torturing, excruciatingly uncomfortable, and burning Hell.  The Church discusses Hell often, although none have personally seen it. Living in metaphorical Hell might be a consequence of: going after people in attempts to hurt them; willfulness; living to excess, or denying pleasure to one’s self or someone else; living without love, without recognition, or with a broken heart; economic misfortune; or a multitude of other reasons.  Then there are those who found a place in Hell long ago, and while you never will join them, they would like you around for the company.
Why must we die?So we can look up to God in Heaven. Creation arises from the dust and the firmament, then settles back into dust, only to rise back up again into life.   A death, not prolonged, is a small price to pay for participation in the grand majesty of Creation.  Death is a fact of life.  It’s an inescapable and natural consequence of molecular organization on this plane of existence.  The molecular building blocks of life’s systems eventually succumb, and revert, to entropy, or random, non-governed dust.  Every living creature ever born has died, or will one day die — or move to the next realm.  After nature has run its course, and our bodies wear out, we must make way for the next generation.  Life needs to be seen through new eyes.  Were we not to die, overpopulation would force Creation to starve itself to death.  For Mankind’s part alone, our experience with life might tend to get repetitive.  Regardless of the existence of a hereafter, we have the potential to live eternally through: lasting, good deeds; one’s offspring; or a reincarnation here on Earth.  Regardless, there is plenty to do every day without spending too much time considering all this morbidity.
Is all of life sacred? Yes, from the tiniest, ugliest fly, and the most insidious and painful cancer, it is all here courtesy of God, and with his full blessing.  Any life must be revered.  This includes cockroaches.  God works in strange and wonderful ways, and yes, he has a sense of humor.  That explains the cockroaches and the flies. No, all life is not sacred.  Just consider the most vile of life, Adolf Hitler.  He was a monster, no one but the most vile of Nazi would say he is sacred.  Or consider a human fetus, one that cannot think or breath.  The only thing about it that would make one consider it human is that it is found inside a human woman’s womb.  It should not be carried to term if it cannot be raised by its natural parents.  Inside the womb it is an “it.”  It is not a human, a child, or an infant; it is a fetus.  The Church was looking for talking points to promote their misogynistic, homophobic coven, and in the second half of the Twentieth Century, this became a huge parlor discussion.
What is the back story of our Universe?It was created by our God in the seven days of Genesis. It is an almost interminable, or infinite, vacuum starkly contrasted by perhaps a few planetary oases of hope, hope that life and love will prevail, or triumph, over death and hatred.  The Universe has no beginning in both time and space, and has no ends either.
Do the innocent suffer? No, the only ones who suffer are those who have fallen out of God’s good graces. Yes, the innocent suffer all the time, from the beginning of recorded history, and before.  Suffering can often be prevented, but some unjustly meet a cruel, and undeserved, fate.  Every being on this Earth originates from the womb of Creation, the result of a life-giving process whose health is not informed, or guaranteed, by a God in a throne tossing thunderbolts.  At the rate humanity is proceeding all disease will one day be cured, and prophesied lives of perpetual longevity like Methuselah of the Old Testament will become possible.  Perhaps every disease kink in both Creation, and our experience with life and humanity, will be ironed out.  Until then, life and even certain of its people, can be excruciatingly unkind.
What gave rise to this majesty of Creation seen everywhere? We were put on this Earth 6,000 years ago by a male God who created everything — including the 6,000 year old dinosaurs — got the Universe up and running, and generally infused life into all of planet Earth.  This was a six day enterprise, with God taking the last day off for himself so he might catch up on his rest. An Other Spirituality incorporates aspects of evolution, but won’t take it hook, line, and sinker.  We cannot fathom how all of species variation can be explained with involuntary mate selection of the best DNA.  We know that the chemical blueprint, building blocks known as DNA in conjunction with their mutation accounts for much variety of life — hair color, variants in chemicals synthesized, etcetera.  Yet there are astoundingly complex, large-scale systems, ones that work together in a tightly-coordinated packages.  These systems cannot be a product of molecular happenstance.  That could hardly be enough to account for their sophistication.  Just consider the sensory processors of light, sound, smell, and taste.  Then consider body systems such as blood purification; esophageal digestion breaking down food into usable molecular components; and circulatory systems that transport oxygen-rich blood to every part of the body.  Vision especially, takes outside light and represents it in 3D inside the brain, was resolved by forces we do not have the tools to detect. To suggest four amino acids are enough to arrange cells in such an infinitely coordinated manner is folly, random molecular rolls of the dice cannot explain this.  It is like saying a skyscraper can one day be built with gorillas in an entirely random fashion, they just need the right tools.  Our existence is not a function of random, ungoverned processes, but instead there is an ebb, an self-assured flow that Creation heads towards.
How do the four amino acids of DNA (adenine-guanine or cytosine-thymine pairings) explain the incredible complexity of your organs’ functioning, their relative location to one another, their growth in relation to other organs, and their final expected size?  Examples include the circulatory system, the vision system, memory, emotion, and a brain that out powers silicon chips. God is sitting up in his throne and he has carefully decided how your body must work. It is supposedly proven that the DNA genome is the entire species blueprint, but the world of simple, Darwinian chemistry, and four amino acids, cannot explain the majesty of Creation.  Can these nucleotide pairings explain a brain that can reason, love, and remember any type of information?  How can you say a circulatory system with continuous, capillary tubing starting at the heart and going everywhere in the body is made via these two chemical pairs?  Do those four chemicals explain our senses, especially a vision system converting ambient light into intelligible imaging, and brain waves that categorize visual signals (a human at a PC has cells that are precisely placed and coordinated, and can reason far beyond a 2.4 gigahertz computer chip’s capabilities).  The final explanation for the extreme genius of Creation may be known in a thousand years, but if it is, it likely won’t be supplied by mere mortals.
Doesn’t DNA explain all the majesty of Creation? No, do not put your stock in DNA, put it in our Lord, the almighty Jesus (or Jehovah, or Allah, if you, or your parents, were so inclined to denominate you as such). DNA explains protein synthesis, and it is supposed to explain the cell reproduction responsible for creating life.  This DNA genetic blueprint is also responsible for generating every type of cell tissue, and in its appropriate location.  Yet, consider that DNA is simply sequences of amino acid pairs (adenine-guanine or cytosine-thymine), connected to two helix backbones.  Then are we to believe that the entire variety and complexity of Creation is the product of only that, only four chemicals?  There have to be other factors in play besides just DNA — and the proteins and cells it creates without the benefit of any supervising intellect.  The precise stimulus for DNA helix splitting, and thus the initiator of life, has never been isolated, and chances are, it won’t be (at an event celebrating the discoverer of DNA, James Watson, I asked the Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, a world famous genetics concern, this very question, and he drew a blank).  If I throw a rubber ball for eternity against a wall, I won’t end up with a diamond in my hand — metaphorically, genetics theory says that you will.  Evolution theory would have you believe that if you cordon off, and put barb wire around, a square mile of sand, and return in a million years, you would find a thriving new, humanoid species, perhaps one less dependent on fast food no less.
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The End Times The day of judgment, when our life’s works are evaluated by God, and we are rendered to either Heaven or Hell. When the falsely-empowered, the wicked and mean-spirited finally must empathize with their ravaged victims.  They at last comprehend the depravity of their ways — often by manipulating the law, or hiding behind their religion, to their own twisted advantage.  As a lifetime of evil comes to roost on the hurtful, along with being overwhelmed by their bad conscience, and following the abandonment by their just as selfish cronies, the nasty millions take their own lives en masse.
The Final Cataclysm The return of Sodom and Gomorrah, followed by hail of fire and brimstone.  The Messiah at last makes his return.  Like Santa, God, or his rep on Earth, checks his list to see who’s been good, and who hasn’t. The Moon’s orbit continues slowing, then it hits the Earth, almost wiping out all of life.  This is akin to when the Moon entered the Earth’s orbit originally, and it created a dust cloud that wiped out the dinosaurs’ food supply, then the dinosaurs themselves (which was concluded here earlier).  Our progeny, covered in lunar dust, creates caves with straw-like PVC pipes as breathing holes, sticking out into the earth above.  No, sorry, this is it, the end times, we’re done, game over.  Yet by then, humanity hopefully has perfected intergalactic space travel, and sends the Aryan specimens (or at least the ones that look like me, my progeny, and the Pantheon) in the approximate direction of Alpha Centauri to repopulate.  I’d project that humanity has 100,000 years before the Moon runs out of steam.  Wouldn’t we have straightened out our mess on Earth by then?  (This series of events is a product of a Crucifixion eclipse occurring between noon and 3PM, but the moon is expected to cross the Sun-finish-lane three hours sooner according to today’s astronomy software.  The moon was revolving faster in 33AD.)
The Seven Deadly SinsEither mild, venial sins, or mortal, deadly sins, can be further reduced into: wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.  These destroy grace and charity making eternal damnation right here on Earth possible. These are more the outgrowth of being unloved, hurt, maladapted, and sorrowful than independent vices.
Waging the War on SinSin must be very carefully defined and delineated.  The lines are well marked with what the religious elite has deemed acceptable.  A rather elaborate Confessional, redemption system has been created involving incantations such as the “Hail Mary,” and regular, paid-for Church visits that return the sinner back to their God’s good graces, at least until the lowly Catholic sinner sins again. We are only human.  What we do one day, does not represent our character for all eternity.  Try to keep in mind, most sins are the result of being unloved, and misunderstood, by others, or even by ourselves.  Real sin crosses a line.  At minimum, it hurts ourselves, and just as likely, it hurts others in our circle, or even complete strangers.
EvilIs everywhere, always be on your guard for it. Do as you ought, or what is just, and you have little with which to be concerned.
The Origin of Evil When Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden.  (As punishment, “He [Man] shall rule over thee [woman].”  Misogyny introduced by the Old Testament.) When Man first realized he could use a lethal weapon like a stone to get all he wanted, this was the beginning of the end of Garden of Eden pacifism and civility.  This was man returning to being an ape-beast, just as males with guns do today.
Intolerance We are much more known for tolerance within our congregations, than outside them.  We have been anointed by the Heavens above, we decide what is right for everyone else, especially the murder of children in the womb. Each of us arose from Creation, ultimately there is an interconnection between every one of us, whether we care to admit it or not.  Ultimately, in one form or another, we all depend on one another.  When a lamb strays, isn’t this our responsibility to return them to their shepherdess?
ExorcismThe Vatican recently recognized the International Association of Exorcists. The scientific community is out on exorcists.  Some say it is hokum, others say it’s, oh, never mind, it’s all BS to confuse the faithful...  One of many problems with the Vatican is that they think everyone still lives in Medieval times.
Hatred for one’s fellow ManJesus regularly exhorted this commandment to his followers: love one another (that phrase appearing 13 times in the Bible).  This was the lump sum contribution to humanity of Jesus the Christ. Even monkeys and apes know more about love and affection than many backward clans of humanity do.  There is a cost associated with hate; it has a strong tendency to subsume the peaceful side of the individual. Unfortunately, that those who don’t care that they lack character have to coexist with those who do.  (Trump lacks character, that’s fairly obvious to anyone who themselves has a conscience.)
SuicideIf you commit suicide, you go straight to Hell for all Eternity. Whether or not God commands you to Hell, your act of extreme selfishness and cowardice puts everyone you have ever known in Hell, hating you for the rest of their natural lives.  The suffering need to understand that the wounds felt today are never permanent, scars will heal at some point.  If you’re thinking that taking your own life will permanently solve your problems, you need to seek help immediately.  Plus, there is always the chance you will partially survive your suicide attempt only to be crippled for life — with a feeding tube, or wheelchair, as a quadriplegic, for instance.  Ending your life is the tragically wrong way out of whatever crisis you are going through.  There are times when we all just need to take it easy.  Stay the course, stick with the program, it will all work itself out, you’ll see.  There are important parts of life that take time to get right.
Are we only put on this Earth to suffer? No, God in his infinite mercy would never allow that.  Those dying of cancer, missed Communion, so they deserved their fate. For a variety of reasons, especially medical ones, there may be times an individual feels that they were born to suffer.  Besides the physical and mental abuse of diseases such as cancer, one may want more than anything to even the score with a hurtful individual.  If there is any hope at all when feeling completed defeated by one’s circumstances, it is that there are still good people left on Earth, and there are at least a few who love you.  Creation would not have thrived as it has if our purpose in life was only to endure pain.  That humanity has thrived (sometimes more notably than others) more than suggests that for the vast majority, Creation’s blueprint is sound.  For those that this isn’t true, rest assured that memories of them shall live on forever.
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Adages from Scripture
“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”Anyone who has never sinned, should cast the first stone condemning a sinner.  This is where Jesus, in his infinite majesty, saves an adulterous woman from a mob. Twice in the linked Biblical passage, Christ bends over and writes in the sand.  Who writes on the ground to compose their thinking?  Who would channel God in such a histrionic manner?  God is found in the sand?  No, he did it for dramatic effect, no other reason.  Jesus was an ancient, sideshow carny.  (A side note: if Jesus was actually without sin, he should have thrown the first stone.)
“...They hated me without a cause.” Jesus is confounded by how he can be hated when we know he is God.  When this insight is applied to those who are victims of hate crime, one sees that they never deserved their abuse, it was without justification. Jesus is alive post-Crucifixion, he is hated with just cause.  He just pulled off the scam of all history.  Then there’s the fact that the Vatican itself hates freely — gays, and even women, are the inferiors of Christian males.  It is homophobic, the gay cannot take their marriage vows in the Church where they were Baptized; and it is misogynistic because priests, the Church leaders, can only be men.  Meanwhile, by the edict of White, virgin males, women must carry their unwanted fetuses to term, and any pregnant are forced to become mothers, or are subject to baby giveaways.  Gays and women are treated with prejudice, and hated without cause by the Church.  In fact, by promoting misogyny and homophobia, the Vatican leads the largest hate group in the World (and they claim, and get, tax-exempt, non-profit status).
“...Ask, and it shall be given you...”“...Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”  Assertiveness is a Commandment from God. I don’t have much of an issue to raise here (could I?), although Christianity has a tendency to create sheep, and Luke ll:9 addresses this in some degree.
“To every thing there is a season...  A time to be born, and a time to die...  A time to kill, and a time to heal...”From those words in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, comes the lyrics for the Sixties anthem by the Byrds, Turn, turn, turn.  The verses demonstrate that for every hatred shown by a few, it is recompensed by the kindness of millions of other men and women.  There are cycles to hostilities. The only qualm one might have with this Bible passage is the necessity for cycles, or seasons of hatred, that somehow murder on a national scale can be justified.  With today’s advanced channels for dialog, and the wisdom of millennia, Mankind will learn enough to know that killing is only unbridled nihilism, and that it helps no people to survive.  It is just the folly of the deluded and powerful with assault rifles.  Before it is too late, Homo Sapiens, the most violent creature to ever tread Earth, must one day realize how wrong they have been.
Backdoors in the Holy Bible (and the story of Jesus the Christ) Jesus’ grace has no backdoors, not even when the unmarried priests and the young choir boys, oh, never mind...  Jesus the Christ is perfect, okay? The biggest backdoor is in the Book of Luke, Chapter 24, verses 39 through 41.  Jesus the Christ admits he is mortal and of “flesh and blood” following his supposed Crucifixion.  In Luke, Chapter 23:44-45, the eighteen-year cyclical eclipse freakishly coincides with the Crucifixion indicating up to eighteen years of planning for Christ’s little, death-defying show.  In Luke 23:26, Simon carries the Crucifix of Jesus, for a God, Jesus needs to lift more.  To round this off, the next-of-kin of Simon the Cyrenian, who himself is ostensibly just a Crucifix-bearer, are given a mention in Mark 15:21.  If anyone was Crucified that day, it would have to be Simon.  He would be the fall guy when the lights went out from God venting his anger, or whatever the superstitious from then blamed the eclipse upon.  Meanwhile Simon’s family had an unusual Bible tribute for getting “compelled” into taking Christ’s place at the Cross.  Here are several more previously inexplicable passages.
The Power of Faith Psalms, Chapter 23: “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want ... I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me ...”  This may be fine until you realize that you’re handing over your fate to the ether.  Isn’t faith stronger when placed with yourself in concert with all Creation surrounding you? As soon as you hand over your free will to the ether, you lose control over your fate.  Instead, join forces with all Creation, with the rest of Man, and with the benevolence evident in Creation’s aggregate bonhomie, or goodwill.  What is above us, which is only an airy nothingness, is useless; but what is good and true is everyone and everything found everywhere at any time around us and beside us.  Inspiration from humanity is timeless, this spans all generations.
Corinthians, Chapter 13“...And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity...”  The first two concern your needs.  The last, charity, concerns your kindness to the rest of this Earth at large, and how, or if, those needs are met. This is the one chapter of the Bible that even I, with a critical mindset, feel is not at all incomprehensible gobbledygook, and has actual value.  It makes good sense to hold kindness and charity above hope, or even faith, because without caring, we are left all alone, and the deserving get nothing.  Additionally, in Corinthians 13:4-5 “ envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.  Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil...”  (Joni Mitchell had spoken of these particular passages once.)
Eye for an eye versus turn the other cheek. Jesus made the submission of will to the aggressor a major selling point of his Church.  Join it, and you will one day reach the ideal, and live life the way Christ said he lived it.  For observant Jews intent on avoiding hypocrisy and on serving their Lord, an eye for an eye also means that they should be backing the Death Penalty.  One God in the Holy Bible commands us to love until our heart bleeds.  In the same tome, an earlier God commands us not to love, so revenge, even deadly revenge, is certain.  The last prophet of Islam, Mohammed, claims those wronged, and whom war was made against, are permitted to fight in retaliation (apparently to the death). If you live exactly by Christ’s words you will be dead in no time.  In reality, people must offer at least some resistance when they are affronted with aggression.  Christ does sound as though he was shepherding pliant sheep, or raising pansies, to appease the dictators of the Roman Empire.  With the full persuasive force of the Crucifixion Eclipse backing him, his directive for timidity and passivity held great sway, even unto today.  The main advantage of a ‘turn the other cheek’ approach is that extreme aggression might be seen in relief with passivity as counterpoint.  Of course, not defending your turf leads to guilt and even death.  On the other hand, eye for an eye justice from the Old Testament ‘gives what you get.’ In practice, unless you need to satisfy the power structure, eye for an eye is a much more honest mandate for assertive behavior than the unrealistic designs of Jesus the Christ.  By surviving his Crucifixion, Christ was in service of the Roman State, as Pontius Pilate and King Herod were following his practices closely.  Of the three major religions, none endorse unilateral aggression, although the Quran, most recently written, seems to suggest that just, equitable scores have every right (the words used were “having sanction”) to be settled, and the Old Testament suggests almost as much.
The hook to get people to sign onto a faith. “Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  Follow the path of Jesus and his apostolic Merry Men, and you will live forever, so says John 3:16.  There are even songs written about John 3:16, one being John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16, by Nicole Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban.  Thoughts of Heaven make the time spent in the Christians’ endless world of self-denial go by that much quicker.  Mideast terrorists also get a sweet afterlife bargain with their sign-on bonus of 72 virgins courtesy of their terrorist God (or is that a sign-off bonus?)  So go to Church, or the Mosque, and we’ll talk.  Get in good with us, we’ll fast track you to Heaven, and get you inside those Pearly Gates.  Just don’t forget to give generously when we pass around the hat. We are not about to lay on any heavy guilt trips, or say if you don’t believe in our spiritual foundations, you won’t make it to the rolling meadows of clover.  Here, we only say: enjoy all you have been given; and live and let live.  High pressure, save-your-soul tactics are not our style.  To quote Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, “If Jesus saves, he better save himself, because he has created plenty of fat men, guilty of nothing, or free of any sin because their sins have all been absolved by Confession with a certified pedophile.”  By the way, the hook in Scientology is the promise, obviously never delivered upon, of meeting Tom Cruise and John Travolta at the L. Ron annual company picnic — that, or at last encountering Thetans, or just marching in a Right-wing, fascist, in-your-face, good ol’, anti-shrink rally (they do exist).
God’s, or better, Creation’s, Providence The saints take oaths of poverty, renounce physical comforts, and live with next to nothing.  Because it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle...  If they’re heading straight for sainthood, they don’t shower as well.  God does not overlook going this extra mile in a sainthood application. We have all the material resources to make almost every last person on Earth happy and healthy, but our distribution system is plagued by greed.  Someday we will coordinate the logistics of manufacture and distribution with the goal of satisfying World demand.  This planet gets so hung up on insuring deservedness of absolute necessities.  Either we make food, goods, medicine, and adequate housing, available to everyone, or we start having mass die offs.
Reciprocity when Judging Adversaries “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven...” When you bolster your ego by lowering your estimation of someone else, you lose a degree of your innocence — you become complicit in some measure of character assassination, however seemingly innocuous.  When you hate, you are denying yourself peace.  Giving love fills our hearts with it; denying others love, denies that same feeling to ourselves.  If you are only busy taking people down, your life is an empty one.  You become vulnerable to any of the slings and arrows your adversary may be known to carry for themselves about you.  In harboring thoughts corrupting their character, you are over time, ultimately corrupting your own well being.
Everyone is a sinner, this puts us on the same planeAn adulterous woman is about to be stoned.  Jesus scribbles in the sand, then says: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”Note that by Jesus’ own measure, he himself does not cast a stone either.  Jesus is as much of a sinner as anyone else.  The Vatican will say that Jesus would never stone a woman though.  Simon the Cyrenian, who carried Jesus’ cross, and likely took the fall for him as well, would have a better idea as to how innocent Jesus is, especially with Christ’s post-Crucifixion comment proving he survived his torture very handily: “Have ye here any meat?”
ForgivenessForgive them, they know not what they do. They should have known better, yet so far you’ve been paying for their ignorance.  One day there may be the possibility that they will finally see the light.  Until then, we can try to let it go or forget it.  If you have ever dealt with big league bastards, do not expect forgiving or forgetting to work so nicely.  Maybe if the trespasser lets you know that they had a lapse in judgment, or offers an apology, the spirit of forgiveness might or might not be offered in return.  If you can muster forgiveness, it can liberate the soul, not only for you, but especially to those you trust who may deserve your forgiveness.  Forgiveness is an option for those who were stepped on, it is not in any way at all required.  They messed with you, you do not owe them the time of day — ever.
To quote John Lennon and Paul McCartney: “Love, love, love...” Jesus apparently felt humanity did not find love instinctual, parents always hated their children, and spouses had it in for their spouse.  So his main message for his flock, repeated over and over was “Love one another”, there are some Christians, and Jews as well, whose definition of love is so narrow, that they love few others besides themselves, and maybe a family member or two.  Everyone else is unclean and not chosen by God.  Just look at the estimation that Christians have of gay people, or that Jews have of Palestinians.  These ‘devout’ somehow feel their religion authorizes their hatred and their penchant for murdering their enemy. When love is defined as being for so few people, goodness is eclipsed with prideful hate.  There is plenty of hate on Earth, but still: We should be able to love, who we want, freely, and without any enforced exceptions.  Love is love, it is not within one’s powers to decide whom they find attractive.  What gives one group of people the right to decide who another group can love?  As much as the far Right Church would have you believe, gay-bashing, and the enjoyment of the practice by psychos, is not one of the Ten Commandments.  If you were to say your Bible somewhere forbids Elton John or Ellen Degeneres from marrying their lovers, then your Bible is not worth the paper it is printed upon (to give you an idea of how topical their cherished Bible is, they also forbid bestiality, see above link).  One of the first things Hitler did when he was given the reins of power, was to ban “degenerate” paintings of homosexual artists.  By promoting bigotry, which has become the new cause célèbre of the Catholic Church, they are right up there beside Hitler.
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Counsel on Foreign Relationships
Forgiveness as far as the trespasser is concerned: I give you crap, and you say that’s okay. Forgive the sinner, sinners are just like you and I.  No, they are you and I.  Why else would we go to Church unless we had a huge burden of sinfulness to unload in the Confessional? First off, once the trespasser shows that they have changed their ways, the injured can forgive.  There is no point of forgiving until then.  Otherwise, the sinner should forgive himself.  They shouldn’t expect forgiveness from anyone else.  How else will they learn from their trespasses, their takedowns, and their meanness?  That said, when the trespassed forgives completely, they do not harbor any anger and resentments, although depending on the circumstances, the aggrieved may be letting the trespasser off the hook, and freeing them of any responsibility for their actions.  A third approach is to realize that your trespasser lacks certain cognitive capacities, and you can humor yourself by making fun of those defects of character.
Friend When There are None Who can Understand One’s Plight With Jesus, Jehovah, and Allah — you are relying on someone whose credentials may be stellar, but who last took breath thousands of years ago, and who is someone you’ve never met in the flesh, and much more than likely, never will. Anyone here, or here no more.  When you know someone well enough, channeling their appraisals of your thoughts and feelings is not such a stretch.  If they have passed, would their answers back in the day be any different than what sounds so accurate today?  The person to channel might be one of the people we are closest to today, were closest to at another time, or someone we have never even met.  We can even channel ourselves, or our alter ego, and view our actions dispassionately from a distance.  Never lose sight of the here and now though, life is for the living.
Forgiveness cannot be withheld indefinitely.Forgive them, they know not what they do. You cannot remain ruled by your anger, it is not time well spent, as it is not productive.  For mutual preservation, it must be set aside, and the sooner, the better.  After the lesson is learned from whatever tragedy, and any adjustments have been made; for full closure, an exception ultimately should be granted by the victim to their moral code.  If the acts were out of character, mistakes are understandable and should be forgiven; if committing these acts are keeping in character, then the offended should be forgiven out of pity.  Also consider if on balance the trespasser has done a significant number of favors for you, especially in relation to those you have done for them; or if you have an advantage over them.  Another point worth mentioning, never forget who was the least forgiving of all (at least of Germany’s WWI debt), the Nazis.
The Releasing of Anger and ResentmentsLet go and let God. You’re not punishing the trespasser by holding on to your anger, you are only punishing yourself.  Before anger consumes you, try to let it go, but you can also try imagining what all the good people, the majority of Creation, would think about the behavior of your malicious trespasser.  If you are mad at someone you have feelings for, remember a few of the reasons why you have feelings for them, and that no one can be perfect.
Forgive or forget trespassers? Forgive them. One often gets the sense one group is usually doing the trespassing, and a second, the forgiving.  When forgiveness seems like capitulation to trespassers, forgetting them may be a more viable alternative.  While forgetting can be dismissive — ‘Such and so is not in charge of his or her own affairs’ in its mildest, root form — and seem spiritually bankrupt, there may be times you need to understand that regrettably, you are just wasting time and energy with difficult people, and that you are the better person.  Forgiving proves that one is above the oftentimes petty fray.  This taking of the high road will give you solace knowing that you have the good graces that the malefactor sorely lacks.
Blocked communication between those who have mattered most to you. Priests such as ourselves do marital counseling, think of all the experience we have in that area (just kidding, but only about our life experiences).  For the deceased, why not try séances?  We can have a man of the cloth stop by, and sprinkle Holy pixie dust. If they are alive, why have you or your loved ones changed?  Why can there no longer be communication on this issue?  If the waters have been tested, and they are too deep, could a surrogate, professional or not, for discussion ever be a possibility?  Reconciliation involving the non-living is also possible (see next passage).
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Core Tenets of a Faith
Strangest Part of the Faith Christians worship a guy who has been dead for two thousand years, and most have no idea what he might have actually stood for (including the Vatican which takes liberties on his message claiming Christ was homophobic and misogynistic), although most know he often said to love one another.  The King of the Jews, David, said to be the direct ancestor of Jesus the Christ, collected 200 foreskins of his enemies.  Who knows if they were dead when circumcised.  Were these foreskins, or the entire unit?  Would the King of the Jews have surgical equipment handy on the battlefield for circumcisions, or did he castrate 200 defeated soldiers, dead or alive? That an Other Spirituality was never thought of sooner, and that its acceptance is meeting up with such resistance.
Certainty in a World Lacking ItGod has his plans for us.  We just need to be good and all our dreams will come true, because God is looking out for our best interests, every minute of every day. In the Twenty-First Century of the Third Millennium, mankind alone has put in place enough road signs, road blocks, and bypasses, that if we just pay attention to the path we travel, we will get to where it is we need to be.  If we start praying to the ether for assistance: A, we are depending on the clouds for help; and B, we are ignoring the realities down here on Earth required to succeed.
Religious Iconography (that is, the Crucifix, the Star of David, and the Star-Crescent)They symbolize our commitment to the faith, and it is a measure of distinction, we exist on a higher plane than the non-believer — and even than the lesser believer. Typically, these are necklace adornment, although even more laughably they are permanently affixed as body-defaming tattoos.  While I cannot speak for every bearer, usually they have absolutely no business positing that they are Holy.  They are mostly worn to indicate they are pretending they are holier than you are, and that they are devout pilgrims of the faith.  Meanwhile they hide behind the emblem while they smoke, drink, gamble, or eat away their lives like sybarites.  Otherwise it is worn because they are experiencing a major life change, and they have found themselves extremely depressed hoping the guy who has been dead for two thousand years will somehow intervene before they throw themselves under a bus.  An Other Spirituality is never flaunted, branding is unnecessary, if we want to get closer to Creation, we listen to music such as Joni Mitchell’s.
A model of human perfection exists?Yes, and we all know him as Jehovah, Allah, or Jesus the Christ.  We are made in God’s (and Allah’s or Christ’s) image.  Look in the mirror, and you are looking at God’s image.  All religious people know to pattern themselves after this model of imaginary perfection, or at least perfection never witnessed in the real world.Yes, taking the best of Mankind, and then rolling them up, or aggregating them, into one being allows for the creation of a model of human perfection.  One is good at demonstrating kindness, another at showing patience, and a third does well being a member of a family, or being a partner.  In fact, there is someone exemplary, even World-class, at any activity.  If you need to think of an example on how to do something, why channel someone who has been dead for two thousand years? — especially when there is someone alive that knows how, can take questions, and does not require obedience to White, male virgins in robes.
Shouldn’t Man (or Woman) be trusted before the ether?No, God is out there, we have all seen him, he is everywhere you look, but his is mostly the strong, silent, invisible type. Why is it we should always trust in God, yet never trust in Creation, or in its caretakers, Man (or Woman)?  Why have we been taught for millennia that the ether is so trustworthy, shouldn't faith be placed in each other?  Are people that backwards that we must trust the air, or ether, above us rather than the people around them?  If we could depend on each other instead of this odd, entirely counter-intuitive and unnatural, god construct wouldn't the world run much more smoothly?  If anyone needs an alter ego, choose someone you have known personally, known of through your reading and education, or even yourself.  One can even commune with nature, yet dependence on a God figurehead to solve all your problems is foolish.
Importance of an Afterlife in this Religion Judeo-Christians live for an afterlife.  They have become so deprived with their ascetic lifestyles that Heaven way up in the ether is the only thing that can keep them going.  Same goes for Islam, although, that’s been further corrupted by terrorists so young men murder thinking that their barbarism will get them into Heaven. Thoughts of Heaven are mostly for when you’re at death’s door, the Grim Reaper has his scythe around your neck, and you’re running through the major memories of your life, if for no other reason that being in a tunnel of light has you a little on edge.  An Other Spirituality’s official position is that there are forces beyond current scientific comprehension, and we exist in bodies miraculously beyond simple, passive creation, ones that definitely seem to, at least in part, have a guiding intellect in their development.  Evolution and DNA natural selection can explain some of Creation, but can it explain all of it?  Life may be more vital than we know it today — and involve more than just chemicals.  Given this though, we really shouldn’t be spending our lives waiting for a ride to Heaven, there’s plenty of more productive and interesting activities you could be doing down here during your time on Earth.  You won’t be judged well in the grand, moral showcase of the Heavens, if you’re always scratching your rear counting angels.
Accountability to GodGod makes everyone accountable for their actions.  If you have an evil enemy, God will smote him or her.People need to be accountable not to God, but to each other.  That is the real path to World peace, demonstrating sensitivity towards one’s fellow man, not praying towards a symbol of faith and looking up in the air for assistance.
Source of Strength and Power Above us, in the ether.  In our ascetic, spare creed, we make it on our own, only needing help from the skies, or more familiarly termed, the Heavens. All around us, with everyone in Creation, human and even non-human (as sustenance).  Instead of the ether, we depend on each other.
“The Dashboard,” or what’s on your mind? Where Jesus, Allah, or Jehovah bobble-head dolls are placed. Consider “the Dashboard” as gauges measuring the extent of your current cares and concerns with relevant labels such as “Level of Intimacy with Significant Other,” or “Level of Frustration with Lawn Care.”  They can be set back to normal, or resolved, by the passage of time, as though they were passing storms, or by working on persistent ones with either yourself, your relatives, a mental health professional, a lawn care professional, or a fellowship group, your friends, or your workplace.  Certain gauges have been on alert much longer than you would hope — if you were to create an historical average, where is the gauge now in relation to this history?  Are your issues common to humanity, or not common at all?  Are there particular times when the issue, or the gauge, becomes prominent?  Looking back at your life, has this always been an issue?  Why must it be one now?  You can even be quasi-voyeuristic (and perhaps, a little creepy), and imagine what is on another’s dashboard.
Alien Invasions Completely unprepared.  Just the other day in Israel, people were hacking each other to death, then shooting each other because of a turf war over a religious site.  Religion makes people stark raving bonkers.  They kill each other for no other reason than to pretend that they are ‘Holier than thou.’  There could be little green men looking out of the peepholes of thousands of spaceships each the size of Manhattan, and everyone in Israel would still be chasing each other with meat cleavers oblivious to their new leadership.  This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so God damn tragic. Entirely well-prepared for an alien invasion — we keep our lamps trimmed and burning.  We are as one with the firmament and the cosmos, we represent unity and harmony in its every incarnation and dimension.  Bring it on, three-eyed, swelled-headed, dweebs, we’re waiting for your rudeness, we intend to show you how it is done in these parts.  If the aliens are only visiting Earth because they want to hot wire our cerebral circuitry to make us immortal, we are just as ready for that as well — we’ve been very well-behaved and deserve some of that ol’ extra-terrestrial gravy train.  When they reverse-engineer our DNA remains via in vitro, bringing back the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, and Jeanne d’Arc; all Other Letter, temple-goers whose dues have been paid, and are in good stead with Creation, will also be at the head of the line for rejuvenation.
Solace for Johnny dying in the hospital. Johnny, Saint Peter will meet you at the Pearly Gates with a mile-long scroll with the names of people God will let into Heaven, and I was given advance notice your name is on the list.  After a short, fifty-year wait, your parents will stop by and greet you.  Your grandparents will be up there within the decade, and every pet you ever had will also be there.  Plus, we have the best Nintendo yet in 3923340304320D, the quadrant of heaven your grandparents picked out for you, because you’ll be sharing a double room with them.Johnny, you will join the rest of Creation, and your spirit will live on forever.  You will either be in the Heavens, in the hearts of those who knew and loved you before you left us for greener pastures, or both.  Ours is not to dwell so much on this though, but instead on the time spent in hospice you have left with us here on this planet.
Focusing on the One God versus the Many Beings of CreationThe One, a single, all-wise, solitary, guiding being somehow seen everywhere by anyone, and personally self-imbued with the powers of the Universe. The Many, accounts for the incredible massiveness and omnipotence of life as evidenced in its final manifestation, Creation.  The Many is entirely democratic and all beings comprising it have an unquenchable and animate spark, a flame within, that defies inspection or understanding — simple or otherwise.  For all things Creation has and can accomplish, these beings exist without having any idea of how they came into being, without any inkling how to create their own existence.  Unified together, this incredible self-guided determination, vitality, and perception comprise Creation, one beholden to none but any of its predecessors — genetic or otherwise.
Question of Divine Authorship and When Scripture were Written The Holy Bible has been claimed to be the word of God, yet Genesis, et al, were obviously not physically written in his own hand.  Then did God whisper into the ear of Biblical authors to scribe, say for instance, the narrative of the seven days of Creation?  Well, if the Old Testament can only claim witnesses who are mortal as the New Testament’s Gospels do (i.e., Luke, Matthew, Mark, and John), it too, was only written by mortals with no direct connection to God.  Because God didn’t whisper in the ears of these ancients, as he did not to the writers of the Gospel lore, this is entirely a human, significantly embellished, account not a divine one from the ether. An Other Spirituality was written from the culling of current science, logic, and modern thought.  The Bible and the Quran do not have the benefit of any of today’s knowledge, making them exceptionally limited in their topicality.  Even what could be considered timeless from back then, has been elaborated upon over 2,000 years.  The fact that the Old Testament endorses bigotry, and the New one has their Jesus eating food after the Crucifixion, then and there indicates that it was not a divine document.  Without such divine guidance, these religions are essentially self-guided men’s clubs.  As for the writer of an Other Spirituality, as far as I know, I’m not a divine angel Heaven sent, nor an evil devil Hades sent.
The Garden of Eden A mythical heaven on Earth known to others as a Shangri-la, a Valhalla, or a Xanadu.  By the third chapter of the Bible, Genesis 3:1-24, the solemn, oft deliberately inscrutable so mistaken for the divine, Black Book was already putting a pallor on matters.  By then, we had reached the beginning of the end, or the Fall of Man.  The Serpent tempts Eve into being a God, and into knowing not just good but evil — essentially wicked deeds now become a choice for human behavior. A brief interval in time before Man got entirely corrupted with the idea that he could have more than he needed by using weapons instead of cooperation.  For just this once, we were completely at peace with human nature, and Mother Nature.  With a global, concerted, word-of-mouth effort, we might one day return to this state of complete serenity.  I cannot say why Moses et al, the writers of Genesis, metaphorically gave women the shame of creating Original Sin.  I mean who starts wars, then wants to fight them to the death?
The Subjugation of Free Will God created the past, present, and future of all life.  Once we obey God, we will be on auto-pilot, on cruise-control.  God will take care of us from here. We take a different, much more independent tack, one where we decide everything in our lives, and where only we decide how our hands are played.  The ether in the Heavens is no longer a consideration.  Life is a lot more interesting this way.  Our responsibilities exist only as required by the fellowship of Creation.
Achilles Heel of the Faith For Christians, it is the Crucifixion eclipse; for Jews, it is their perfect being, Jehovah’s, intolerance towards homosexuals; for Muslims, perhaps a book should not be judged by its heft, but the Quran is 155 pages (77,437 words at 500 per page), while Gideon’s Old Testament for the Jews is 845 pages, and the New Testament for the Christians is 259 pages. Just as the parchment of the Holy Bible is today flaky and without substance, so is its use as a justification of the Church’s false authority regarding reproductive rights, homosexuality, etc.  An Other Spirituality has been around for less than a thousand years, though it has been around more than the seven days the Book of Genesis says it took God to create the Universe (this magnum opus weighs in at over 200 pages).
Initiation into Religion For Christians, it is baptism with Holy water — water with a provenance said to derive from God.  For the Israelis, it is when they have their compulsory Army hitch, and are handed a rifle with orders to go out and murder some Arabs. The acceptance of harmony, peace, and grace, into one’s soul; while denunciating all piggish, willful, and selfish behaviors.  Essentially, this means believing that as the family of Mankind, if we seek mutual understanding, and reciprocity in resolution, and if we love, help, believe in, and trust in, one another, our unity of purpose will allow us to prevail over what was once insurmountable.  This vow does not need to be public, or as part of a grand display, but it must be felt on a rather profound level, that everyone needs to look out for much more than just themselves, they also need to watch over their immediate circle, and whenever possible, even have consideration for the plight of those far beyond our cohort.
Common PleaGod, why have you forsaken me? How did I find myself where I am today, whereas much of Creation has been spared?  Might there be anything I am doing wrong that the rest of the Earth is doing right?  If I were to average all of Creation, why might it be I feel sub par in this given area?  Why do I suffer so, when the rest of Creation does not?  If I have been victimized, why?
Common Expletive“God damn it!” “This World is a dump, nothing but a dump!”  “I give up!”  “I can’t win — I can’t even lose to win!”  “Leave me alone, I’ve had a hard life!”  “Why was I cursed?”  “Hold back those reins, Nelly, whoa!”
Core focus of a religion’s endeavorProselytize the other religions, until an appropriate kingdom of heaven on earth is created.Make life as we know it today into the bountiful wonderland of Creation it was always meant to be.
Iconic Figurehead of Faith The male Creators — Jesus, Jehovah, or Allah in the Heavens (or ether) above.  The Madonna, while not a member of the Trinity, is the maternal archetype of Christianity.  There is only one instance of this potentially overburdened Creator. The Creator is the Creation — comprising each other, and all life everywhere around us.  Instances of Creation number near infinity — we have power and safety in numbers, whatever journeys in life we consider, or find ourselves on, there are always those who have blazed a similar path before us.  The millions of millennia of continuous Creation demonstrate its durability and integrity, just as the millennia of altruistic instincts and adaptability of Mankind demonstrates our inbred compassion and will to survive.  Gender-comprehensive Creators are easily conceived of as the masculine and feminine, ethereally-inspired archetypes (not just a male God), and are more traditionally the forager, and the keeper of the home and hearth, respectively.  This yin and yang is also the over-arching relational chemistry we cherish today, initially they gave rise to all existence, and now they await proof of our kind stewardship over this Earth’s bounty.
Minimum Value of a PersonGod does not make garbage. Creation today is a product of a million years of generational progression.  Behavioral responses learned via uncomfortable experience may make some of us a little shaky occasionally, but the body and brain function with solid biological engineering, having withstood the test of a virtual eternity of time.
The Four Cardinal Virtues Prudence, or choosing appropriate action; Justice, or fairness; Temperance, or restraint of the appetites; Courage, or the ability to confront fear. In addition, those who are kind-hearted stay true to a just path of virtuous living.
The Three Theological Virtues Faith, belief in and obedience to God; Hope, refraining from despair, never giving up on God’s love; and Charity, helps Christians love God and their neighbors, more than themselves. Faith is belief in ourselves and all of Creation; Hope is being realistically optimistic about potential outcomes beneficial to our lives; Charity is having the capacity to love all Creation, not just ourselves.
Favorite Verses from ScripturePaul the Apostle to the Corinthians on Charity In Chapter 24 of the Book of Luke, where a hungry Jesus the Holy ghost most unexpectedly asks for a meal, and even announces he is not a Crucified spirit, but is of flesh and blood like any other mortal.
Major Obstacle to Faith Proselytizing not yet complete. By now, Man has ironed out most of the kinks in Creation, such as disease.  The only part truly missing is manly, womanly, and international, heartfelt cooperation and goodwill.
The Zeitgeist God has already decided everything in your life, you just need to heed his Heavenly wisdom. Witnessing the same set of World events, the multitude of Creation’s paths occasionally intersect.  When they do, everyone seems to arrive at the same conclusion at the same time.
The Extent of Personal ResponsibilityWhat we don’t take care of, God will.Individually, you are not responsible for the state of the World; but together, as a concerned family, we all are.
Prayer We can passively ask for — and if we are good — might receive, divine intervention for pressing issues. We can earnestly hope that we deserve better than we have been given — or that someone or something might intervene on our behalf.  If practical, we will take a proactive stance, and not a passive one.  Instead of passive prayer to clear our conscience, we might be able to take action to help remedy the situation.  There are times, however, when we must surrender any hope of controlling an issue, and pray someone or something resolves it for us.
What can our religion guarantee?  (Or so we think.)Our hearts are in the right place.Our hearts and minds are in the right place.
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The Pleasure Principle Pleasure and material goods pulls us away from our God.  Sex is of minimal importance. Austerity from outside material goods and pleasures is not the religious obligation with Christians as it is for all the other religions.  Enjoy the wonderful gifts on this Earth as you may.  Joys not from people but from material goods are only problematic when these supersede or interfere with human relationships, or when these are lauded over others as a means of demonstrating superiority.  Fashion, for instance, should show taste, and not class.  Sex unifies two people in love, and should be indulged to the fullest.  Consensual eroticism for the unattached via imagery or prostitution is only reprehensible when it involves children or sheep.
Incest (or Sex within Bloodlines) All incestuous love in the Bible is prohibited, except for two pairings, father-daughter, and father-niece relationships.  Either God was insanely kinky, or given a father’s isolated prospects, only very practical.  Later, Dads everywhere realized that there are better choices.  (You cannot make this stuff up — we live in the Modern World, they didn’t.) Even situations where it would be consensual, it is too awkward for almost everyone, save a few libertines who might have tried it, and felt it was only a physical extension of their profound affections.  For the underage, unwelcome incestuous, pairing inclusion is a lifelong, potentially soul-crushing, freak out, although if it occurred two thousand years prior, the Bible would have condoned various of it — regardless of the age of those involved.
Sex A male-dominated, meaningless, joyless affair where unfortunate women must often prove their worth in bed in order to get their meal ticket stamped.  The sexuality of Christians tends to be repressed and limiting.  The non-indulgent missionary position is usually employed.  Rarely recognized as a psychologically liberating function of a healthy person. Must be mutually gratifying, satisfying, and rewarding, fulfilling each partner’s fantasies to the hilt as lovers are told, and passionately shown, how much they are deeply cared for, and unreservedly loved.
Dating & Virginity Intercourse prohibited for unmarried Catholics, and likely Moslems as well.  For Jews, there are no such rules, or if there are, they are much more lax. Protected sex allowed, prospective, coupled suitors should be familiar with their shared, erogenous terrain.  Conquests by men over women, the usual strategy of males seeking to possess evidence of their virility, are strictly prohibited, most likely prompting their excommunication.
Polyamory One man belongs with one woman for all of time. Because it is possible to be in love with more than one person at a time: who lives elsewhere; who is not your absolute, all-time, time-tested, favorite lover; and one who is deeply, mutually admired by both you and your partner; then would physically expressing that love be cheating, or would it be lovemaking?  For this to even be considered: it would need to be an entirely comfortable, pressure-free arrangement for all concerned, it could not be just a dalliance, this could not be an open season on anyone otherwise attached, and it could be in response to too few, or no, previous partners.  When the coupling is not done out of spite, or as an exit strategy in a relationship, it might be very fulfilling and satisfying.  This might scratch the Seven Year Itch, and end the desire for hookers.  (There goes Des Moines — but remember that marriages never fail because of excitement, monogamy mostly fails because of monotony.)
Inter-generational Romances No known prohibition. If they have enough in common to form a relationship, if two people enjoy one another’s company, if they love one another, if they are old enough to understand that love means caring deeply for someone else, and if they will look out for their lover’s best interests, how can it be anyone else’s business to interfere?
Sex is best when it isBetween married heterosexuals.Between two people who love one another deeply and tenderly.
Same-sex Partnering (or Homosexuality) The Church, especially the Catholic Church, is one that endorses bigotry and hate mongering.  They believe it is God’s will to further discriminate against those already shunned.  Church hierarchy and their followers believe bigotry brings you closer to God.Sexuality is outside of an individual’s control, a person cannot decide to whom they are sexually attracted.  As long as the partner is not an unformed or immature child, it is not sinful.
Sex frequencyCelibacy is a higher calling.  It is also the reason for the declining numbers of priest entering the seminary.Frequent loving, passionate, and generous sex is best.
Gender equalityEve was made from Adam, not vice versa.Women are the life-givers.  Only they can give birth and breast feed, so they need to be revered as such.
Marital Gender roles Mom stays at home, or if she works, she still does much of the housework.  Dad works. The reason we are joyfully united together in matrimony is because: we are in love, we need to make one another happy, and we care deeply for one another’s well-being.  Both partners must be responsible for their fair share to make ends meet.  When marriage becomes the economic enslavement by a husband over his wife, whereby a woman needs to choose between living with her often demanding boss, or significantly lowering her station in life and her standard of living, it is no longer marriage, it is slavery.
The Masculine Role Patterned after John Wayne, stoic, always in charge, devoted mostly to career, family being a distant second.  Easily seen as being uni-dimensional (the dimension being mastering control over the environment, the chuck wagon, etcetera). Modern, capable of expressing emotion, doesn’t have the need to always be in charge, readily adapts to the healthier, team approach.  Appreciates culture.  Almost knows his way around the kitchen.  Will ensure the women in his life are well-respected and well-loved.
The Feminine Role Patterned after Donna Reed, passive, submissive, and if the conventionally religious Man had his way, a woman solely devoted to family.  Compared to men, she is more often than not a second class citizen. Liberated from millennia-old expectations on her place in the World.  Will take charge as she sees fit, will take on challenges that women would avoid in the past, such as high-responsibility career roles.  Hates being the helpless, damsel-in-distress.  Demonstrates assertiveness, she will not subjugate her needs to those of men.  She can still be very feminine, gentle, nurturing, and comforting, she just doesn’t need to be that way with every turn.
Purpose of having childrenPart of God’s plan To further the unbroken generational chain of Creation.  Hopefully, if we love our children, they will be a source of joy in our lives.
Divorce To Jews, a divorce is an unfortunate fact of life.  To Catholics, marriage is considered permanent unless annulled.  Catholic remarriage after a non-sanctioned divorce is only permitted after the spouse dies. Life is too short to be stuck in a loveless marriage, one held together by the dictates of the Church.  People are brought together in matrimony not realizing all the difficulties, including their partners’ desiring more from the marriage than what they wanted originally.  Staying in a marriage because of the children’s emotional stability may sound admirable, but do the kids always need to be around two parents in close proximity to each other, who rarely get along, and who no longer truly love one another?
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More Harm than Good
Religions need Converts One of the major joys of a religion is converting someone you know into your faith — whether or not they can summon any resistance against you.  Proselytizing could be done for money, so quota can be reached, or just because you need someone to navigate this strange, new, unnatural world of the ether with you. Religion has a rather pronounced tendency to drive people right over the edge.  People of the Muslim and Christian persuasions just murdered in the name of their Lord.  Israelites murdered over 2,100 in Gaza with almost no resistance possible.  An Other Spirituality — you can take it of leave it, no sweat off our backs.  No whacked-out salesman will ever call.  Religion, it is the oldest con game in the history books.  If you cannot bear to be alone again, don’t look up, look all around you.
Christian TerrorismBecause the Church equates early pregnancy termination with murder, there are people with guns who murder others in the name of Jesus Christ — they feel the carnage they cause is God’s work. Abortion has an ancient basis.  It prevents the bringing of unwanted children into the World.  Beginning in the last century, the Church needed a selling point and they found a powerful, divisive one in a common medical procedure.  However, their Jesus the Christ makes no mention of life beginning at conception.  Fetuses should not be revered.  They are mute, grossly immature, unviable, and without any comprehension, feeling or intellect.  Adult rats are more developed.
Bigotry towards homosexuality. Was it up to the Church, homosexuals would become heterosexuals.  Because this is impossible, gays are excluded from Church activities such as parades, and having their marriage ceremonies officiated.  Gays are born into this faith, then locked out of it. The Church’s attitudes toward same-sex sexuality are archaic and a disgrace.  If Jesus Christ stood for this he belonged on the Crucifix.  In the modern day, the Vatican’s failings as unfeeling leaders are impeachable offenses, and constitute self-serving hate-mongering.
Who shall we never love, forgive, and accept? Without citing any chapter and verse of the Bible, Catholic leadership still will never tolerate gays and lesbians.  While Jews do not resent and despise gays and lesbians as much as many Catholics do, their never-revised Old Testament forbids this sexuality’s expression.  The Israelis will never tolerate the Palestinians.  Zionists would prefer they were all dead, and the “chosen people” are intent on accomplishing just that.  I cannot speak for all of Islam, but Muslims only seem to tolerate themselves, and their brand of — what they strangely feel is — unusually and profoundly sacrificing fundamentalism. We shall never love, forgive, and accept those who will never love, forgive, and accept us.  At some point, it pays to save some of the dignity we have left.  Just throw in the towel about any obviously futile hopes for peaceful coexistence, or reconciliation, and walk away from the fracas.  The ideal though, is to be just as well as kind, and not fall into suit with the Church and the Temple as they are becoming further synonymous with intolerance.
Contraception Contraception is prohibited by the Vatican.  Use the Church’s rhythm method if you desire to raise many, many children. The first line of defense against deadly, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and the best way to prevent unplanned parenthood.
The ‘Morning-after’ Pill Prohibited.  Christian leaders — somehow commanded by God, yet not by chapter and verse of the Bible — believe life begins at fertilization, and with undifferentiated cell growth.  Per despicable Supreme Court order, corporations can deny this day-late contraception on religious grounds. In the ultimate irony, by blocking access to the ‘morning-after’ pill, they are paving the way for these women to get real abortions.
Aborting PregnanciesAll life is sacred. Unwanted pregnancies lead to unwanted children.  Making the unplanned pregnancy come to term for adoption purposes likely creates unsupportable relationships between the biological mother and her offspring.  A fetus at three months, the maximum gestation of an elective abortion, has less biological functioning than an adult mouse does.  If we do not allow these medical procedures, someone with a coat hanger will do them instead.
Stem Cell Research of Diseases Prohibited because we teach that life begins at fertilization. Encouraged because we were not put on this Earth to endure pain, and because, at least for the first three months of gestation, a fetus is just that, a fetus.
Unwed Mothers At times, the Catholic Church has been insanely intolerant; prohibiting abortions on the one hand, then enslaving unwed mothers because they gave birth.  Witness the docudramas Philomena, The Magdalene Sisters, and most recently, the uncovering of a Twentieth Century, mass grave of nearly 800 malnourished or otherwise diseased children in Ireland. The shame of having children out-of-wedlock would be non-existent, because of the realization that a double standard of promiscuity is in play here — why is womanizing almost a badge of honor, while a woman who engages in unprotected premarital sex is so loathed?  These pregnancies would happen far less often because of planned parenthoods, and unwanted fetuses not being carried to term.  Assistance would be given to getting the mothers back on their feet, perhaps having socials to set them up with a dependable partner, so they might enjoy a more stable, and productive life.
Gender & Necessity of Top Religious Leaders The Bishops, the clergy, and the lay groups, comprising the General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England (the Anglican Church) has decided to now ordain female Bishops.  Expect the Vatican to move on a similar proposal by the end of the current millennium. We believe in gender non-specific teams that facilitate change, not so much in leaders.  The distinction between a facilitating team and a religious leader honors the sanctity of human uniqueness — you have the final say over your spirituality, and your life, not anyone with power beside yourself.  We would think it rather coarse and insensitive to proselytize, or impose our views on anyone else.
Pedophilia & Religious Leaders Because the Vatican requires their priests to be unmarried, inexpensive, and without a family to support, the Vatican encourages pedophilia, by having a candidate pool include those only interested in choir boys as sexual partners.  With choir boys being the draw to an otherwise celibate priesthood, the Catholic Church might just as well be called, “the Church that pedophilia built.” Any of our Holy men and women donning vestments can surely get married, so they will never need children as sexual outlets.  Our open recruiting policy won’t shut out sensitive and talented married people from taking on posts as spiritual facilitators.  The sexual violation from pedophilia ruins young, innocent lives.
Asking (or Begging) for Forgiveness Quoting Pope Francis, “I beg for forgiveness,” from incensed, priest, pedophilia rape victims, those outraged because justice was never done.  What he could have said was that, “The Church hopes to one day soon be worthy of your forgiveness, because we know we are not worthy of it now.” While the trespasser might call upon the victim for forgiveness to clear his guilty conscience, or clear the record of the organization for which he works, that measure of grace should only be granted when deserved.  It is not the trespassers’ place to implore the victim for forgiveness.  Once the priests that were shuffled from parish to parish to hide the tragedies of abuse are at last fired and reported to the police, and once bishops are defrocked because they paid for the silence of sexual abuse victims; then these victims can decide on their own if they would care to forgive the Vatican, and its Church.  After justice has been served, then and only then, might forgiveness be granted.
Pedophilia & Child BridesOne would expect the Church to be dead set against this, yet they refuse to permanently address, or budge on, the priest pedophilia tragedies listed prior. Child brides, as in U.N.-designated sewers Yemen, Nigeria, and elsewhere, are the equivalent of child prostitutes, neither are living the life of their own volition, and neither have any real future.
Choice of House of Worship based on How much you Sin If you are a sinner, Catholicism is the religion for you.  Every week you sin, and every week you confess them.  Criminals, especially those in organized crime, are well-known devotées of the Church.  You’re always off the hook as a Catholic. An Other Spirituality does not embrace the perpetual sinner.  When you are absolved from sin every week, you can sin whole hog.  Our services will not be used as a means for sin recidivism.  If you cannot learn your lesson, you belong with the rest of the Catholics, ones absolved of wrongdoing by a preacher “anointed by God,” yet very possibly one who was a never prosecuted lover of choir boys.
Nick Loeb picked a fight with Sofia Vergara over his desire, not his self-proclaimed “right,” to have one of their fertilized eggs come to term. Early on, the Church used abortion as a selling point to their proselytizing religion, even though there was no basis for a prohibition in Scripture.  The early Church allowed abortion until ensoulment occurred, 40 days after conception for a male fetus, 90 days for a female.  Outside the Church, abortion has had a long historical precedent.  If the cells were defrosted and fed to Sofia’s cat, it would make no difference, theologically or otherwise.In the name of its own self-interest, the Church’s incessant meddling has caused hardship to another innocent woman.  Loeb does not understand, and the Church doesn’t either, that life never began at conception; a fetus is unviable, it has no self-concept, even children never remember being a newborn.  How Western Civilization allows female reproductive rights to be determined by male virgins, men who have never had physical relations with a woman is rather astounding, if not saddening and demoralizing.  If Loeb wants to be a gentleman — although apparently he only wants to ride Sofia’s coattails— he should see about fertilizing another woman, and leave Sofia alone.
Jihadism, or murdering for God. Catholics have waged their own version of what the Islamic World knows as jihads — the Holy wars of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.  A grand spectacle was made of the heathens’ execution back then, at an auto-da-fé, or a public penance, where contrition was demonstrated by being burned at the stake.  Given the capital punishments by a publicity-seeking, purity-vowing, Islamic State, history does seem to have a way of repeating itself. The only thing Holy about a Holy war is the funerals of the innocent victims once the guns (or the stakes) cool, and the carnage has been mopped.  We are a peace-loving lot.  While we seek adherents, the murder-for-God idea is patently abhorrent and ludicrously hypocritical of what a spiritual organization’s basic tenets ought to be.
9/11 To the Jews and the Christians, the Muslims resent our freedoms.  To the Muslims, militant extremists do not represent the vast majority of the peaceful followers of Allah. The American Government has taken a wide variety of actions angering Arabs in the Middle East.  Because United States political campaigns are not publicly financed, politicians can and will be bought in this country.  As a consequence, Middle Eastern policy in Capitol Hill is dictated by wealthy, insular Jews — such as those comprising the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC — ones with strong ties to here-for-the-figs, Homeland settlements in Israel.  It should come as no surprise that, in Washington, this lobby drowns out the voices of the Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and Lebanese.  America spends three billion dollars a year on Israeli militarism, so we can foot the tab, and give carte blanche, on the slaughter of over twenty-one-hundred Palestinians like they did in just three weeks in July of 2014 (fewer than sixty-five Israeli soldiers, and three Israeli civilians, died in retaliation).  Concerning claims by an embarrassed White House et al ... (Here is the rest of the story, that because of backlash fears from Zionists, American media will never report.  One can be very naturally, compassionately, and wisely pro-Judaism, yet just as bravely anti-Zionist.)

As we’re finally coming full circle (à la Animal Farm
— the victim begets the predator),
it is getting more and more difficult
to tell the Nazis apart from the Israelis.
The Jews may feel put upon, yet so did the Nazis,
and look what they eventually brought us, World War II.
If Israel keeps pushing it, we will have World War III.

The Holocaust To the Jews, it is murderous proof that Satan is alive and well.  To WWII’s Pope Pius XII, it was not worth it to him to condemn the Holocaust, he wished to remain “neutral” — this Pope is currently up for Canonization as a saint. To have a modern, industrialized nation build factories devoted to genocide is the absolute nadir of civilization, we should all hope and pray nothing gets near as bad as this did, ever again.
Social Control Working with government, religion provides a basis for the authority of politicians.  For God and country, or “In God We Trust,” becomes the battle cry to rally around the flag with the ultimate sacrifice garnering the ultimate reward: winding up in Heaven with 72 virgins (or whatever the Christian reward structure is for mortal, Kamikaze self-sacrifice). Creation of an Overlord has much appeal with the powers that be.  Those creating the law in politics and religion derive their powers from supposed, privileged, direct contact with this Overlord.  Under the old religions, an all-knowing God looks down on us all, knows when we skirt the law, and finds time to mete out punishment for the law-violator.  We have no need here to combine our spirituality with governance to provide a power base of social control for political leaders.
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A First-rate Society
Rumspringa This is the practice of the Amish youth who are allowed to “run around,” experiment, carouse, smoke weed and drink alcohol, while in their late teens, before they take on the adult responsibilities of the Church community.  Rumspringa is not meant to be an excuse for delinquency, it is only a relaxing of the rules for young adults.  (German linguists might prove me wrong, but the rum in rumspringa may actually indicate what is done during this time, that is, drink rum.) We would adopt a similar policy whereby young adults, whose brains are fully developed, who can accept driving responsibilities, and who are in their twenties, can have fun out of harms way, with non-school night, safety-established inebriants (the social cohort-popular alcohol and marijuana) before they tackle full-blown adulthood.  Once they have kids though, the fooling around has to stop so their offspring can have responsible parents.  Also, a lifelong addiction to the stuff is costly financially, to one’s health, and to one’s relations, so if you forgo the typical drug detour, you won’t be missing anything.  One more caveat, many millions have died, or have been driven insane, because of substance abuse.  Don’t become another statistic.
African-Americans Why would a Black man want to kneel before a white founder of a Church — especially one who has been dead for 2,000 years, and one who was from a race that has always oppressed the Blacks?  The Ku Klux Klan used the Christian imagery of a burning Crucifix before handing down their grossly cruel and immoral death sentences.  Isn’t brown-skinned Islam more in keeping with the heritage of African Americans? Better yet, an Other Spirituality has no racial component, it is where all are welcome.  Our temple is growing by leaps and bounds.  On the latest census in fact, one-fifth of the American population claims “Other” as their religion — that’s us.  How about that, folks?  Sure, Blacks want the inside track on prosperity, but they don’t need all that Uncle Tom-ish subservience towards an accomplice in the dirty dealings of the Roman Empire, and towards an accomplice to murder, one who asked for scraps after his own Crucifixion.
ImmigrationWe would love to help, but we cannot, because we face too much NIMBYism (not in my backyard). When a people, young or old, flee from poverty, violence, gangs, and lack of food; those who have food, peace, and prosperity in tremendous abundance have a responsibility to share all that they can.  To say these immigrants, with or without papers, take the jobs of Americans, ignores the fact that we would never do the menial jobs that they will do, and with little, if any, spoken complaint.
WorkWork brings us closer to God. Much work needs to be done, it gives us all a sense of purpose and accomplishment because we can take pride in what we do, and it can even help to cleanse and purify the soul — but do we need to get so obsessed, and crazily or insanely ambitious, over work all the time?
Education Our religion needs to be taught at a young age. People need to respect one another, hopefully they can be taught this at a young age.  Education itself is the World’s primary means of economic advancement, and is the greatest factor in helping level the playing field with those more fortunate.  Education needs to have a bearing on one’s future or slake one’s curiosity.  Students need to be taught relevant technical skills, as well as people skills, by involved and dedicated educators.  Pupils should also develop an artistic temperament to appreciate culture.  Cooking, and even a basic understanding of home systems like heating and electricity, are important life skills.
Industry & MaterialismWealth is a true sign of God’s love for you.Material goods are welcome, but we try to cultivate activities that help to do justice to the environment, besides just consuming its resources.
CommerceGod was a capitalist. Creation was intended to be shared, why is money necessary after we all know to accept responsibility for our livelihoods?  Our ultimate goal would be a free-flowing economy, unrestricted by lucre, matching providers with people whose needs are currently unmet.  A switchover to an alternative, staples and luxury, two-tier economy where goods could be proffered without green, paper money being rendered first, would end global poverty almost overnight.
UtopiaIs the next world in Heaven.We won’t sell this World short, we have a long list of ideas on building the perfect planet.
The ArtsShould be a pro-God spectacle. Should encompass the breadth of the human condition and experience.
Where do we find our entertainments?Family, non-sexual, non-violent entertainments We might find them anywhere, although we try to tone it down for the kids, they might find some themes troubling, confusing, disturbing, or disorienting.
Musical Tastes Gospel-related choirs, or choir-backed vocalists. A wide, and satisfying, array of genres.
Creative expressionGod-related As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, limitless expression would be encouraged and cultivated, especially for those with apparently inborn talents.
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Pets, Wildlife, & Livestock
Animals Per the Book of Genesis, they are our domain to do as we see fit.  (Genesis 1:26 & 1:28 may be the only Bible verse repeated, apparently for emphasis.) We are their stewards, they must be protected from harm.  Mankind should try to keep their sources of food to the lower rungs of the evolutionary tree.  Plant protein should be substituted for the mammalian, or even the marine variety, whenever possible (whales likely beach when they have nothing left to eat, and if we can heed the Jews’ warnings on unsafe shellfish from contaminated waters, it seems mollusks, when restocked, can be dug without detriment to any other aquatic life).
Euthanizing Feral Animals and Domesticated Pets (employing the term ‘euthanizing’, without legitimizing it). Per the Book of Genesis, they are our domain to do as we see fit.  (Genesis 1:26 & 1:28 may be the only Bible verse repeated, apparently for emphasis.) Feral animals can either stay feral in the current location, or moved someplace safer elsewhere, where someone hopefully has the kindness to feed them.  They might even be introduced into a compassionate person’s home on a trial basis.  All animals can feel and understand love over time, so by their very nature they might still be able to be trained.  Unless a domesticated pet has demonstrated to be in great pain, they are an obligation that must be kept, or transferred.  Sickness, outside of those of advanced age, may heal on its own.
Endangered Species Per the Book of Genesis, they are our domain to do as we see fit.  (Genesis 1:26 & 1:28 may be the only Bible verse repeated, apparently for emphasis.) Imagine the Garden of Eden as a complete, yet ancient, jigsaw puzzle with every species representing one piece known to Creation arranged as interlocking ecosystems.  Then today’s puzzle is starting to look tragically empty, with more and more holes of missing animal varieties.  Between Global Warming, and disregard for indigenous habitat in favor of encroaching construction and pollution, one day that jigsaw puzzle may no longer appear coherent, viable, or connected as a complete mosaic — essentially, we will have entered the Biblical Revelations,’ ‘end of days.’
Hunting Per the Book of Genesis, they are our domain to do as we see fit.  (Genesis 1:26 & 1:28 may be the only Bible verse repeated, apparently for emphasis.) Our food creation system, comprising of poultry, vegetarian, and marine sources, has advanced to the point where hunting is no longer necessary.  Hunting to cull herds can be replaced by netting and transporting wildlife to areas where they will not interfere with Man’s inexorable ‘progress.’  Hunting for sport is cruel and sadistic.
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The Other Side of the Tracks
Recreational Marijuana Is the work of Satan. Personally, I feel any recreational drug such as alcohol or marijuana is unnecessary, long-term use is generally unhealthy, and its ingestion is known to hinder brain development in youth.  That said, and considering certain people like to experiment with consciousness, giggle weed is less addictive and, when introduced and used outside of harm’s way over the weekend, can be much more fun than alcohol; so it should be classified legally on a basis equivalent to alcohol.  Weed should not stay criminalized, because when it is, a black market flourishes.  An illegal trade network creates a distribution channel that can rope their user base into their much stronger and addictive wares, such as heroin.  While considered by some as a gateway drug to more powerful ones, the gateway drug to weed itself is ever-present alcohol.  Tax revenues from weed would be an inflow of funds as in Colorado, instead of an outflow to organized crime.  Even so, weed as a way of life should be actively discouraged via Public Service Announcements, and other means.
Medicinal Marijuana The Vatican has stated that any drug use “constitute direct co-operation in evil.”  Protestant Churches have backed the use of medicinal marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. Permit its established use in alleviating the nausea of chemotherapy among other therapeutic, doctor-supervised uses.  There are many among us today who are in dire straits medically.  To deprive them of alternative medications that are known to be beneficial is very narrow-minded at best, otherwise it is even rather cruel.
AlcoholThe blood of Christ, used freely. Should not be given the huge marketing and legal advantages over marijuana that it has today.  There are many more alcoholics than weed-addicts as the latter is not addicting; or if it becomes a habit-forming crutch, it is at least not physically addicting like end-stage, delirium tremens-producing alcohol can be.
Hard-core drugs Are the work of Satan. Are the work of Satan, although if addicts are registered and treated, they can procure their fix without mugging, robbing, or murdering; and without catching deadly hepatitis from dirty, infected needles.
PornographyIs the work of Satan. When depicting honest love-making, permitted as an exposition on technique, and as development of well-budgeted, well-conceived fantasies (today known as vintage porn from Seventies, erotic movie houses); and as a sex surrogate instead of white-knuckling.  Most problematic is: fake, loveless, tasteless paycheck porn by a desperate fringe; Last Rites for runaways; or cheap, exposing, scary, and harmful cradle robbing — harmful both to those well-hooked, and to those putting out for pay.  The age of consent to perform in a porn flick would be raised to 25 to help prevent exploitation.  Regardless, there is more to life than just sex.
Gambling Many Churches are now betting parlors for bingo.  If one is looking for excitement or serenity, why not explore the great outdoors instead?  That’s because, like all gambling, bingo is more of an addiction than a release, or exhilaration. Gambling is an easy way to kiss your life savings goodbye.  We will not encourage it in any form.  If you understand anything at all about probability and statistics you know that over time, the House will take you for all you are worth.  Essentially you are reduced to being a rat pulling a lever for a reward of kibble, or here, chump change.  Those that can actually make money from this, are just shown the door, and banned from the gambling house.
Tobacco Permitted and accepted.One foul habit that might be lessened, or quit, with either cigars (Tiparillos have been known to work well), or electronic, nicotine cigarettes.  Otherwise, how can you hold down a job if you always need to be outside, regardless of the weather, to get a drag?  Had we the clout, and the support, we would outlaw tobacco entirely, making it completely unavailable.
ProstitutionIs the work of Satan. When prostitutes are regularly vetted for sexually transmitted diseases (or STDs), when these sex workers have no other way to make a living, and when no other sexual outlet is available for johns, permitted as a sex surrogate.
Method for Dealing with Addictions The well-established and proven, Twelve-step anonymous, fellowship programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Gamblers Anonymous, to name only a few. The well-established and proven, Twelve-step anonymous, fellowship programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Gamblers Anonymous, to name only a few.  The Higher Power in Step Two might then become the collective spirit and wisdom of: the caring evident in Creation’s aggregate consciousness, everyone else, or the group itself.  Or more generalized, one’s higher power, from which strength is drawn, can become the power of love (without getting too touchy-feely of course).  Step Seven becomes the belief that shortcomings can be removed, just as much of humanity is unencumbered by them already.  Those defects of character — that you had learned to live with, or that had festered with strife — can disappear once you understand Creation gave you the same basic faculties it gave everyone else.  (With Step Four as the making of a personal, moral inventory; and Step Nine, making amends wherever possible.)
LitteringCleanliness is next to Godliness. Litterbugs would have their garbage graffiti dumped back onto their living room floor and bolted there permanently.  Any wildlife that were killed choking on the waste from their carelessness would be sent to a taxidermist, then permanently bolted down into the floorboards as well.  If courts can require breathalyzers inside the cars of those caught drinking and driving, why not this?  Is there a better way to prevent the damage of litterbugs, and illegal dumpers?
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Enforcers of the Peace
Soldiers We are pacifists, but we honor our boys fighting in foreign lands.If soldiers are revered for answering a higher calling, they will keep killing and dying.  Stay away from the world-wide war machine at all costs.  Wars cannot be fought without any soldiers.  Christians say Saint Peter stamps dead warriors’ tickets to heaven.  We’re not so sure — killers are killers, regardless of the color and insignias on their uniforms.
Murders of ConvenienceWhen Cain murdered his younger brother Abel was it because of God’s rejection of Cain’s offering?  Was this the first murder of convenience? Self-defense against an obviously threatening, and potentially lethal aggressor, either personally or on a national level, justifies the taking of life.  Therefore all the killing in the wars in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were murders of convenience — very few, if any, of those foreign combatants were ever seen as a threat on American soil.  Because the incarcerated cannot threaten anyone ever again, regardless of whether or not the convict’s life is taken, the murders of capital punishment are ones of convenience.
Are we hawks or doves? Doves officially, although there have been many, many hawks in the Church, the Synagogue, and the Mosque, who have broken ranks. Doves — the world is not a better place, nor is it safer for a progressive Democracy, once bullets have ripped through villagers’ bodies, or after drones’ Hellfire missiles strike, and level, their villages.
The MilitaryWe need a strong and powerful military. Force begets force, just as violence begets violence, and war begets war.  If we orchestrated peace between the nations of the World by denying special interests like defense contractors, and insular, Wall-loving, precariously cornered Israel, access to American governmental processes, we would no longer require such massive defense spending.
ViolencePermitted to achieve peaceful ends. Just as Quakers never engage in violence, we will cling to a similar ideal, until such a standard becomes indefensible and untenable.  Heeding Switzerland’s example, we will maintain neutrality, backing no violent, international power over another in the hopes others will join us in a non-aggression pact.  Concerning anti-violence philosophy, Mahatma Gandhi knew well of which he spoke.  Warfare where the opposition will only flee, and never return fire, can be a grossly demoralizing and shaming, national and international, public relations nightmare for the barbaric, Nazi patterned aggressors.  This is especially relevant in the smart phone era where any atrocities make the World-wide evening news.
Gun PhilosophyNot of their concern. The NRA will argue that, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  The truth of the matter is that, “Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.”  Guns have no place in a first-rate society.  There should be a one-time buyback as there was in Australia, where sellers are paid market rates.
Guns in America The Vatican never bothered weighing in on the subject. Should never be permitted, anywhere, except in the hands of law enforcement and military personnel.  The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution would be repealed — just as Prohibition was ratified then repealed — because in over 200 years: it never has, and never will, provide for protection against a government armed to the teeth; yet this same “right to bear arms” provides the right to use deadly force in mass murders.  Other countries do not have America’s murder problem.  The States have a penchant for blood that began in the Wild West, has not abated since then.
The PoliceWe need the police to maintain law and order. We need the police to maintain law and order, but because of their pay-scale and life-saving responsibilities, most belong to a higher calling, and should see themselves as ambassadors for the police force.  The ones that do not, are worse than the criminals they collar.
ImprisonmentSociety must be protected. In the current day, society is fully protected and criminals have learned their lesson, far before arbitrary lengths of punishing imprisonment are completed.  Once convicts have been rehabilitated and are ready for re-entry into society, they should no longer be over-crowding expensive prisons learning tricks of the crooked trade.  Sentencing guidelines are too rigid as judges should be given more latitude based on the defendant’s circumstances.  Drug crimes are over-prosecuted.
The Death PenaltyJustifiable reasons for it are extremely rare, if practically non-existent. If someone I knew was murdered, I would not like to see the murderer suffer for twenty minutes on a gurney.  I would rather see him repent, suffer with remorse, or just rot in jail, every day for the rest of his life.  What is more, let those on Death Row live long enough for them to know they are wrong, at this point there is no longer a need to kill them.  Holding a noose over someone’s head as they wait for a republic’s bloodlust to be satisfied, is cruel and unusual punishment, and is forbidden by the Constitutions of America, and those of other nations as well.  Finally, people have been executed in America that were never guilty of a capital crime; and most recently in Oklahoma and Arizona, executions have been botched.  Texas, by the way, does not even require premeditation of the death to hand down an execution sentence.
Killing of PeopleIs almost always murder. Killing is accidental, murder is not.  Killing humans by an individual, or by a government, even one elected by the people, is always murder.  Those involved in executions in their capacity as functionaries of the State are complicit in murder.
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An Other Holiday
The Anniversary of April 17th, 33ADWhen the Crucifixion eclipse occurredIt was a Friday, it was in April just as we have celebrated Easter for centuries, and astronomy software bears it out, that an eclipse occurred on this day. The other half of the story is that, after his Crucifixion, Jesus states, “Have ye hear any meat?”  He did not die that day.  In an Other Spirituality, this is the day to remind us of the Beginning of the Hypocrisies.
An Other Day of Peace Well, another day of peace is our Christmas, which is when we buy wonderful gifts for each other in honor of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  Stores are open late so that the memory of the Christ child can be preserved.  Memorial Day is another day of remembrance, and reminds us how much we value it when GI Joe pays the ultimate price for protecting everyone else’s way of life Stateside, as they did in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan — overseas strategic objectives mean something here somehow.  Our cherished strip malls are not run by Chinese nationalists, our McDonalds not staffed by those speaking in an unintelligible tongue, this is all thanks to our men in uniform.  We must remember, their bullets keep us free of aggression.  Most importantly, it reminds our leaders to resist sending troops where they will be killed for no legitimate reason, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Viet Nam.  The blood bath of World War One, and the Armistice Day that followed in its wake, attempts to remind us that the spilling of blood, and the rallying ’round the flag, is not so much an exercise in devotion to nationalism and patriotism, but is one in death and murder. An Other Day of Peace, as a part of an Other Spirituality, is a tally of the number of consecutive days there has not been death due to international conflict.  This is a warning to our leaders that we will oust them, we will no longer tolerate carnage; and that whether they fancy themselves on the side of right or wrong, our figureheads are responsible for scores, if not hundreds, thousands, or even millions of deaths (millions of civilians such as in Viet Nam).  I am almost certain there has not been 365 consecutive days of world wide peace since the turn of the Twentieth Century.  If this metric was to catch on, Premiers, Presidents, et al, would have to deal with: “What if they started a war, but nobody came?”; and “I will be the one blamed for breaking in half our cherished record of peacekeeping.”
FastingBrings the faith’s community together, and their self-sacrifice may or may not spur them into action regarding the ramping up of charitable endeavor.  Jews fast for 25-hours during Yom Kippur; Muslims abstain from daytime eating for month-long, Ramadan; and Christians have approximately six weeks of Lent from Ash Wednesday — preceded by Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, in NOLA — to Easter (although Lent may be considered more a period of abstinence than one of fasting, or abstinence from just food). For segments of the population, such as diabetics, fasting is dangerous.  In lieu of fasting, and in honor of the familial and community spirit, we will have a week each year where we devote time, donate funds, or both, to causes benefiting those not as fortunate as ourselves.  When we have done all we can, we deserve to make some noise with a display of gratitude for Creation’s bounty, and appreciation for our triumph over adversity and evil.  I would suggest this be called an Other Week of Jubilee, and be held in the Spring when life is getting back into gear, and is most vibrant for most, but not for all, of the population.  The efforts and celebration would kick off with the Friday after the first full moon following the Vernal Equinox (this trumps Easter, but looking at the Crucifixion eclipse, or the More Harm than Good section, a measure of trumping is in order).
The Casting-off of False Prophets Day (on the Friday following the first new moon after the Spring Equinox) The only false prophet we Judeo-Christians know of is Allah.  To Jews, Moses or Jehovah is perfect; and to Christians, Jesus is a perfect being. Other Letter sacrament that occurs when Easter should really be consecrated, not on a full moon but on a new one.  This is when we take Crucifixes and either burn them, throw them in open water, or both.  As we do this, we say, “Have ye here any meat?”  This was said by Jesus after his supposed Crucifixion, one planned up to eighteen years before (because it coincided with a full solar eclipse).  Those who no longer believe in Judaism because of homophobic Moses, or because his Israeli followers murdered over 2,100 Gazans, should also participate by tossing or burning their Stars of David.  They are also following a false prophet.  Allah had thirteen wives, was a “moon-splitter,” and counts mostly good people among his followers, although this includes more than just a few homicidal maniacs.  Here is again false prophet territory, infinite power and riches given for a good, well-crafted, fish story.
Major Holidays Christmas, on December 25th, is said to be Christ’s birthday; and Easter, is when Christ is said to have risen from the dead.  The reflective, Jewish High Holy Days in September are Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for sins, and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Ramadan, the lunar-calendar-based, month-long celebration is for those of the Muslim faith. Every day might be a holiday worth celebrating, was one not weighted down with the care from a World often gone wildly off track.
Strange Selection of Major Holidays’ Dates The first Easter in 33AD occurred the first Sunday following the first new moon in Spring — a Crucifixion eclipse could have only happened when the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun, or during a new moon — not the first Sunday after a full moon as Easter is calculated with such obfuscation today.  In an effort to make the calculation understandable to the masses, the work in determining Rosh Hashanah has been greatly simplified to: ”The molad can be calculated by multiplying the mean length of a (synodic) lunar month (29 days, 12 hours, and 793 parts) by the elapsed time since another molad whose weekday is known.”  Ramadan is figured with a non-solar-year-adjusted, rising-crescent-moon calendar and can occur any time of the year, January to December. While we find it very hard to believe Joseph and Mary had a calendar, or marked down Jesus’ birthday anywhere to recall the date he was born — because dates would likely not be near the top of people’s consciousness back then — we still like the basic, single-date selection like Christmas has (although rudimentary, accurate astronomical calculations work well when no one in the congregation has a calendar).  A mathematician or an astronomer will not be required to know when our holidays would take place.
Mental Health DayThe Sabbath is considered as a day of rest, because God rested on this seventh day of Creation. Why not make it more formal, and have a day or two each year devoted to clearing out the cobwebs of our brains?  This day of festivity and celebration might be during a month with the greatest number of suicides, homicides, and mass murders.  On this special, Holy day, we will try to keep in mind that we are only biological, life forms effortlessly floating around the Sun on a rather large boulder, and we all possess the beauty and wonder of the Gods.  Ultimately we are only responsible for making sure we won’t starve or freeze to death.  Isn’t this what they teach in Yoga class?  (If you’ve ever read or studied the Bible, passages such as these, being not yet appraised for utility or authenticity, would likely comprise the much latter part of a testament, one known as the Apocrypha.)
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House of Worship Admin
Trappings of the FaithTrue, the Vatican is the World’s biggest owner of land, but this is all in celebration of the infinity of Jesus’ love for our congregants’ leaders... An Other Spirituality finds it repugnant that there are millions making very tidy sums off of the spirituality of others, or even living in lavish palaces such as the Vatican.  Isn’t it easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man of the cloth to get into Heaven?
Tax StatusConventional wisdom dictates that because religious organizations, ones given 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, are expected to be beneficial, they will not share any of the tax burden. Looking at the More Harm than Good section previous, religions should be in the highest tax bracket in the World, and their privileged tax status revoked because they abrogate the public trust.  The Church’s proceeds and disposition of revenue as a bingo hall is also free from paying any tax.  Churches are tax exempt breeding grounds for pedophilia, bigotry towards gays, unwanted children, and gambling; and non-Christian taxpayers are effectively subsidizing this by footing the bill.  Hallelujah, Jesus!
OfficersLifetime appointments regardless of performance, or even, criminal activity (the Catholic Church has been known to hide pedophiles). If possible, any spiritual organizers will be unpaid, so they will be working out of the goodness of their hearts, and not looking to make a buck.  If the organization can function without officers that would be best, one does not get closer to Creation by being told how to get there, this is more of a communal, fellowship process.  An exception would be organizers leading a volunteer effort, such as a food drive.
Hierarchical? The Pope, the Cardinals, and the Bishops, are all ranked above lay Christians, and they supposedly know much more than the laity about how Christians must conduct their lives.  Much of the same deference is applied to the Jews’ rebbes, Ravs, and poseks.  Women do not figure much in either male-dominated Christianity, Judaism, or Islam — they are at the bottom of the hierarchy, both in Scripture, and in the ranks today. We do not believe in hierarchies, our blood is all worth the same, no one is better than us, and no one is worse.  Each of us share our wisdom to the benefit of everyone else.  Women play an absolutely pivotal role here with their forbearance, femininity, and kindness, among many other desirable attributes.  Decision-making is not handed down but instead is delivered by a jury method, whereby the constituent representatives are locked in a room until an agreement is reached.
Community Centers We are known to have quite a few, and our real estate holdings are, well, everywhere. Someday we hope to have them, yet we will stick with the Internet for now.  We wouldn’t want to lose our focus building brick and mortar temples; ones, if very successful, might be a target for violence.
CentralizationA sprawling hierarchy that is highly centralized. Not centralized at all.  Your spirituality should not be separated from you by administrative decision-makers.
Revenue StreamAs a non-profit tax-exempt institution we accumulate as much cash as our charity drives can bring in the door.  Then we are free to promote our agenda anyway we would like. Without income, so not currently a concern.  It would be best if it stayed that way, because money only pollutes devotion when it becomes a tool to infiltrate, then promote an outside political agenda.
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Religion Creates Outsiders

Islam, and this is true of every religion today, makes its congregants outsiders.  Islam has clothing styles that haven’t changed in centuries, and a code of conduct more fitting the Middle Ages than the modern world.  The Islamic world is baffled as to why they attract derision.  The reason is that they court it.

At least the Amish hide away their strangeness in separate communities, Muslims would rather walk straight down Main Street showing it off.  Although in many respects, Christianity is hardly any better — Jesus was just more bread and circuses to keep the Romans in line.  If you follow the Vatican, not only is the fun in your life mostly limited to Bible study, but your sexuality is so inhibited by following Jesus the Christ that you may as well mutilate your genitalia — you won’t be using them.

The first order of business for every religion is to grab their future converts by the short hairs, and decide their sex lives — especially decide the sex lives and reproductive health of women.

This may sound like I’m promoting hatred, but I’m not, I’m promoting living in the 21th Century instead of the 11th.  There is nothing wrong with being strange and antiquated, but don’t be surprised when your religion gets called out for being strange and antiquated.

The preceding has been brought to you by an Other Spirituality, where the observed year is in keeping with reality.  It is 2017, back on planet Earth...

Editor’s note.  This is interesting, yet puts me in dangerous waters: To me, this is a message of inclusion; to others, it might be one of intolerance.  They have no interest in what I feel they need to do to integrate themselves with the vast majority of the West.  7/09/17.
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Join the Priesthood — Pedophiles Preferred

The Catholic Church and the Vatican is not only a hate group (women are not welcome as leaders, nor can the gay take marriage vows there), they are also a pedophile front...

The Pope’s right hand man, George Pell (aka Cardinal Pell), is up on charges in Australia from multiple plaintiffs that he sexually abused them.  The charges began early in his career as an ambitious, Vatican pedophile, one who like “more than 50 Roman Catholic bishops worldwide,” has been charged with not being able to keep it in his pants, but the rest have always walked free because the ‘higher authority’ Church is given permission to ‘discipline’ their own kind, that is, other pedophiles.

The Church, in order to save money on their speakers, and on their cost of indoctrinating their unsuspecting congregants, made it so these so-called ‘priests’ could never have families.  Well, guess who was attracted to the priesthood but gay, pedophile predators.

The saddest part is that a billion people will subscribe to the crap of this Catholic, Christianity every day for the rest of their lives.  Not only that, and sadder still, is that the Catholic faithful will never admit that their crazy, little Church can do anything wrong, and it has become too late for those heavily-invested in this unholy, Vatican operation to extricate themselves.  In light of the Church’s criminal level of insanity, the entrance to every Church should read: “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here...”  6/29/17.
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Like Jesus the Christ, Muhammad has a Rap Sheet  I can’t pretend I’m an expert on the Quran, but in many ways Islam is no different from Christianity — some superman show runner performs a supernatural trick, one often astronomical.  In the instance of Islam, the most significant showstopper is when the last prophet Mohammed splits the moon in two.  For Christianity, the super hero has Heavenly control during the Crucifixion eclipse.

Compared to unmarried (and virginal?) Jesus the Christ, Mohammed is a bit unusual in one sense, he had thirteen wives, just about stacked them right up into his harem until his death at age 62 (I am sure he was a devoted husband to each of them, when or if he found the time to be one).

I’d need to learn more, but right now I’m giving this belief system a grade of “C,” just because some people crave belief systems.  I give Christianity a “D,” because it’s leader, Jesus the Christ, was most likely complicit in a murder.

I would imagine people find what I say about their religion offensive, but I honestly feel it’s better they know the truth before they sign their life and money away by joining social control movements, sinking deeper into bottomless tripe, and into thought schooling that is both homophobic and misogynistic.
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Holiday Hypocrisy  11/28/16.  Christianity is a dying religion: not just because it is misogynistic, and has avowed to never give women leadership positions; or because it is homophobic, and denies marriage services in its buildings to the gay; but rather because, as of 2010, there is firm, indisputable, Biblical and astronomical evidence that the entire religion is just one nasty, evil, defaming guilt trip.  If you sign on, money will pave your path to Heaven, Mass attendance makes you holier than thou, and all your deadly sins are wiped away with a sin specialist, a “father” who sleeps with boys.

Their big rallying cry is anti-reproductive choice — saving fetuses with the physiological development of adult rats (or in the case of the U.S. Vice President, legislate that the mother must have a funeral for her fetus).  The Vatican, consisting of White, male virgins, thinks we need much more forced motherhood and fatherhood along with unwanted children.  Don’t live the lie of Christianity.

The Jews have a much better track record of tolerance, but the Jews in Israel, the Zionists, do not.  They are responsible for genocide, that is right, genocide, in 2014, and in 1982.  Just to show they do not need to respect anyone else, and because they were given carte blanche post-Hitler, they settle and occupy in lands not theirs — they are common thieves.  If you support either of these two religions, you support terrorists (Christian terrorists bomb and murder such as those working at Planned Parenthood).

Stay away from all the Judeo-Christian hoop-jumping, nonsense of the “practicing” religious-nut, and may your holidays have true joy!
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Christian Murderer not a Christian Terrorist?

A Muslim who murders in the name of Allah is an Islamic terrorist.  Yet a Christian who murders in the name of Jesus Christ is not called a Christian terrorist?  Not a single media outlet would dare call the Planned Parenthood murderer, Robert Lewis Dear, or the Planned Parenthood arsonists preceding him, Christian terrorists.  Nor would Google ever link to a site suggesting he was, but why?

Well, there is really not much to it.  We get the news from commercial outlets that cow tow to the tastes of their readers and viewers who in turn are cultivated by what they read and watch.  Most Americans want to hear only good things about Christians and bad things about Muslims, and the press will always do their best to deliver on this tacit agreement.

The mass media twists stories to tell their version of the truth in other ways.  If Hitler were to appear on the scene, and then he was offered airtime, coiffed in a perfectly made-up, blond ’do, we’ve been well trained to respect the media’s offerings, and to clap like seals when Lucifer is finished.  If the network is okay with someone who sounds much like a fascist, we are as well.  After all, they are the experts, we are just the seals.  In fact, that’s just about what happened when NBC had Trump appear on Saturday Night Live to record ratings.

We only know what billionaire media moguls want us to know, and want us to see.  We are malleable voters, preprogrammed and brainwashed by the media powers that be, we fulfill their “democratic” agenda come election day.  This includes every network television broadcaster, every cable network, and even supposed non-profits like PBS and NPR.  Money corrupts more than power ever did, and inordinate sums of money corrupts and coopts absolutely.

Graciously, or not so graciously, the financial bottom line is that they all exist to coax and extract money out of your wallet; and rein in the ones who are not embracing the system.  They all hope you spend your afternoon at McDonalds, or at least another earth-damaging, commercial equivalent — hey, even angelic NPR has Microsoft on board.

You sit before the real deal, not the equivalent, with a slab of congealed grease on your tray, given to you by a cashier with a Crucifix around her neck, while up on a flagpole a hoisted Bandages and Bullet Holes waves behind you, and over your shoulder.  While poking at the slab with your allotted spork, you wonder if the ground tissue was from a truckload of fetuses from an enterprising and greedy Planned Parenthood (as Christian terrorists might have you believe); and if so, would you ever know the difference, or what’s more, would the mute, grossly immature, and unviable, fetus ever notice the nearing butcher block?
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The Vatican’s Role in Christian Terrorism  12/03/15.  Christianity is a misogynistic, homophobic institution that by feeding its congregants falsehoods about established medical procedures, such as abortion and contraception, fails them.  What is even sadder is that the latest round of Christian terrorists think they are advancing Christ’s will, one trumpeted by the church.

Because the Church unequivocally equates early pregnancy termination with murder, there are people with guns who murder others in the name of Jesus Christ — they feel, and after a few glasses of Sacramental wine the Pope might agree, that the carnage they cause is God’s work.  I have worked long and hard at a solution: What the vicious, ammo-embracing malcontent needs to do is join the political process.

Picket in front of Planned Parenthoods 24/7, have an outlet for their crazed aversion to non-full term pregnancies, because their kind is that close to picking up a gun and murdering.  Jump up and down, start screaming like Banshees, because this might help to get this full term-only pregnancy nonsense out of their pea-brained, pointy-headed system.  Then have them sign on with Trump and the rest of his intolerant whack jobs.  He can always use more of their rabid kind.

Picket in front of office buildings of companies who allow employees to have abortions on their medical plan.  Join phone banks where gun crazies just like themselves can get out the vote for more and more guns, but just don’t use them.  That’s what the gun crazies need to do, prove to the World that they are fit to own guns.  Except looking at their track record at least since Columbine in 1999, and assassinations going back a full half of a century, weapon fitness looks like a pure impossibility, doesn’t it?

All kidding aside, the only way out of this nightmare the Founding Fathers left us is to repeal the Second Amendment.  That and get the Church to understand that a fetus has less functionality than an adult rat, and we don’t seem to care too much what happens to them.
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The Carnage Will Never End  12/02/15.  The reason President Obama is not condemning the National Rifle Association is very simple.  He’d rather leave Presidential Office in a limousine and not a hearse.  Today’s carnage in San Bernardino is not what he signed on for and no American politician can ever have the guts to tell the eight-hundred pound NRA gorilla in the room to please leave for good.

The NRA will claim they’re only in favor of hunting rifles being used by sane people — who in actuality are angry as Hell; looking to settle scores; need competence at something, anything, like shooting bulls eyes, or defenseless animals; and need to seem tough.  Yet the NRA is dead set against a semi-automatic weapons ban, the kind of weapon used by these murderous losers, and many of these gun crazies don’t act crazy until the day of the murders, when their rage is unleashed.

The classic yet erroneous argument of the NRA, that we all need guns for self-protection against neighborhood and governmental threats, makes no sense at all.  Why do we need a police department if we are so hell bent on individual self-protection.  Then all the nations in the European Union, considering what Nazism put them through with the Holocaust and World War II, none in Europe have broad provisions in their Constitutions allowing citizen gun ownership.

Then there is the usual nonsense from the Right, that an anti-gun President caused the massacres.  Republicans create loopholes in gun laws, and Democrats attempt to close them.  While there are Democrats that accept money from the NRA, it is an essential part of the Republican platform to accept NRA support.

Hypothetically, the truly sane people will then do their part, and push for the repeal of the Second Amendment, because until that happens, and the mistakes of the Founding Fathers are corrected forever, mass murders can continue to be a twice-a-week event in this country, and the carnage will never end.  America is the only nation whose Constitution expressly allows its citizens to carry murder hardware, guns, semi-automatic rifles, anything that can terminate life without the victim’s permission, and even their knowledge.

Washington, Jefferson, et al, thinking they would give freedom to do everything (yet still allow slavery by Constitutional provision), gave Americans the right to have guns.  Next to authorizing the shackling of people, and making them property, guns for the masses was their biggest mistake.  Today, the situation just gets worse and worse, as the Internet and manufacturing capabilities have made it a snap to collect, and ultimately use, unbridled levels of fire power.  America has become a war zone.

Civilized societies would never allow these atrocities to happen as they do Stateside, but much of America still believes we live in the Wild West so we continue to allow this terrorization.  To the point where one gets so calloused to dead and injured numbers that they start to be interpreted much like baseball box scores would be, with the relative significance of tallies of civilian, police, and terrorist casualties evaluated to see who won.  The truth is though, with guns, no one wins.
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How could I?

I have been wondering that myself lately.  How could I tell the truth about the Crucifixion eclipse when Christians everywhere were so very comfortable with a good story that had holes so wide you could drive a semi through them.

When I started researching the Crucifixion Eclipse five years ago, I was neutral towards Christianity and the Catholic Church.  Yet I found that more and more key points in the Bible were overlooked by the faithful.  How much of current Vatican teaching and their power to influence others is actually based on the New Testament, instead of just their pushing through a conservative agenda?  Even more importantly, how did a Crucifixion concurrent with a solar eclipse give Christ’s first Church eighteen years with which to prepare for his “Crucifixion”?

The Vatican power base is derived in great measure from the story of the Crucifixion.  Yet I was astonished to discover that their Crucifixion myth is entirely without merit outside of being a bedtime story.  If you deny the facts of the Crucifixion eclipse, you may as well deny Jesus the Christ ever lived.

With Easter approaching, anyone reading this might think I hate Christians, when in reality I only hate certain beliefs held by a Church claiming that they were ordained by, and that they represent, the almighty.  They prefer unwanted children over immature fetuses, and they will not officiate at the weddings of gay people.  Because they have such clout, others feel they have the right to gay-bash following the Vatican’s lead.  The Church wants nothing to do with gays, but because their priests are required to be unmarried males, priests are largely gay, and the Church has even become a safe haven for pedophiles.

If you bother to read my work, you will see that after the Crucifixion, Jesus is of “Flesh and blood” asking “Have ye here any meat?”  This is the entire linchpin of Christianity, the Son of God dying for your sins, yet even the Bible states that Jesus was alive following his own supposed Crucifixion.

I’ll even account for a fiction of his being flesh and blood and being God.  If Jesus the Christ did stay alive as a God and not just as a Crucifixion escaper, then he walks among us today (or did he die a second time, entirely unbeknownst to the World?)  Well, given the World’s troubles, he sure as Hell ain’t doing much if he is still Godly flesh and blood.

It does not matter to me if you believe what I have written or not.  Or if you have read it, I do not care whether or not you believe what you read.  I could care less as it is not my place to force what I understand on to others.  But it is the truth, and the truth needs to be told — the Dark Ages are said to have passed.  Yet I pray I am not Crucified for being honest.  This has become one, nasty burden, and the only reason I carry it is because I loath certain ideas of the Church and its adherents, such as the laws in Indiana and Arkansas, and the Republicans who wrote them.  They have become invincible and have corrupted their authority because no one has ever bothered to question the tenets of their so-called faith.

So sit back and watch the basketball game, enjoy some glazed ham.  I’ll be praying the Church finally gets its act together.  I know, good luck.  So how could I?  How could the Vatican is the more relevant question.

Happy Easter.  Love and peace.

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I’m sure you get this all the time...  6/15/15.  You walk by a stranger in the store and they say, “You murdered Jesus.”  Well, I don’t remember murdering him, but if I did, I am terribly sorry.  So sorry, that I will make it up to you...  If the Pope, or the Vatican, no longer: discriminates against women by denying them the Priesthood, or denying them reproductive rights; they stop gay-bashing by starting to officiate same-sex unions, thus allowing them basic participation in the religion into which they were born.  If the Church was to welcome without reservation any and all who still might have an interest; and Christians end the Holier-than-thou immorality that this Church community, like it or not, has been known for, then I will take back all I said, the word of the Holy Bible be damned.  In other words, I will personally resurrect Jesus back from the dead on your behalf.  Do we have a deal?  What more could you ask?  Baby Jesus back in your arms for needed reform.  Call it Scriptural extortion, but dems dares da rules.
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Pope Francis is not God

While Pope Francis is an unusually Holy man, he is one mostly pure of spirit.  His admiration needs qualification because he is against gay rights such as same-sex marriage, and against reproductive rights such as early pregnancy termination.  Much to his credit, he is also against capital punishment and life imprisonment as well as in favor of protecting the environment, and more equitable income distribution.  To gain perspective, most Popes do not take up causes like he does so ambitiously, many more don’t even leave the Vatican.

As a seeker of wisdom, hopefully he will one day understand that his faith comes from the goodness, character, and integrity, of the congregation of all mankind down here on Earth, perhaps a species divinely-blueprinted, whose wisdom Man has accreted over the ages; but not sent down from a super man in his throne nestled in the ether; nor from the cowardly beggar who ran away alive from his own Crucifixion two thousand years ago.
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The Pope wants to Replace Santa with Jesus  12/25/16.  Pope Francis is back in the news.  He wants to put Christ back into Christmas — literally.  In an inevitable return to Christian orthodoxy, and claiming Santa has no Biblical basis to steal from Jesus’ spotlight, Francis wants the sleigh to be driven by Christ.

The Pope has atttempted to enlist the support of Hollywood, stopping first at the door of Steven Speilberg.  Mister Spielberg, the man behind Holocaust recounter Swindler’s List, said he was sympathetic to the Pope’s cause, but that the idea works better in theory than in execution.  Steven questioned a Christ shimmying down the chimney of every house in the world, in swaddling clothes.  “Wouldn’t this frighten young children?,” Steven asked.  Before they parted ways, Steve reminded Francis that every Nazi was baptized, and that would further get in the way of a Dreamworks Jesus Claus.

The Pope, undeterred, next visited the Laurel Canyon home of Martin Scorcese.  Scorcese is a longtime supporter of Church dogma, so he told the Pope he will make a movie of Christ as Santa, but there must be violence, and drug usage.  Francis, beginning to lose hope in his passion project after his Spielberg visit, readily agreed, so next Christmas the World will be getting ready for a vaguely racist, Miracle on 125th Street.
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Jehovah is a God Hoax as well as Jesus is

Just as Jesus and his Crucifixion was proved to be an elaborate hoax ostensibly supporting his heavenly connections and descent; Jehovah, the God of Moses, and of the rest of the Jews, was a hoax as well.  Here’s how this is established.  Beginning with a paraphrasing of chapter 18, verse 22 of Leviticus, the Third Book of Moses, the God of that age condemns homosexuals: ‘A man shall never lie with a man, and the same goes for women.’

If the God of the Jews ever knew Elton John — and he must have if he was really God — he would condemn Mr. John for the gender of his sexual partner, even though Sir Elton obviously had no part in determining his own sexuality.  The moral fiber of Elton John that the hating religious and their God would hold in question is easily countermanded by his music.  According to Jehovah, the sexuality of Ellen DeGeneres, the very popular talk show shot, is also abominable, or worthy of hate.  This God would also likely impinge on not just her natural sexuality, but on her greater character as well, claiming she will be cast out for defiling herself.  Pope Francis, for his part, does not preside over a Church of love, but one of misogyny and homophobia, so one of hatred and piggishness.

The God of Moses then, is clearly a bigot, and bigots are hardly ever deserving of blind worship.  An intolerant God — or for that matter, an imperfect one — is no God at all.  As seen here and elsewhere on these pages, the versions of God from the Old and New Testaments provide ancient social control endorsed by the ruling elites.  They are Man’s invention, and embraced by the ignorant masses.  While they may or may not be inspired out of channeling Man’s best, they are clearly not supernatural, and as seen here were Gods of intolerance and abomination, or hate.  It is a rather simple and truthful conclusion to make that Jehovah was never the almighty.
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How exactly does the Crucifixion save the sinner?

Christ is said to have died for our sins, essentially saving us from them.  What I have never been able to understand, is what exactly is the linkage between Christ’s death, and the rest of the World’s well-being?

If I ever was to run into a Christian theologian, I would pose this question of a central tenet to their faith — how is a spiritual leader’s death so inextricably linked to the happiness of everyone else?

By what mechanism does Christ’s apparently self-imposed, self-sacrifice serve as recompense for the sinner?  Why should sinners feel so grateful that their leader, the one non-sinner, has been Crucified (and even said to be obediently Crucified)?  How are your sins absolved by any Crucifixion, especially one 2,000 years ago, of a newly powerful and popular, Church-starter?

Like much of this faith, its heart is in the right place, but its head sure as Hell ain’t.  For one, it relies too much on faith, and the ether, instead of Creation everywhere around us.  (Other Letter Compact edition:4/20/14.)


The Vatican will tell you...  12/25/14.  That the facts are all wrong about the Crucifixion Eclipse.  That when Jesus the Christ stated he was flesh and blood after the execution, then begged for food, the Vatican will say that it was all just ancient typographical errors.  They will add that the part about a Crucifixion-coincident eclipse predictable eighteen years in advance, was adjusted by God in mid-planetary orbit, it did not happen as astronomers now know it did.  They’ll say that the Bible is just some random gibberish anyway, and the only thing we, the laity, need to know is that Christ died for our sins.

The Catholic Church, one doing more harm than good — the Church for over-population because it is against contraception and reproductive rights, the one whose pulpit spouts bigotry against locked-out gays, and is comfortable discriminating against women.  This is the Church to absolve your sins; the Church that sinners built; and the one where the sign on the door leaving should read, “Sin Again,” instead of “Call Again.”  The Church that should know better, and one day they might, only because to stay viable they will not have any other choice.
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The German Shepherd

“The German Shepherd” is a caustically sarcastic term for Pope Benedict XVI.  How he got that name is that he belonged (although apparently reluctantly) to the Brown Shirts, or Hitler youth, during World War II.  Pope Benedict XVI probably does not deserve the criticism, even though he’s against a woman’s right to choose, against priests having wives, and against rights for homosexuals (if you abuse them they’ll come clean).

A Pope that did deserve severe censure though was Pope Pius XII.  During World War II, Pope Pius decided the Vatican would be neutral regarding the deportation of Jews to concentration camps.  Pope Pius XII also refused to speak out against the Holocaust.  The really pathetic part of this is that now Pope Benedict et al, are trying to have Pope Pius XII canonized.  He’d be the first Jew-hating saint.  Although I know Pope Benedict will never read this, some of the issues I raise here about his church and his church’s priorities really need to be addressed and remedied.  The Church has created the impression that they would rather uphold their reputation, before they uphold human rights.

One note, I don’t want to be in the position of challenging faith, I’m simply trying to add reason to religious doctrine.  Logic and faith should not be incompatible.  There will always be a place for faith, faith picks up where logic leaves off.  Here faith is our trust that any peril we envision will not become reality.

Pedophiles, the Pope Understands  3/26/10.  I shy away writing harshly about the Church, because I generally view those of the cloth as very sensitive people assuming austere lives of chastity in the pursuit of spiritual fellowship and enlightenment.  Then where would an article title such as that get life?

Father Lawrence C. Murphy was a pedophile at Saint John’s School for the Deaf, a renowned academy for deaf children in Wisconsin.  He molested approximately 200 children during his 24 year tenure there.  The Vatican knew of this and 22 years after his departure, was in the process of handling the case, handling it without involving the civil authorities.  While the Church internal trial was underway, Father Murphy wrote a letter to Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict 16th, then head of Church Internal Affairs, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  In it Murphy claimed he had repented and was near death, so he was asking Ratzinger for pardon.

Subsequent to the letter, the suit was abruptly dismissed.  The Roman Catholic Church has been taking in sexual predators and pedophiles for quite some time now.  Ostensibly the welcome is derived from the fact that priests cannot marry, but the welcome is also extended when the Church does not do anything about pedophilia once it is discovered.  Twenty percent of the cases handled by the Doctrine of the Faith between 2001 and 2010 were given full trials.  Only some of those were defrocked.  The Vatican’s justification is self-interest, they consider their own reputation and that of their conservative Church as carrying more weight than victim justice.  They also value repentance and secrecy over lay justice.

So what will it take for the Vatican leadership to see the light?  God only knows.
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Simon the Cyrenian carried the Cross, not Jesus

Christians reading this will probably want to crucify me — but here goes.  Check the Book of Luke, chapter 23, verse 26 and chapter 24, verse 34.  A Simon of Cyrene carried the cross and not Jesus.

Simon may have done a little more than just carry the cross, he may have been the fall guy for the young Jesus.  At least that would explain how Jesus rose from the dead and was among the living after the crucifixion.  Jesus didn’t die to begin with, Simon may have.  When the executioners saw Simon carrying the cross, they simply assumed Simon was the one to be crucified.  Because there were no photos back then, mistaking Simon for the Christ would have been easy.

Titian’s Christ and Simon the Cyrenian

At Cavalry, which one is Jesus?
Does Simon just give back the
crucifix and walk home?

Of the four gospels, only John’s doesn’t have Simon carrying the cross, Matthew’s, Mark’s, and Luke’s do.  And the three gospels all indicate Simon carried the cross for much of the journey to the crucifixion.

Simon carries the cross from Praetorium, where Pontius Pilate, the Roman Prefect of Judea Province, contented the mob by sentencing Jesus.  Simon carries the Crucifix to Cavalry (or Golgotha), the Place of a Skull, where the crucifixion took place.

Scripture fails to mention any fuss en route by the uncharitable, ill-natured horde — “Why is Simon carrying Jesus’ cross?  Give that back to Jesus, that’s his to bear!”  Instead the crowd softens its demeanor towards Christ.  They’re very comfortable with Simon’s sacrifice, and possibly, of a masquerade at Cavalry.

I hope to not mince words, but Saints Matthew and Mark indicate that Simon was “compelled” to carry Jesus’ cross by those in attendance.  The dictionary defines “compel” as forcing someone to do something.  Contrary to popular explanations for Simon’s motivation, he was not carrying the crucifix out of charity, apparently he was doing this out of fear, fear of these interlopers.  Simon must have been wondering what next he would be compelled to do.

Chapter 24, verse 34 is very weighty.  “The Lord has risen and appeared to Simon.”  Why would Christ’s rising only be important to Simon?  After all, Simon’s official role in the entire Bible is to just carry the cross for a way.  Why isn’t Christ rising and appearing to Mary and Joseph or any of the apostles?   The sad part today is that movies like Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” depict Christ’s agonizing march, cross on his shoulder, when, in fact, Simon of Cyrene had that honor.


Jesus hungry following the Crucifixion  2/16/11.  Take a look at the chapter subsequent to the Crucifixion in the Bible’s Book of Saint Luke, chapter 24, verses 36 to 43.  A few behold Christ and are startled, he is not of the spirit world.  No, Jesus the Christ assures them, he is of flesh and blood.  As for the Crucifixion spectacle, he showed the affrighted his hands and feet, all are unmarked.  The Christ asks these passers by, “Have ye here any meat?”  What purpose would there be for a ghost to eat?  If a ghost got hungry and did not eat, would he starve?  How often did the risen Christ need to eat?

Given this, Simon’s unfortunate participation, and especially, a Crucifixion eclipse eighteen years in the offing, many must conclude Jesus was never nailed to the Cross.  For the sake of Christ’s testament and Christians everywhere, Simon was coldly compelled the dubious honor of the agonizing march.  Corinthians 13 may be consolation for the faithful, one from the sepulchre.  I regret dissembling the faith (or even reading its Bible literally), yet Saint John recounts Jesus, “ ... ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
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Conservative or Progressive?

Brown or blue?
Twinkie or oatmeal-raisin cookie?
Ribeye steak or sushi?
McDonald’s or Trader Joe’s?
Frozen meatloaf or fresh meatloaf?
Budweiser or Molson?
Hockey or soccer?
Pickup or hybrid car?
Mercedes or Lexus?
Nationalism or globalism?
Christians Christian twice a year or prayers for peace?
’57 Edsel or ’57 Bel Air?
Kincade painting or self-crafted stained glass?
Pesticides or bird feeder?
Sneaking out of Bible study or sneaking into Bible study?
Is America less “the land I love” than a set of rights?
Motor boat or kayak?
Inorganic or organic?
The Little People or African Americans?
Spades or Hearts?
The Vatican or Musée du Louvre?
The White House or Buckingham Palace?
Visiting alien society or a trip to Chinatown?
Fishing or gardening?
Gun license or car license?
Denounce carpetbaggers or denounce carpetbaggers?
Concerned, at most, with the rights of their family, or with those of Man?
Profits before parks, or parks before profits?
Not smoke in the woods or improve the ecology?

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I’ll have my Cow Medium-rare

Do you like food that has a different name when it is alive and breathing, than when it is put on your plate for dinner?

Broiled or fried cow is referred to as steak, ground beef, or hamburger.  Pig becomes pork, white meat, or bacon.  You’ve never heard your mother say “the cow is on the table,” or “the pig’s ready” (unless, of course, if you’re Hawaiian).

On the other hand, when chicken is eaten it is still called chicken.  Turkey is not renamed whether it is alive and kicking, or on the dinner plate.

It’s not too difficult to see why new food names were given to cows and pigs, they are further up the evolutionary tree than a chicken or a turkey.  As a result, ranchers had to have felt a distinction needed to be made between their livestock and the product at the other end of the slaughterhouse.

When the name of the food substance is divorced from what gave its life to create this substance, the grocery shopper can purchase, broil, and eat the by-product with a clean conscience. 


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Is pet, wildlife, and livestock intelligence underestimated?  2/12/11.  Do the four-legged employ any decision process to position themselves in their current location?  Do they have favorite places?  Do they possess personalities, does one pet seem different from a previous one?  Do they seem to know what to expect from different people around them?  Without some sense of consciousness, how do they shift their gaze without moving their skull?  Why do they make eye contact?  At minimum, they know how to coax their owners to satisfy feeding and other needs.

Can it be said these actions form the foundation of noticeable cognitive capacity?  Do animals have what could be called micro-thoughts, or very abbreviated perceptions on engaging their reality?  Then do animals have a soul?  If they are aware they are alive, is their slaughter tantamount to murder?  At times, I could go for beef.  Does satisfying such an urge make me a criminal?  Can we ever say they possess what is known as consciousness?

True, animals utilize a fairly limited vocabulary of expression, and their intentions often remain a mystery.  Cats meow, dogs bark, they display a small repertoire of emotions and behaviors that mostly does not approach the richness of Man’s.  Yet exclude Man’s abilities in processing symbolic logic such as language.  Then the greatest ape may not always surpass the cerebral power of the rest of the great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans).

Looking at the math, Man possesses 50 to 100 billion neurons, or brain cells.  Encephalization, or the ratio of brain to body size, steadily increased from shrew-like mammals to primates to hominids with the progression of mankind’s evolution.  Man’s brain is roughly three times the volume of a typical mammal’s with the same body size.

Just hypothetically, a superior animal is born one day, a stellar example of enhancement from genetic mutation.  It reaches an epiphany, crosses over, and demonstrates the most basic communication abilities only ascribed to mankind (say a pet dog politely asks you to play catch outside).  Once its communications were decoded, this one quasi-beast would be the Rosetta Stone of the animal kingdom.

With their long suffering translated, cowboys would be facing Judgment Day for wielding cattle whips and branding irons, as would anyone else paying the wranglers’ slaughterhouse wages.  Then how could closed range chicken farms, and dairy farms with rBST-treated cows, be spared our wrath and righteous indignation?

The Book of Genesis, testament to many a generation, claims Man should not feel any moral qualms regarding eats; animals are ours to do as we see fit.  The Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 28 (apparently for emphasis, ditto of Verse 26), helps to cement Man’s relationship with his environment, and deserves a place above the entrance to every slaughterhouse — this was humankind’s license to kill, guilt-free, anything non-human.  Twenty-eight verses into the Holy Bible: “ ... and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.[italics secular]

If God wants anything subdued, it looks like he wants it to be vegetarianism.  Of course we need to eat, but with advances in food growing and processing, and in our greater sensitivities, the end of the Genesis 1:28 epoch may be near.  Raise a toast to more grains, lift a glass to replenishment.
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Steer clear of the queers ...

... because the queers will steer you queer.  It always feels good to trash an entire portion of the population.  Actually it should make the accuser feel like trash.  Because as many must suspect, as a way to go through life, homosexuality has got to be pure hell.  I’m a confirmed heterosexual getting on in years, and I’ve known at least two homosexuals.  They get beat up and ostracized in school, and they are often not accepted anywhere else.  But for better or for worse, sexual identity is forged at puberty.

Lesbians are easy for a guy to be around, but a heterosexual male hanging out with a homosexual male is like oil and vinegar.  There’s always the feeling that someday he’ll make a move on you.  Or that in some way he’ll compromise your sexuality, that that’s what he wants, that he wants you to become gay, or at least bi.  I wouldn’t be surprised that that is what causes hate crime, young men thinking they can obliterate a plague on their sexual identity.  It doesn’t work that way, but I’m not the one to ask.


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Same-sex Union offends Bigots


  A same-sex marriage bill was just knocked down in the New York State Legislature.  If blocking same-sex marriage protects society, as is often argued, what kind of society are we protecting?  We are protecting an extremely homophobic, ignorant, and intolerant one.  One so intolerant it will, without regret or remorse, enforce rigid, harsh, and antiquated gender laws; and deprive a few of their neighbors a true source of their pride and happiness.

Some would say we need to show the lost homosexual that heterosexuality is the only way — heterosexuals are more interesting, wealthier, and more pleasant.  All heterosexuals know same-sex coupling is only a passing fancy, a thoughtless dalliance.  Once it is eradicated we will finally be safe.  The gay are under the power of Satan, so once they are converted, God will give them all the happiness the heterosexual has.  Then Jesus gets the soul of every same-sex couple so he can meet quota, or something.

Elton John and David Furnish

Those staring at Elton & David
too long, will catch the virus.

The fear of others is that homosexuality is like a virus, if you get near it, you will get it, or your kids will get it.  If you are crazy enough to believe this, go to gay- and family-friendly Provincetown Mass for a family vacation.  Then watch your brood turn gay right before your very eyes.  If this is the way that you think, you are ignorant; and if you contend gays and lesbians do not deserve all the rights you have, you are a bigot.

Why stop at denying same-sex partners marriage rights?  Why not deny them equal access to housing, education, and credit?  Take away their right to vote.  Promote workplace discrimination.  Round them up into boxcars.  Then you will be happy, then you can put that s***-kicking smile back on your face.  Then you are a man (although there would have to be many, many women with the same set of backwards beliefs).  Because when you get right down to it, you base your sexuality on the debasement of someone else’s.

Finally, the Church rejects any challenges to the sanctity of its hall-renting franchise, marriage.  What is the bigger challenge to marriage though, same-sex unions or the ubiquity of divorce?  If you want marriage to remain a highly regarded sacrament of the Church, excommunicate every one that gets a divorce.  That way anyone who gets married understands the vows’ consequences, its obligations, and its permanence.  This posturing by the Vatican against gays and lesbians though, only fuels prejudice and hate-mongering.  These are the true teachings of Jesus Christ?  Name chapter and verse.  If these are his teachings, he was not the Messiah, he was only a mess that to this day we still try to straighten out.

Proof God of Scripture Intolerant  4/28/10.  The All-merciful did claim homosexuality was wrong, so wrong it is hateful, it is an “abomination.”  Yes, check the Third Book of Moses, Leviticus chapter 18, verse 22.  God hates homosexuals.  Or at least the dogma God held in pre-Roman times caused God to hate homosexuals.  If this God were writing a sequel to the Bible today, I think he would go a little lighter on the persecuted, and show a little tolerance.  He is a loving God, after all, isn’t he?
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They Don’t even Know to Breath  3/27/13.

“You have the Floor, Speaker Boehner.”

“Thank you, Chaplain.  Today, across this ‘Great Land of Ours,’ I witness the heinous scourge of gay, freaky trash.  Let me tell you Klan members, er House members, the partial overturn of our Defense of Marriage Act still has me reeling.  But in the spirit of George Washington and the Founding Fathers I hereby present my next, one-size-fits-all, legal masterpiece, the Defense of Normalcy Act, or DONA.  In my unfathomable and overwhelming benevolence I am introducing this new legislation that will enforce it — er, they — to be just like me — er, just like us.  “Us” being bona fide, red-blooded Americans.

“Once an American points a defective out as freaky trash, these Acts of the Statesmen — modeled after the New Testament’s Acts of the Apostles — will require this freaky piece of trash to appear at a precinct and defend their normalcy.  If they are not deemed normal, per improved penal code, we will extradite them overseas to a salt mine cum prison colony cum re-educational facility where they will get the help they so desperately need.  They will not be slaves — no, we embrace all known forms of Christian charity.  Instead, inmate earnings will be used to pay back fines levied when they were sanctioned for not being normal.  As for human rights violations, I hear the food passes for such, too.  This is all in God’s plan, my plan really, to make the deviant come clean, by clamping down on their deviancy.

“If you are normal in the same way all us folk of extreme, well-connected privilege are, then just like you would with PRISM, you will have no problem with this piece of legislation.  I have the support to get this through both Houses of Congress by the end of the week.  Defectives will start shipping next Monday.  Rallies and bonfires in support of this key purity legislation will commence this week.  Have we made ourselves clear?   This latest setback changes nothing — the power to control lives in the Western Hemisphere is still ours.

“Opposite-sex marriage needs to be defended, or else same-sex marriage, and yes, homosexuality as well, will become rampant.  Our streets will be filled with same-sex touching — it is up to Middle America to decide who touches who.  Our children’s close contact with these reprobates, and their sexual identity will be poisoned forever.  Every child psychiatrist will tell you this is true.  Then they would offer, “If the child is near the queer, the child will become the queer.”  The entire populace is on the verge of becoming homosexual.  Policy must be created to staunch society’s bleeding, and tourniquet the wound that is homosexuality.  Heterosexuality is the preferred sexuality — the only sexuality for the good people.

“One of the most important lessons to remember from all their Sodom and Gomorrah is that homosexuals cannot further civilization, they can only reproduce in vitro, with test tubes.  Were they to do the most Satanic deed of all and adopt a child, well, what can I say?  I would rather have two full-blown alkies raising a little moppet, than two queers.  They are very sick people, homos, they do not know the first thing about human kindness.

“I am sorry, but revealing the truth about these low-lives can be very offensive, no one wants to hear the way these sickies operate.  Besides the power and profits democracies such as America proffers the common man — a common man I was at one time — the freedom to take any role in others lives is why it is so great to live here.  Tell your constituents that by denying the rights of same-sex couples, we are saving civilization.  We are only talking re-election in November, and more fat Uncle Sam paychecks that will never bounce; or the seniority to run a Washington consultancy, and trade on your connections, if you ever were to leave.

“To new reps, I always close by intoning, ‘We never lose battles over Christian souls — they are ours to be collected, they are ours to keep, and to be converted to the cause of the Right.’  With the full Church support from our Brothers in Arms amongst Christ, the House braces for more back-breaking, thankless, God’s work; but lest we forget, we answer to a higher calling.  We are in the national, soul-saving business.  Fellow Congressmen, Sodom and Gomorrah is next if we do not step to the fore.  Ruin the lives of the unbelievers today, and they will become the Christian-fearing Christians of tomorrow.  If we set the bar high enough, we will break them, break their spirits and their hearts.  Isn’t it time they knew the truth about who gets God’s love, and to whom they are allowed to give theirs?”
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Shut down Indiana now!  3/29/15.  With this State’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act a business owner can refuse to offer services to those whose values are different from himself, those values being the ones espoused by their indoctrinating religion.  To Vatican-adhering, intolerant and gay-shunning, Catholic business operators, this means they can refuse service to gays and lesbians; or conceivably, have them sit in separate areas of a restaurant.  Meanwhile, owners of businesses with a social conscience such as Apple, Alcoa, Eli Lilly & Co., and Salesforce, have all voiced very pointed and unwavering opposition.

The State of Indiana, and its Governor, Mike Pence wants the gender of the company you keep decide if you can be crapped on by your community (Pence is obviously a Republican, a true Democrat would never buy into this discrimination refuse).  When asked six times at his press conference if this legal chicanery could be used to discriminate against gays, Pence had no answer whatsoever.

To those believing in an intolerant religion — essentially the Christian ones — and terrified of their own repressed sexuality, those with power see if they can punish gays not terrified.  This services denial is a return to Jim Crow segregation laws; and depending how far it takes root, who knows, it might even be a precursor to grand scale, neo-Nazism.  Do not forget, the new Indiana, is not much different from the old, lynch mob, Indiana (the link is a photograph of a lynching in Indiana).  3/29/15.
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The Catholic-Family-Values-Heritage-Foundation-Preservation-Society’s “One and Done”  (The CFVHFPS, On your back since 1776)  3/30/15.  The Catholics favorite play is the “one and done.”  Your first sexual partner is your last.  You get one, then you’re done — no sexual exploration.  Good luck if your only one wasn’t the right one. The Old Testament’s Leviticus, Third Book of Moses, does attempt to enforce husband and wife pairings, even when same-sex pairing is the only natural option for an entire global community (although now women can be husbands, and vice versa).  Yet the Bible makes no mention of a mandated, what I call, “one and done,” virginal match up.

This must have been one of at least dozens of Vatican, non-Scriptural add-ins included in their covenant with their congregation.  Others include the denial of reproductive rights in favor of unwanted children, their dismissal of contraception, and their requirement that priests cannot be married and thus priest slots draw gay pedophiles — when for starters, the Vatican does not want any gay Catholics, so they won’t officiate same-sex marriages!  If gays want to hop on to the Catholic bigot train, they need to switch their sexual orientation.

All these are selling points so Catholicism would seem more pure and Holy, so the screws can be tightened, and so ultimately they have something about which to preach.  The preaching ultimately becomes: how best to emulate Christ, and how to achieve some near-impossible goal that Jesus the Christ attained that you never will.  Yet even Christ could not help himself from killing off the bystander, Simon the Cyrenian, thus remaining “flesh and blood” after his “Crucifixion.”
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The Clowns in Black will be at it again.  6/01/15.  This month the Supreme Court, that Old Guard of Conservatism, will decide if the union of same-sex couples can be legitimized by marriage.  The Clowns will more than likely be influenced by the Church.  In the Vatican’s eyes, sex is for procreation, while same-sex union is only for fornication.  Yet most have sex for pleasure, not to put more kids on this Earth to feed.  If sex were only for impregnation, every family would have a dozen kids.  The Church would like everyone’s shoulder to the grindstone in the typical habit of self-denial that the Church has made famous.

The Church and the Clowns team up and will likely take issue with more children being adopted by same-sex couples.  When determining suitable homes, instead of parental stability and the quality of home life that gay parents would provide, these two groups feel adoption criteria should be much more a matter of whether or not genitalia is traditionally inserted.

The Right Wing will claim gay parents make for gay kids, but most gay people grew up in heterosexually-parented, opposite-orientation households.  To the Right, same-sex attraction is a fate harsher than death, it will be stopped though, if you clamp down hard enough on it.  They choose to ignore the fact that same-sex coupling has existed for thousands of years.

The repressed, high-and-mighties revile girls who loves girls, and boys who loves boys.  They have much more sympatico with racists than same-sexers.  Yet ultimately, an individual’s sexual preference is out of their own control, or anyone else's.

The Clowns will likely blow it once again, just like when they said corporations possess the rights of people — this pearl of wisdom being unbeknownst to most, if not all, outside their Ivory Tower.  Gay-bashing over this great land will be given credence directly from the Clowns on high.
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You get the Kitten, You get the Cat

Everyone knows Roe v. Wade is the law that made abortions legal in the United States in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Suppose there was a need to measure if this new liberty was actually beneficial.  How can we determine whether or not Roe v. Wade was a helpful decision or a harmful one?  Here’s one way, by the numbers.

Count the number of pregnant women who decided any baby of theirs deserved to be raised by their natural, genetic mother.  For them, and for this pregnancy though, that would be impossible, they were just not ready to raise children.  Subtract any pregnant, devout catholic women, who believe that the Pope and the Vatican should be making these types of decisions.

Add the number of women who no longer have to have back room abortions, abortions done with coat hangers.  Subtract the number of women for whom the decision was a careless, thoughtless mistake they now deeply regret.  These would include women who had abortions yet now that they are more established (and infertile) wish they had brought the pregnancy to term.

Add back the number of women who put their newborns in dumpsters because they would never be able to care for their baby, financially, emotionally, or both.  Subtract the number of women permanently scarred by the procedure.

Add unwanted pregnancies, if she doesn’t want the pregnancy, she certainly doesn’t want the child.  Add teenage pregnancies.  Include in this count women that know next to nothing about birth control.  Add pregnancies of rape victims.

If the sum is positive, by this estimate, the Roe v. Wade decision is a beneficial safety net.  If the number is negative, the Roe v. Wade decision was flawed and was a mistake.   In his opinion, Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote that abortion illegality in U.S. statutes were of recent vintage.  And that there was also a long historical precedent for abortion.

The opinions on this matter by activists pro and con is “not with standing” — it’s really none of our business.  “Not with standing” is legalese for the judicial principle that only those directly involved in a legal action can participate in or sway its outcome.  The reason I bother to write this is because the world is so full of ignorance.

14 week fetus

Fetus at Week 14
Last Week to Abort

At week 14, the end of the first trimester, a fetus weighs 1.52 ounces, or less than two dollars worth of quarters.  Live mice can perform more mammalian functions than this fetus at 14 weeks.  A fetus at 14 weeks is not viable, the earliest is 26 weeks or 6 months, and even then, that’s not often viable.  Roe v. Wade allows a woman to choose an abortion without restriction in the first trimester, and in the second trimester if it’s medically required.  An abortion is generally illegal in the third trimester.

A pregnant woman can listen to a priest, her family, her doctor, or whoever she wants.  In the end, though, the choice over whether or not to bring a child into this world must be hers and hers alone.  It is time for everyone to realize that it’s her body and her pregnancy, not Washington’s or the Vatican’s.

Unwanted pregnancies lead to unwanted children.  The underworld needs to get its greasy, slimy hands on as many unwanted children as it can.  The Vatican and the Republican National Committee know this.  They just try to keep it a little hush hush.

Sexually, are women and men on equal terms?  5/01/10.  Assume an intimate, loving relationship, the use of birth control, and the availability of an abortion clinic or an ironclad plan for raising children.  Should society condone a single woman using her body for her own sexual pleasure with the same frequency and number of partners as would a single man?

This would be outside of indiscriminate sex, that is, having sex with anyone.  I’d suspect the older you are the more likely you would disagree, society cannot approve the sexual equality of men and women.

The reason I do not suggest adoption as a pregnancy option is because of the very real possibility of never being able to see the child again.  The finest example being Joni Mitchell’s reunion with her daughter after 32 years.

It even warrants mention that teenage girls and boys should not be having sex.  But if they do — regardless of the desires of the Vatican, the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin — they definitely should not be having children.
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Factor out O’Reilly  8/26/10.  The cable show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” is back in the news.  Political commentator Bill O’Reilly rebuked actress Jennifer Aniston for her approval of single parenthood.  Bill O’Reilly needs to understand that what matters is what is best for the children.  Ms. Aniston, incidentally, grew up with one parent, and most would say she turned out fine.

Would youngsters be better off raised by one good, single parent who loves and cares for them deeply?  Or is it better to be raised by two bad parents that don’t care at all?  Or are the happiest children raised by a couple always at odds, where the good one wants to leave the relationship but cannot for financial reasons, while the bad one wants to perpetuate economic slavery?  Given Bill’s general demeanor, it is not too difficult to choose the category of parent he falls under.
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Aborted Fetuses Fast-track to Heaven  9/01/11.  For the Roman Catholic Church, life in the hereafter is an article of their faith, and the Vatican also claims the fetus is unborn life.  Then this aborted fetus, already alive, must go straight to Heaven.  The mother with an unwanted pregnancy is happy, she is spared raising an unwanted child.  Not forced to keep the pregnancy to term, she is also spared having to give up the baby for adoption, and never again seeing her child.

With the fetus happy in Heaven, there is hardly cause for retribution.  Regardless, the faithful to the Holy See block access to reproductive health care — violently picketing obstetricians’ and gynecologists’ offices, for instance.  Given such endless devotion towards the study of God’s word, there must be those knowing chapter and verse concerning his teachings vis-à-vis pregnancy termination.  Abortions date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, so one cannot say God did not know about the practice at the time the Bible was written.

Were the true believer to comb for women’s reproductive rights’ verses in the Saint Jerome Study Bible, he would find none; there is no reference in the Testaments regarding intentional miscarriage.  Then the Church has unilaterally decided that, between Biblical times and today, God has changed his noncommittal position.  With later Christian thought, distinguished men of the cloth accepted abortion.  St. Augustine reasoned that an early abortion is not murder because, based on Aristotle’s concept of delayed ensoulment, the soul of a foetus is not present early in gestation.

Finally, there are those who will claim women who have requested and gotten abortions are, at minimum, accessories to murder.  With millions of abortions performed, there are millions of these major felons, some right in your hometown.  The anti-choice faction should think about that — about rounding up all these fetus murderers and have them locked up in jail, or better, as far as the Church is concerned, give them lethal injections.  Sure, that is millions of capital crimes to prosecute, but outside of giving the destitute bibles and enforcing their kind of love (say, between a priest and an altar boy), the Church should be doing something useful.  Gallows humor aside, the real murder is forcing these women to carry unwanted fetuses to term, then overwhelming them with the burden of unwanted children.

Without God’s word as blessing, male, secular authorities decide the Church’s abortion stance; and this dogma attracts other highhanded males.  This effectively, if not deliberately, establishes an enclave for subjugating women’s rights.  Chalk up another for the gold and maroon.
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Anti-abortion means Anti-life  3/05/13.  Let us see if I can explain why Anti-abortion means Anti-life and not resort to vitriol.  I will try to maintain my composure.  The right will say abortion is forbidden by God.  Well, you are wrong already, it is forbidden by Church dogma.  Nowhere in Scripture does it say, “Life begins at conception.”  If someone does know where in the Bible it says, “Life begins at conception,” please forward me chapter and verse.  Then the anti-abortion activist will say both the New and Old Testament value life above all else.  A fetus in the fourteenth week, the last week of a legal, non-medically required abortion, weighs less than two dollars worth of quarters.  Mice function at a higher level than this three-month fetus.  And before we forget, abortion was an accepted practice, being banned only recently.  Midwives performed the procedure back in the times of the ancient Greeks and before.

The next thing an Anti-abortionist will say is that the poor woman — poor as in financially strapped and poor as in emotionally distraught — should have the baby and then give it up for adoption.  There are two tragic problems with this that the Church will never recognize or discuss.  One, the mother gives birth to a child just as the Church requires, and she goes through the rest of her life knowing that somewhere on this Earth her baby exists but she will never know them — they never want to see their mother again.  Second, and even more tragic, because of a change in the mother’s circumstance, children have been known to seek out the mother, but the mother does not want to establish a relationship with her own child.  Joni Mitchell, who has every resource in the world — money, reputation, etc. — was only able to see the daughter she put up for adoption after 32 years, when Joni was 51 years of age.

The true gall comes from the abortion intimidators lurking around buildings known to have birth controlling sentiment.  They picket out front of the establishments of honorable people, scaring away not only those hoping for pregnancy help, but customers of those located in the same building.  I have personally witnessed this.  There is the implicit threat of these rights-stealing Fascists, that explosives and guns will be used again as they have been used by them in the past.  Then this is what you Anti-abortion people should do, go to Washington, D.C., and picket there in front of the Supreme Court for days.  No, you have the money, make it months.  No better yet, camp down there for years.

The Anti-abortionists are real class acts.  Interrupting and disrupting people’s lives makes them feel good, this is how they feel closer to their God.  They feel their cheap heroism is only God’s work.  Well, wake up ladies and gentlemen, you are only doing Satan’s.
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Male-dominated U.S. Supreme Court declares a Fetus is worth more than a Woman  6/28/14.  Those picketers looking to deny reproductive rights to women have a long history of violence.  This week, the male majority of the Supreme Court decided reproductive rights clinics do not need to be cordoned off for protection, the same protection the Justices always afford themselves.

To ensure the safety of the patients, doctors, and nurses at these medical facilities, clinic staff should call the police as soon as the disturbing-the-peace, potentially-bomb-equipped, dangerous, harassing agitators arrive.  If the police do not show up, the clinic must contact police Internal Affairs.  If Internal Affairs does nothing, file a lawsuit with the relevant jurisdiction, and if necessary, bring it back to the Supreme Court demanding physical protection.  Include an aborted fetus, and a coat hanger, as evidence in the submitted legal brief, then ask, “What is more important, a fetus, or a woman’s life?”
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Those Five Clowns in Black Strike Again  7/01/14.  In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court Justices decided that corporations have the rights of people.  They have now added to their ever-lengthening list of malicious and hateful judicial decisions with their assertion that corporations, such as plaintiff Hobby Lobby et al, can hold and propagate religious views.

If a corporation — not a Church or synagogue mind you, but a corporation — holds a prevailing religious view, they can deny women contraception on the basis of that view, effectively exempting themselves from the Laws of the Land, and helping to establish their own seperate legal code.  Is this any different from Sharia Law in places such as Iran, where the non-conforming are forced to follow the religious views of those in power, and where inculcated ‘mutual obligations’ supersede human rights?

The fright of the Christian Right boils down to the ‘morning-after’ pill, and the fact that some fringe, superstitious, science-oblivious religious groups, the Vatican’s Church being only one, feel that terminating a fertilized egg is equivalent to murdering a newborn.  This is not in any way backed by God-dictated Scripture, but that is hardly a concern of theirs, because once they get their freight train of religious hypocrisy rolling, they feel contraception itself is not even necessary.  In the ultimate irony, by blocking access to the ‘morning-after’ pill, they are paving the way for these women to get real abortions.

More importantly, your employer now has legal precedent, and can deny you basic biological needs on hokum religious grounds.  Welcome to America in the 21st Century, courtesy of the Clowns in Black.  This is just the type of close minded piggishness that makes people hate this country, loathe certain of its people, and wish the end of many of its institutions.  They have been granted power over us all that they rarely, if ever, deserve.  They have been sworn to protect us, yet they ultimately do exactly the opposite, and only make us much more vulnerable.
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Ozymandias, the Pharaoh long Forgotten

Great empires, now in ruins.  The Egyptian ruler of one such empire was the Pharaoh Ozymandias.  He commissioned a statue of himself and the inscription on it quotes his arrogance: “If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.”  Ozymandias’ only remaining relic was the statue shown here, reduced to shards, found in a desert with even sand in any direction.

The moral offered: the ruling class, and their every ally, will one day be dust.  Even the grandest of republics, or the most sanctified of men, will inevitably succumb to decay.  Percy Bysshe Shelley tells this fable best in “Ozymandias,” a poem he wrote in 1818:

Ozymandias statue
Ozymandias’ statue, c. 1250BC,
was found around the time
this poem was written
I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.


The Sword of Damocles  2/16/10.  In a related vein there is the fable known as the Sword of Damocles.  In the Fourth Century B.C., the mortal Damocles wanted to know what it is like to be a God.  The deity Dionysus sees no objection and permits him to be a God for one day.  Eventually Damocles learns the downside to deification, always overhead is a razor sharp sword held up by the thread of a horse hair.  Damocles changes his mind, greatness is not for him.  He now knows the price of this kind of influence and authority, one false move and your life is done and dust.  The moral often construed here is that virtue is enough to live a long, happy life.

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The Miracle of Evolution

If God created dinosaurs, why did he just turn around and snuff them out?  God had to have made a mistake, but the definition of God is that he or she is infallible.  Or maybe our God (but not your insignificant God by the way) is more a demi-God, half God, half man.  Half man like Jesus.  Half god like putting dinosaurs on this earth then not knowing quite what to do while they become extinct.

That man is amazingly complex, does not mean God should be credited with her creation.  Man has eyes that represent the outside world with a diaphragm narrowing from intensifying light, oxygen carrying blood, brain cells that can think and learn, chemical regulating organs, the ability to reproduce, and this is all wrapped in a skin container.  But how would God create man and woman?  Does he have modeling clay in heaven, a huge chemistry lab?

Life exists because it had no choice but to exist, it had no reason not to exist.  The chemical, biological, and thermal conditions both demanded and fostered the existence of life.  This chain reaction required no God, only the sun, the seas, and the firmament.  This is the true miracle of life, not that it happened with the intervention of a God, but that instead, creation happened in and of its own volition, from its own propensity and affinity for life, with its own skills and desire to survive.

Thus evolution follows a preordained path, not God’s path though, the path of sustainable biology and chemistry.  We may very well be the terminus of this evolutionary path, there may be nothing after us.  We may be the end of the line.  We really need to stand sentinel, or else we could witness an extinction with no precedent, our own.

The reason many cannot appreciate evolution is that it cannot be observed at a moment in time, in a generation, or even in several millennia.  Through fossils though, paleontologists can trace the trial and error of man’s genesis back two billion years.  Given that long a time frame, it is not hard to imagine that a species can change, with those most adapted to their environment surviving and reproducing.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

The thunder bolt electrifying the primordial ooze was a naturally occurring event.  This first spark of life couldn’t have been the result of God.  How would that be possible?  Romanticize this all you like, but, at the beginning of time, who sees God slogging through mud with beakers and Bunsen burners?  Or sees God giving life to an adult Adam as Michelangelo and the Book of Genesis propose?

So what then is God?  Does anyone know with any certainty?  God’s followers praise him endlessly.  They pray to him incessantly.  What exactly are they praying to?  What do they expect God to resolve?  A warm heart full of hope, faith, and charity doesn’t come from praying towards an altar.

Put aside genocide: the Killing Fields in Cambodia, the Holocaust, any torture such as the drowning simulation of water boarding, forced starvation, any of mankind’s evil.  These can all be explained as acts of misanthropic, sadistic free will, and a will that God cannot control.  An all powerful God might have prevented these crimes against humanity.  It has always been said, though, that he turns away at interceding in even the most horrendous atrocities, man must take responsibility in stopping the evil of others.  Thankfully, when all is said and done, man’s best often triumphs over man’s worst.

The remaining role of God is as master and creator.  So getting back to the initial question, why did he create species that fail, that become extinct?  If there is a divine creator, dinosaurs were all a miscue, God drew plans for animal families that ultimately had little chance of surviving.  God must then be fallible, and if he or she is fallible, then he or she no longer meets the universal definition of God.

A house of worship then can be a sanctuary, a reason for hoping and keeping faith in this world.  For others, attending services gives them serenity, it puts them at peace with themselves and those they know.  It can also be a guiding light, keeping its adherents on course.  For those younger, religious activities can keep them on the straight and narrow.  This is all positive and I, of course, would not suggest that it should change.  I’m just noting that your source of strength lies in you and those around you; but your strength does not, as far as any mortal will ever know, lie in the ether above you.

Finally, many religions deny fundamental principles of science, logic, and natural law, in favor of traditional and literal interpretations of the bible.  Because the Church makes so little effort to keep pace with the times, houses of worships are becoming dinosaurs; they’re becoming extinct because they lay upon such a shaky foundation.


Darwin cannot Explain Teeth, et al  1/01/17.  With ungoverned evolution based solely on reproducing adaptive yet random DNA patterns, how would Darwin explain symmetrically-created and differentiated teeth?  They are nicely arrayed by categories in one’s mouth.  There are incisors, molars, premolars, and canines existing in one’s mouth in a very organized, symmetric fashion.

The DNA model assumes that this is all a product of random mutation when it obviously cannot be.  Was there a jumble of disorganized teeth, a few molars here, a few incisors there, a one-in-a-million winning smile would need reproduction in an ape clan?

Just as teeth are not a product of random DNA, non-governed mutation, how can our vision system, our circulatory system, and our musculature, be thought of as just random instructions coming together to create majestic cross-functioning units?

Ultimately, there is a guiding energy behind Creation’s ebb towards its full expression that we have yet to tap, and perhaps, never will be given the ability to discern.  1/01/17.
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God’s Love is not Universal  1/01/11.  The Judeo-Christian world maintains that the God of Scripture watches over us all, and the popular conception of their Almighty is that he is a wonderful, just divinity.  God’s master plan allows some to live their lives mired in poverty and at war, while others live oh-so-comfortably, pampered with every luxury, and every advantage.  There is a disgraceful, little discussed disconnect between God’s supposed universal love and his glaring, jarring lack of providence.

Relying on God to fix the world’s problems lightens our burden yet makes the solutions that much less attainable.  One can suggest we all go to heaven, so our time on Earth is inconsequential or immaterial and in the span of eternity, only amounts to a brief layover.  Then why must there be those from mile after muddy mile spending every day of their wretched lives in grinding poverty, with the hunger and desperation better known to war refugees?

God cannot possibly explain this paradox of his love.  Such a God must not care then, so there is little reason to worship him.  If in his absence, we fail to become more impassioned stewards, who will reverse centuries of indifference and its deadly contagion?
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Signs from God

Mouseover for Concurrent Reality

cloud burst

What is beyond the skies?

Here’s equal time for the Godlessness of the prior piece.

Everyone or everything that has ever been on earth, or will be on earth, is known to be composed of microscopic atoms.  These are the same irreducible (or irreducible outside of nuclear experimentation), invisible, essentially hollow building blocks most likely found anywhere in the universe.  Every atom is known to be just one of 118 elements, and only 91 of these elements readily and plentifully occur in nature.

With the breaking of the first day’s dawn, atoms combined into molecules, then somehow organized into DNA code, the blueprint for each species reproduction.  This DNA was encapsulated by cellular matter, and these cells were organized by function, able to reproduce, move, and, think.

What seems hard to imagine is how a single atom, alone being capable of so little utility, can be proficiently organized on the scale of billions of cells per organism to create self-sufficient life, even nature-mastering life.

Is this just a pyramided, evolved product of random molecular motion, or is there an as yet unfathomable greater power at the helm?  Is life in and of itself a sign from God?  Then can God exist at the atomic level?  If he would never bother with such minor details, how would he have created life?

I know, that wasn’t really equal time.  You know where I’m going when I die.

I’m in Heaven when I see your Smile  7/29/10.  After people pass on, wouldn’t they eventually return to life?  Their molecules certainly do not disintegrate.  With simple ingestion, aren’t they eventually incorporated into another being to assume that being’s consciousness?

If that sounds ridiculous, don’t laugh.  Most picture a buddy of Jesus Christ with a long scroll standing at the front of an interminable queue of dead people.  Jesus empowered Peter with the keys of heaven so he can check the newly dead against God’s VIP list and determine where these non-breathing will spend all eternity.

An explanation many would find more credible: we are only aware of energies that we have the equipment to measure.  Heavenly spirits and souls may very well exist, we just have not yet invented the measuring tools needed to prove that they do.  Our model of physical reality is then predicated on today’s deficient instruments, or at least deficient when compared to tomorrow’s devices.  Our tools are tooled from this universe, not from a realm never seen, or known.

Since the consciousness of any mature being is so much more heavenly-inspired, spiritual, and unfathomable than anything else in the decaying physical world, why must it obey the same set of physical laws?  How can the soul be anything except immortal and immutable?

With one’s passing, the consciousness can ascend to the heavens, severed from its earth-bound corporal, bodily tether.  Because the spirit is an entire breed apart from all the simply physical, mechanical, biological, or chemical, it may very well travel into the next domain.
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